Revlon Colorburst- Shade # 120 Vivacious Exuberante. 

Tell me what colour gets you all happy & jittery? Most of us would say pink? Well,I would. To me pink is the most perfect colour ever to grace this earth. 

“What about Red?” Says head. I,promptly dismiss that thought with a smile as fake as those pearly whites on a runway model. That would be this emoji btw 😬 😬

I love reds! But Pink!!! Gosh.. It’s so versatile. So young. So demure. So good. Pink goes everywhere and anywhere. Hell,you could be delivering your baby with a pink lipstick on. A red one,would make you look.. Well, a little too obnoxious. Who would wanna go in to delivery wearing Red? Red be sexy & the delivery room is the last place to be that. 

Pssst… I wore pink 😂😂

I even had a short story done on the colour pink. Me loves it that much. 

Revlon has come up with these “Matte & Lacquer” sticks.

Today I will be reviewing this beautiful colour called “Vivacious Exuberante” from the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Collection.   

Just check this voluptuous baby out. I love chubby sticks. Period. I mean that’s the end of it. I just love them. Call em chubby sticks,crayons, jumbo pencils,whatever you wanna. I love them. 

This colour is extremely true to its name. It’s just vivacious. Bright. Neon-ish. Colour of young love. Bubblegum. Hot Pink.   

Here’s what the product description is all about: 

  • They say it’s filled with triple butters of coconut,Shea & mango. 
  • Lacquer lip balm with moisturising properties.
  • Comes in 8 colours. 
  • Price : Rs.800/-


This is a great,retractable colour coded chubby stick. The packaging is an absolute eye candy. The vibrant glossy finish with the silver cap,just makes this such a want. 

What I love about this chubby stick is the minty,cool & mentholated feel,when you give it that first swipe. It doesn’t persist all the way,but for the first 20 seconds it’s just heaven.

I’m a matte lover,like with utmost fervour,but I’ve been trying to steer into the gloss zone too. I was expecting this to be more on the light sheer end & what a surprise it is to see that this is quite pigmented. 2 swipes and you have that amazing hot pink colour.   

The longevity of the crayon is quite fine. It lasts just about 3 hours and it certainly can’t survive meals. Retouching required. That turns up as a disappointment for the price paid.



  • Love the packaging.
  • The triple butters have that exotic element to it,which makes me happy.
  • Quite pigmented and after it wears off,it leaves a stain on your lips. Which is great for me.
  • Love the mentholated kinda feel.
  • I use this more as a lip balm for chapped lips and less as a lip colour.
  • Retractable,so no sharpening.
  • Easier to carry around.


  • It would’ve been fine at Rs.500/- but Rs.800/- according to me is a tad bit unfair.
  • Poor longevity which really makes me think if I would restock this? At this price,that’s the least I expect. 
  • Not too many colours to choose from. Limited choice. 
  • Matte lovers wouldn’t be too pleased with the product. 

Verdict: I certainly love the colour but I would say that I’m not too keen on restocking the lacquer. The matte balm maybe a better choice for my taste. 

Albeit, if gloss is your preference & you don’t mind the price,then this will get you in a happy place.

I did some buffoonery the other day with the colour. Did the “Miranda Sings” lips and here is what it looked like with just 2 swipes. So smile.. 😂😂😂


From The Heart Of A Pink Forest.

Dear Inspector Sahab,

Namaste! My name is Gulab Kiko. I,stay in a small village of ” Gulabi Pahadi”. I’m about 19 years old & im to be married to a man named “Gulab Rishwa”. He’s a good man. At least I would like to presume so. But my story isn’t about me & my non existent love story with G.Rishwa,it’s about the Pink Forest. 

All of us,who live in this village have names starting with Gulab. Gulab means a rose in Hindi and Gulabi means the colour pink. Gulabi Pahadi would thereby mean ” The Pink Hill”. It’s our homage to the pink forest. A secret that mustn’t be shared with any outsider. This secret has to be kept closely guarded by each resident of “Gulabi Pahadi”. People from the outside world, find it rather strange that we have a common name. But really it’s a pact which we all have entered into. We marry only within the “Gulab” clan. We can’t and don’t want to risk the secret. 

Our village is anything but pink visually. It’s a mess. Ruins,dilapidated buildings,dung filled roads,cattle grazing,tumbleweeds,barren trees,scorching sun. There’s nothing green here,let alone pink. The only colour that we love is of the cerulean sky.

