25 Of India’s Biggest Chefs-Dr.Saagarika Ghoshal| Book Launch| Review

The balmy February evening, making you feel all fuzzy was a precursor to an event of grand proportions. 

 The clickety taps on the keyboards were heard, the wait staff rushing towards last minute finishes & the bustle of excitement increasing by the strike of the minute hand.   

 This was the scene at the Book Launch by Metro-Cash & Carry’s “25 of India’s Biggest Chefs- their stories & recipes” by Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal. 

I, was bestowed with this opportunity,from team “Food Bloggers Association,Bangalore” aka FBAB. They were generous enough to get me a pass, so that I could witness the event.


The venue was “Le Méridien” & we were ushered inside the banquet hall, where the magic would take place. All of us anticipated fervently for Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal’s arrival. Then, there she was.. A beautiful, beige & gold saree clad lady, with a heart melting smile. 


She waited on for her guests of honour to arrive; the few of the chefs who are listed on the book. Guests of starry repertoire started trickling in & the event started. *starstruck me* 


We were treated to an AV by “Metro-Cash & Carry”, which spoke about the ethics of METRO. Emphasising on how METRO believes in “Local produce, by the Locals & for the Locals”.

The book launching ceremony was conducted by all the esteemed guests of honour & the author herself. With confetti flying up in the air & music that pumped your adrenaline, the book unveiled just in the most magnificent fashion.   


On the occasion, Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal also felicitated chefs from across the hospitality industry for their unique creative contributions. Those honoured included chefs Abhijit Saha, Kunal Kapoor, Sabyasachi Gorai and Vicky Ratnani, among others.    


Brief insights about Metro-Cash & Carry: 

METRO is represented in 26 countries, with 750 self service outlets. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, METRO-Cash & Carry is a sales division of “METRO GROUP”. 

METRO has built a reputation for the quality of food products and services it offers to hotels, restaurants, catering businesses. The company takes pride in the lasting relationships it has forged to support the food and hospitality sector, and has created the well-recognised Chef-o-logy platform to support and nurture promising culinary talent. The latest recipe book launch is a part of METRO’s continued efforts to showcase such talent among food lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

The magazine called “Foodilicious” by metro

We were also lucky to see, clips of the chefs who couldn’t be present for the launch, send in their best wishes to Dr. Ghoshal. 

What is “25 Of India’s Biggest Chefs” all about? 

The book has been launched by METRO-Cash & Carry, where it’s a painstakingly beautiful compilation of signature recipes, by the top 25 chefs of India. The list which decided the top 25 chefs wasn’t an easy one. Each chef, had to in his own way, put India onto the culinary map of the world. He had to be an ambassador who had represented India. 


So, in regards to that, they came up with the top 25 chefs & went on to tell you personal snippets of their success story, in this book.

The efforts behind this book seem almost facile but it really was far too abstruse, supplemented by sleepless nights, long conversations & numerous cups of coffee. The project reached its completion within a span of 6 months. 

Here’s the list of who’s who of the culinary world, listed in this book: 

  1. Chef Abhijit Saha
  2. Chef Anil Rohira
  3. Chef Bhaskar Sankhari
  4. Chef Davinder Kumar
  5. Chef Deepa Awchat
  6. Chef Joy Bhattacharya
  7. Chef Kunal Kapur
  8. Chef Manjit Gill
  9. Chef Mayank Kulshreshtha
  10. Chef Narendra Thimmaiah
  11. Chef Nimish Bhatia
  12. Chef Pallav Singhal
  13. Chef Pankaj Bhadouria
  14. Chef Rajesh Dubey
  15. Chef Ramaswamy Selvaraju
  16. Chef Ritu Dalmia
  17. Chef Sabyasachi Gorai
  18. Chef Salil Fadnis
  19. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  20. Chef Shaun Kenworthy
  21. Chef Soundarajan P
  22. Chef Sudhir Pai
  23. Chef Vicky Ratnani
  24. Chef Vijaya Bhaskaran
  25. Chef Vikas Khanna

Now, isn’t it a thing of utmost joy to have these culinary stalwarts grace the grip of your fingers & share their recipes & stories with you?

From Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Shaam Savera to Chef Kunal Kapur’s Haleem Kebab and Chef Vikas Khanna’s Star Anise and Bay Leaf-Infused Lamb Chops, each recipe is a testament to their unique signature styles. It lays stress on convenience & taste.


