Wok | Restaurant Review |Koramangala 

  Within the rounds of a wok, are memories etched for eternity”- Noorain

I, believe in those memories which are usually concocted up in the kitchen. They retain for the longest of time. Casually passing by, I noticed a bright neon board which said “Wok”, & out gushed those memories. 

About Wok : It’s a small place, which relies on deliveries and takeaways, rather than dine-ins. They specialise in Indo-Chinese street food, but with so much more authenticity. You might get a little baffled seeing the place and might even think that it wouldn’t be on par with your expectations, but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. 

The Grub Story : With a raging appetite, here’s what we ordered. 

  • Mushroom Manchurian & Broccoli Manchurian (Rs. 125/-): I, personally loved the spice level in these. Take it from a person who loves her food bland. The mushrooms and broccoli really made it! With the veggies batter fried and enveloped generously in the sauce, these starters were the best I’ve had at a qsr 👍🏻👍🏻

The noodles are made to order and customised as per your taste. You get to decide what and how much you want to pay for your bowl of happiness. Please do bear in mind that the portions are huge, when you order for Regular size.

  • Udon in Saigon sauce : I’m a huge Japanese Udon fan. To find it over here, was nothing but elation of my joy. I, customised my bowl with mushrooms, babycorn, bok choi and broccoli. The Saigon sauce, was your run of the mill “Black pepper sauce”. The peppery Garlic profile of the sauce, actually worked well with the Udon. The combination proved to be delightfully yum. 

  • Udon in Beijing sauce: This one, was added with chicken, prawns and topped with black & white sesame. The Beijing sauce, on its own didn’t really click too well, but it was fair enough. The generosity of sesame toppings, actually surprised me. It’s a huge big tablespoon, if I’m not wrong. That’s all the calcium that you need for the meal. 😁

Verdict : A great place, to try the unconventional street food Indo-Chinese. Where, Udon & Buckwheat usually graces the shelves of star kitchens, you find them easily over here, for 1/4th the price. Rates high on VFM & taste as well.

 A well deserved 4 star for getting Udon & Buckwheat out and out. 


Kopper Kadai | Restaurant Review |Koramangala |Bangalore| 

“It’s still magic, even if you know, how it’s done” – Terry Pratchett 

Now isn’t that true? There are sometimes when, things just happen. The beauty of it lies in savouring the experience. Something of that sort happened when I found myself at “Kopper Kadai”. While I walked up the stairs, the cognisance of a good evening meal, had already framed up in my heart. 

Gingerly, I slipped my hand into my pocket and felt the edges of my iPhone. “Let me take a picture”, I think fiddling with the passcode. *click click* Yep! I’m done capturing the entrance. 

About Kopper Kadai : 

Appreciated by Masterchef Matt Preston, Kopper Kadai, though a new entrant has already gained a lot of appreciation for being one of the best in the city. The chef who curates the menu, is none other than “Chef Akshay Nayyar”. Isn’t that a novelty enough? Kopper Kadai believes in proffering, usual traditional dishes with an unusual twist. The curries at Kopper Kadai are usually braised in Copper utensils, as well. There are about 172 spoons 🥄 adorning the entrance, which are representative of the 172 spices that are collectively used in the cooking. 

Decor : You really must visit “Kopper Kadai”, in the evenings to imbibe the beauty of it. The colour palette is an elegant teal, creams and black. Plush and opulent seating is found, uplifting your experience. Immensely beautiful, gold calligraphic “KK” nestles on your stoneware plate. Minuscule details are given attention and any keen eye will detect them. This is dining with all senses. 

Hospitality : Nothing less than perfect. The staff was extremely well versed with their menu, knew what they were talking about & certainly knew how to serve the customer. Special mention to “Mr. Manpreet”, who was keen to assist us in ordering our dishes. His immense expertise in describing the dishes was such a welcomed move. Please, do ask for his assistance, if you visit the restaurant. 

The Grub Story : As the cuisine is Indian, I plonked comfortably in my chair. Me, the hubster & little one had placed our order and it was just time, for it to start flowing across. 

Drinks : 

  • LPG (Rs.222/-) : A harmonious concoction of Litchi, Peach & Guava with the kick of green chillies and peppermint. Loved the khatta-meetha flavour & the presentation was bang on. It literally came in a mini LPG looking cylinder. Hearts out! 