We don’t get any tourists,the people who do come here are the ones who have lost their way or people who stop for some water while travelling. Our doors are bolted at the strike of 8 in the night. The whole village lights up like those fireflies. Little lanterns aglow within mud houses. We don’t have electricity yet here,that seems like a distant dream. We do come across as rude but we aren’t. All of this is just a facade,we need to safeguard the secret. We are the guardians of the “Pink Forest”. 

Why am I telling you my secret? The forest told me so. It says it has had enough of being hidden. I did tell Ammaji & Babaji about it,but they are against what I said. But I must fulfill the wish. Listen to me carefully now…

Gulabi Pahadi is a baptised name of our village. What it was called before,I never questioned my parents.The Pink forest lies a few kilometres from our village. You will see that,it’s just a vast expanse of huge green trees with almost a certain kind of darkness to it. It’s horrific even at noon. I’ve always wondered why they called this “The Pink Forest”. Anyways,the forest is neglected except for the days when we hear that slow yet shrill cry. It’s a siren of sorts. 

All the elderly men & women wrap themselves up in thick shawls,don on black clothing and cast away their accessories. All of them leave us behind. You need to be over 45 years to join the temporary diaspora. I don’t understand why I thought it was a good idea to go against my clan and go towards the Pink Forest. I sneaked in. My Folly!! Why did I go? I wish I would’ve just ignored it & slept like every time. 

Now the burden eats me and gnaws my heart. I need to start my new life with this burden off my chest. 

I left the lantern burning,wrapped a warm black rug and sneaked out of the village. Everyone was much ahead of me. I ran as fast as I could,I could see lanterns ahead. All of them were inside the forest. It looked like a huge firefly gathering,so ethereal,so fairy like. 

Just then, I heard something. Something like a hum. But they say,I mustn’t look back in the dark. They say it’s the devil who calls you and if you turn back,he slaps you or possesses you. So I didn’t turn back. 

The hum kept on growing louder,I was terribly scared. This must be a big devil. I started my prayer chants. I could see a big tree,I climbed it and covered my rug over my head. I closed my eyes shut. Praying and calling out to God to save me from the devil. If I ran towards the gathering I would be reprimanded & I don’t know what the consequences would be. If I stayed here,I don’t know if the devil would spare me. 

Suddenly,I heard nothing. God had heard my prayers,like always. I must peek from the rug atleast. I lifted my rug. In front of me I saw 2 huge jeeps. Jeeps? What are Jeeps here for? These were the Devils? 

“Kiko,you really are crazy. These are just jeeps.” I thought. 

A bunch of raucous men got out of the jeeps. Shouting & kicking stones. They kept singing “Munni badnaam hui” **

Poor Munni,she would be in tatters if she knew how these bad men are character assassinating her. Wonder what she did or who she is. I wish her peace. 

And then,from the jeeps came bundles. 

 “Bundles of what?”I thought. 

They were long and almost man like bundles. I could count 5 of those bundles. 

The head of our village came out of the forest. Touched the bundles and kissed them. He was crying. 

The raucous guys told him,that he knew what should be done and he better do it. With that,they left. 

The village elders came,lifted the bundles & went inside. I had to see what was going on. The confusion was killing me. 

There were holes in the ground. Wait! Those were graves. Graves? There were pyres too. What’s going on?

The bundles were unwrapped. What I saw,killed me that day. There were bodies. Bodies of people. What’s happening. Why isn’t anyone against this? Who are these bodies of? 

They burned them and then buried them in those graves. A big bag was taken out and in them were 100’s of pink roses. These people had the audacity to put pink roses on those graves. This was why it’s called The Pink Forest? 

“Help us Kiko! Don’t leave us,tell what they did to us.”shouted voices I’ve never known my life.

Everything was spinning around me. The smell of death was evident. Next thing I see is I’m on my bed.

It was a dream. But when the bruises from the previous night revealed themselves during my bath,I was in for a rude awakening. I ran to Ammaji my mother. Asked her what the hell was happening.

After much reluctance,she gave in. Our Gulabi Pahadi was a huge part of an organ scandal. Given the clandestine nature of our community,the organ dealers got us in their grasp from the past 20 years or so. We were doing all their dirty work. We weren’t killing anyone,but we were certainly killing their identity. Why? Because they promised us money and that everyone would be taken care of. 

Was there not one who objected? Ammaji said no. We’ve been close knit from centuries and we were being benefitted by just burying those bodies. She thought this as a noble deed.

