Oval brushes- by wiseshe | Anamika Sureka Malik

With a good makeup brush, every woman can be an artist” – Anonymous

I, love my tools & it is imperative that they are, perfect. We have all fallen head over heels with the new makeup trend, that hit the first half of 2016.

“Yes, I’m talking about the oval brushes”

Oval brushes have changed the way, you perceive makeup applications. What used to take a good 10 minutes, now takes only 3 minutes.

What are Oval Brushes?

Oval brushes are the latest & the most sought after trend, in the beauty community. These oval brushes are synthetic, densely packed & extremely soft on your skin. They look like little hairbrushes or toothbrushes, but do wonders the minute they touch your face. They give you a very even application & save up on the product, that you use.

Who is Anamika Sureka Malik?

This lady, is a powerhouse of inspiration for all those beauty enthusiasts, who want to explore their options. She runs a hugely successful blog “WiseShe” and manages her YouTube Channel “WiseShe”, where she uploads videos on beauty related queries. She has been an active member of the beauty community and has decided to launch a set of oval brushes.

You can check this beauty and her work out on her website :


WiseShe Oval Brushes by Anamika Sureka:

I, received these beauties in the mail for an exchange of an honest review.

The 3 brushes that I received were :

  • Concealer Brush
  • Eyebrow Filling & Shaping Brush
  • Crease & Tear Duct Brush

I, honestly believe that, these oval brushes are subjective to what you feel suits you. I, have used these brushes for the above reasons and named them accordingly. What I mean by that is, what is to me a concealer brush might do you well as a Nose Contour Brush.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

  • Concealer Brush : I loved the fact, that the concealer brush, concealed my under eyes and filled the fine lines up, in just 2 swipes. I didn’t need to do much. It also, doubles up as a cheek contour brush, for some light contouring. Hands down, my favourite one. Just look at how densely it’s packed and it left no streaks, just full coverage in 2 swipes. Bye bye mini beauty blender.

  • Eyebrow Filling & Shaping Brush : This thin and finely tapered brush, is your best bet if you like filling your brows with a brow powder. If you’re more of a pomade girl, then this brush helps you shape up & clean your brow work by neatly drawing on sharp lines with a concealer. I just wish, it was a little more dense, as the product kept getting dispersed while using the brow powder.

  • Crease & Tear Duct Brush : This brush is a wonder, if you’re in a hurry but would like to put on a little makeup. The round tip of the brush, helps give you a neat crease filling situation. It also doubles up as a highlighter brush for the tear ducts.

This was my makeup look, which I created using these oval brushes, by multi tasking them. The look, which was achieved using these brushes was subtle, even and great for daily wear.


Verdict : The brushes are quite good and do a fair enough job at their uses, but i would suggest that they are a little more densely packed especially the “Eyebrow Filling Brush” and have a much sturdy material for the body. They look aesthetically pleasing, but the feel when I’m holding them physically isn’t very pleasing.

My best wishes for the venture to this beautiful lady, who herself is an inspiration to many.

Rating : 3.5/5

P.S. : The picture of Anamika Sureka Malik, has been procured from google photos.


Garnet Glow | Tea Review |Product Review | 

Come, let us have some tea and talk about happy endings. – Chaim Potok

That’s the power of tea. Tea time is always that special part of the day, where you relax with your camaraderie or yourself and think of all the beautiful things in the world. I’m a tea connoisseur and I love all kinds of tea. Light, strong, Mint, Soursop, first flush, second flush, Green or Black. 

For me it’s more about exploring the taste rather than addicting myself to one kind of tea. I, was pleasantly surprised when I received these beautes in the mail for a product review. The product was a ” F&B Product, For Review – powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA” 

The product given for review, was Garnet Glow ‘s Tea Sachets. Mirthful with joy, I started savouring these for a period of 3 days.

About Garnet Glow

Garnet Glow, is an online Gourmet tea selling website, dedicated to bringing you, nothing but the best teas sourced from “China, India & Japan”. They have a carefully selected blend of teas, each premium in its own right, to match your personal taste. They also have “monthly subscription plans”, for a nomad tea soul, like me. You take a quiz and they send you blends accordingly, every month. Alternatively, you can also make your own blend 👍🏻

My Tea Samplers

I, received 3 blends. “Coconut Darjeeling Tea, Peach Tea & Masala Grove”. 