 The event ended on a healthy note, with Chef Sabyasachi Gorai interacting with us while giving us an informal demo on how to prepare the “Ancient Mixed Millets Risotto with Prawns in Coconut Cream”

About the author “Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal” :

She’s the Director of Human Resources at METRO-Cash & Carry India. A lady, who has gone ahead to appreciate food & develop a bond with it. She’s a versatile individual.   

When asked what inspired her?She quoted,” Inspiration is an ongoing process, I get inspired everyday”


She reiterated METRO’s commitment to serving the industry. “The chefs in this book have distinguished themselves by the quality, refinement and creativity they bring to each and every dish they serve. METRO hopes to fuel this passion for food not just amidst established chefs, but more importantly, ignite it in future culinarians who dream of blazing a trail in the world of food”, said Dr. Ghoshal  

I, loved the book & I found it, strike a chord with its readers. The book excites you as the pages flip, leaving you helpless in delirium about which recipe is your favourite. 

A must have for the foodie soul & someone who loves experimenting with food. This is a compact, flavour filled & an easy to follow cookbook. 

Statements of appreciation..

Go grab a copy & bask in culinary bliss! I’m coming over for dinner 😁

Wishing “Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal” astounding success with her book. 

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Yauatcha| Restaurant Review| Bangalore|FBAB 21st Meetup

Nin Hao 🙏🏼 , Ni Hao Ma? 

“Gongxi Fa Cai”🎉🎉🎎

Well, before you exit this page with a frustrated frown at the unintelligible course of words, hold on,please? 

I, just said “Hello, how are you?” & a “Happy New Year” in simplified Chinese. I really wasn’t goobledegooking with you. 😁


“The Chinese New Year” has arrived & with it come a beautiful plethora of traditions, each brighter than the other. This year is the year of the monkey 🐒

At “Yauatcha”, they have a spread worth gormandising for. Yauatcha has the new year celebrations going on, which are in sync with the traditions. As, the traditions call for consumption of fish, dumplings, spring rolls, etc for good luck. The restaurant has a well thought & a delicious curated menu for the season. 

I, was invited by team FBAB to join them for the “Chinese New Year” menu tasting session at the restaurant. This was the 21st FBAB meet up.


Brief insights about Yauatcha: 

Yauatcha London is a One Michelin star restaurant. The branch here in Bangalore, is an exemplary example of their dedication for ambrosial food & utmost customer satisfaction.

Decor: The restaurant has simple & minimalist decor, which is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. They even have a private dining room for a large group of people, which is just perfect. 



Bloggers in discussion before the meal

Hospitality: Should I even try to dissect this aspect? Yes, well understood that it was class apart.  

The Grub Story: Tasting my way through the myriad of flavours, I found myself wanting for more.   

1. Kiwi & Olive Dimsums: The Dimsums were by far the most pleasurable part of the evening. These were to die for, with the dough being made outta starch & kiwi paste. They had the briny taste of olives & the sweetness of kiwis. What a bomb!!


2. English Carrot & Truffle Dumpling: The first bite & the undeniable carrot flavour flowed in, with the nuttiness of truffle. It was a pleasure to start our meal with these babies! 


3.Corn, Carrot & Curry Dumplings: This undoubtedly won my heart, in a jiffy. The translucent dough with those contents shyly staring at you, through the dough veil was a delight. I devoured them within seconds, the soft sticky dough & melt in the mouth happiness sealed the deal. A must have. 


4. Mock Chicken In Hunan Style Sauce: If, ever you could give a vegetarian a taste of chicken, then this is it. Yep! We’re good. We’re done. For a split second, I had thoughts if I’ve broken my sober vow of vegetarianism. This was as close as it could get to chicken. The soya chunks & the wheat gluten had me thrilled. This was the best of both worlds. The subtle texture of soya & the spicy gooey taste of the sauce, had fireworks going on. By far, the best thing! 


5. Toban Fried Rice: The special thing about this rice, is the fact that it is made out of a sauce of fermented beans. Irrespective of how unappetising it sounds to you, it was one of the most lipsmacking vegetarian fried rice, I’ve had in a long while. The flavour was just so unique & imparted that umami taste to it. 


6. Malak Udon Noodles: Which Asian food lover, doesn’t love Udon? None. Period. My tastebuds did a shooting somersault & they never got back on the ground. The exquisiteness of those chewy Udon noodles with the peppery sauce base, made this an intense hit with everyone. 