 She said,”we could never stop them from doing it,they in fact threatened us,if we revealed even as much as an A to the police. That’s why our village has been renamed. It’s our secret,the nearby villages look up to to us. They see how flourishing we are. Our status symbol is elevated because of this. If you can wear good clothes & eat good food,it’s because of them. If you can drink clean water,it’s because of them. They have helped us. We are just helping those poor souls gain nirvana. They have been used for a noble cause. Their bodies are giving life to others. How can you not see that Kiko?”

She said she was Giving them salvation. Giving them a goodbye they deserved. 

I cried and hated my life. My parents were brainwashed. They were repulsive to me now. Those brutes were murdering innocent people and this wasn’t seen as anything wrong? How is a poor mans life any less worthy than a rich mans?

I didn’t want to be a “Gulab” anymore. I cried for days together. Nobody heard me. And in such places,nobody will. 

Emotions and feelings are just commodities. We sell them for money here. Those voices haunt me everyday. My friend here,writes as I tell my narrative. She’s a journalist. Someone who says the truth I believe. She will give you my letter,she’s been sent by The Pink Forest.

Today,I’m a bride. I’m wearing Pink,I’ve always wanted to wear red  but my people are scared of the colour Red. They have seen too much of it. 

Please save me and my people. 


** Munni badnaam hui is a famous Bollywood song.

P.s: This work of fiction is Dedicated to the victims of organ trafficking.

Stick Densiliss by By Terry- A product review. 

I‘m a hardcore sucker for all things pretty & all things that make me pretty. I’ve always had a problem with buying too much & never getting around to using it. 

You know where this is headed at.. Yep! I possess the memory of a goldfish when it comes to using my makeup hauls. Half the time I forget what I bought and it just rots there in my wardrobe,begging to be used. 🙏🏼

But,never in the past 4 years of my love affair with By Terry products have I ever forgotten to not use these babies. I mean,just look at their lusciousness. Gosh!! Everything is so perfect here. 

 Today I’m gonna be reviewing one of my favourite products from By Terry called the ” Stick Densiliss”.


  • Stick Densiliss is a stick foundation,while stick foundations tend to be a tad bit drier & would work great on oily skins,”Stick Densiliss” works wonders on all kinds of skin textures. 
  • The texture is a creamy,mousse & soufflé kind. Very dreamy and glides on easily. The stick foundation comes with a moisturising core in the middle,which just makes this amazing.
  • This is 50% skincare & 50% makeup. This ratio imparts a 100% anti-ageing property. This baby doesn’t just make you look great,but is filled with super anti-ageing ingredients. Im a little biased towards anti-ageing things,though I’m just In my late 20’s😁 Better start early right. 😳
  • The packaging is super cute with purple metal. Completely reliable. 

I personally love using this stick with my NARS or MAC liquid foundation. I blend both of them,to impart a finish that’s closest to my skin tone & also a brightening one. 

For example,I use MAC NC15 blended with BYTERRY S.D in  “Amber”. The fusion of these 2 foundations is just short of being flawless. 

The drawbacks of this product are that 

  • it’s quite expensive for a stick foundation. Priced at a whooping steep £50,it’s an investment which should make you think more than twice before splurging.
  • The stick foundations are a unhygienic lot as compared to liquid pump foundations. They are always exposed to your touch & get contaminated easily.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Verdict: I totally recommend this product,the only thing stopping me from giving it a 5 star is the steep price. Otherwise,it’s a must have. 

7 Plates,HRBR Layout- A restaurant review

I was actually on my way to “Bet You Love It”,but this restaurant caught the glimmer of my eye. While I had even started the Italian maincourse in my mind,the red signboard didn’t deter me from not entering here. 

7 Plates isn’t a newbie. They have been around for quite sometime now. Where they had focused mainly on takeaways,now they’ve upgraded to a small yet comfortable dining section sans a washroom. 😐 I mean, I’m a total washroom kinda person. I love retouching my makeup,checking myself out in the mirror about how good or bad I look,making sure my hijab is in place and most importantly… Washing my hands with running water,even if I do get a finger bowl. Ahem.. Yep!! That’s just the weird me for you. So,no washroom thing kinda struck me hard. All I could think of was,”how can there be no washroom?why?”.

Well,after much predicament.. I decided to stop the whining and got down to business of devouring. Where they set me back with no washroom,they made up for it by the triples with exemplary service. Not only were the waiting staff extremely friendly and warm,they also were good with their serving skills.

