The Great Indian Thali- Koramangala. Restaurant Review. 

Blessed be my soul, for cancelling a spa appointment & thinking it’s necessary to attend the ” 10th FBAB Food Tasting Session” for the food bloggers last Sunday. Ummm… Honestly, spa appointments can always be planned at the drop of the hat, but these meets… Utter bliss.

“The Great Indian Thali, look.. There’s no parking 😶” I exclaim in exasperation. Just then I see, the valet staff coming towards our direction. Sometimes, I am a tad bit foolish & jump to conclusions. Well, that takes care of the parking issue. 

I take a look around & escort myself to the elevator. Within seconds, I’m at the threshold of a neon menu signboard. Ok! Now I know what’s for dinner. Even before I enter the restaurant, I’ve started to postulate, how exactly the dinner will be & I’m thrilled. It’s gonna be a thali dinner. A thali is a unique Indian way of serving food, for the sheer reason of diverse options of curries & accompaniments. Pheww.. That’s sorted. 

The restaurant is cosy yet not cramped, the light etching takes you back to the season of romantic love & you choose between couches & chairs for your seating arrangements. All in all fair decor & a nice laid back ambience to back it up. 

The staff were diligent in making sure your visit was well worth it. Mr. Ajay kept us well fed through the evening with his warm personality. He surely is one of the best hosts you will ever come across. Period.


The loquacious set of us bloggers, started having little chit chats with each other, while we waited on for the food to be served. Our badinage was the one that kept me alive & kicking.

Ahem…Ahem… Shall we do the honours? Yes, we ought to. 

The Dinner was a thali dinner, it’s a sit down buffet of sorts,where your plate aka thali gets filled as it empties. With a cornucopia of curries & accompaniments to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. 

It started with a watermelon juice, which was too sweet for my humble unsugary palate. Something as simple as a Lemonade with mint syrup would’ve been great though.

We had a few starters that made their rounds on our plates. The Paneer tikka (Cottage cheese), Aloo Kebab (potato) & Kachori, all of them were super delicious. My favourite being the hot Kachori & Aloo kebabs. 

We were served a luscious plate of Dahi Papdi Chaat & Pani Puri which was just so fresh and appetising. 

Time flew & then the real duel began. Come on over!! I’m ready.. Our wait staff started with the beautiful assortment of gravies, like  dal makhani, pindi chole, Karela khurchan, subzi meloni, dum aloo etc with hot naans & bhaturas (puffed flatbreads). 

All I could do was eat, I had to skip rice, I’m not too fond of it. I tasted a spoonful of the vegetarian biryani, which seemed good. But the breads & gravies… Pleasure to devour them. The best have to be subzi meloni, pindi chole & kadhai paneer.

Then came the desserts, which again I just took mere bites of & they were, in all senses, delish!!

I’m gonna be showing the complete thali plated & up for grabs. The thali plating & styling was done by Mr.Ashwin, who is a superb magician when it comes to plating & also by Mr.Ajay, who is always a pleasure to meet.

The meal ended & the food started giving everyone the smiles & grins. If, you’re on a lookout for a thali dinner then this is it. Everything just subtly transitioned from one course to another. If a large buffet is on your mind, you will be disappointed. 

The place is a must visit haven for vegetarians. 

Verdict: 3.5/5 


The Blogger Bestie Tag

Hello my hearties,

You can probably lament, but i very humbly accept my folly and ask of you to maybe, sympathize with me for not being regular in participating for awards. It pretty much looked machiavellian, for me to accept awards and then not do them. It was like i wanted it all. Woe to greed. 

But here i am today, on a fresh new start and im gonna start my veracious interest in tags and awards. Thank you for patiently waiting.


1)Thank the person who nominated you!

2) answer all my questions for you!! And ask them to the people you nominate!!

3)nominate 5+ other bloggers!!

I wanna thank my sweet & brand new friend ” Mahjabeen” from ” “for coming up with this tag and starting this happy thing over here. I love her blog page, its just absolute fun, you do need to check out the colour scheme on her page!!! Me loves it!!

