Top 5 Bizzare Foods Of India.

Disclaimer: This article contains graphic images. Please don’t view  the post, if you’re light hearted. 

You thought, Indians were all about Tandoori Chicken, Roghan Josh & Paneer Tikka? Think again! India, is a melting pot of mini cultures, which fuse in, to form the Indian Culture. 

The cuisine changes every 100 kms & either you’re delighted or shocked. The style of cooking, as well as the choice of produce that’s available is incorporated into the region’s cuisine. 

Though, being an Indian, we ourselves are ignorant of these dishes, they are nevertheless, a rare part of India.

Here are the top 5 Bizzare foods from India, according to me: 

1. Eri Polu : Are you a silk fan? Love the soft feel of pure silk or the coarse smoothness of Chanderi silk? How about a mouthful of that silky feel? Did I just say mouthful? Umm.. Yes I did! 

    The north eastern part of Assam, has a dish named “Eri Polu”, which is steamed or boiled silkworm pupae, seasoned and eaten just like that. Will you see silk, just the same way again? Guess not😅

    taken from google images.

    2. Chaprah : The tribes of Chattisgarh, have a unique chutney that’s a part of their cuisine. A red, hot, fiery chutney that is a staple. 

    Salivating? Hold it back. The chutney is made out of red ants and their larvae. It has said to have an extreme hot taste. The red ants are dried, ground and seasoned. Chaprah anyone? 😖


    taken from google images, under Chaprah!

    3. Jumping Chicken: Found in the parts of Kerala, Goa & North East India. Jumping Chicken, is one the most sought after delicacies in these parts. 

    Wondering what it is? Why, BullFrog legs ofcourse! Yes. It’s Frog legs battered & fried. Are you Jumping with Joy now? (Pun intended)


    4. Jadoh: A mishmash of pig intestines & chicken blood, cooked with rice. Though it looks innocent, it is quite mysterious. The dish, makes you wanna cry. I didn’t even know this existed!!


    Taken from pinterest

    5.Dog Meat: I’m sorry, I just had to be upfront. People in the northern east parts of India, love their dogs in a way, much different than us. 

    They use various techniques to savour the dog meat. Boiling, steaming, frying or incorporating in curries. Maybe, someday when you see a “Woof-er burger” you might know, what it really is. *gulp*


    Hope you cringed & shivered as much as I did, while drafting this post. I, have no intentions to hurt anyone. Forgive me, if there were any offensive parts. 

    Bon… Umm.. Forget it!!

    45 thoughts on “Top 5 Bizzare Foods Of India.

    1. 😀 I think most interesting was that chutney!! could be tried lol!! there are so many bizarre foods around the world and food habits of people vary from region to region, bizarre for one ,delicacy for another one .. though I would never try outside my comfort and halal zone, but just like to know about it from different cultures 😀


    2. The ant dish sounds tasty.

      When I first traveled through the mid-western part of the United States I stopped in a diner and saw Rocky Mountain Oysters on the menu. I asked how the Oysters were made and the waitress said the were deep friend so I ordered a plate. I bit into one, fully expecting the soft and briny flesh of an oyster. Whatever it was had the texture of rubber and was unusually chewy.

      I called the waitress over and asked her where the Oysters were from.

      She said the slaughterhouse…they were bull testicles.

      And that is the end of that story…:)

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    3. Now those were really rare! never heard of those, these aren’t commercialized as much as the popular ones of course! But I think frog is common, people do eat, I know of people who eat frog, even rabbit meat 😀 You did a great job in listing them out hun 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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