Coyla- Cababs & Curries| Four points by Sheraton | Whitefield | Bangalore | 

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just good food from fresh ingredients”- Julia Child

And, as i flopped down in my seat and helped my self to some second servings, Julia’s words rung true. It really isn’t always about being positively baroque all the time, sometimes you just crave for something analogous to your roots. 

About Coyla : 

Coyla- Four Points By Sheraton, is a relatively new venture, by Sheraton. As we all know, Sheraton, is no newbie when it comes to exemplary hospitality and calibre. Coyla, is a beautiful rooftop restaurant which tries to caress your cares away, with its ambiance. Coyla (Charcoal in Hindi), is synonymous with Indian cuisine and even more so with North Indian, Punjabi Cuisine. The Head Chef, “Mr. Rajesh” is a true blue Punjabi, so you can expect a hearty dose of Punjabi spices. The menu, has been curated by none other than the celebrity chef, “Sweety Baluja”, himself.

Ambiance : 

The ambiance is a perfect mix of rustic and calm. The open kitchen, let’s you gawk in awe at your food being tossed around. The atmosphere sets the perfect mood for a nice laid back evening and if you have that special someone- it’s romantic. 

Hospitality :

I, personally loved being pampered by the staff, who are ever so attentive yet do not interfere with your dine in experience. Special mention to “Mr. Animesh”, who was a perfect host. 

The Grub Story : 

Appetisers : 

  • Baans aur Singhade ke Cabab (₹449/-) : A delicately in house spiced pan seared bamboo shoot and water chestnut gallette. The delectable crunch and the textural play, made this one of my favourites. Unique, yet very true to Punjabi flavours. 

  • Paneer Tikka Angare (₹449/-): A fiery, spicy cottage cheese sandwich with golden garlic and caramelised onions and finished into charcoal spit. The spice level was quite high on this one. True to it’s name, it was angare alright. 

  • Sarson wali Broccoli (₹449/-) : Broccoli which was doused generously in a spicy and tangy kasundi or mustard paste and tandoored. Loved the firm bite of the Broccoli, which wasn’t lost during its time in the tandoor.

  • Murgh Tangdi Peshawari (₹549/-): This was a unanimous favourite amongst the non vegetarians. The drumsticks were sliced opened and filled with cheese and green chillies and allowed to be roasted in tandoor. What a magnificent sight to see the cheese, melt and slowly drip. 

Main Course :

  • Makhanwala Ghar Ka Paneer (₹399/-) : The juicy cubes of Paneer were tossed and doused in the silky butter laden tomato based gravy. What a delight, those clean flavours were. A little tang and a lot of desi ghee love paired with a delicious warqui paratha made your day. 

  • Amritsari Pindi Chole (₹399/-) : The Pindi Chole, were good & basically the run of the mill kinds. Nothing extraordinary but yes, very homely and warm. Went great with the Taftaan. 

  • Maa Rajma Makhanwali Daal (₹349/-): Oh my goodness! I’m living for this. I, would love to visit “Coyla”, just for this. What clean & ambrosial flavours. When things are made in desi ghee, it just goes up by notches. Must must must try. 

Drinks : 

  • Virgin Mojito : Something I need to cleanse palate, love it. 

  • Signature Chocolate & Grape Mocktail: What a great blend of flavours, the sourness of grapes coupled with the sweetness of chocolate & Demerara sugar! Unique & worth a try. 


Verdict : The 3 main factors were ticked during my visit- Service, Ambiance & Food. I, enjoyed the demure evening with flavourful food. 

Coyla gets a 4.5/5 rating. 



Danone Bloggers Meet| Fava | Bangalore |

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”- Francois de la Rochefoucauld. 

The premise of our meet was set & we very rightfully concluded that “ A healthy, intelligent & informed decision about our day to day quick eats, plays a very important role in changing our lifestyle”. 

Danone Bloggers Meet, was conducted to spread awareness about the “benefits of healthy eating”. The most vulnerable a person is, is during the snacking hours. It’s a make or break situation. Irrespective of how healthy your 3 meals were, if you tend to wander off path during snacking hours, you really have gotten yourself in hot water.

About Danone :

Danone, is no stranger to the world of diary & has established itself in many countries, in the past few decades. They concentrate on “Dairy”, “Early Life Nutrition” & “Medical Nutrition. What makes them stand apart from all the competition, is their “Sustainability ” ethics. Staying true to its motto “One Planet. One Health”, Danone had a campaign running, called as “The Healthy Swap”, which captures the very essence of Danone’s motto. 

Danone Meet Details : 

Our meet, took place at “Fava- Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant” at UB City. We had “Ms. Shefali Sapra” Director Corporate Affairs, with her effervescent presence, enlighten and walk us through the brand and its ethics. She also, unveiled the 2 new yoghurt products, that will be hitting the market and shelves very soon. 

