2015 in review

Wow guys!! Lemme first start by shouting out a “Happy New Year”, which is round the corner.. Ehehehehe..

Its been roughly 7 months & here’s my report.. I, so couldn’t have done it without you my amigos, my WP fam & my WP buddies!! Love you all & a bigggg thank yous!!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,200 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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Paris In Red

While the Eiffel Tower stands strong, 

People around it, shiver, shout & frown.

Nothing disturbs me more than the blood of an innocent soul,

Yet, those victims who cried their last, have gone to a beautiful utopia to behold. 

Paris, you beautiful one, just smile,

Come out stronger from this attack, which was senile. 

Those sidewalks, those cafes, those cobblestone streets, 

Will revive again & bloom much more on our next meet. 

Goodnight to those people who slept silent, 

Remember that we shall never forgive those tyrants.

Paris, today you’re painted red, 

And yet, it was our hearts that bled. 


Courtesy: Google images

The Blogger Bestie Tag

Hello my hearties,

You can probably lament, but i very humbly accept my folly and ask of you to maybe, sympathize with me for not being regular in participating for awards. It pretty much looked machiavellian, for me to accept awards and then not do them. It was like i wanted it all. Woe to greed. 

But here i am today, on a fresh new start and im gonna start my veracious interest in tags and awards. Thank you for patiently waiting.


1)Thank the person who nominated you!

2) answer all my questions for you!! And ask them to the people you nominate!!

3)nominate 5+ other bloggers!!

I wanna thank my sweet & brand new friend ” Mahjabeen” from ” awesomeideas2003.wordpress.com “for coming up with this tag and starting this happy thing over here. I love her blog page, its just absolute fun, you do need to check out the colour scheme on her page!!! Me loves it!!

Here are her questions for me: 

1.My hobbies: I just realised, that im a boring person. I love reading books, mostly paranormal and biographies. I’m a foodie, i love exploring new places for food. I love shopping, online et al. I love makeup, so I’m trying out new looks every other day. Basically, I’m a clown.

2.Random facts about me : 

  • I used to eat chalk when I was like 4 or 5 years old.
  • I was a brat, i used to get my parents so crazy, that they just had to listen to me. One of my indulgences was an “Indoor Swing”, which was a 2 seater one. I was the only kid then & as usual i threw tantrums about how, I needed a brother to sit on the 2nd seater. My parents were forced to oblige 😁😁
  • I had a penchant for perfumes since the toddler times & that has grown into an obsession today. The cover photo of this tag post is my current favourite called ” Guess Seductive “, loving it to the core. Btw, I have more perfumes than shoes 😱😱 is that even acceptable?
  • I’m a romantic fool. Get me a chocolate bouquet & im ready to forgive everything.

3. favourite colour/s : Black, purple, pink & beige. 

4.Blogger besties:  I’m sure, inshallah, we both are gonna be blogger besties too. But, till then, I have a few favourites, who I make sure I follow around. Super supportive and super awesome girls!! 

5.What do you like best about blogging? : The blogosphere is such a warm space, if the world was that way, we would be in utopia. I love befriending people from different paths of life & the blogosphere does just that ❤️❤️ What we have here is an intellectual way of networking. 👍🏻

6.What is your favourite book?  Without a doubt it has to be, “Memoirs of A Geisha”❤️

7.What do you hate most? : People with big egos & small hearts, seafood, liars, cream eyeshadows, flaky foundations & my son’s toys 🙄🙄

8.What is your favourite activity? :  Impromptu Shopping Trips.

9.It’s raining its pouring, the whole load of fun is snoring, it went to bed, forgot the life it lead, and never woke up in the morning? That basically means, what do you do when it’s pouring with rain, and you can’t do much cos’ the weathers miserable? : Get some maple tea brewing & do me some beauty rituals. 