Here are her questions for me: 

1.My hobbies: I just realised, that im a boring person. I love reading books, mostly paranormal and biographies. I’m a foodie, i love exploring new places for food. I love shopping, online et al. I love makeup, so I’m trying out new looks every other day. Basically, I’m a clown.

2.Random facts about me : 

  • I used to eat chalk when I was like 4 or 5 years old.
  • I was a brat, i used to get my parents so crazy, that they just had to listen to me. One of my indulgences was an “Indoor Swing”, which was a 2 seater one. I was the only kid then & as usual i threw tantrums about how, I needed a brother to sit on the 2nd seater. My parents were forced to oblige 😁😁
  • I had a penchant for perfumes since the toddler times & that has grown into an obsession today. The cover photo of this tag post is my current favourite called ” Guess Seductive “, loving it to the core. Btw, I have more perfumes than shoes 😱😱 is that even acceptable?
  • I’m a romantic fool. Get me a chocolate bouquet & im ready to forgive everything.

3. favourite colour/s : Black, purple, pink & beige. 

4.Blogger besties:  I’m sure, inshallah, we both are gonna be blogger besties too. But, till then, I have a few favourites, who I make sure I follow around. Super supportive and super awesome girls!! 

5.What do you like best about blogging? : The blogosphere is such a warm space, if the world was that way, we would be in utopia. I love befriending people from different paths of life & the blogosphere does just that ❤️❤️ What we have here is an intellectual way of networking. 👍🏻

6.What is your favourite book?  Without a doubt it has to be, “Memoirs of A Geisha”❤️

7.What do you hate most? : People with big egos & small hearts, seafood, liars, cream eyeshadows, flaky foundations & my son’s toys 🙄🙄

8.What is your favourite activity? :  Impromptu Shopping Trips.

9.It’s raining its pouring, the whole load of fun is snoring, it went to bed, forgot the life it lead, and never woke up in the morning? That basically means, what do you do when it’s pouring with rain, and you can’t do much cos’ the weathers miserable? : Get some maple tea brewing & do me some beauty rituals. 

10. You are lying on the table, slouching in your chair during a really boring lesson, what do you say as an excuse when a teacher spots you and asks why you are doing this? : I remember I did this quite a few times, once I pretended I had fainted & the other time I told my teacher that I was very sure there’s a rat near my shoes. Topic diverts!! 😈

I nominate:

  1. Shamira
  3. Anand
  4. Erika
  5. Hasmeet
  6. Shweta aka bollywoodarian

Okay!! There were alot more besties of mine, but I’m gonna start with these sweet people first. Enjoy the tag guys. I, presume that the questions you all will be answering are the ones which I’ve already answered, put forth by Mahjabeen. 👍🏻👍🏻

P.S : I’ve done a pretty bad job at answering these questions, I’ve been sleepy the whole time 😁😁😴💤💤💤 

The Bungalow,Whitefield- Restaurant Review

While I’m clinking & clonking the cutlery & plates, I scrape the fork on my plate in a disastrous effort to try & pick that little Parmesan shaving lying there in distress. 

“I’m sorry I ignored you Parmesan, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have ever neglected you.” 

Then I notice that the shrill scrape certainly has activated the amygdalia of my table buddies. I, look away in an attempt to save myself from an embarrassing situation. 

That’s a snippet for you, from my last “Bloggers Meet”. This time we found ourselves at this beautiful Restaurant, called “The Bungalow”. It was the “9th FBAB FOOD TASTING SESSION”. If there are things that make me super happy, then these meets are one of them. 

The Bungalow is a beautiful place with just the right kinda ambitious decor to its credit. The whole place has an old world charm, with quirky memorabilia to blackboards and old world tanned leather couches. The ceiling is high, like super high & I wanna just sleep in here, staring at the ceiling while counting sheep.    


The presence of those colonial architectural thingamajigs with beautiful mosaic of black & white flooring is just perfect. The only thing that is modern is that projector 😁😁 That’s only to keep you in here for longer. 


I can almost imagine, this to be a leisure club for elites. Put in a few dapper men with tuxedos & Cuban cigars, maybe a few ladies with the beehives & flapper dresses & I’m ready to transcend into the early 1920’s. 