  • Coconut Darjeeling Tea : The tea was light and extremely cleansing on the palate. I, was expecting more of the coconuty flavour, but it was subdued. I did see, thin shreds of coconut in my tea and that was eye candy for my tea loving soul. A little more coconut aka tropical flavour would make this a total deal. 

Here’s how the tea looked like : 

  • Peach Tea : I, mean this from the deepest parts of my heart. I love Peach teas and the hot ones always second best to the iced ones. This peach tea was one of the best, with a subtle yet profound note of peach & that delectable fruity flavour. My favourite! 

Here’s how the tea looked :

  • Masala Grove : A perfect companion for your milk tea. The masala Tea had the perfect blend of aromatics in it. Just the whiff of the tea, will make you love this deeply. When it was paired with milk, the results were, clean notes and warm flavours, perfect for a rainy day. 

Here’s how the tea looked :


Verdict : Garnet Glow Teas are truly premium in range and are specially blended carefully to provide the perfect feel. I, enjoyed my teas but Peach tea was my favourite. I, would blindly recommend it for anyone who in their sane minds love some fruity flavour. Even as the tea seeps, your kitchen is filled with the aroma. 

Do check them out at Garnet Glow and get yourself some love! 

P.S : Logo image is sourced from google images and is used purely for representation purposes only. 

IGP- Indian Gifts Portal| Spread some love| 

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart“- A.A. Milne

How true do the words of A.A.Milne ring, in your heart, when you think about gifting a loved one or for that matter anyone a moment of appreciation from your life. 

The whole idea of gifting, is to make the loved one feel, loved. You, certainly don’t need an occasion or a reason to gift. In today’s world, where everything has become electronic, where wishes are conveniently conveyed by emoticons and by the tippity-tap of the keyboard- the need to retain that personal touch, is even more than before. 

But, the problem persists in the fact that, we all are chained to work schedules or other commitments. Even, if you decide to go and buy a gift, you are short of time or are made to accept whatever you get. Ergo, that thrill of selecting the best gift fades?

IGP- Indian Gift Portal, strives to revive those heartfelt moments, but at the comfort of your home, office or just about anywhere. IGP is such a saviour at these moments of time crunch. They have beautifully curated sections of gifting. For example, ”  Gifts for elderly women 50+  ” and many more apt categories. There’s something for everyone👍🏻

Another little note that I want to make is of the fact that, the UI of IGP, is just the most smooth and pleasing one. The minimalistic red and white theme is so typical to gifting. Had no goof ups during browsing, so that’s a yes. 

From the past 15 years, IGP has been delivering happiness to their customers worldwide. Yes, when you use IGP, you can send gifts all the way, across the seas. That’s one of their main USP’s, apart from having a wide range of over 80,000 gift products. Literally, you’re just spoilt for choice.

 Like a gift and want to send it abroad? Don’t worry about calculating the shipping costs, there is a little tab, which tells you how much the gift would cost, inclusive of all taxes for that specific country. 

IGP delivers to 90 countries and that in itself, is an achievement. With Holi, round the corner, this portal will be your go to, for Holi online shopping

My Experience with IGP: 

I, wanted to surprise mum with just the right gift for her. She’s a hardcore “Bone China” collector, she loves a good tea set, though she doesn’t drink tea. I’ve been on a lookout for the perfect one and found mine on the IGP. It’s a beautiful- wheat coloured, Rose printed Chinese tea set. I’m so in love with it. Quality wise, the set was superb. The tea set was exactly, like how it was depicted on the website. 

Quality – ✅ 

Aesthetic appeal- ✅ 


I, ordered these gifts and they were home in 2 days flat, even though it was the normal delivery option. The packaging as well as the little personalised note, which comes with each package is another feature, that will please the customer. 

Allow me, to tell you how I found the perfect gift for her in about 10 minutes max. IGP, makes your life easier by this  innovative feature on the website called “Gift Discovery” or the “Gift Suggester”. 