We were then, given an interactive session with “Dr. Madhavi Marathe” Senior Nutritionist, who went on to explain the basics of nutritional deficiencies, we face and how incorporating something as simple as yoghurt in your life, makes a difference. She emphasised about the necessity to recognise the need to eliminate “mindless snacking”’and replacing it with “mindful snacking”. 

At last, we were given a cooking demo, by none other than “Chef Abhijit Saha” himself, where he used Danone’s Greek yoghurt to make dishes that had us drooling even after we went back home. 

Here’s what we learnt at the masterclass:

  • Super Food Smoothie : This was a blend of Danone Greek Yoghurt, papaya, spirulina powder, alfalfa powder & wheatgrass powder. 

  • Beetroot Carpaccio with Beetroot Labneh : Pickled Beetroots with Labneh infused with roasted Beetroot purée. 

  • Mango Yoghurt Spherification with blueberry yoghurt & Feta caviar: Using the technique of spherification to encapsulate the yoghurt & create faux caviar. What a delight to watch. 

  • Chicken & Yoghurt Soup: A warm, sour yet flavourful chicken soup. 

  • Blueberry Panacotta with blueberry compote: The much loved Panacotta made in minutes, with some sweet and sour blueberry compote & spun sugar.

About Danone Greek Yoghurt :

Danone’s Greek Yoghurt, was the main star of the event and here are a few pointers that were given to us, by the team. 

  1. Danone’s Plain Greek Yoghurt has no added sugar. 
  2. Danone’s Greek Yoghurt, is made with the best of milk, that is sourced from local dairies. 
  3. Danone’s Greek Yoghurt, is much thicker and healthier than the normal yoghurt. 
  4. Danone Greek Yoghurt has 87% more protein than normal yoghurt.


The meet was very informative, interactive and prompted all of us to take up #thehealthyswap .

Go Native | Restaurant / Boutique Review| Jayanagar | Bangalore | 

Going back to a simpler life, is not a step backward” – yvon chouinard

And how true does that message of empowerment sound? We all vow, to go eco, go green, blah blah..blah! But, how many times do we really take a small step towards doing something for the environmental betterment and make eco-friendly lifestyle changes, which stay put not for a month or two but for a lifetime? Not many.. 

Umm.. no! Buying an eco friendly deodorant doesn’t count as “Going Green”. So, this other day, my luck gave way and I had an experience which will sit with me, for quite sometime. I, chanced upon this gem named “Go Native”. 

About Go Native : 

Go Native, stand by their motto “Eat, Play & Live Sustainably”. That very motto, resonates with each and every element of “Go Native”. You are welcomed by refurbished furniture, displays of organic food, organic cosmetics, handloom weaves, handicrafts and books. It really is a sanctuary within itself. It’s the concept that bowled me over. The ground floor, is dedicated to the theme of Play & Live sustainably and the first floor is dedicated to eating sustainably (there is some retail therapy here as well) . It’s a perfect souvenir shop, to pick up your curios, mementos or to really redesign your living with their upcycled goodies. 

The food is sourced from organic sources and they follow the simpleton module “Farm to Table”, where they directly procure and quality check each and every element which goes into their food. Even the menu, is made out of recycled paper. The menu is extensively Karnataka with a few influences from neighbouring states. 

Ambiance : 

I’m guilty of being superfluous with my language to describe how much, I love this place. It’s quirky, a haven, a sanctuary, a treasury for all good things. The ambiance is unmistakably rustic and peaceful and if you’re with the right person, very romantic as well. 


My review, would be of no use if I miss out on our hostess of humble disposition- Miss. Anvita, who is a charming young lady with very strong and dedicated ideals. The staff is well groomed and are nimble on their feet. 

The Grub Story

Now, we are talking.. Aren’t we? 

Drinks : They have a splendid selection of Teas, Coffees, Cold Pressed Juices and smoothies. The teas are from the well known organic brand “Teabox”. 

  • Vitamin Booster (₹150/-) : A medley of carrot, lime, parsley, chia seeds, orange & tender coconut. Super healthy and if you’re in the healthy living sphere, you will love it. 

Soups : 

  • Pumpkin & Orange Soup (₹95/-) : Goodness Me!! I loved it. Nothing could be better than this for a start. If you like your soups creamed, look no further. The silky almost playful texture of the pumpkin, along with the subtle acidity of orange made this the highlight for me. The spices are perfect for me, I like them bland 👍🏻

  • Carrot, Coconut & Ginger Soup (₹95/-): Perfect for a beautiful rainy day, with the heat of spices warming you up. 


  • Mangalore Buns (₹95/-) : For people who haven’t had a chance to try this, you’ve no idea, how much you’re missing out on life. They were just perfect, the slightest touch breaks them up, the most spongiest bite.. Ahh!! Delicious 😋 

  • Aloo Patha Bhindi Chaat (₹125/-) : A Melange of flavours, bursting with harmony. This is a true Indian street food, definition but with a healthy twist. It has potato cubes, delectable thick yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney and crispy spinach leaves with crispy okra. Each flavour stood out as it enveloped your senses in a happy mood. 