Ambience & Decor: 5/5  

The wait staff are just a dream. I mean every word of that. Our maître d’ Mr. Kamal, was by far the most friendliest one I’ve come across. Not only did he have one of the most refined serving etiquettes, he was also a really warm personality. The service was 5/5, not a thing to point my finger at. 


The pleasures of food are but many. What I honestly anticipated was a fair to middling buffet, with forgettable dishes. And, that thought prepared me for the most delightful spread. I, seek for forgiveness with that farouche attitude, but I’m just scared of having my heart & appetite broken, so i think all negative 🤓🤓 The philosophy makes sense I suppose? 🙄🙄

Here’s a delicious episode which will have you breaking your will power, a few heroes of the multicuisine dinner in each course are highlighted: 


1) Thai Drink : Mammma Mia, this was such a refresher. As soon as I took a sip of this muddy brown drink, I was sold. A beautiful Tamarind infused drink with little balls of tamarind on a toothpick. A drink that wasn’t gonna make you pucker your lips, but surely gave a nice punch.


2) Basil Pesto Cottage Cheese: Had there been a contest, to see who eats these the most, I certainly would’ve made my mark. Alas! There wasn’t and I had to do good with 2 helpings 😢😢 The firm paneer was basking in the glory of that pesto. The basil came through & that Parmesan shaving gave a savoury touch to it. Loved it!!


3)Puff Pastry with a creamy filling: Ok!! It wasn’t called that, but I was so engrossed in eating it that I forgot to ask what was it? The crispy puff layers with delectable dollop of mayo, cream with veggies kinda creme just made it the perfect short eat. 


4) The Gorgeous Salads: I looked into those greens & i could only see them, ever so provocatively lure me to devour them. The Caesars, Veggies in Blueberry Dressing & Coleslaw were just so good. The blueberry dressed salad was the hero here!! 


5) Broccoli & Almond Soup: How does one make a soup, a starter? Well, reserve those brain cells.. I dipped my bread & slurped the soup. Yes! That’s how I make a soup equal to a starter. Marvellous & nutty, this one warmed me up.


6) Veggie Pizza: Life is going good when you bite into a pizza & are kissed passionately by its simple flavour. What a pizza, marvellously delish. Joints which specialise in ” so called Pizzas”, must take a lesson or two from “The Bungalow”. The pizzas were gorgeous, every veggie got to sing, not dry yet wasn’t greasy. What fun just thinking about it 😍😍



Well after being stuffed with the starters, I really had no place for the main course. Just got a spoonful of helpings of a few things to give it a taste. 


A few delicious mentions would be the Paneer Pasanda, Palak Saag, vegetable crepes. I just adored these in the mains. Btw, that’s how my plate looked 👆🏻👆🏻 & this is how it was plated 👇🏻👇🏻 First up is the vegetable crepe.


That’s Paneer Pasanda & mint rice.


Dal Makhani with kulcha.


Choice of pasta at the live pasta counter.


I’m not too much of a dessert person, I ate the blueberry mascarpone & it was delicious. But that’s all I could eat. Oh oh oh!! & Pancakes.. 😍😍 Here’s a look. 






They even had Baskin Robbins Icecream for all.


A refreshing virgin mojito


A sweet, but colourful  Litchi Mocktail.


Some Good ole Green tea. 


The Food scores a 5/5. 


Yes, The Bungalow is just your perfect Restaurant, with everything romantic in place. The VFM value is super great as Rs.555+taxes for this buffet was worth it. 

P.s: I opted for the vegetarian course, there were a lot of stars on the non veg course.

Nando’s Peri-Peri,Extra Hot Chilli Sauce- Product Review.

Now who fancies some piping hot, let me whistle like a steam ship, blazing ear twitchy, confident turtle posing kinda hotness in their dish? You do?? Sorry, I don’t!! 