Here’s how it worked for me. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose one of the tabs that says “Gift Someone”
  2. Select “Recipient“, like man or woman
  3. Select “Relationship”, like mother, father, husband, etc
  4. Select “Occasion”, like birthday, anniversary, etc.
  5. Select your gift from the wide range of choices given.
  6. Opt for your kind of delivery, that is, “Standard, One Day or Midnight”
  7. Pay accordingly.
  8. Relax 😁 IGP has you sorted. 

The look on her face, when I surprised her out of nowhere was fabulous. 😍

Here’s how I had set it up:

I, also ordered Glass tea votives for her, which again are gorgeous. They were super affordable too, priced at Rs.160/- only and were a steal. Saving them for another day!

Though, she doesn’t drink tea, me and her sat down in the porch, with our cups of “Kahwa” and enjoyed the moment. Now, that moment- priceless. ❤️

My Verdict : I’d totally look into this site, for all my gifting needs, for the sheer fact that they have a huge selection of gifts and they are specially curated, on the basis of relationship, occasion, recipient and city. You can save yourself the pain of ordering something that looks super great and when it comes home, it ends up looking like a cheap imitation of what you saw. 

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ /5 

Le Brasserie| Le Meridien| Review | Bangalore |

We all love some pampering, once we’re up from the deep slumber. Nothing really uplifts your mood, better than a nice & a well-thought out breakfast. Think about it, your hunger ensconced by sleep, raving madly to be let loose, once the blocky lines of dreams are erased. 

Not on all days, do you have a ravenous morning appetite, but on the days you do hear a lot of grumbles, treat yourself to the buffet breakfast at ” La Brasserie “, situated inside “Le Meridien” .

Come along, let’s break some bread 🍞 

Decor : The decor is that of an empyrean old world charm. The classic chairs, do more than just elevate the ambience. Perfect comfort is what I love. The colour theme is a nice rustic neutral palette, with a little green metal framework to break the monotony. 

Hospitality : It’s really no doubt, about how these hotels train their staff to be impeccable. With the head chefs coming and asking you about how your experience is to the wait staff smiling and making you comfortable is commendable. 

The Grub Story : Buffet Breakfast (Rs.850/- for an Adult & Rs.390/- for a child above 6 years)

The buffet has a lot to offer. It starts with a decent variety of cereals, a good table of cheese samplers, delectable smoothies & flavoured yogurts, cut fruits, etc. 

The mains are where your heart & appetite are left undecided. There’s just so much to choose from, Indian breakfast fare like idlis to American breakfast fare like baked beans. But here are my favourite ones…

My to go were these delectable buttered veggies and grilled tomatoes, followed by sautéed mushrooms & corn cheese bake. 

The vegetable Hakka noodles were just on spot! 

The Indian fare, even had samosa’s & the usual midday snacking options 😋😋 Fatten me up La Brassiere, fatten me up!!

You also had a great selection of breads to choose from, for your toasts. 

They had a live section, where the chef made you the on spot preparations as per your liking. I tried the poori bhaji, and all I could say was delicious! Loved the less use of masala, more concentration on right spices for more  flavour and the puffy pooris that were melt in the mouth.

The chef was thoughtful enough to make my husbster the “Omelette du fromage Burger”, when he asked for it. Our whims and fancies!! 

The dessert section was a decent selection of muffins, danishs,croissants,ice creams and tea cakes. Here’s a glimpse..

Verdict: Basically, I couldn’t be happier. The price tag, that comes with it is completely justifiable, for the amount of variety that they have to offer. The non vegetarians will be pleasantly pleased with the meat based fares too. 

I, give the “La Brasserie “, well deserved 4 stars


Location : Le Meridien. 28, Sankey Road, Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru-560052

Saadeddin Pastry|Review|Saudi Arabia|

I, usually don’t really have a dominant sweet tooth. My equation with dessert or anything sweet is that of availability. If it’s there, oh well, I might as well just taste it. If it isn’t there.. then.. I just saved some precious calories.