 Lemme just tell you how nice I felt. They had these Steel handwash bowls called ” Täsh” in Urdu. The tradition goes that,when a guest comes home the host or his family,help the guest in washing their hands in that bowl. The host pours water & the guest washes. This gesture was really a sweet one,though it’s born out of necessity at 7 plates. I really hope they don’t change that. 



The decor is minimalistic & just had the necessary things. Table,chairs,A/C,lighting & some vases. It gets a bit queasy in here,if it’s packed to capacity. 


Here are the things we ordered:

  • Murgh Malai Tikka : I,literally fell in deep love with the plating. The delectable tikka came on a black rock slab. Like how superb is that. Served With some raw salad & green mint chutney. The tikka was just the way I love it. Thick with sauce and cooked throughly. I hate the medium rare kinda chicken. It pisses me off,but this one was just cooked so beautifully. Nice and juicy inside & charred on the outside. The combination of the Malai tikka with the mint chutney was just explosively yum. I totally recommend this.


  • Lemon Chicken : I’m a huge fan of all things citrusy. Lemon chicken is without a doubt one of my favourites. The citrusy punch with the blandness of chicken spells a recipe for success. The Lemon Chicken here was no different. Stood up to its name,punch packed with tang and beautifully coated. It did go down well with me,but I’ve had better. 


  • Naans: The Naans were buttery soft and delicious. Yes! I like them all melt in the mouth kinds. 


  • Chicken Fried Rice: Totally nailed it. They just made an absolutely no nonsense and yes filled with just the right amount of flavour kinda rice. The CFR was a generous portion with chicken bits prevailing in every bite. Again a recommended dish.


  • Chicken Biryani/ Biryani Rice: The biryani was a good one. A bit too spicy for my liking,but nonetheless my hubby & mum who love things a tad bit spicy loved it. Much better than your normal fare of biryanis everywhere & certainly in the good league,7 plates biryani scored good brownie points with my family. 


On the whole,it was a pleasant experience. Loved the food and these guys make the most awesomest rolls ever.   

I’ve tried them before and I personally loved them for the quantity stuffed in a roll and also the quality offered.  

The restaurant is a total VFM. Works great for tight budgets and even more wonderful if you’re not on a budget. Who doesn’t love surprises now? 

So,yes!! Go ahead, give it a go.

The Rendezvous Series-1

Hey sweethearts!! I hope things have been going fine with you guys. I really need to thank and thank each one of you for standing strong on my journey. 

Today,I thought I’d do something different and actually introduce all you guys to one another. I mean,the more we can connect the better we all will eventually feel. There’s something about helping or doing something for someone else. It just scores so much more than plainly just thinking about oneself. 

For some of us,blogging is our dream. For some,it’s an experiment and for others it’s a venting source. No matter why you are here or how successful your blog is,I thought we all could get to know each other more. 

So I thought,I’d start this ” THE RENDEZVOUS SERIES”, which will feature 5 readers every blogpost & will tell you,what I love about them, what their blog is about and why you should follow them too. Let’s face it,there’s a weird adrenaline rush when you see those numbers rising on your page. It doesn’t define success,but it does mean that you’re being appreciated. Ergo,let’s help each other out and start this beautiful symbiosis with love. 

My first 5 readers are people who supported me when I was scrambling with 7 & 8 people on my follow list. Well,it’s not like I have a 1000 now.. 😁😁 I’ve just got 110 readers,but it’s just so nice to know these people. 

1. Melanie : This gorgeous mommy tops my list for being the super awesome fighter that she is and for being one of the most strongest women I’ve ever seen(emotionally). She’s got the humour that can make you go bankrupt. She has the sass which will make your jaw drop and mostly,she’s a wonderful woman. Her blog is filled with humour,she never cries or cribs over things happening with her,though she is sick these days. Please check her blog out and follow her. There won’t be a dry day ever. 

2. Soochie(only for me/you better call her suchi) : Ok!! This woman is my super fav,she’s my sister from another mister. I call her my firecracker. She’s a doc,but really she oughta have been a MUA. Gorgeous girl,with a heart of gold. Her blog is a rant blog. Super humour is what prevails over there. Her writing style is just aaahhmaZing!! Follow her because I said so. ❤️❤️❤️

3.  Shweta: Here is another bombshell. She’s super sweet,beautiful and loveable. I truly think she’s in the making of being a super great beauty blogger. With that being said,her blog is about beauty,makeup and all that girly stuff. Follow her blog to get updated and stay in style. 