Now as the law of nature or my genetic composition would have it, I was supposed to be born with an innate & nascent ability to savour, relish & dream about high spice & hotness factor (I’m an Indian after all) , we are from a country where the “Ghost Chilli Pepper” aka “Bhoot Jolokia” is grown in your backyard with subtle coriander. Alas!! destiny had other plans and i ended up with a palate for low spice tolerance. Accidental gulping of a sliver or two of green chilli, has more often than not sent me transforming from your plain Jane to Incredible Sulk.. Oops!! I meant Hulk.. Well, its just pretty much the same blistering barnacle stuff. Me with chilli in the mouth = Hulk =Sulk. 

” So, why the Chilli Sauce review outta all the things on earth, I’m sure you got more issues than Vogue to handle? ” says you. 

For starters, you need to cut that sarcasm out. 😒😒 Now, why this post outta all things on earth is because, apparently, alot of my dishes these days are getting a little peri-peri in them. So, I thought, hey why not.. I could surely share my ex-PERI-ence with you. 


I’ve had my fair share of red chilli sauces & they all have had a very tolerable level. Plonk & splash them in Indo-Chinese dishes & Viola! I never had the guts to try something with blazing Scoville Heat Units, until I was presented with the “Nando’s Peri-Peri Extra Hot Chilli Sauce”.


My common sense warned me against it, it said ” Frigging” Extra Hot, for crying out loud. 


And then just like that one day, i opened it up. The first thing I noticed was how flowy the sauce was. That kinda put me off. I mean, here I am.. literally, imaginary barfing my guts out at the thought of something HOT & I see, this meek & feeble sauce hello-ing back at me.

“Greetings and Salutations, ye meek one” says me.

I take a whiff of it & again it’s something that’s pretty vinegary, light capsaiciny & garlicky kinda aroma. It’s nice & subtle. 

“Ummm.. Okay!”

I muster up all the courage I have and just get a few mls on the spoon & I let it gently slide down my tongue into my throat. I’m expecting the darn thing to burn & scar me for ages. Guess what? I doesn’t. 


Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t!! It has a midsized punch, but nothing & absolutely nothing about this sauce is “Extra Hot”. I’d say, it’s in between mild & hot . Yes. Though I have low tolerance to hot peppers, this one wasn’t so bad. It stung like how all chilli sauces do, but didn’t make me run for a glass of milk. 

Let me put it this way, the sauce was hot enough to be calmed down with a glass of water. And, if you know your peppers, then you obviously know that.. The higher the Scoville Heat Unit, the faster you need to reach for a glass of milk for the effect to neutralise. Water doesn’t do much. 😝😝

It’s as good as your standard TABASCO sauce. 


Hence, after that day i tried the sauce in a lot of dishes actually. In curries, marinations, baguettes, etc.  it was just the superb compliment to my sandwiches. I found myself using it even in Indian cuisine. 

Brief Insights:

  • Mild to hot sauce.
  • Not for people who love it damn hot, a blessing for folks like me. 
  • Uses African Bird Eye chilli, which isn’t very high on capsaicin content.
  • Tastes like TABASCO just a little thicker & tad bit more flavourful. 
  • Is MSG, additives, gluten, preservatives free. So, it’s quality that we are talking about here.
  • Works on almost everything that needs some heat. 
  • Priced at an exorbitant Rs.420/-
  • You can find sauces at much easier prices, which taste pretty much the same, but maybe wouldn’t come with the preservative, MSG, additives & Gluten free tag.

Verdict: I, personally loved the sauce. It hit at the right spot for me. It did bring out the heat without scarring me for life, that being said, it is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. You can find sauces, for half of that price & yet have all the qualities that this bottle has & much more. If pricing wasn’t an issue, then I’d be very keen on restocking over & over again. 

Rating : 3/5

Happy You, Happy Me,Koramangla-A cafe review.

When was the last time that you found yourself at a noshery aka bistro aka cafe & actually pondered, whether you were out of the dark ages of inflation? The ages of inflation, where even a small cup of coffee in a cafe will try to behave like that  ” Annoying Cousin” of yours… Someone, who puts up his/her price much more than what they are worth. 😒😒 During these dark ages, comes a knight in shining armour of unfazing glory, with quite an apt name I must say. ” Happy You, Happy Me”. Read on to know what I mean: 


I was invited over, by my extremely warm & beautiful hostess  “Neha”, who went along with her dream to get into the “Food Industry” & found herself setting up a quaint little nook in one of the busy streets of ” Koramangala”. A marketing professional & mum to a beautiful daughter, who found solace in being an entrepreneur. When you talk to Neha, you can’t help but notice the love she has for her establishment, it’s like the twinkle of her eye… Much like her little one,  Nandini. 