But, there is this one brilliantly perfect place, which is ne plus ultra when it comes to proffering Middle Eastern / Arabian desserts. This place, is such a huge part of my childhood. It was the place, I loved barging in and taking a piece of everything. Nothing used to make me more happy than the sight of those dark green cardboard boxes with calligraphy on them.

Whether it was cakes or the traditional Kunafa. I loved em all!! What a huge surprise it was, when.. Papa sent me huge tin boxes of my favourite things for my wedding anniversary 😋🤤

It was a pleasure to savour a memory from childhood. This isn’t just a dessert, it’s a moment, a moment that captured a phase in my life and every time I, indulge in that moment.. I see the little Me. It’s amazing how powerful a certain food is and how you concoct memories with it. 

Let me tell you this, that nothing.. absolutely nothing has changed! This boulangerie/ patisserie/ chocolaterie is one of the best in the kingdom. Not only are their products delicious, they are also prepared with stringently high quality ingredients. 

I love this box of goodies, which is an assortment of all kinds of Arabian desserts. These are the baklava’s and Mamouls nestled in the tin box. These special boxes are solely for the purpose of gifting. These stay good for a whopping month.( if, you can control the craving to not finish them at one go)

My favourite has to be baklava fingers, hands down. Goodness Gracious!! The punch of sugary flavour with the softness of pistachios and cashews, is just outta the world! 

I,simply love their in house Chocolates too. Though they are nothing extraordinary, they surely are a pleasure to eat and a deviant from the snickers, flakes, twix and kit kats. “Cornflake chocolates” are worth a special mention, because I, simply love the feel of biting into a chocolate cylinder and finding crisp bunch of individual cornflakes. It’s like a piñata in your mouth.. out comes the confetti, when you hit it 👍🏻 One bite and you will know, what I mean. 

So, if you ever get a chance.. then please.. do give this place a visit and stuff your face with these babies! Make sure, this gets into your bucket list ❤️❤️

25 Of India’s Biggest Chefs-Dr.Saagarika Ghoshal| Book Launch| Review

The balmy February evening, making you feel all fuzzy was a precursor to an event of grand proportions. 

 The clickety taps on the keyboards were heard, the wait staff rushing towards last minute finishes & the bustle of excitement increasing by the strike of the minute hand.   

 This was the scene at the Book Launch by Metro-Cash & Carry’s “25 of India’s Biggest Chefs- their stories & recipes” by Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal. 

I, was bestowed with this opportunity,from team “Food Bloggers Association,Bangalore” aka FBAB. They were generous enough to get me a pass, so that I could witness the event.


The venue was “Le Méridien” & we were ushered inside the banquet hall, where the magic would take place. All of us anticipated fervently for Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal’s arrival. Then, there she was.. A beautiful, beige & gold saree clad lady, with a heart melting smile. 


She waited on for her guests of honour to arrive; the few of the chefs who are listed on the book. Guests of starry repertoire started trickling in & the event started. *starstruck me* 


We were treated to an AV by “Metro-Cash & Carry”, which spoke about the ethics of METRO. Emphasising on how METRO believes in “Local produce, by the Locals & for the Locals”.

The book launching ceremony was conducted by all the esteemed guests of honour & the author herself. With confetti flying up in the air & music that pumped your adrenaline, the book unveiled just in the most magnificent fashion.   


On the occasion, Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal also felicitated chefs from across the hospitality industry for their unique creative contributions. Those honoured included chefs Abhijit Saha, Kunal Kapoor, Sabyasachi Gorai and Vicky Ratnani, among others.    


Brief insights about Metro-Cash & Carry: 

METRO is represented in 26 countries, with 750 self service outlets. Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, METRO-Cash & Carry is a sales division of “METRO GROUP”. 

METRO has built a reputation for the quality of food products and services it offers to hotels, restaurants, catering businesses. The company takes pride in the lasting relationships it has forged to support the food and hospitality sector, and has created the well-recognised Chef-o-logy platform to support and nurture promising culinary talent. The latest recipe book launch is a part of METRO’s continued efforts to showcase such talent among food lovers and cooking enthusiasts.

The magazine called “Foodilicious” by metro

We were also lucky to see, clips of the chefs who couldn’t be present for the launch, send in their best wishes to Dr. Ghoshal. 