4. Shamira: I LOVE HER!! THAT’S IT..  She’s just such a great person,she’s someone I would totally get friendly with. Apart from her oomphy name,she’s a great commentator about her life events. It’s just so great to see her online. Brings a smile on my face. Her blog is about her travels,food and her lifestyle. It’s much like a general blog,a get to know me better kinda blog and always so great to see her posts. Follow her on her trip around USA.

5.creativecraftsdiy : This lady is a relatively new friend of mine. She’s a very sweet acquaintance. Mommy to Lenny. She’s a software Engineer by profession but her blog is filled with so much of creativity. She focuses mainly on DIY crafts and alot of fun stuffs. Please, do follow her and keep yourself entertained. 

Okay, sweethearts… These are the people you would need to check out on this post. Do share or reblog this post if you like and if you feel that you would love to start a beautiful never ending cycle of love. Do tell me what do you think of this initiative and share your thoughts on the same.

Let’s get those buttons working now!!! 

p.s. Do note the stupendous amount i’ve used the word Super!! whatever dear me…!!!

Mushrooms in oyster sauce-An Indian twist.

Mushrooms. I’ve always been fascinated by them. Every time I get mushrooms home,I’m staring in awe at their hyphae,gills & structure. It’s like one of those architectural marvels in Seoul. So sophisticated.

Apart from being super versatile, mushrooms are one of the natural occurring sources of the “Selenium”. Ok! I don’t intend to drag this into a scientific or a dietary topic. You got the whole net thing going on for that. 😁😁

I’ve always loved playing up with ingredients. And,I can probably tell this proudly..quite alot of them have found their way into the trashbin. 😦😦 breather please *so,she expects us to try her recipe?Doofus Loofus* 

Ahem.. No I’m serious. This one is just so super easy and delicious,that I couldn’t stop myself from not sharing. I fused typical South Indian elements with oriental elements and the result pleasantly surprised me y’all. 👍🏻 



  • Mushrooms – 300 gms
  • Oyster Sauce – 2 tbsp
  • Dark Soy Sauce – 4 tsp
  • Sriracha paste/Sambal paste/Red chilli paste: 2 tsp
  • Vinegar – 2 tsp 
  • Water- 200 mls
  • Sugar – 2 tsp
  • Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
  • Fried onion powder – 1 tsp (optional)
  • Curry leaves – about 25 leaves or more. 
  • Red chillies whole – 2 
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tsp 
  • Garlic cloves minced – 12
  • Ginger minced  – about a quarter a cup. 
  • Onion sliced – 1
  • Green chillies whole – 2 ( optional)
  • Salt & pepper – as per taste


  • Plunge the mushrooms in rolling boil water,for about 10 minutes. Remove them and keep aside.
  • In a mixing bowl,add all the wet ingredients with the sugar. Whisk them well. Adjust the salt level.
  • In another pan, heat the sesame oil and add mustard seeds. Wait till they splutter. 
  • Add the whole red chillies and fry till they are dark. Discard them if necessary. 
  • Add the minced garlic cloves and wait till they blush a nice golden. 
  • Add the sliced onion and let it turn translucent.
  • Add fried onion powder & stir.
  • Now add half of the curry leaves and reserve the other half for later. Keep stirring this mixture.
  • Add the whisked sauces and let it thicken up for a few minutes. 
  • Add the boiled mushrooms,stir &let them soak the sauce up. 
  • Add the pepper at the last.
  • Garnish with green chillies and curry leaves. 


The Mermaid Who Never Came Back.

I have no name. I was born with one,but I macerated it away. My identity isn’t on those plastic cards,but it’s found when I plunged into the cold depths of mysterious waters. When I was born with a deformed leg,the world just abhorred me. I found acceptance in the blue waters,she embraced me with warmth,caressed my deformity and made me feel unique. 

Today I stand here at the shore,looking into the horizon,even the majestic sun goes to sleep in those waters. A gusty wind blows my auburn tresses. I curl my toes and those silica crystals stick softly in between my toes. The trees sway & the clouds colour the sky grey. Pitter patter,the raindrops start falling. There are no rainbows today,there won’t be any rainbows for me ever. 

Somehow,I never possessed the trait of mutability. I’m determined,there isn’t an ounce of doubt about what I am doing today. I think of the vicissitudes of emotions that raged my life,happy,sad,angry,calm. Just so many. After all of that,I’m here. 