  • Smoked Chaas (Rs.141/-) : Your run of the mill Chaas with the smokiness infused from the charcoal burning in the copper urn. This was such a visually captivating feat. 

Starters :

  • Limca Bhel (Rs. 161/-) : Puffed rice, tossed in a sweet and salty kinda dressing. The total khattas (sourness) of Limca-ish flavour couldn’t be felt, but yes, the subtleness made this enjoyable. 

  • Tandoori Mushroom Gulgulay (Rs. 282/-) : Lemme, get this clear. This was one of the best tandoori Mushroom, I’ve had. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. The beautiful grilled blush on the juicy mushrooms & in combination with that cheese, was just amazing. Must must must have, if you love Mushrooms. 

  • Challi Kolmi Pasht (Rs. 323/-) : What a gorgeous looking plate of happiness. These are potato and crispy corn kebabs, made to mimic a chicken tangdi (leg). The luscious kebabs were beautifully spiced, extremely flavourful and very light on your stomach as well. 

  • The Ganna Chicken (Rs. 353/-): This is their signature and both the boys, were in love with it. The chicken mince was shaped into a sheekh and wrapped around sweet sugarcane sticks. The magic was, when you took a whole bite and the sweetness of the sugarcane came through the spicy chicken mince. Another must have. 

Main Course

  • Ameeri Tawa Tarkari (Rs. 343/-) : A very subtle dish, in which veggies were tossed in a creamy pan curry, with Paneer and egg. Nothing extraordinary, but yes, very delicious mix of veggies. The cuteness quotient lay in, the mini fake rupees that came stapled with the Curry. 

  • Laal Maas (Rs. 464/-) : Laal Maas, is something the hubster enjoys immensely. This beautiful Curry was so delectable. The tender lamb was cooked with red chillies and yogurt & spices. Yep! I did try the Curry. Yum yum yum.. the deep brown colour with a hearty flavour profile and perfect pairing with rotis was just what a hardcore non vegetarian would love. 


  • Gulab Jamun Biskit (Rs.191/-) : Such an innovative one, baked gulab jamun with Rabdi and cookie crumble. Oh god! Did you just read that? Like how can someone not fall in love with this? The sweet baked jamun was complemented with a not so sweet Rabdi and crumble. 

  • Nutella Dhodha Lava (Rs. 222/-) : Dhodhaburfi muffin with oozing Nutella inside. Enuf said? I guess so too. Again very subtle flavour, the sweetness isn’t overpowering and is certainly not gonna hit you palate. Great dessert 👌🏻


Verdict : The place is just perfect for a special date or any such occasion. Being a fine dine, the prices are a little steep but the dishes are amazing. It’s the most understandably great way to spend your day, if you’re in and around Koramangala. 

Their buffet prices are extremely reasonable, priced at Rs. 599/- + taxes from Monday-Thursday and Rs.699/-+ taxes on Friday. 

Highly recommended!! 

4.5 stars for Kopper Kadai. 


P.S : The logo has been sourced from google images and is used for representational purpose only. 

Garnet Glow | Tea Review |Product Review | 

Come, let us have some tea and talk about happy endings. – Chaim Potok

That’s the power of tea. Tea time is always that special part of the day, where you relax with your camaraderie or yourself and think of all the beautiful things in the world. I’m a tea connoisseur and I love all kinds of tea. Light, strong, Mint, Soursop, first flush, second flush, Green or Black. 

For me it’s more about exploring the taste rather than addicting myself to one kind of tea. I, was pleasantly surprised when I received these beautes in the mail for a product review. The product was a ” F&B Product, For Review – powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA” 

The product given for review, was Garnet Glow ‘s Tea Sachets. Mirthful with joy, I started savouring these for a period of 3 days.

About Garnet Glow

Garnet Glow, is an online Gourmet tea selling website, dedicated to bringing you, nothing but the best teas sourced from “China, India & Japan”. They have a carefully selected blend of teas, each premium in its own right, to match your personal taste. They also have “monthly subscription plans”, for a nomad tea soul, like me. You take a quiz and they send you blends accordingly, every month. Alternatively, you can also make your own blend 👍🏻

My Tea Samplers

I, received 3 blends. “Coconut Darjeeling Tea, Peach Tea & Masala Grove”. 