What is “25 Of India’s Biggest Chefs” all about? 

The book has been launched by METRO-Cash & Carry, where it’s a painstakingly beautiful compilation of signature recipes, by the top 25 chefs of India. The list which decided the top 25 chefs wasn’t an easy one. Each chef, had to in his own way, put India onto the culinary map of the world. He had to be an ambassador who had represented India. 


So, in regards to that, they came up with the top 25 chefs & went on to tell you personal snippets of their success story, in this book.

The efforts behind this book seem almost facile but it really was far too abstruse, supplemented by sleepless nights, long conversations & numerous cups of coffee. The project reached its completion within a span of 6 months. 

Here’s the list of who’s who of the culinary world, listed in this book: 

  1. Chef Abhijit Saha
  2. Chef Anil Rohira
  3. Chef Bhaskar Sankhari
  4. Chef Davinder Kumar
  5. Chef Deepa Awchat
  6. Chef Joy Bhattacharya
  7. Chef Kunal Kapur
  8. Chef Manjit Gill
  9. Chef Mayank Kulshreshtha
  10. Chef Narendra Thimmaiah
  11. Chef Nimish Bhatia
  12. Chef Pallav Singhal
  13. Chef Pankaj Bhadouria
  14. Chef Rajesh Dubey
  15. Chef Ramaswamy Selvaraju
  16. Chef Ritu Dalmia
  17. Chef Sabyasachi Gorai
  18. Chef Salil Fadnis
  19. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor
  20. Chef Shaun Kenworthy
  21. Chef Soundarajan P
  22. Chef Sudhir Pai
  23. Chef Vicky Ratnani
  24. Chef Vijaya Bhaskaran
  25. Chef Vikas Khanna

Now, isn’t it a thing of utmost joy to have these culinary stalwarts grace the grip of your fingers & share their recipes & stories with you?

From Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Shaam Savera to Chef Kunal Kapur’s Haleem Kebab and Chef Vikas Khanna’s Star Anise and Bay Leaf-Infused Lamb Chops, each recipe is a testament to their unique signature styles. It lays stress on convenience & taste.


 The event ended on a healthy note, with Chef Sabyasachi Gorai interacting with us while giving us an informal demo on how to prepare the “Ancient Mixed Millets Risotto with Prawns in Coconut Cream”

About the author “Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal” :

She’s the Director of Human Resources at METRO-Cash & Carry India. A lady, who has gone ahead to appreciate food & develop a bond with it. She’s a versatile individual.   

When asked what inspired her?She quoted,” Inspiration is an ongoing process, I get inspired everyday”


She reiterated METRO’s commitment to serving the industry. “The chefs in this book have distinguished themselves by the quality, refinement and creativity they bring to each and every dish they serve. METRO hopes to fuel this passion for food not just amidst established chefs, but more importantly, ignite it in future culinarians who dream of blazing a trail in the world of food”, said Dr. Ghoshal  

I, loved the book & I found it, strike a chord with its readers. The book excites you as the pages flip, leaving you helpless in delirium about which recipe is your favourite. 

A must have for the foodie soul & someone who loves experimenting with food. This is a compact, flavour filled & an easy to follow cookbook. 

Statements of appreciation..

Go grab a copy & bask in culinary bliss! I’m coming over for dinner 😁

Wishing “Dr. Saagarika Ghoshal” astounding success with her book. 

Click here for more info about FBAB

BigBasket| Online Shopping Review| Grocery

Muttering to myself, I open the door. Who comes barging along at the strike of the first morning hours? It’s a gorgeous day & I see a smiling gentleman, tell me, he has the groceries, I ordered yesterday night at 2 am. Talk about fast delivery. 

I, wasn’t a fan of online grocery shopping. I, mean it’s fine shopping everything else, but groceries?? Not ok! I love the fact about going to the hypermarkets & checking out good deals & offers & then making up my mind about it. Basically, the freedom to choose. 

 Just outta the whim, I downloaded the app called “BigBasket”, for no logical reason whatsoever. I, let it rot for almost a week or so, until my phone started having MB problems. It was then, that i snuck in, to see what the app was all about & was pleasantly surprised to see, a lot of stuffs. 