I feel the burden of my duffel bag suddenly. I gently let it slide down from my shoulders. It falls with a soft thump. I zip it open to reveal a silver wetsuit,photos,books,ziplock bag,Swiss knife & a nose plug. I pull them out of their resting place. 

I stare at the photos first. Reminding myself how happy I was. I look at each one carefully and think how the world completely ossified me. These happy memories must go. I snip them up into a million pieces & carefully stuff them in a ziplock bag. It must have been 15 minutes or so,a stray tear found itself on my cheek.Well,i don’t know if it was a tear,because even if it came,it got diluted with the rain.

My books are scattered on the shore. My inspirations,my treasures & my companions. Today they must go too. I stack them in a pile and walk towards the ocean. I release them one by one into that ocean. They go floating away,getting drenched from the rain & soggy from the ocean water.

 “Adieu mes amis!!”, I whisper under my breath. 

The rain stops and the clouds have cleared. Alas! I have reached a rubicon dear me. There is no turning back. 

Yes,I’m ready. I slip into my silver wetsuit and I hold my nose plug tightly. It has to be today. There is no other day. The sunlight strikes the ocean and I see a myriad of colours in the ocean. Is that a rainbow? No,it can’t be. Even if it is,I don’t care.

My countdown to freedom has begun. My grandfather’s words hit me like a thunderbolt,” When the Water summons you,You will go.” How germane are those words today. Yes grandfather the water summons me today. 

I lost him to this ocean 2 years back. He went Freediving,never to surface again. I waited on this shore,looking frantically at my watch,at every passing second. “Grandfather,grandfather”,my echoes had cried when it was well past 10 minutes. I would never see him again. 

I was an orphan all my life. My grandfather raised me on his “Senior Citizen’s Pension”. It was him who discovered my Inate ability to hold my breath for an astounding  8 minutes underwater. While the other kids would be gasping & turning pink at 20 seconds, I would be coursing the community pool like a mermaid. Coming up for a breath of air at 2 minutes. 

We started attending competitions & I started winning all of them. Every school,every college wanted me. But the nasty comments would never stop from my peers,”Goose Step, Chicken Feet, Limper”, these were just a few names thrown at me because of my deformity. 

Whenever I cried,grandfather used to take me to the ocean and we went freediving. Me and him, mermaid and merman. Endorphins gushing my system and me forgetting that I was a human. I went swimming with the school of fish & went piggybacking on a beautiful Manta ray. These were my family,after my grandfather. How happy we were.

It’s been 2 years since I went in those waters. The waters repulsed me because they snatched my Raison d’etrê. I had nothing to live for. Today I surrender. 

I hear the waves hit madly at the seashore and I’m not scared. My neon duffel bag lies on the shore. I walk away from it,with a ziplock bag in one hand and a nose plug in the other. I leave behind finprints in the sand,I turn back and see how beautiful they look. I feel happy. I am a mermaid. A bi finned one. 

The sunshine’s bright now & everything glistens. It’s like a welcome party for me. ” I’m coming Grandfather”. I throw the ziplock bag as far as I can. My memories must drown today.

The cold waves hit me and engorge me in their grasp. I’m swallowed by a big blue turbine of water. I’m rolling and rolling. I find myself free somehow. I come out of the water,to pack in some air. I’ve learnt every technique. Nothing can pull me down. 

I swim and start delving deep into the waters. I see everything blue and green and blurred. I swim like I was born for this. My 8 minutes have started. I go deeper,I see little stars.. Oh! Those are fish again. My ears are starting to hurt. Nothing must stop me. 6 minutes to go. I go a few more feet deeper,now my ears feel like they could burst,my lungs are starting to cramp. It’s painful,but it’s worth it. 4 minutes to go. 

I swim deeper and deeper and deeper. Physically I feel I can do no more,but mentally I know I can. This is my home. This is me. I hear the whales. Whales? Are they here? Now I hear laughs. Grandfather and mine. I hear the carnival sounds,the merry-go-rounds. I hear celebratory cries. How many things I hear,in this soundless space.

“Lizzy” grandfather shouts. “Oh god! That’s my name.” A sense of Euphoria strikes me. I don’t know what am I doing. I can’t think clearly with this pain. I can feel nothing. This is how I wanted to feel. Empty.Blank.Devoid.Null. 