10. You are lying on the table, slouching in your chair during a really boring lesson, what do you say as an excuse when a teacher spots you and asks why you are doing this? : I remember I did this quite a few times, once I pretended I had fainted & the other time I told my teacher that I was very sure there’s a rat near my shoes. Topic diverts!! 😈

I nominate:

  1. Shamira
  2. creativecraftsdiy.wordpress.com
  3. Anand
  4. Erika
  5. Hasmeet
  6. Shweta aka bollywoodarian

Okay!! There were alot more besties of mine, but I’m gonna start with these sweet people first. Enjoy the tag guys. I, presume that the questions you all will be answering are the ones which I’ve already answered, put forth by Mahjabeen. 👍🏻👍🏻

P.S : I’ve done a pretty bad job at answering these questions, I’ve been sleepy the whole time 😁😁😴💤💤💤 

The Rendezvous Series-1

Hey sweethearts!! I hope things have been going fine with you guys. I really need to thank and thank each one of you for standing strong on my journey. 

Today,I thought I’d do something different and actually introduce all you guys to one another. I mean,the more we can connect the better we all will eventually feel. There’s something about helping or doing something for someone else. It just scores so much more than plainly just thinking about oneself. 

For some of us,blogging is our dream. For some,it’s an experiment and for others it’s a venting source. No matter why you are here or how successful your blog is,I thought we all could get to know each other more. 

So I thought,I’d start this ” THE RENDEZVOUS SERIES”, which will feature 5 readers every blogpost & will tell you,what I love about them, what their blog is about and why you should follow them too. Let’s face it,there’s a weird adrenaline rush when you see those numbers rising on your page. It doesn’t define success,but it does mean that you’re being appreciated. Ergo,let’s help each other out and start this beautiful symbiosis with love. 

My first 5 readers are people who supported me when I was scrambling with 7 & 8 people on my follow list. Well,it’s not like I have a 1000 now.. 😁😁 I’ve just got 110 readers,but it’s just so nice to know these people. 

1. Melanie : This gorgeous mommy tops my list for being the super awesome fighter that she is and for being one of the most strongest women I’ve ever seen(emotionally). She’s got the humour that can make you go bankrupt. She has the sass which will make your jaw drop and mostly,she’s a wonderful woman. Her blog is filled with humour,she never cries or cribs over things happening with her,though she is sick these days. Please check her blog out and follow her. There won’t be a dry day ever. 

2. Soochie(only for me/you better call her suchi) : Ok!! This woman is my super fav,she’s my sister from another mister. I call her my firecracker. She’s a doc,but really she oughta have been a MUA. Gorgeous girl,with a heart of gold. Her blog is a rant blog. Super humour is what prevails over there. Her writing style is just aaahhmaZing!! Follow her because I said so. ❤️❤️❤️

3.  Shweta: Here is another bombshell. She’s super sweet,beautiful and loveable. I truly think she’s in the making of being a super great beauty blogger. With that being said,her blog is about beauty,makeup and all that girly stuff. Follow her blog to get updated and stay in style. 

4. Shamira: I LOVE HER!! THAT’S IT..  She’s just such a great person,she’s someone I would totally get friendly with. Apart from her oomphy name,she’s a great commentator about her life events. It’s just so great to see her online. Brings a smile on my face. Her blog is about her travels,food and her lifestyle. It’s much like a general blog,a get to know me better kinda blog and always so great to see her posts. Follow her on her trip around USA.

5.creativecraftsdiy : This lady is a relatively new friend of mine. She’s a very sweet acquaintance. Mommy to Lenny. She’s a software Engineer by profession but her blog is filled with so much of creativity. She focuses mainly on DIY crafts and alot of fun stuffs. Please, do follow her and keep yourself entertained. 

Okay, sweethearts… These are the people you would need to check out on this post. Do share or reblog this post if you like and if you feel that you would love to start a beautiful never ending cycle of love. Do tell me what do you think of this initiative and share your thoughts on the same.

Let’s get those buttons working now!!! 

p.s. Do note the stupendous amount i’ve used the word Super!! whatever dear me…!!!

ThePlateMemoirs reaches a century. 100 Followers reached💥🎉🎊🎉

This post is dedicated to each one of my readers,who have supported me & uplifted my will to go on writing. Let’s pour in some emotional stuffs shall we?? I think yes!! ☺️☺️ A bigggg thank you dear Allah swt for letting me connect to people from different walks of life. 