This transported me back to the hustle bustle of a mall, the eyeing of deals & the abundance in choice. I, made the first order, then the second, then the third & thereon. There really wasn’t any stopping me. 

I’m addicted. Can you floozy freaking believe that stuff? I’m addicted to online grocery shopping.. Outta all the things on this earth.  The main focus that team “BigBasket” has on is: 

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Abundance in choice & offers.
  •  Continuous innovation.


check out the cute bags that come with every order!

BigBasket has around 1000 brands to choose from. It’s the biggest online supermarket that there is. It’s active in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

The app offers, every household item that you would need. It’s a supermarket in your palm. Undoubtedly, due to its exceptional service, BigBasket is the leading app in its genre. 


Every imaginable household need, has been categorically placed for easy access. They have weekly deals & BOGO offers all around the site. 

Speciality brands like “Koka”, are easily available here. Along with that, BigBasket has an in house brand called “Fresho”. Fresho has veggies & bread products available. The “Fresho Signature” range, has delectable muffins, cakes, artisan breads, etc..for you. I, super love their “Assorted Muffins” & “Chocolate Croissants”. Yumm overload! 




What’s more great, is the delivery. They give you a time slot & will make sure that, they deliver it, within that schedule. No unpredictability at all. 

All in all, BigBasket wins hands down, in every aspect & saves you the grocery shopping episode, in case you hate it! 

Am i gonna be ordering more? Yes, yes, yes! I already have one in the checkout. 

P.S: This is not a sponsored post. The views are completely mine. The logo BigBasket has been taken from http://www.google.com & has been used for reference only. 

Five star cafe|Star Brunch| Five Star Chicken Review |19th FBAB Blogger’s Meet

My tastebuds had been craving a quick bite indulge from the past few days. I decided to be complaisant to the tastebuds after all. 

I was invited over by the FBAB team, for our 19th Blogger’s Meet. The main agenda of this meet was exploring the rebranding module of “Five Star Cafe” aka “Five Star Chicken”.


The mandatory groupie, with the blogging stars of FBAB!

Five Star Cafe had us over to savour their new and signature dishes. It’s located at the prime 100ft road in indiranagar, dead opposite to “Beer Cafe” & diagonal opposite to MTR. 


Before I get down to the food, let me introduce you to “Five Star Chicken”. I’ll be giving you a brief and also information from the interactive session with the team. 


The bloggers & five star team having a chat, before the food arrived.

Brief insights of Five star Chicken: 

  • It was launched in 1985 in Thailand. 
  • It’s one of the most popular brands in Asia, with global presence in 9 countries with 7000 outlets. 
  • Has its own state of art infrastructure for storage and distribution. Uses the Farm to Food concept.
  • As it operates its own farms, the chickens are 25% more bigger than its competitors. 
  • It adapts itself to the country’s taste. 

Indian Story, 

  • Launched its first store in Nov 2012, in Bangalore.
  • Has 340+ stores growing rapidly in south India. 
  • Offers Indian Tastes along with the Thai ones. 

Now, that’s a very formal insight to Five Star Chicken. Let’s get informal shall we? 

As a majority of the population in India are “Vegetarians”, well me included ( though, there are Achilles heel points in life, like mummy’s Shammi kabobs & Haleem, Get togethers or weddings, where its offensive to say no to chicken based dishes) five star chicken would have been facing a certain “prejudiced notion”. A psychological taboo, created by the pure vegetarian mind, when the name says, “Five Star Chicken”.


Let me tell you, that the vegetarians have nothing to worry, instead they oughta have news to be glad about. “Five Star Chicken” has come up with delicious quick bites to satiate your pangs on the go.  They have neutralised the name, logo, etc.. to give assurance to the vegetarian masses that, their patronage is as important as the non vegetarians. 


We discussed with the team about how much of a control do they maintain on vegetarian products & non vegetarian products. They assured us that, not only are the equipments different but even minute details like knives are separated from the non vegetarian kitchens. 