The place isn’t a sprawling 20 table one, rather it’s humble 4-5 table big. But.. That being said.. Happy you happy me, literally reminded me of my storybooks & childhood fantasies. I’ve always wanted to have a little space for myself in the house (apart from my playroom), where I could escape to, which had sentiments of “Alice in Wonderland”. A place that wouldn’t be too big but would be bright at any point of the day.


Well, though “Happy You,Happy Me”, isn’t a page from “Alice in Wonderland”, it surely did satiate my fancy.  The place is filled with splotches of colour & fun. Quirky yet comfortable & relaxing yet peppy, is how I would describe the decor & ambience of this place. 


They have curated a menu which has major emphasis on ” Short eats & quick bites”. You have burgers, pastas, muffins, cutlets, beverages etc. The pricing is just unbelievable, I mean, I’m like sitting there and thinking ” How on earth, can anyone be so honest with pricing?”


 They don’t charge a buck more than what they think is fair, ergo the introductory reference.


The staff are so lovely to chat up with, very prompt & on call. Another thing I noticed is the hygiene at this place. I,really appreciate the high hygiene standards, everything is just so spic & span over here. They serve your food in Eco-Friendly plates, so rest assured about the hygiene aspect. 

Anyhow, Let me take you through the meal sampling;

1. Pasta Alfredo (Rs.60/-) : The Pasta served to me was fresh, light, filled with veggies I love & fair enough. The penne was al dente & the sauce was just the lightest one I’ve had in a long time. The flavours of the veggies, just came through. I was surprised to find broccoli & baby corn! For Rs.60?? Wow!!! And it wasn’t just some measly serving, it was very filling too. 


 2. Barbeque Chicken Burger  : It’s much better called as a mini burger. A lightly barbecued chicken, which looks peppery and juicy, with lettuce & mayo enclosed within a small bun. The hubby says it tasted quite homey & was nice.


3. Chicken croquette (Rs.15/-) : The chicken croquettes are the in house speciality. They weren’t dry or mushy. These petite cylinders where filled with flavour as according to hubby. 


4. Pesto Grilled Sandwich(Rs.45/-)  : The grilled sandwich on its own was such a pleasing sight. Grilled nice & golden, with that crunch that you expect from such sandwiches. The pesto was such a treat to eat & it came under Rs.50/- The pesto sandwich had this beautiful herby & fresh feel, which when complimented with the sauces provided on your plate just made it complete. A must have!!


 5. Orange Chocolate Cake: Another, from one home to another eat. A decent enough quick bite. 


6. Lemongrass Lemonade (Rs.20/-) :Oh!! The name.. 😍😍 The most fun part was just looking at those glass jars filled with that gorgeous lemonade. When it came to the table, yes.. It tasted really refreshing. 


7. Oreo milkshake (Rs.40/-): A little too sweet for my liking, but it’s my folly.. I should’ve told them that I like things a little toned down. My little one gulped it happily though ❤️❤️


8. Mutton Potato Chop: Hubby said, it completely reminded him of Ramadaan shorteats at home. A potato cutlet filled with mutton mince. 👍🏻


9.Cheesy Corn Bites: I was surprised to find a nice spicy green chilli mix in the midst of the Corn. This would work pretty great, if they try fusing this with a chaat. Yumm!!


A note that I would like to make is that, almost everything on the menu is very homey. It’s a cafe, where you can actually feel, that this isn’t something from warehouse to store kind, rather it’s a home cook’s humble venture. Neha makes the beverages, bakes the muffins & cakes & makes the little fried goodies.

They’re just a few weeks old & they are doing quite a commendable job at running the place. 