  • Banana Flower Baked Skewers (₹145/-): Quite a nice textural play over there, with a mushy as well as grainy texture to titillate your taste buds. Went really well, with the chutney it came with. 

Mains : 

  • Palak Khichdi (₹160/-) : A delectable dish made out of red rice, puréed spinach and raw papaya salad. The red rice was soaked so well with the spinach purée, it seemed like the match was made in heaven with perfect balance of flavours. The dish heroed “Spinach” & that’s exactly what I wanted. 

  • Masala Jolada Roti Yangai (₹160/-): The soft sorghum flatbread flavoured with masalas and served with a delectable Aubergine curry & sprouts salad, was yet another feather in the cap. Who said healthy isn’t delicious? 

  • Soppu Neer Dosa (₹160/-) : A paper thin crepe (Dosa) made out of spinach and served with coconut gassi, made quite a mark. A little more thinner would’ve been taken this up by a notch, but I’m not complaining. 

  • Ragi Pizza (₹180/-): Yes, the Finger Millet Pizza, was just as good as any other thin crust pizza. It had more texture and the toppings were so generous. Just this, on its own is filling. 

  • Go Native special Thali (₹200/-): An assortment of roti, pappad, rice, veg curry, salad and palya. 

Desserts : 

  • Matka Vanilla Pudding with Gulab Jamun (₹175/-): Oh yes!! This was one of those delish desserts you must try. A subtle vanilla pudding when dugout, revealed a subtle Gulab Jamun full of flavour. You must be thinking, it must be sugary sweet, but it’s quite the opposite. The sweet content is very muted and they manage to keep it low key 👍🏻

  • Millet Pancakes (₹150/-) : Ragi pancakes, served with banana, vanilla ice cream and muesli. This one, again was one of my favourites. Do make sure that you consume it as soon as it arrives. The softness retains or else, you will have to prepare yourself, for a war along with your artillery against the pancake. As the nachni/ragi/ Finger millet in the pancake, will harden it up the longer you leave it untouched. 


Verdict : This place, is just an amazing little wonderland, I love the fact that it’s one of those “guilt free” institutions that advocate and promote “The 3R’s” , “Reduce,Reuse &Recycle”. 

You feel good, for whatever choices you made for visiting this store. Do check their organic food section. I’m in love with the “HUDA Vegan Bars” over here. The food as well, is rustic and has a keen eye for “Nutritional value”.

Go Native gets a 4.5 star 


Jus’ Trufs Customised Chocolatiers | Restaurant Review | Jakkur | Bangalore

Chocolate is the answer. Who cares, what the question is”- Anonymous 

So, the other day I found myself groggily, forcing my eyes open to what seemed like an innocent Sunday morning. Hit the snooze button and buried myself under the duvet again. Tossing about, my subconscious mind presents to me an olfactory memory of what smelled like warm melting cocoa. 

Hold on!! Wasn’t I going to “Jus Trufs”? Wasn’t i, going to savour some ambrosial happiness? “ Jolly Yes!!” 

And off flew, the duvet cover and what happened is an unforgettable page in my memory. 

About Jus’ Trufs

I am, positive that you wouldn’t need an introduction to this place, which has on its own gleaned its reputation from all aficionados & lay men alike. Yet, I will try to give you a little snippet into “Jus’Trufs” existence. 

With the advent of this millennium, Bangalore was blessed with “Jus’Trufs” in 2001. Quite a benchmark to be set, isn’t it? They focus primarily on chocolates and i, daresay are one of the best chocolatiers in the country. They source, the cocoa from the rustic villages of Karnataka and try to replace it to their Belgian counterparts. Encouraging local fair trade policies as well. It truly is another feather in Bangalore’s hat. A place, which has to be put under the scanner for tourists to enjoy. 

Miss. Chenddyna Schae, the master chocolatier and Co-Founder of Jus’Trufs swears by the extra depth of flavour our local grown Cocoa beans impart in comparison to the Belgian ones. And i, must say, she is right. That extra depth of the flavour seals the deal. 

Hospitality :  The staff were well groomed with bright smiles and were nimble on their feet. Our courses kept flowing smoothly into one another with the right time intervals. 

Ambiance: Cozy, undiluted by unnecessary bric-a-brac, quirky & imbibed with a personality, the ambiance immediately makes you comfortable. 

The Grub Story : As i enter, the unmistakable whiff of warm cocoa, sweeps me over. Before i know it, I am the little kid in the candy shop ( all puns intended ) Here’s what i savoured : 

  • 72% dark chocolate shots and classic chocolate shots (₹90/- & ₹60/- respectively)  : Being, the hardcore dark chocolate lover, i had to partake the 72% liquid elixir and trust me it was just smooth, sharp and right. The classic shot, was a light go to hot chocolate with the right notes. 