The team was headed by the beautifully talented “Shagufta”, she interacted and was prompt and confident about what she was offering us. I was ever so impressed with her panache. 


chef prabhmeet in black, blogger Hiral Amodia, Sushma in red & shagufta in blue

We had “Chef Prabhmeet” take over with his in depth knowledge about the flavours & the ingredients of each dish. He conducted the interactive session with a lightning smile. What a pleasure it was chatting up with him.

Now, it’s the virtual indulge time:

Non vegetarian Menu:

  • Thai Crispy Chicken : All the N.V Blogger’s loved this chicken. They said it was juicy, marinated well & crunchy. They were in love with the batter. The Thai flavours weren’t overpowering, they were subtle and the chicken had a distinct tang to it. They said it was better than the competitors “Fried Chicken”.


  • Crunchy Masala Chicken: This is what my friends called “Indian Chatpatta”, for a lack of better English counterpart, I’d say “Spicy”. This was much enjoyed by all. The chicken had a great crunchy batter, which Chef Prabhmeet told us was due to a blend of secret processing & flour. He quoted “It’s something that I can’t duplicate at home”


  • Chicken Popcorn: These are tiny bits of chicken, dunked generously in batter. For this, I’m gonna be quoting my son, “Immi, Arham wants poppon chicken more”. It’s something my nearly 3 year old loves. It’s one of the staples at home & something everyone enjoys!!


  • Hungry Bird Burger : Another favourite of the son! He loves it super yes!! The burger garnered a good response from all, said it was perfect for quick bite. The patty was crunchy & flavourful. 

  • Chicken Biryani : The Blogger’s found this to be quite palatable & didn’t have any qualms with it. 


Vegetarian Menu: 

  • Vegetarian Burger: The burger wasn’t something that you would classify as great, but it certainly was good. The patty was crunchy and flavourful, the bite had a crunch to it & it was fulfilling. 


  • Vegetarian Rolls: This was clearly my favourite one. The patty was the same one as in the vegetarian burger, but this one just took it up the notch. I would have loved the onions caramelised and some honey mustard with gherkins maybe. I mean, that would’ve made it a hot seller then & there. 



  • Peri Peri Fries : I, hate Peri Peri fries. I mean the overwhelming chilli & tang doesn’t help me like it. But, the ones at Five Star Cafe had me fall in love with it so much that I ordered a few portions today at the nearest kiosk. They were delectable. No overpowering, no weird after taste & certainly no rubbing your nose. 


  • Cheese Corn Nuggets : I loved these so much, I shamelessly ordered for a 2 nd helping. The generosity of the mozzarella blew me over. The sweetness of corn with the cheesiness of melt in your mouth mozzarella, made this a hit among all. 


  • Aloo Paratha: The good thing was, the paratha filling was amazing, authentic Punjabi masaledaar one. The bad thing was, it kinda felt soggy. That could have been due to the fact that I ate it late, but I wish it had more crunch to it. But, I’m not complaining because it did eat 3 pieces of it & loved it. It didn’t need any pickle to go with it btw. 👍🏻👍🏻



  • Vegetable Biryani: Now, this was an absolute surprise for me. I, was expecting a below average or mediocre kinda biryani. The first bite swayed me over with its subtle “Pulao” like taste. The biryani was an instant hit & everyone scored it more than its non vegetarian counterpart. The biryani was filled with veggies & the taste was just commendable. 


My Recommends : (Non vegetarian by the hubster, as we ordered everything home today) 

  1. Chicken Popcorn
  2. Masala Crunchy Chicken
  3. Thai Crispy Chicken
  4. Cheese Corn Nuggets
  5. Peri Peri Fries 
  6. Vegetarian Roll
  7. Vegetable Biryani

My suggestion: 

It’d be great if the rolls and burgers had more to them, like honey mustard, pickles, gherkins or so. I’d love it if the onions were caramelised & the paratha more crunchy. 

What to watch out for? 

In the course of couple of months,  ” Five Star Chicken” is going to come up with more vegetarian options & is consciously considering the huge vegetarian market that’s out there. They are consistently working forward to make themselves more appealing to the vegetarians. So, it’s a win – win situation for us!!