Let me share a few things about me today. This is a formal & an informal introduction. 👍🏻

I go by the name Noorain Sobiya,but what you don’t know is.. That’s actually a mishmash of 2 different names. Sobiya Saba is my name on the records,whereas Noorain is an alias. My dad used it more like an endearment term. Ergo,the name Noorain Sobiya was adopted. And that’s my history.

I live in India( currently), but have been bought up in “Saudi Arabia”. My in laws stay in “London”. I keep paying a casual visit to Dubai,once in a while to visit Dad. So that’s my geography. 

Im a total family kinda girl. Love my parents to the moon & back. There’s no way that I can live without seeing them for a week. ❤️❤️ I’m zenith touching friendly,I dig making friends.. It’s something that makes me feel good about my self. Love to share love. That’s my social science for you.

I have a beautiful 2.5 year old son,who trust me is one helluva nasty lil pipsqueak 😱😱  

That’s him with his one& only aunt. I love her so very much. She’s the most supportive thing ever. That’s my genetics for you 😂😂

That’s the little bit about me. Now,lemme tell you something more. I superbly appreciate each & every one of you on my journey. I never thought I’d make it this far. I just thought it would be some sharing and maybe I wouldn’t get noticed at all. All of you beautiful ppl have made me feel 100 times happier than what I was. I’ve found wonderful friends & they have found their way in my life. Thank you WORDPRESS.

This blog was supposed to be just food,restaurant& product reviews,but it’s somehow become an interactive blog. I speak my heart & all of you lovies listen to my cacophony. Thank you for lending your ears to me. I will try to stay true to the blog theme as much as I can.

A humongous thank you dear readers,you guys made moi day. Super happy me.. * whistling away to glory*




This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.
This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

I’m in team starlight.. AND guess who nominated me??

This beautiful babe “SMILING NOTES, SHAMIRA “. She’s been a perfect friend to me,she’s always there encouraging me on my posts,stupid& intelligent alike. She’s one person I’d love to strike a rapport with,she’s just my soul sista kind. I’ll just show you what I mean..


Isn’t she sweet..  We got a looooonngg distance relationship going on here.. 😁😁  Image courtesy: http://www.pinterest.com

Her blog is just amazing,it’s got a facelift now &looks so much more soigné. She’s a very effortless talespinner,her blog is mainly about the things she does,like her travelogues & food. Please check out her blog and subscribe to her. You will thank me later,for even getting to know her. And I will tell you ” I told you so”. 


  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Answer the questions set to you and then you may create your set of questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate other bloggers.

Here are the Questions Shamira asked me: ( oh!! Btw,did I tell you.. I love her name,how oomph-y DOES it sound) 

[Shamira,please don’t kill me for being soo awfully late 🙂 💋💋💋!]

1.What is the sweetest compliment you have ever received?

This question is the hardest.. Shamira,you can’t do that. the first one is a stumper.

Omg!! now there is tie between the compliment paid by my dad and my son. 

Papa: I’m so proud of my daughter,that she passed the law exam with flying colours. I really feel so happy to have a daughter who fulfilled my dreams. She’s a go-getter. * Says Papa to a gathering of 50 people or so at a party* Though,the compliment wasn’t given directly to me,this was the sweetest thing ever.

The second sweetest compliment that i ever received was when Arham had my wedding picture in his lap and he looked at me in the pictures,asked quite surprised if that was me and exclaimed,” Wow!! Emmy is a Queen!” bwahahahhaa… In India,every girl is a queen on her wedding day darling!!

2.Reading books or listening to music? What do you prefer more?

That’s easy peasy. I can go on without music,yup.. i can,but without books.. Horror!!! never!! i love books. I’m a voracious reader, i read labels,billboards,signposts,books,papers…you get what i mean. So,without books,i can’t survive.At times,when i don’t have things to read,i’m reading Arham’s bathbooks and picturebooks..

3.If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 things that you would like to have with yourself?

Alladin’s lamp, my nemesis aka arch rival and my fidus achates.