The VFM as stated before is crazy good. A meal for 2 should put you back by Rs.250/-

Verdict: If you’re in the area and wanna grab a quick bite, or its lunch hour & you’ve had enough of juice junction or you just forgot your assignment at home & have to bunk  class… Drop in here & refresh your mind, after all, food solves almost everything 😁😁 Take this from your Ex-JNC’ite aka Senior 😂😂

Hello Panda.. Product Review. 

” I just want a Hello Panda!”, i shriek. 

I had been giving mum a hard time, whenever i would’ve had the “Hello Panda” craving. Oh!! Just incase, you’re wondering.. This was when i was 5 years old or so. I don’t do that to my mum anymore.. I do it to the hubbykins. 😁


Hello Panda has been one of my delectable & be-a-good girl treat. I would barge into “Safeway” & “Farm 9” and load them up in the cart, along with pink boxes of “Almond Roca” & white boxes of “Rafaello”. 

Fast forward that to 2015 and my son does the same thing. It’s something that I smile like a buffoon about. Hello Panda has very successfully managed to connect one generation to another. Though it’s come quite late to India, it’s a fresh start for sure. This comes with a “Kid Magnet” I presume, I mean which kid doesn’t love this stuff ?


Hello Panda is a Japanese brand, manufactured by “Meiji”. They basically are your shortbread cookies, filled with Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry cream. The cookies are shaped into blunt puffy panda heads, with pictorial depictions of the main character “Panda” on them. On some he’s fencing, on some he’s playing soccer, on some he’s swimming & henceforth. Whatever he’s doing, he’s one helluva sporty Panda for real. 

I, personally love the chocolate filling ones. Yumm.. & it’s been my favourite ever since I was a kid.


They are a very subtle combination of shortbread cookies & chocolate ganache. They are crunchy, buttery & light on the outside & give forth a flowy, silky chocolate cream filling when you bite into it. Not only do they melt in the mouth, they will very certainly melt your heart too. The taste, is nice, but is a little less richer & chocolaty than what I used to eat as a kid. Either the recipe has been re-formulated or the one that retails in India is just that way.

Brief insight on Hello Panda: 

  • Coin sized shortbread cookies, filled with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry cream.
  • Packaged in super cute hexagonal boxes, which are super attractive specially for the kids. 
  • They taste just delicious. 
  • They cost you 80 calories for 4 cookies, which is amazeballs unbelievable because, “OMG! You be so tiny cookie”. Either I embrace you or I say a good-yet-sad bye. 😢😢 
  • They are priced at Rs.70/- per box & I guess each box would have about 10- 15 cookies or so. When I was a kid, these retailed for SR.2/- & I’m pretty sure it’s still that much back in the Middleeast.
  • 3 flavours to choose from. 
  • Perfect for a kiddy treat every once in a while. 

Verdict: As long as you don’t get yourself or your kid addicted to it, go ahead & bulk buy it 😁😁 Enjoy!! 

Barbeque Factory, Indiranagar- Restaurant Review.

Just when you doll & spruce yourself up for the 7th FBAB Meet at “Barbeque Factory”, the darkish grey clouds burst open to bring forth a maddening shower. I, can go on lambasting the rain spell which caused choked & congested roads, but how can i forget the beautiful evening which unfolded itself, upon arrival at the venue. 

It took us about an hour and a half to cover a span of 5 kms. The moment I reached, I had well forgotten the traffic rant I had gone on & on & on about.

These FBAB Meets are always so good with Chef Bibhuti Bhushan organising them. Though this was my first one, i could gauge that the hype wasn’t undeserved.


The decor is an industrial chic with exposed brick walls, metal pipes & kinda grunge theme in one.



 We were given a beautiful table which overlooked the road. The soft pitter patter of rain and an occasional breeze that bought in a few stray raindrops just uplifted the “relax-my-stressed-nerves” ambience. The place is just perfect for a nice evening with the girlfriends, date or just some mindless conversations with family. The light etching plays its role in unwinding you. 


The Decor and the Ambience score a generous & well deserved 4/5 stars from me.


The staff is just how I like them to be.. Groomed with pleasing smiles & on their toes. Not only were they ready to serve you, but they also were well trained to explain what you were being given. 