What time is it? Should I start ascending back to the surface? I,do need air. I don’t think I want to die. I change my mind. I change my mind. I want just one breath of air. I wanna live. I wanna pick my duffel bag and go home. I wanna sleep on my bed. I swim upwards with all my might. 

 My lungs are burning,my ears are numb. I need some oxygen now.I swim up again,piercing the depths. Yes,everything’s going to be fine. I will make it out alive. I’m ascending,there’s nothing to worry. I’m just going to keep calm.

And then a fierce water current shakes me and pulls me with it. 

Nitrogen narcosis hits me and I blackout at depths I don’t know of. I must clearly be 400 feet into water. I sway like an autumn leaf. Unknown. Lost. In my own motion. I’m a name you won’t find in the books of history. 

I can see me. 

Gosh! I’m beautiful in that body. I’m moving. Look at me. I’m moving. 

The water clears up,I see green trees,red fruits and the air smells fresh.  I’m out of my wetsuit,I’m wearing a beautiful green gown with pearls and crystals on it.

“Lizzy,I’m glad you came.” Says grandfather. 

“Im glad I did grandfather”

“Well,let’s go meet mom and dad shall we, my mermaid? They’re all waiting for you” he smiles. 

P.s. This is a work of fiction. This is a tribute to all those freedivers who lost their lives doing what they loved the best. 

Clarins Age Defying Lipstick,Rouge Éclat No:7- Red wine.. Review

What do you think strikes the most in a person’s appearance? For me it has to be the lips. LIPS and I just can’t get enough of them. Paint them,shade them or colour them,they just don’t fail to attract you. Bright red,crimson orange or Fushia pink..I just can’t get enough of those colours. 

My LIPVENTURES have had me breezing through alot of brands,drugstore & luxury alike. I clearly have 100’s of favourites,but my current obsession is with the this new breakthrough concept called ” ANTI-AGEING LIPSTICKS”.

My first reaction was” Who on earth needs,anti-ageing lipsticks? How does it even prove to be any good? Just a sham or a hype that I can dismiss.” But then,i just thought I ought to try it,outta curiosity. Yes,curiosity got the better of me and I ended purchasing “CLARINS AGE DEFYING LIPSTICK-ROUGE ÉCLAT “. 

 And,I’m in super love with these gorgeous babies. They come in 15 sexy shades,and I was brave enough to try NO.7 ” RED WINE”,check the swatch for a better understanding. So, il just get at it, but let’s take a look at the gorgeousness packed into these golden sleek lipshades. 


They say this is a revolutionary concept of lip care & lip colouring packed into one. One of the first from CLARINS. It contains “CLARINS Nutri-Youth” formula which works it’s wonders in revealing youthful & full lips,by preventing lips dehydrating & boosting collagen production. Wow right?? 😱😱

Rouge Éclat has 100% plant waxes of mimosa,jojoba & sunflower blended with cocoa butter to supplement suppleness. 

I’m super impressed with what goes into my lipstick,I mean that is totally great for me. 


I love this colour,this is coming from someone who loves her neutrals, reds & pinks very dearly. An adventurous day will have me flaunting shades of orange. Zeroing down to ” RED WINE” was a big decision. I thought this is the only way,I’m gonna break outta my comfort zone and wear this colour.  I’m sorry to all those people who have only seen me in pinks & reds. I hope you love me now.  RED WINE is a passionate purple maroon with pink undertones. It’s simply a class act colour. Pair it up with a flapper dress & you could pass off as a ’40’s star. 


  • Super easy to glide,one swipe and you’re good to go.
  • Smells heavenly of licorice & blackberries. Yumm.. I can eat this stuff. 
  • There isn’t a moment of uncomfortable tightness around the corner of your lips.
  • Highly pigmented & gives a satin finish to your lips.
  • Great for night. Think cocktail parties,weddings,get togethers.
  • The packaging is a super cute gold & colourless case one. It has that little click when you open or close your lipstick. Better locking mechanism! 


  • On the high end of the spending spectrum. Priced at £19.50/- .In India,they retail at a bombing Rs.3000/- The prices are steep anywhere. It’s a luxury brand investment. 
  • If you’re a matte lipstick lover like me,you might not love it too much. As for me,I enjoyed the change & actually flaunted it alot. 

I am besotted with my little golden wand,so much that I go to sleep with it on my lips. Just faint dabs & I don’t need a lip balm or salve. 

Keep colouring those lips & stay just the way you are. Special!! 