  • French Fries with Jalapeño Chocolate Sauce (₹ 140/-) : That smooth and spicy dip, just made my day. Made with white chocolate & jalapeños, nothing can get better than this. Must have. 

  • Bombay Street Wich & Tatters Wich (₹180/- & ₹140/- respectively) : The beautiful little squares of love, were just spot on, while the Bombay Street Wich was very reminiscent of true blue Indian masalas with the hari chutney, the tatters was a very sophisticated one, with dollops of mayo with potatoes. Hard to choose, but the Tatters had me. 

Mains : 

  • Cottage Cheese- Arrabiatte Sauce (₹350/-) : Firm squares of soft, well grilled cottage cheese, served with the arrabiatte sauce and doused generously with gremolata to add more texture to the dish. One word- Luscious. 

  • Linguini with sun dried tomato pesto (₹240/-) : The linguini were just so right, giving me the flashbacks of angel hair pasta, with that al dente bite and doused perfectly in an aglio olio sauce swirled with some sun dried tomato pesto & topped with black olives. I, tried to recreate it at home & failed miserably 😢 A little spicy, a little demure and a lot of delicious is what this was. 

  • The Black Eyed Wheel (₹240/-) : Yes, I’m head over heels for this one. The base, the pomodoro, the cheese, the toppings & the love joined forces to have me love this. Packed with flavour, this is what pizza oughta be like. 

  • The Chilled Chocolate Fudge Milkshake (₹210/-) : Made with artisanal dark chocolate & chocolate fudge, this baby is serious competition to the beautiful girl or the handsome guy on the other table, you can’t stop staring it. Labelled as life changing, it truly is gonna help you find true love – in a glass ❤️❤️ 

  • Jus’Trufs Baked Cheescake (₹290/-) : Disclaimer : Food is a subjective matter & im not the one to judge, nor would like to be judged. I, LOVED it. Yes, we love our cheesecakes nice & smooth, intolerant towards any tinges of acidity. And yes, we like it to go all gooey and melt in the mouth. There are a lot of versions out there. This undoubtedly had an acidic factor to it, which would  balance extremely well, with a fruit compote. Every bite acclimatises you for the last bite and then.. you want another one 👍🏻

Verdict : I, personally have been a fan of Jus’Trufs for quite sometime now, their chocolates are undoubtedly the best. A sighed relief from all the “homemade chocolates” popping up everywhere. 

They are also the pioneers in conducting chocolate tours, where they give you an intrinsic insight into the “how and what’s” of chocolate making. From displaying the cocoa pod to the final truffle, it’s all done by you. An enriching experience for sure. 

Rating : 4.5/5 


P.S : The logo has been used purely for representational purposes only. 

Mood for food | Food Review | Delivery only |Bengaluru |

Customers don’t measure you on how hard you tried. They measure you on what you deliver”- Steve Jobs 

Pleasantly surprised at the package that stood hot and steamy on my table, I decided to give this place a go, after having heard quite a few things about the place. The aroma wafting across, had my mouth water and had me put on my “toque blanche” so that, I could start dissecting each and every aspect. 

I, had a few friends come over impromptu and that’s what friends do, don’t they? They just drop in. *ting tong* 

About Mood For Food : 

This is a delivery only restaurant, which has a wide variety of dishes on offer. They have a decent amount of starters, main courses and drinks. The cuisine is primarily North Indian & is a mixture of all the North Indian favourites. The whole catch is, this restaurant is operational till midnight on weekdays and is up till 5 a.m, during the weekends. Like.. Bazooka, wow!!  

Service : 

They usually have a 45 minutes slot, to get your order going & they very well, do try to get it done within that time span. The packaging can definitely get better, they could incorporate plastic containers for deliveries, instead of the normal bags. Their delivery personnel also, are courteous and they know, how to execute their job well. So, a yes to the service. 

The Grub Story : 

Here, are the things that I ordered. Read on to know, how my experience was. 

  • Tandoori Chicken Full (Rs. 400/-) : A gorgeously well marinated and tandoor’d chicken with subtle hints of spices. The chicken was cooked to perfection, it wasn’t dry nor was it too juicy. Looked perfect for a meal, which everyone was looking forward to. 

  • Paneer Tikka (Rs. 190/-) : I, loved the fact that the paneer was so juicy and actually had a nice softness which enveloped your palate for some happy time. It was done pretty well, with the bursts of the celery seeds aroma. Grilled to nothing but short of perfection. I would’ve liked more charring on it, but, hey! no complaints. 

  • Chicken Malai Tikka (Rs.220/-) : Ok! Allow me the privilege to tell you, that, I loved this. For me, this is what Malai Tikka is. The chicken cooked well and firm & the beautiful dressing coated generously on those boneless pieces of happiness. Being a vegetarian, I did only try the sauce, but I could easily understand how good the whole morsel would’ve been. The sauce is a creamy white one with the smoothness of blended cashews. Must must must try. 