 Our host & maitrê d’,  “Mr. Ajay Alexander” was such a charm, he made sure that everyone of us were being attended to. He gave us the briefing about the new menu which will be included henceforth. Asking you, for your honest opinions. I, personally.. Loved the hospitality. 

Dear team Barbeque Factory, you guys deserve nothing less than a 5/5 star rating for your service. 

Food… 😁😁😁 3 toothy smiley’s. Need I say more? Why, yes of course. 


I, opted for the vegetarian fare. Well, nothing could stop my indulgence. As opposed to people believing that, non vegetarian fares are always better, I found my humble vegetarian fare just explosive. Let’s relive it shall we? 



  • Honey Paratha with Shikampuri Kabab ( Signature Dish) :  The Paratha looked, well just like any other paratha. The Shikampuri looked well, just like any other Shikampuri. The combination tasted, well like no other thing I’ve had in a long time. 👍🏻 Now that was something. The sweet and savoury medley coupled by the 4 different sauces just made this amazing. Mr. Ajay gave us “how to eat” directions. We were supposed to squish the Kabab with the back of our spoons & spread it on the paratha, adding the sauces as per taste. It was called a Signature Dish & darn rightly behaved like one. I should’ve eaten 10 more, but I refrained. 



  • Palak Papdi: I went crazy over this, well my fellow carnivores also loved it. The taste was just so unique. It was crunchy yet soft in the middle with an aftertaste of popcorn or like how my dear friend Sayoni pointed out, ” it must be a cornflake crumble in the coating”. What a healthy, spinachy treat.



  • Dahi Kebab: I’m a Dahi Kebab fan, but B. F. surpassed a lot of restaurants when it came to the taste. I must have eaten 10.. * smug me* the sour hung curd with the beautiful sweetness was just amazing. They were melt in the mouth. 😍😍


  • Achari Paneer Tikka & Hariyali Mushroom Tikka: Aah!! The magnificence that these both held for me was just delectable. Loved loved loved it. 



  • Cajun Potatoes: Usually, I love my Cajun potatoes as whole. The Cajun Potatoes have been made into medium chips and spiced with sweet sour sauce. 


Main Course: 

  • Dal Fry: A fine & a decent version.
  • Paneer Masala: A total delicious treat for the palate. The soft cubes were such a pleasure with rotis.
  • Tawa Baingan : I love eggplant! Yes I do.. And I loved this. The smokiness of the eggplant & the dry curry that bound it was just superb. 
  • Vegetarian Biryani : I’m usually not a rice fan, gimme my rotis & im the happiest. This biryani was flavourful with those veggies & cottage cheese cubes. 



  • Apple Pie: The small miniatures, were amazingly delicious. The pastry could have been more buttery, but hey.. I’m not complaining. 
  • Brownie: The brownie was a fine one, not too sweet & hit your palate well. 
  • Chocolate pudding crumble & coffee ice cream: All of us has to agree that this was the most delicious one. 
  • Cotton Candy: which I didn’t eat, but saw the others indulge in. Had I had any space, I would’ve tucked in. 
  • Rosogulla & Chocolate mousse 



This was the vegetarian fare. But I have to admit, I snuck in a small piece of grilled chicken & boy!! Was that delicious!! 

Highlights of the Non Vegetarian fare: ( courtesy hubster )

  • Nalli Nihari: A beautiful, falling of the bone, mutton stew preparation. Everyone unanimously voted this to be the best. 


  • Golden fried Prawns: Fresh, delectable and crunchy with a batter that was seasoned well. 
  • Grilled Basa : The Basa was just a delight to it. The fresh & juicy morsels just made it better.
  • Chicken Biryani: Made ever so flavourful & again an in house speciality by Mr. Ajay. A must try for people who love experimenting with different kinds of biryanis.


Comparatively, the carnivores enjoyed their meal with a lot more starters and much heavier main courses. They had oysters too, which my hubster gladly ate for the first time with lime & Tabasco, courtesy Sayoni.. He apparently, loved it!! 😁👍🏻

I had a super great time with the the girlfriends, Rumana & Sayoni.. We were the last ones to leave after toasting to food with Virgin Mojitos.