Verdict: Go for it!! The pricing is super competitive, I can vouch that it’s much lesser than the generic brands. 100% halal. No compromise on quality or taste for the dirt cheap pricing. Vegetarians have nothing to be skeptical about. 

Rating : 4/5 stars


The groupie with five star team & FBAB members

P.S: The logo images have been sourced from http://www.google.com and are not mine to credit. The group photo is the property of FBAB and has been used for reference purposes only.

Honey Twigs- Product Review.

Who doesn’t love honey? Aren’t we all a big or a minuscule version of “Winnie The Pooh”? We all have bottles of honey, stored in our pantries. Big, sticky & caramelly bottles, sitting on the shelf calling out to you when you make those pancakes or brew up that tea or when you just feel under the weather. 


 Apart from just being a sweet tooth pacifier, we all know the immense benefits of honey. One of my super favourite things to do with honey is making the “Green tea & Honey” mask, for intense hydration & glow. But, I’m not here to talk about all those stuffs. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna be chatting up with you today. 

When you think of honey, what’s the physical characteristic that comes to your mind first? 

  • Sticky
  • Messy or
  • Runny


Isn’t that so? What if you decide to have honey on the go or what if you decide, you want a non messy alternative for honey consumption? What do you do?

Non-messy & honey are quite irrelevant. Not anymore!! Honey can now be your messy hillbilly, who has metamorphosed into a dapper tuxedo clad bloke. 

Yes!! Honey has a new makeover😍😍 Forget those messy, stuck on the lid & dripping from the side honey jars. 

Suck it up, oh naive one. Ummm.. I meant that literally. Don’t look at me like that. Geez!!  

Honey has a new avatar called “Honey Twigs”. Honey now comes in portion sized twigs, which save you the hassles of unwanted “Mouth-robe Malfunctions”. These are on the go tube packs, which you just open & suck it up. It’s that easy.   

“HONEY TWIGS” 😋 The best part about these twigs is, you really can just throw these in your bag & just go ahead. They do inculcate, a habit of good decision making.   

What I, mean by that is…from the time I’ve had these babies, I tend to reach for them instead of a chocolate. Chocolates get messy in your bags btw. These days, I order my green tea in a café & instead of the unhealthy sugar packs that come along with it, I rip open a “Honey Twig” & enjoy my tea.

My oh my!! The luxuries of life. Hey!! Did I forget to mention that, Honey Twig is anything but a luxury product?? Man..this stuff is super affordable for all that I know.  10 twigs cost you Rs.70/- 

Now, let’s talk about the liquid gold encased in the twig.. Wondering where it’s sourced from or whether it’s just a packaging gimmick, with no surety? Rest assured, that the liquid gold inside is as natural as it gets. The honey is sourced from the Himachal & Punjab. They have 2 super awesome flavours. 

  • Multiflora Honey
  • Litchi Honey

Multi flora Honey : It’s a subtle honey, that has been sourced from a variety of flowers. The honey is antibiotic free too. 

Litchi Honey: This is a comparatively sweeter honey & has been sourced from the litchi orchards of Muzzafarpur. 

I, personally prefer the Multi Flora Honey due to its subtle sweetness. 

Now, most of you would be skeptical about the plastic tube. You must be wondering if, it’s a good idea relishing it from plastic. The good news is… The plastic packaging is completely food grade & you really shouldn’t worry about it. They have maintained a extreme standard stringency while producing the packaging.

How I use my Honey Twigs: 

  • Perfect for pancake toppings, muesli, cornflakes & toast.
  • Perfect amount of honey in each twig for my “Honey & Green tea mask.
  • For sweetening my green tea.
  • Snacking option for my little one. He loves popping these tubes along with almonds for his supper.

Verdict: This is a highly convenient product, that eliminates the physical problems faced while consuming honey. You don’t need spoons, stirrers or anything. All you gotta do is pop! 

So, this scores high on my scanner, as it’s affordable, convenient & non messy. A must have on dining tables along with our table butters. ❤️❤️

P.S: Winnie the Pooh & Honey jar images are sourced from http://www.google.com These have been used for reference only. All credit goes to the owners of the images. 

P.P.S: This is an unsponsored post. All views are my own.