  • Paneer Paranthas (Rs. 80/-) : The Paneer Paranthas were good as well, but I’ve had better ones. The punch of celery seeds was a welcomed affair. These babies fared good enough on my delicious-o-meter 👍🏻

  • Chicken Biryani (Rs. 240/-) : The Biryani is done, in a very typical Hyderabadi style. The spices are done right, the grains are long and separated and the portions are hearty as well. The flavour was intensified by the sprinkling of fried onions on it. The Biryani was light yet flavourful and instantly reminds you of your Hyderabadi friend’s Eid Biryani. 

  • Mango Lassi (Rs.120/-) : I, love Lassis of all kinds. Meetha, khara, chocolate, strawberry or mango. I’ve had quite a few lassis from different places and I have to give it to “MoodforFood” for being quite a stiff competition to the others. I totally loved their mango Lassi. The acidity was just right and so was the sweetness of the mango pulp. Must try! 


Verdict : When you really are bugged to cook, have people come over, hungry all the time or are just like me- a hopeless bag of lazybones in the kitchen, call these people and take my word for it, they wouldn’t disappoint you. 

Recommends : Chicken Malai Tikka, Biryani, Mango Lassi & Tandoori Chicken. 

Rating : A well deserved 4 star 


Kempegowda International Airport | Airport Walk | Restaurant Review | Bengaluru 

“The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get” – Gary Player

 And, lucky was i, to have been covered with an avalanche of the four- leaf clover right at my doorstep, when an invitation to cover the restaurants in “Kempegowda International Airport”, came my way. 

Hailed, as one of the most prestigious events to be held, in respect to a Food Blogger’s repertoire, the event was nothing but sheer success. 

What is the KIA FoodWalk all about?

The KIA FoodWalk, is a 2-3 hours of hands on experience about the execution of the showcased restaurants. We were enlightened about how, they source ingredients and invest time into catering to people’s needs. The minutest of elements are given a stringent eye and looked into with sedulous care. The reason why these restaurants are different from out in the city restaurants, is due to the kind of customers they need to cater to. 

What restaurants were showcased on the KIA FoodWalk? 

We had the privilege to cover 4 different restaurants from a varied genre of cuisine and technique. The restaurants we covered are :

1) La Tapenade 

2) Tiffin Centre

3) La Alta Vita

4) Puro Gusto


Restaurants in Detail : 

1) La Tapenade : 

This restaurant cum Cafe, provides you with a nice selection of Mediterranean eats. They try to create and mimic a “Mata’am” where you would ideally relax and shu-shu about things in a day. The beautiful blue imported Moroccan tiles, just add to the feel.  

What did we try? 

  • Ice Tea
  • Mezzeh Platter
  • Falafel with Buttered Veggies
  • Shish Tawook with Pitas 

. Ice tea : A refreshing gulp of this strawberry flavoured ice tea, will help you stay nimble on your feet during your travels. 

. Mezzeh Platter : It consisted of the usual “Baba Ghanoush, Tahini, Hummus and pitas”. This is comfort food for me and I loved it. The whole idea, is to not stuff you while you are travelling and this Platter keeps you filled and light. 

. Falafel with buttered veggies : Simply marvellous, with the delectable harmony of the ground chickpeas with subtle spices. Make it into a wrap by stuffing it into the pita with tahini and olives or eat it on its own. 

. Shish Tawook : I’m a vegetarian, so I’m not the one to comment on this, but it looked every bit of magnificent.

Rating : 4.5/5

2) Tiffin Centre : 

This restaurant will hit you home and emboss into you the familiarity of South Indian Culture. For the locals travelling from Bengaluru and not wanting to experiment, this is the safest best. The restaurant is done, in the most tasteful way by staying true to a typical South Indian restaurant. Immediately, you are propelled into the 90’s of the thatched roofs, iron bars, distemper colour and decorative chandelier fans. 

What did we try? 

  • Buttermilk 
  • Assorted Veg snack Platter
  • Koli Bhartade 

. Buttermilk : Let me tell you, that this was by far one of the most authentic and delicious buttermilks i’ve ever had in my life. The subtle thickness & those just here spices made this par excellence. 

. Assorted Veg Snack Platter : Quite a large number of vegetarian snacks were given like the “Raw banana bajji, Chilli Bajji, Sagu bonda & masala vada”. All of which, were quite good. They paired well with their chutneys. 

. Koli Bhartade : A beautiful chicken fry with red coloured masala. People loved it. 

And for people, who would like to taste a full meal. They have a Thali. 

Rating : 4/5


3) La Alta Vita : 

This is a restaurant which specialises in Italian cuisine, with extreme emphasis on the quality of ingredients and freshness of your meal. Everything is made to order and nothing is pre made. The dough is made everyday, the ingredients are sourced from local places and some are imported. The whole ambiance is very calming with woodwork giving it a classic feel. 