Alladin’s lamp to get my wishes done, my fidus achates to show her how much i love her despite the bad situation&how she would be the one i care about after myself and my nemesis to show her how much i detest her,yet maybe get her back to safety because all the shit she talks about me is pure crap..

Oh! then my nemesis would be my fidus achates… God no, i like her bitchhyy!!! maybe i’ll just leave her stranded on the island…. Sounds good?? i hope so..

4.What is your biggest dream?

I’m an ambitious wrecking ball. Yes, no kidding. No… that wasn’t miley inspired…

So, as i’m an ambitious wrecking ball, wrecking everything that stops me from reaching my dream. I’d maybe just wanna be contented with what i am. That would be the biggest dream in my life. To be contented with what i have and with who i am. Not be in a continuous commando mode to get better.

Keeping the philosophy aside, My biggest dream is : ( Please bear with me)

A lamborghini veneno for the son, a Bigggg heart to never return anyone empty handed or unhappy, to be able to carve my own niche,to make my parents superrrrr happy(they are,but  1000 times more) and yes, to buy my husband his own private yacht called the ” Flying Waters” !! yaaayyy!! We’ve always wanted to sail away…

5.Who helped you discover the Starlight within you?

As far as i can remember, i discovered the starlight within me when i was a little kid. Like really long ago…but i do know that my parents were the first one’s to prompt me towards it. It has been a never ending journey since then. If it weren’t for them, then maybe i’d be the little shy,ever nervous kid trapped in an adult’s body. Yes… I’m sure..

Phew!! that’s done guys… thanks for that shamira,it really was fun.. i WISH i did this earlier. Nominate me more.. bwaahahhaaha…












NOW MY TURN…. BWAHAHHAHAHAAHHA.. ( think demonic laugh)

1.If i gave you a million dollars and you had to buy just one thing what would that be,here’s the best part…After you bought it,you would have to give it in charity?

2. If you could do anything in the world,like just about anything,with no consequences to follow up…What would you do right now?  ( Like i would absolute-lily be running like a wild jaguar through London’s Harrod’s & Bond street and compulsive grabbing) everything i love.

3. If you ever encountered a ghost,who was as dashing& sexy as OMAR BORKHAN,what would you do? Scrrrreaaam in delight or screeeammm in shock??

4.If i asked you to give me your best gift of talent,would you give it to me?? That could also be your talent of writing… eeheheheheeeee…

5. Do you like me??? gotcha!!!

no that’s not my question…Here it is..

Who discovered the starlight in you??

I would love to hear it from you guys.. loadsa love and cares!

Am i Mom to a little data eater??

Heylo my beautiful peeps!!

I was just on the verge of shutting the lappy and calling it a day when i saw a mail,asking me to participate in a contest hosted by #CanvasTabby, and i thought… Why not???

It’s based on effects of technology on children. Being a mommy to the little minion ” Arham”,this was just sooooo necessary to enter.

I believe,that #MICROMAX has come up with this delicious version of a “Kid Tab” with parental controls and pre loaded apps directed at child development. It’s called the ” CANVAS TABBY”.

Give it a view and pass on some shout outs in the comment section below.

Loads of Love and Cares,



Post A Quote Challenge-Day 3

Green grass,blue skies,yellow benches and red hearts. As I pass through Cubbon Park,I can’t help but notice a certain sense of love and melancholic vibe to this place. For me this place resonates a sense of achievement.

I remember coming here one fine day because there was a soirée of some sorts at home and I had the dreaded ” Constitution” paper the next day. I came silently with the hubs and sat down under that ” Poinciana tree”.. I felt quite miserable at missing out the fun but then remembered the Caustic and acrid taunts which people had generously bestowed upon me. 

Aaah!! She’s a newly married bride,do you think she’s gonna take the exam seriously??” 

” I can bet my life on it,that she can’t do it. She won’t even pass a semester,let alone the whole course.”

“Have you seen her??? She’s a beauty freak,if she can get some spare time from staring at the mirror,maybe she’ll attend a class or two.”

“Does she think Law is a joke?? It needs like a lot of time and concentration. It’s not the same as opening a lippy and swiping it on.” 

“Bwahahahahahaha.. Let’s see!!”