7. Crunchy Caramel with HoneyComb Icecream: Inspired by modern European cooking. The dessert was just beyond compare. The hazelnut caramel mousse, housed within it a beautiful praline which slowly bursts into a blend of flavours & finally gave you the real feel. The honeycomb Icecream on the chocolate soil was just the most fulfilling combination to go with the Caramel mousse. A must have! 


 8. Passion fruit Mocktail: Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to the refreshing & a sunny feel of the Mocktail. My favourite, I had 2 glasses btw! 


Here’s the certificate of appreciation from FBAB! 


The non vegetarian’s enjoyed a delectable array of foods too, here are little tidbits from their plates. 

Seafood shuimai! loved by all.
Lobster ho fun roll in black pepper sauce
The purple ones are chicken & coriander dumplings

VFM: Priced pretty fair enough, for the amazing array. But yes, a tad bit heavy on pockets, if you’re on a budget. 

Special mention to Chef Pradeep & Chef Sharieff for the beautiful course.  

Chef Pradeep

Chef Sharieff
 Verdict: The place is just a shade shy of perfection, the pricing is good. Worth every penny if taste & gratification is on your mind. 

Would I visit again? What should stop me from doing so? Yes, yes, yes. 

Location: 1 MG Mall, 5th Floor. 

Nasi and Mee-Asian Canteen |Koramangala| Restaurant Review

Would you care for some salty air, with a fusion of aromas wafting through the Mamak stalls of Malaysia? The endorphins racing during the attempt to find the perfect batik, while you savour a Roti Canai

If, I could relive the ambience of the hawker stalls & the rushed decibels, I would wanna run straight ahead to “Nasi & Mee-Asian Canteen” Somethings are just perfect. 


Nasi & Mee, promises to take you back to your memories of the Far East, proffering unto you, a menu that will awaken your rambunctious spirits & make you wanna gorge on, literally everything over here. The cuisine is, (no points for guessing) Asian. A concept of Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian & Singaporean street food. 


Decor: Well, it does say, it’s an Asian Canteen. The theme is contemporary grunge. The tables are very picnic bench kinds. The wood, does wonders to an otherwise, very plain & Spartan decor. The baubles are quite interesting,like the little crate boxes for lampshades & bring in a fun element too. The crockery is a black terracotta plate with a banana leaf. How cool is that?


 The ambience on the other hand is infectiously happy. You could go on talking forever here. Gets its job done.

3/5 for decor & ambience. 

Hospitality: As, it’s by the rule book, the hospitality was impeccable. No qualms about them at all. We were looked after very well, prompt service & eager to please wait staff. Though, the crowd was overpowering, our food didn’t take a lot of time to arrive. *surprising*


4/5 for Hospitality. 

Nom, nom, nom.. *Excuse my unbridled floozy craving* 

The Grub Story: With the atmosphere begging to gormandise, I had, no choice but to give into the voices inside my tummy. My status quo was that of a high expectation, tainted with some tepid thoughts of whether the grub would match the standards of what I had, during my travels. 


Let’s dig along & find out: 

1. Mushroom & Waterchestnut Dimsums/ Spinach & Corn Dimsums (Rs 159) :The happiness you procure, when you start that delectable meal with a dimsum is just irreplaceable. I, was ready to be sacrilegious about how, this wasn’t authentic. But then, after the first bite, when the flavour developed… Just pure heaven. The bits of mushrooms & water chestnut with the sticky dough & light seasoning prepared us for the next course. 


” Oh wait! Let’s try the Spinach & Corn “, I exclaimed. And we did. 

The spinach & corn dimsums, were just as delicious as the mushroom & chestnut dimsums. You can never go wrong with Spinach & corn.


2. Malak Mushroom(Rs.199): The Malak sauce was pretty close to a heavy, garlicky dose of a manchurian sauce. The mushrooms were nice and fresh, doused with the Malak sauce. A nice spicy tone to it. But, not my favourite.


 3. Tofu Satay(Rs.229): I’m no vegan, but man.. This tofu satay made me think, how pleased a vegan would  be here. Loved the silky texture of the tofu, the melt in the mouth feel. The marination on the tofu was just delicious & when you dipped it in the spicy peanut sauce & the vinegar, that came along with it. It was just the best thing ever. Must have!! 