What did we try?

  • Minestrone Soup
  • Pizza vegetariano 
  • Pesto Chicken and roasted peppers Pizza
  • Seafood Pizza 

. Minestrone Soup : The soup was an immaculate balance of flavours, but being someone who loves her minestrone to be tad more acidic, I found it lacking in that little punch of extra. The warmth of the soup with al dente pipette rigate was just right. That dollop of cheese melting was another feat. 

. Pizza Vegetariano : I, love my thin crust pizzas and love it when they are crunchy and not too soft. The base was done beautifully with the light charring on the side due to the hearth’s temperature. The toppings were delicious with bell peppers, onions, olives, capers and basil. The cheese was generously sprinkled around and this pizza just had everything. Please do ask for some extra capers in your Pizza, takes it to another level altogether. 

. Chicken Pesto Pizza : 

Rating : 4.5/5

4) Puro Gusto :

A “grab me quick” kind of a place with short eats. Puro Gusto is great for your on the move snacking. It has a selective range of “salads, croissants, desserts, coffees & juices”. 

What did we try ?

  • Greek Feta Salad
  • Roasted Aubergine, Courgette & Wild Mushroom Salad 
  • Apple pie 

. Greek Feta Salad : It is one of those salads, that are no nonsense ones. They aren’t blowing their horns and nor are they subdued by competition. The Salad was spot on and beautifully tossed in the vinaigrette. 

. Roasted Aubergine, Courgette & Wild Mushroom Salad : My heart skipped a beat, when i saw this Salad. I, mean it’s just everything that a veggie loves. The blush of roasting on the Aubergine was prevalent and imparted a very deep smoky flavour to the Salad and buffalo mozzarella to take it a notch up. The best thing ever. 

. Apple Pie : Loved the melt in the mouth texture of the crust. The filling was delicious but could’ve done with a tad more syrup like maybe cider or juice in it. Loved the cinnamon-y hint, which wasn’t overwhelming. A lot of places get that cinnamon measurement wrong and Puro Gusto did a good job at getting it right. 

Rating : 4.5/5


Verdict : Our Culinarian guide, “Chef Murali” was a pleasure to be with. He kept on sharing information about each of the restaurant, which is under his supervision. He spoke immensely of the importance of the quality of ingredients and giving us tidbits on the way.

I, was enriched profoundly by the experience and my favourites were the “Mezzeh Platter, Buttermilk, Pizza Vegetariano & Roasted Aubergine Salad” in no chronological order, whatsoever 😅 

Note of Thanks : 

Thank you to all the people who made this possible for me. 

Dice N Dine |Restaurant Review |Koramangala|

“The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do”- Steve Jobs 

Nothing could be any truer, when it applies to Mr. Rangarajan, in reference to his unremitting approach in metamorphing  “Dice N Dine” , into a Cult Favourite! While, you let yourself soak in the positivity when you open the door, you cannot help but fall in love with the place, for it’s novelty. 

About Dice n Dine

“Dice n Dine”, is an ambitious venture, which aims at amalgamating pleasure for food and pleasure for games under one roof. Yes, you read that right. It’s a gaming cafe like no other, a perfect place to hang out with your bunch. Not a lot of places, cater to keeping you entertained and this tops my list for being one of the best place, to kill your time effortlessly. Don’t be alarmed by the cacophony of tumbling blocks or dominoes or with some delirium of sighs, because everyone’s having a great time. 

Decor : The decor is an absolute beauty. Great colour palette and equally great upholstery to keep you comfy. The combination of white with black and the streaks of brown due to the wood used is just perfect. Has a contemporary Industrial chic touch to the interiors. 

Hospitality : Me and my girls were lucky enough to have met the owner himself on the day we went. His hospitality was one of the best, i have to give it to him, for not getting irritated with the kids being little monsters. Superb staff, nimble on their feet. The time intervals for the food coming on the table were well placed. We came here around 1 and must have left around 6 *grins sheepishly* 

The Grub Story : I, know you must be already thinking that it’s a gaming cafe, how good can it get? For starters, don’t be prejudiced.. bad, bad, you 😁😁😂 


. Virgin Mojito (Rs.145/-) : I, am a virgin mojito fan and I love a good one. This one blew my socks off, by being sooooo good. The freshness of lime and that superb balance of Mint flavour, just did it for me. Highly recommended! 


. Stuffed Onion Rings (Rs.185/-) : Omg!! I just fainted out of happiness. It’s really hard for me to find a great plate of onion rings. Either they are too crisp or they flavour or they just flop on the whole. This one, had jalapeño flavoured cheese oozing out of it, literally. The rings were crumb fried to an optimum golden and were the star of the day, for me in the starters. 

. Mozzarella Garlic Loaf : This one, is an Instagram worthy dish. It looks beautiful, very gourmet and tasted great as well. The oozing mozzarella and the cuts between just magnified the experience. Must must have. 