I really couldn’t prove all of them right,could I?? I had too much at stake. It seems like a day so far off in my memory,but really it was just 3 years ago. 

Today when I walk into the same room as them, they don’t praise my hardwork or the uphill battle I fought. They are too stuck up to do something like that. 

What they do is keep shut. That disbelief,that disparage,that obnoxious know it all attitude has met its match. They can try to not acknowledge my feat,but they certainly can’t ignore it. For me,their silence is the biggest achievement. 

The most stupendous dose of adrenaline to ever course through my body was when I held my “Law Degree Certificate” in my grip.. I just broke down into tears,I remembered the pain I went thru,the nights I kept awake,the projects,the assignments,the painful thoughts of giving up.. 

5 days post my wedding was my first semester exam. The final semester left me with a 1 year and 8 months baby. Getting the previous B.Sc degree was a breeze for me. Trust me on that… 

Yup.. I proved that I could do it. Thank you to all of you who supported me and a bigger thank you to those who thought I would be an epic fail. 

To the ones who had no hopes in me and mocked at me.. Today’s Quote is for you.. Hope you guys love it xoxoxoxo 😈😈😈


And today… I don’t have any nominations. 

Today’s post was a very personal one. It was so much like a burden off my heart. I really wanna thank ” SHWETA” for nominating me and in that process,letting me spill the beans.

 I loved doing this challenge.. Super yes I did.. ❤️❤️❤️


Post A Quote Challenge-Day 2

I’m in a pensive mood.Hmmm,,. I guess I should be smothering and showering credits to the girl I saw today at a French class registration counter. Yep! I go to French classes,I bunk more than attending them.. Oui, très bien??

She was a pretty one. What struck me was her personality. There were no two ways about it, she was ” CARRIE BRADSHAW” from “ SEX AND THE CITY“. Her dressing sense,her curly-mind-of-their-own hair,the blonde Color,the Nameplate Necklace which read ” CARRIE ” 😒😒and those pumps.😱😱

I don’t see any wrong in that,I mean we all look for inspiration and we subconsciously get led by that inspiration. But ” Yuhooo!! Dahling!! Living,breathing and being a fictional or non fictional character is sooooo passé.. 😐😐

I’d prefer calling that as ” THE FAUX PAS” of life😒😒. I mean,lets get serious here.. Dressing up is one thing and being a character is another. Our lives are solely ours,why pass it on to a character?? Or why lose yourself being one? Is being YOU that disappointing? Is being YOU not worth it? Or is being YOU shameful???

She kept hoodwinking herself by blurting monologues of “ SATC” to a friend of her’s,like “ GIRL!!Shopping’s my cardio” and I’m like thinking to myself that maybe she needs less of the actual cardio and more of the mental cardio. Carrie is a fictional character,she can afford saying such goobledeegook.


She was such a pretty one,I can’t help but say that. I would’ve even exchanged a few words,told her how pretty she looks or how killer those pumps are… had she possessed any personality of her own.

I’m interested in making new friends..Gosh!! i rarely see somebody as friendly as me…

I’m over SATC,watched too many re-runs,seen too much drama,watched the movies and bid ” CARRIE BRADSHAW” a goodbye.. I or anyone for that matter of fact,would love to meet a real person. The mystery of finding out who he/she really is as a person,is the best part of friendship. No matter how psyched up or brainless you are,nothing beats the feeling of “BEING YOURSELF”!! People like you?? That’s good news. People don’t like you?? That’s better news.

Noone,absolutely noone fancies a fake person. Period.


Maybe your nameplate necklace must read “CARRIE’d away” rather than ” CARRIE”

With that being said, here’s the Quote of the day:

Im not doing the gyaan guru stuff here,hell i love the fakeness too. I love to pout,yes I do… Like this : 

Do you think I did that 10 years ago?? Ahem.. No.. I’m just following a trend which suits me good.. 😁😁

My nominations for the day are :

1. Izza from A Touch Of My Saint!

2.Malvika from EM’S BEAUTYSTUDY

3.Hayley from IxxyPoco’s Blog

Have a great day lovies!!!