4. Butter Garlic Fried Rice (Rs 179) : The Rice was such a pleasure to eat. The subtle flavour of garlic infused in the rice with the fresh veggies was par excellence. Though, it isn’t very different from the kinds you get at a typical Chinese restaurant, it’s a happy change. 


5. Mamak Mee Goreng(Rs. 229): This is a delicious Malaysian Indian Muslim, spicy noodles with a generous amount of bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes & tofu. To be brutally honest, I was expecting so much more in terms of flavour. I was expecting the chilli to be more intense & the noodles more flavourful. It reminded me of the instant noodle brand “Koka” on the first bite & there it went a little downhill. You wouldn’t expect an instant noodle to replicate a flavour you’re looking for. But, if I hadn’t tasted it, then it’s a big yes from me.   

6.Chendol (Rs 130) : Dubbed as Malaysia’s favourite dessert, i couldn’t help but remember our Indian “Falooda” when I gulped this dessert down. It’s a beautifully delicious drink made outta coconut milk, palm sugar & vermicelli twirled around. A refreshing one & the best way to end your meal. 

The only disappointment is with the portion sizes. Boy!! They are tiny. It’s just enough to get you enjoying your dish & then, rudely left wanting for more. 

They really need to be more generous with their portions. I’m a light to fair eater & I was hungry 2 hours post my meal 😱 (I get filled with the paneer wrap meal & a dessert at McD ) 

Food scores a generous 3.5/5 

My Recommends: The mushroom dimsums, Tofu satay, Butter Garlic Fried Rice & Chendol. 

Verdict: You really must know your oriental flavours to enjoy the place. The place is amazingly great, if you know what can please your palate. So, yes… It’s a must visit! 

Go ahead, go crazy & relive the South East Asian Dream!

A Question Here! 

Hey my WP fam! I’ve been so held up today, with just so many bat-shit crazy stuffs. I, had to complete drafting one of those erratically stupid legal documents. I,also had to finish atleast a page on a book, I’m working on. I, had to keep a track on my order that came in today & last but not the least, I, also had a tantrum filled kiddo to deal with today. 

Apparently, the Dubliner Cheese got over & he cried his guts off when I bought him, “Colby”. He kept telling, ” This, disgusting cheese. Arham doesn’t want. I want Dubliner” 

I, seriously could’ve whipped him right then & there into a mousse, but then I kept my calm & said, ” How would you like, a batch of French fries & ketchup?” 

To which he, willingly obliged. And off, we went to grab a batch of fries.🍟🍟🍔🍟🍟

That put the brakes on his whining, but I felt guilty for advocating bad choices. You know, I kinda felt like, I’m being selfish. I mean, I must’ve done something else.. But what??

*smacks herself in the head with Gordon Ramsey’s turner & skims off the excess guilt with a skimmer* 

Mommy’s get that much of Liberty,I’m sure. We could always alternate fries & twinkies with garden salads & oat porridges, if we’ve got a whiny kid* Right?? Please tell me a yes. 

👍🏻 or 👎🏻?

I mean, how else do you calm them down, when you have so much to do? 

Btw, with all the drama happening, I missed my masterclass with Chef Prabir at Sanctum. 😢😢

I’m calling it a day now!! Hopefully, tomorrow isn’t as hectic as today. 

*this happens once in a while. 

Bigg Boss Burger| Burger King| Bangalore

How many of us, were hooked to the reality show “BIGG BOSS”? Now, that it’s over, it’s quite a bother to do nothing at 10:30 p.m but, you could always relive the masala packed show at “Burger King”. 

Their new introduction, well, not that new, but let’s overlook that fact, has been aptly named after the reality show. For the fact, that there’s a lot going on in between the bun. The more you bite in, the more surprising it gets. This limited edition burger is bound to get you hungry.


Going to Buger King, ignoring the chicken whoopers & eating a vegetarian burger is such a Sisyphean task. I fight every urge to not indulge, but a vegetarian’s got to do, what a vegetarian’s gotta do.. Stare at the non vegetarian’s enjoying their luscious big burgers, while I look with distaste at my puny one . * non vegetarian to vegetarian dilemmas* 


So, Burger King has their new “BIGG BOSS” burgers as the hottest newthang. For starters, it looks as sinister as their other variants. T’was a big sesame bun, with the clandestine contents peeking out, staring at you. 


The burger had a grilled Chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, crunchy ribbed Lays Maxx chip, jalapeños, cheese slice, Secret sauce & crumbled cheese. Now, that’s called, a super whammy special!