. Empanadas : Deliacate pockets of joy, filled with a nice creamy filling of veggies and served ever so chic. The Spanish tapas at your service! The Empanada dough was just right, baked nice with the brown blush and melted in your mouth when you sunk your molars in. 

. Arancinni : I, need to cut down on my food and all im thinking about right now, is the Arancinni. Crumb fried to perfection and oozing out with cheese and happiness, you gotta try this. The perfect one, by far!!

. Grilled Pineapple with Cheese: The gentleman was kind enough to give our mommy gang a complimentary plate of Grilled pineapple with melting cheese for us and the kids. He spoiled us good, alright. I, super loved it! 

Mains : 

. Paneer Shashlik (Rs. 295/-) : Very subtle with good flavours prevailing. The cottage cheese was done well with the thick brown sauce, the tex mex rice was a delight to eat with a tad spicy quotient to get your appetite working. 

. Margherita Pizza (Rs.235/-) : If you love, thin crust pizzas, you will love this. A great freshly prepared base with generous amounts of cheese and herbs which happen to be my or any vegetarians favourite 😍😍 The pizza is made in an unconventional rectangular shape, because they want to save up table space while eating and gaming. 

.Citrus Burst Salad : A medley of flavours that made my heart melt! One of the best salads, ever. 

Desserts : 

.Fried Ice Cream : An extremely delectable dessert. We’ve all had, fried ice cream, somewhere but this one was gorgeous. 

. Almond & Caramel Granola : Another one of my favourite, here. 

 Verdict : All in all, a great restaurant which is a hybrid between a normal cafe & a gourmet restaurant. Dice n dine, finds a great balance between the both and is one of the restaurants you must visit in Bangalore. 

A well deserved 5 star for it.


Rahhams | Restaurant Review| Frasertown| Bangalore 

.. “You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too”- Kurt Vonnegut 

Aaah.. I agree, I agree! So let’s do some food talk shall we? Foodtalk where, you talk solely about food, a particular dish or a certain style of cooking. Because, today’s review is all about just plain food and no frills to it. 

About Rahhams: 

 Rahhams, is a place that needs no introduction. It’s a place that I presume everyone knows either by the word of mouth or they’ve grown up gorging on the food, when “The Big Restaurant Boom”, hadn’t happened. It was just Rahhams better known in the flashback as “Richies”. 

Decor : The decor is minimal, which still retains the charm of the early 2000’s. Nothing contemporary or eclectic, just some simple wood paneling done all across for that feel of faux elegance. The ambiance, is very relaxed and sober. 

Hospitality : Being one of the legendary places in Bangalore, Rahhams leaves no stones unturned with hospitality. They strive to do the best they can. Yes, the service does need to speed up a tad bit more and a little more refinement in their wait staff, but all in all.. a very,  very, satisfying experience. 

The Grub Story : I’m a vegetarian, but my family isn’t and this review will be an overall summarisation of a few visits and home deliveries. 

  • Mutton sholay Kabab (Rs. 240/- half plate) : A nice and spicy kabab, marinated well and served with delicious gongura chutney. 

  • Chicken Pahadi Kabab (Rs.230/- half plate): This kabab usually gets a lot of fans rooting for it, because of the medley of spices that go into it. The chicken pieces are juicy and are perfect with a nice butter naan on the side or as it is. 

  • Paneer Chilly (Rs.170/-) : It has the classic taste, with soft cubes of paneer tossed in a nice chilly sauce, sprinkled with spring onions. 

  • Mushroom chilly (Rs.170/-) : This is a must have, over here. The bulbous mushrooms are bursting with flavours. A deep umami taste, which compliments your indo-Chinese craving. 👍🏻

  • Mutton Biryani (Rs. 250/-): If you haven’t had, Rahhams Mutton Biryani, then you really haven’t tasted one of the best biryanis in Bangalore. This is the authentic, Dakhani style of Biryani. The Biryani is packed with flavour but is devoid of heavy masala kind of a feeling. A must have, if you may. 

  • Dal Tadka (Rs. 170/-) : The bright beautiful daal, is just the perfect kind. With the smoothness of the lentils going across and the spicy kick from the tadka, this is our favourite. Vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. 

  • Mutton Shammi (Rs.210/-) : Another one of the loved dishes, at Rahhams. The Shammi kababs are quite loved a lot, by everyone because of the signature masala used in it. 

Ramzan Specials are Paneer Fingers & Veg cutlets.


Verdict: It’s a legendary restaurant and you need to love it, for its specialities like the Biryani and Dals. Also, if you’re a vegetarian, please stay away 😁😁



Chefactory |Restaurant Review| Marathalli| Bangalore 

” Quality is not an act, it’s a habit”- Aristotle

Who else knows this better, than the entrepreneur of “Chefactory”. While, we do have a healthy mushrooming of QSR’s all around Bangalore, the same cannot be vouched with stringency about quality. More often than not, if a QSR seems to be “too good to be true”, it usually is, too good to be true. 