Overall, the food gets a 4/5 star rating for the vegetarian fare & the hubster gives a 5/5 star rating for the non vegetarian fare.

The reasons are also based on pricing, for Rs.729/- both the vegetarian & non vegetarian fare. The non vegetarian fare is worth totally it, but the vegetarian fare could use some revising to a lower fare.

Verdict: 4/5 stars 


For those of us living in India, you all are positively aware of the “Maggi” calamity that rocked the nation. People went beserk, stared at those empty pans & saucepans which had housed 2 minute (but always took 5 minutes) wonders, made homage videos & posts, vowed to never see cooking in the same light & lost a very dear confidante. 

Yes! Maggi was oh so terribly thrown off shelves, called a traitor, accused of a lead poisoning & Banned. Can you believe it? Banned for good. It was like your imaginary friend, who was such an important presence in your life… Was.. DEAD!! Only, she wasn’t imaginary. She was Maggi! The one you ran to after school, college, office, heartache, stomachache, headache, on camping trips, etc.. 

During that time, a sizeable lot turned to other sources to help nurse the open wound of longing. While, I personally never had a soft corner for Maggi.. Infact, I detested it 😳😳. I was never the one who liked these noodles, I had fond memories of ” Indomie”, ” Mama Sita” etc.. Maggi was never my bowla noodle.  

But I missed it.. Because, my sister missed it… She would have these big question marks in her black eyes, as to what could she make under 5 minutes which she would savour. And I was knackered due to the lack of options. 

Ergo, she turned back to her occasional fling ” KOKA NOODLES”. What can i say, I’ve always found this brand much better than the nation’s favourite. There is just something about these oriental noodles, that certain flavour which is ” darn good” that makes the experience better. The brand has an adventurous lot, with quite an exciting range of flavours.

My new found interest was this flavour called,” Singapore Fried Noodles, Mi Goreng”.


Koka the brand: 

Alot of health freaks and junk food detourers (if such a word exists), have quite blatantly proclaimed that “Instant Noodles” are nothing but a bunch of unhealthy calories, loaded with sodium, MSG, and basically crap. So, while they kerfuffle with the ” Instant Noodle” mob, allow me to tell you something interesting.

Koka breaks the shackles of those claims and quite deliciously presents itself as a healthy indulgence.

 Koka is a Singaporean brand, which is quite focussed on making the noodles not just a delight to eat but also a guilt free treat. 

Koka is : 

  • MSG, Preservatives & Additives free. 
  • High fibre content. 
  • Steam cooked & air dried as opposed to deep fried. 
  • Also the pioneers of purple wheat noodles. 

Today, I’m gonna be talking about “Mi Goreng” flavour.


What is Mi Goreng?

From the display pictures & Imaginations of an oriental food connoisseur, we are given a picture of hot, steamy, sweet&spicy, fried, caramel coloured plate of noodles as Mi Goreng. Mi Goreng are such a staple in Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, that it’s hard to visit these places & not taste it from the numerous street side hawkers offering it. 

Koka tries to capture the essence of Mi Goreng in it’s instant version, which does do a fine job, but if you’ve had the real thing.. It’s pretty unlikely that you will fall in love with this. 


These noodles are spicy red with chilli & very delicate give you that hint of sweetness too. It’s quite a beautiful combination & for people who wanna try what a ” Mi Goreng” is can certainly get an idea with this pack. 


It’s priced at an affordable Rs.45/- which is 4 times more than your average “Maggi”, but the flavour is certainly unique. 


They come with a beautiful red seasoning & seasoning oil. The seasoning oil just on its own does a huge uplift to the noodles. A must try. I, personally love their ” Mushroom” flavour noodles. No points for guessing though 😁😁


  • Certified as vegetarian & halal. So, for vegetarians who are skeptical, please indulge.
  • Healthier alternative to other noodles.
  • Instant noodles, costing you 5-6 minutes at max.
  • Priced at Rs. 45/-
  • Sweet & spicy flavour.
  • 3.5/5 stars

Go ahead, grab your pack!!