Ji Hazoor,Whitefield- A restaurant review

IT wasn’t until my stomach started growling pretty bad,did I start fervently looking out for some restaurant in Whitefield. I certainly had,had enough of the mall & I didn’t wanna eat anything there. I started recalling.. Thank goodness for memory. Excuse my cliches,which are clothed in nuddy pants,but I must say one. 

“One can not think well,love well,sleep well,if one has not dined well.” Courtesy Virginia Woolf but I tend to use it more like a cliche and how smart & true that is. A hungry stomach rarely lets you do anything else,yes a hungry stomach is worse than a fussy toddler. 

So,as we were starv-aciously hungry,we decided for a buffet dinner in Whitefield. We zeroed down to “Ji Hazoor”,which was pretty near to “Phoenix Market City”. Off we went & found ourselves climbing stairs. Presumably,the lift wasn’t working 😒 What a dampener I say. The stairs somehow kept on coming&coming&coming. “Ji Hazoor” is a rooftop restaurant,hence the never ending climb. The entrance of this place is let’s face it,downright dingy,hippyish,fishy,clandestine. But,once the wooden doors were opened,I reclaimed the air I had been gasping out.   

The restaurant decor is a beautiful Mughal-ish opulence one. The baubles & knick knacks which are strewn all around the restaurant are just so gorgeous. I’m totally going to be doing atleast one room at my place in the same vein. The lanterns,glitzy beads,coloured lighting & mirror work were something I fell in love with.  

The place has 2 equally great sections,an open area and an indoor section. I’m not too fond of insect vampires aka mosquitoes,hence I choose the safe air conditioned indoors. Here’s a peek of the open area seating:  

 This place reminded me of “Heera Panna” in “Brigades”,which closed down. Decor scored a well deserved 4/5   

The staff are an extremely attentive lot,with a watchful eye at your plate,yet not intruding your conversations. The service gets 3.8/5 


Ambience is totally lackadaisical one,you’re here to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Oh did I mention that we were here on a “Ghazal night”? Yep!! You heard me right,they host a Bollywood dance night & a Ghazal night most of the times during the weekends. So,keep an ear open for that. The Ghazals were beautifully melodramatic & soothing,they played a lot of retro songs before the “Ghazal Singer” came but when “Tum itna Jo muskura rahe ho,kya Gham hai jisko chipa rahe ho” ( for readers who don’t understand Hindi try ” jagjit Singh Tum itna Jo ” on YouTube) came on twice..I was clearly ready to shut the speakers down. The singer was there just in the nick of time,before my ears bled!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Ambience Scores a generous 4.5/5 


 Food is always at the last,it’s just so much to talk on. As it was a buffet spread,we were asked whether we would like veg or non veg. I happily settled for the vegetarian course whereas the hubby opted for non veg. How typical of us!!

Here’s how we enjoyed our course:

1. SOUPS: The soups were honestly just passable. We couldn’t get ourselves to drink more than a few gulps. 


2. STARTERS: I’m such a starter-y person. I mean just look at me,who would say I love starters that much? I hogged these down like there was no tomorrow. Except for the bittergourd chaat(Karela), everything else was delicious.. The cottage cheese grill( Paneer tikka), baby corn fritters, vegetable balls got me craving for more on my plate.  
 3. MAIN COURSE: The main course was a decent affair of varied dishes. From dals to makhanis, from rice to naans & from salads to salsas. I wasn’t too keen on the main course as I had considerably stuffed myself to brimming capacity. Yet,I managed a sampler & I totally loved the ” DAL TADKA & PANEER MAKHANI”.They were just purely delicious. After them, Rice,I had to skip.   

4.DESSERTS: I’m usually a dessert skipper during buffets. I don’t really dig it,but I had to give in due to my husband’s ” Ummm.. Delicious” statements regarding the ” GULAB JAMUN” . And I had to true him on that,it really was yum. They had other Indian sweet meats & pastries too. 

The food gets a 3.5/5. The vegetarian fare could’ve been better,it clearly lacked the variety of the non vegetarian fare,which is unfair because the pricing is the same for both. Priced at Rs. 500/- the VFM scores high. 

Verdict : Do you really need that? Yes,go for it. It’s a fair enough experience with factors such as entertainment,ambience & food being accommodated at that price tag on a WEEKEND. You can’t get more affordable than this for a weekend date night. They have these colourful pagadis or turbans for you to play up with,which is great for a few photos. You do feel like spending a lot of time here,but you can’t just camp here,can you?

Here’s a little picture for you to smile at.