Having heard, quite a lot about “Chefactory” and its delectable dishes, I decided to pay it a visit one fine day, just out of the blue. Marathalli, Kadubessanahalli, Bellandur, etc is the next hub of these kinds of QSR and fine dines as well. You are spoiled for choice, but read on to know why, your vision (both peripheral and central) must be concentrated on this restaurant. 

About Chefactory

Chefactory is the sister concern, of one of my favourite “buffet restaurant in bangalore”  Flechazo . I, was pleasantly surprised when I learnt about this fact. Well, I’m sure, you know where this is going already. They are mainly a takeaway/ delivery kind of a restaurant, but they can manage to host about 10-15 people or so. The restaurant serves Indian cuisine and has quick eats like rolls also available.  

Decor :  The decor is done in simplistic terms with comfortable industrial chic chairs. There are a few posters strewn across. The place is well ventilated and isn’t suffocating or cramped, extreme care has been taken to make sure your dining experience isn’t compromised with. The colour palette is a pleasing neutral, there is no air conditioning but they do have a cooler to keep you airy. 

Hospitality : As, it is with QSR’s, you usually don’t expect much care with hospitality, but let “Chefactory” be a pioneer in paving the way for generous hospitality. Special mention to Mr. Kamal, Mr. Bijoy( our server)  & Mr. Sushant. 

The Grub Story : With nothing to persuade me from drooling over the next few lines, allow me to share the love, with you. Ready? I thought so! (This is a review based on two different visits) 

  • Icy Orange (Rs.69/-) :  A refreshing drink, packed with the right amount of that orange-y punch. The perfect accompaniment to your meal. 

  • Indonesian Grilled Mushrooms (Rs.119/-) : Delicately smoked and grilled Mushrooms, in a deep red flavourful sauce with a hotness quotient quite high. Certainly not for the faint hearted. And me, being somebody who loves bland, I loved it ❤️

  • Stuffed Paneer Sikanadari (Rs.139/-) : Paneer, usually is one of the most versatile proteins to work with. This dish, was an absolute stunner, for its affordability 😱 The Paneer squares were stuffed beautifully with a sweet-spicy filling and extremely juicy. Something very fine dine and a must have 👍🏻

  • Murgh Lasooni Tikka & Murgh Peri Peri Tikka 6pcs (Rs.149/- each) : Being a vegetarian, I can’t comment too much on these from my experience, but I could see that, my hubster loved it. The meat was juicy and succulent, you could see the juices ooze out as you ran your knife across it. The only difference between these both was the fact that ” Peri peri” Tikka had a nice generous sprinkling of the peri peri spice dust. Grilled well, this got a thumbs up from my boys! A superb accompaniment would be their pudina paratha. 

  • Veg Grilled Sandwich (Rs.99/-) : I’m a girl, who loves her sandwiches. One of the things that has kept me on the vegetarian side, is my love for these grilled breads! I, kid you not, but the Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Chefactory was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a looooooong time. It instantly reminds me of those family picnics. The sandwich is loaded with cheese, veggies and a secret spice ingredient, which takes this sandwich to another level. Please do ask for a generous sprinkling of the masala on the sandwich.

  • Punjabi Tangdi (Rs.169/-) : Acquaint me, with one non vegetarian who doesn’t love a good Punjabi Grilled Tangdi. This Tangdi, made my friends go crazy, because of the Spices which give it the perfect flavour. The juicy meat, as I could see was falling off the bone. It has the heartiness of a Punjabi starter. Look at the perfect colour and the grilled stripes. Super affordable as well, this will satiate your chicken cravings for sure. 

  • Paneer Makhani (Rs.199/-) : A plateful of goodness. Some paneermakhani &  Butter naan, is a classic combination.A well balanced bowl of cottage cheese tossed in a silky tomato base, garnished with dollops of Ghee or clarified butter. The flavours were bang on. There wasn’t any overwhelming spice element, just a harmonious balance. Highly Recommended! 

  • Veg Biryani : Keeping all the brouhaha aside, about a Biryani being veg or non veg, I’m gonna talk about their Biryanis. These people have their masalas done ever so right! The Biryani is made in the “Hyderabadi” style. Yup, the Kachi Biryani technique, comes into play. This bowl, was delicious as well, albeit a vegetarian version. Having said that, it’s the Mutton and Chicken Biryani that you need to keep your eyes peeled out for! 

  • Gulab Jamoon (Rs.50/-) : This Indian dessert is the most loved dessert here. This simple dish, is made out of milk solids and dunked into rose flavoured sugar syrup. This gulab jamoon at chefactory was simple, no frills dessert with a slight hint of cardamom. 


Verdict : The restaurant rates high on the VFM quotient, without compromising on quality and taste. It’s an indulgence you wouldn’t feel guilty about. 

4.5/ 5 stars which are well deserved 👍🏻