The hubster couldn’t get his craving to sit still, if at all a craving does behave. He said, it was just fantastic, a love story of grand portions & a must have. The flavour was just mind boggling with a surge of sweet sour & tangy. The patty was light flame grilled, therefore the juiciness retained & the BBQ sauce with all those condiments just made it more fulfilling. Coupled it with some fries & Coke to make the experience more enjoyable. The way, he enjoyed his fill, made it clear that, maybe one of these days, I’m gonna topple down from vegetarianism 😢😋

Though they had the vegetarian version, I really haven’t tried it yet. But anyhow, yes to the Burger from me! Go ahead & bite the Boss. 

Available in Chicken, Mutton & Vegetarian Versions. 

Gōngxǐ Fā Cái – Easy Delicious Chicken Wontons

Guys!! You need to check out this extremely talented friend of mine named “Anu” from Mauritius. She’s a dream, her blog is just amazing, with the most ambrosial visual treats for you. Check her latest post!! I bet her blog will get you salivating. 


Happiness and Prosperity! The Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional festival for our brothers and sisters of the Sino-Mauritian community. It has more than 4,000-year of beautiful history linked to it.All around the Island, our dearest Chinese friends are already in the festive mood to welcome the New […]


Bistro Claytopia| Koramangala |Review

We all have bistro days, don’t we? Days, where you just wanna incarnate yourself as an experimental glutton. Bistros are the hotbeds of hungry office millennials & students on a budget. While, bistros promise to be easy on your pockets, a few of them promise to be big on flavour & taste too.   

“Bistro Claytopia” stands strong in its offering. While, the other bistros are like mercenaries at war with each other; Bistro Claytopia, doesn’t do much, except, well proffer unto you “Decent Fulfilling Food”.   

Decor: The decor is fine. There isn’t anything outstanding or anything disappointing. What I felt was, it lacked a theme. The outdoor & the indoor section are fine & both of them have terracotta memorabilia as the only harmonious factor. There are these memorabilia, strung everywhere & the kitschy feel is commendable; but having said that, it’s no doubt that the decor gets customers like me to frequent any place more. The ambience is great for idle babble & friendly chitchat but isn’t the one for a relaxed eat.  

3/5 stars for the Decor. 


Hospitality: The staff are cordial & uninterfering. They give you, your privacy & appear only when necessary. I, would say, that they were efficient in what they did. 

3.5/5 for hospitality. 

The Grub Story : Here, comes the part I love talking about. Allow me, to take you to the centre of the hearth!!

  • Spinach Pasta (Rs. 245/-) :The penne were al dente as expected, the sauce a green, spinachy & cheesy.They went well together, in fact it was a delectable treat. The sauce was thick & nutty with the flavours completely favouring your palate. It felt fair enough, something that you will order again. It was served with delicious garlic bread. *salivating*


  • Classic Chicken Burger (Rs.145/-) : The classic chicken burger, is a crispy chicken patty with generous amounts of mayo & lettuce. Served with a portion of potato crisps. The hubster says that, it’s a good & light one. Great for quick bites. 



  • Chilly Chicken Burger (Rs140/-): This burger was the one that made the hubster go “Mmmm”. He said, it was spiced well & the chicken was soft & juicy. The burger was a must have!! 


    3.5/5 stars for the food.

     Now, here’s the fun part. Apart from the food, this place is just the most kid friendly place. Well, art friendly to be exact. You can choose your clay figurines & paint away to glory. How cute is that? The figurines are Rs.500/- if I’m not mistaken. Ergo, the name “Claytopia”. 

    So, that’s the fun factor, for you at this place!


    The painted masterpieces, kept for air drying.
     Am I likely to go again? Only, because the hubster loved his burgers & maybe I can sneak in some aglio olio next time.
    3.5/5 stars rating

    BigBasket| Online Shopping Review| Grocery

    Muttering to myself, I open the door. Who comes barging along at the strike of the first morning hours? It’s a gorgeous day & I see a smiling gentleman, tell me, he has the groceries, I ordered yesterday night at 2 am. Talk about fast delivery. 

    I, wasn’t a fan of online grocery shopping. I, mean it’s fine shopping everything else, but groceries?? Not ok! I love the fact about going to the hypermarkets & checking out good deals & offers & then making up my mind about it. Basically, the freedom to choose. 

     Just outta the whim, I downloaded the app called “BigBasket”, for no logical reason whatsoever. I, let it rot for almost a week or so, until my phone started having MB problems. It was then, that i snuck in, to see what the app was all about & was pleasantly surprised to see, a lot of stuffs. 

    This transported me back to the hustle bustle of a mall, the eyeing of deals & the abundance in choice. I, made the first order, then the second, then the third & thereon. There really wasn’t any stopping me. 

    I’m addicted. Can you floozy freaking believe that stuff? I’m addicted to online grocery shopping.. Outta all the things on this earth.  The main focus that team “BigBasket” has on is: 

    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Abundance in choice & offers.
    •  Continuous innovation.


    check out the cute bags that come with every order!

    BigBasket has around 1000 brands to choose from. It’s the biggest online supermarket that there is. It’s active in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

    The app offers, every household item that you would need. It’s a supermarket in your palm. Undoubtedly, due to its exceptional service, BigBasket is the leading app in its genre. 


    Every imaginable household need, has been categorically placed for easy access. They have weekly deals & BOGO offers all around the site. 

    Speciality brands like “Koka”, are easily available here. Along with that, BigBasket has an in house brand called “Fresho”. Fresho has veggies & bread products available. The “Fresho Signature” range, has delectable muffins, cakes, artisan breads, etc..for you. I, super love their “Assorted Muffins” & “Chocolate Croissants”. Yumm overload! 




    What’s more great, is the delivery. They give you a time slot & will make sure that, they deliver it, within that schedule. No unpredictability at all. 

    All in all, BigBasket wins hands down, in every aspect & saves you the grocery shopping episode, in case you hate it! 

    Am i gonna be ordering more? Yes, yes, yes! I already have one in the checkout. 

    P.S: This is not a sponsored post. The views are completely mine. The logo BigBasket has been taken from http://www.google.com & has been used for reference only. 

    Happy Belly Bakes| Frasertown| Review| 

    All of us, have that one favourite boulangerie in the neighbourhood. A place, where you’re welcomed with warm aromas, smiling faces & lipsmacking fare. A place, you find yourself going to more often than not, even though you’ve vowed to explore the newer pop ups happening. 

    Now, for me, that kinda place is the “Happy Belly Bakes”. Isn’t the name too kawaii? I can imagine a little paunchy panda, mimicking a tummy rub as their mascot.


     Happy Belly Bakes is a perfect little bistro, you will fall in gustatory love with. Nothing, can ease you better than some bites of baked goods. Welcome to baked heaven, in and around Frasertown! 


     Decor: The decor is, super cute with the ambience cajoling you to stay put. The chairs & tables are contemporary rustic. The quirk factor scores a good point with me. A totally great place to just hang around as a loner or with the Brady bunch!


    Hospitality: As this is just a small little bistro, there isn’t a lot of staff coming & pampering you. You are welcomed with a huge heartfelt smile by “Mr.Kiran” & he helps you decide what you really should try out. It’s just like family here. 

    Food: The bakes are always so fresh & delicious. They have just about everything you need, from chocolate truffles to customised cakes. 


     Something, I super love at this place are the “Chicken Quiches” & “Volcano Tarts”. I, hoard them. Like 10 pieces each or so. 

    Allow me to give you an insight into my 2 most favourite things over here! 

    • Chicken Quiche (Rs.90/-) : Before, I turned vegetarian, this was the thing that got me going through a stressed day. I, fondly remember, biting into the melt in the mouth crust & being welcomed with generous amount of chicken, seasoned well. The lightness of chicken, used to favour my palate pretty well. Topped with a generous amount of cheese & olives.  The pastry was always buttery & crumbed under a bite. Something, I sorely miss, while the hubster gorges on his share 😢😢 *sniff sniff* I, hope they come up with mushroom quiches!! 


    These quiches are for home, nothing for me 😢

    • Volcano Tarts(Rs.80/-): The only sweet thing, I can eat 2 portions of. The tart, is just amazing with the warm, explosive & gooey chocolate flow. The pastry again is just right, with that nice soft crunch & buttery feel to it. Thank Goodness, I haven’t turned vegan. 


    Verdict: The place treats you well, feeds you well & doesn’t really burn a hole in your pocket. A must try, if you’re in the neighbourhood. Chances are, you’ll be back before you know it. 

    Rating : 4/5 stars

    Location: Diagonally opposite to French Loaf, Clarks Road. Frasertown.