  • Coconut Darjeeling Tea : The tea was light and extremely cleansing on the palate. I, was expecting more of the coconuty flavour, but it was subdued. I did see, thin shreds of coconut in my tea and that was eye candy for my tea loving soul. A little more coconut aka tropical flavour would make this a total deal. 

Here’s how the tea looked like : 

  • Peach Tea : I, mean this from the deepest parts of my heart. I love Peach teas and the hot ones always second best to the iced ones. This peach tea was one of the best, with a subtle yet profound note of peach & that delectable fruity flavour. My favourite! 

Here’s how the tea looked :

  • Masala Grove : A perfect companion for your milk tea. The masala Tea had the perfect blend of aromatics in it. Just the whiff of the tea, will make you love this deeply. When it was paired with milk, the results were, clean notes and warm flavours, perfect for a rainy day. 

Here’s how the tea looked :


Verdict : Garnet Glow Teas are truly premium in range and are specially blended carefully to provide the perfect feel. I, enjoyed my teas but Peach tea was my favourite. I, would blindly recommend it for anyone who in their sane minds love some fruity flavour. Even as the tea seeps, your kitchen is filled with the aroma. 

Do check them out at Garnet Glow and get yourself some love! 

P.S : Logo image is sourced from google images and is used purely for representation purposes only. 

Melange | Park Plaza | Restaurant Review | Marathahalli | Bangalore |

“Nothing Brings People Together, Like Good Food”- Anonymous 

I, honestly could feel the stark rays of sunlight, pierce through the sun drenched skies and settle on my sunblocked and goggle laced face. While, the driver played a popular Bollywood tune of my choice, that got my two left feet tapping, my heart was set at reaching my destination. 

Brunches are always hearty and they are best enjoyed with the people you love. I, was a part of the 59th FBAB meet up that was held at “Melange, Park Plaza”, for the relaunched menu. 

About Melange

Melange is a 24 hour dining restaurant, at Park Plaza. The menu at Melange, is a mishmash of Indian, European & Pan-Asian Cuisine. It does stand true to its name & is certainly a melange of different cuisines. 

Decor : The decor is casual contemporary. The colour palette is my favourite of neutrals & green. Orchid stems, adorn your table. The ambiance is highly relaxed, suffused with positive vibes. 

Hospitality : It goes without saying, that as this is a star property, the hospitality tends to be just short of perfection. Highly happy with the wait staff, specially the sweet lady making waffles. Courteous, well groomed and keen to serve, they made our brunch worthwhile. 

The Grub Story : We were here for their renowned “Sunday Brunch Buffet”. The buffet, is a huge assemblage of dishes ranging from the Rajasthani Laal Maas to  the Levantine Hummus with Pita bread. There were quite a few favourites of mine & due to the sheer amount of volume, I had to skip the mains. 

Here’s the gallery to my happiness: 

Drinks :

Virgin Bloody Mary : This was one drink, that I absolutely loved. The spicy kick, with tomato juice & lemon puckerings was such a welcome. A part of it, felt like a strained chill gazpacho, but then, that’s what Bloody Mary’s are all about. Highly recommended! 

Salads : The counter was filled with my favourites. Russian Salad, Caesar’s Salad, Mushroom Salad, German Potato Salad, etc. Trust me, the Salads, each one of them were just the best. Delicious, generously tossed in the dressings and fresh. 

Sushi : Who doesn’t love some heart warming Sushi? I’m a “Sushi believer”, specially in Avocado Maki Rolls. Pleasantly, surprised was I, to find 2 variations of vegetarian sushi. The sushi was just perfect, with the perfect amount of rice vinegar. Not too much heat on the palate, just subtle flavours.

Starters : I liked the mini “cheese & tomato buns”, “cheese and spinach tikkis” & ” panko crusted paneer” 

Live Pasta Counter :  The pasta counter was another delight for me. The alfredo pasta was such a great one, with the sauce being rich and creamy. Bang on! 👍🏻

Live dimsum Counter : Even the dimsums, were outstandingly delish, with the subtle hint of seasoned veggies. 

Live Chaat Counter : The beautiful sizzle of the samosas and whole process of seeing them being made into a Chaat was mesmerising. The puchkas were drool worthy as well. 

Main Course : I had, filled my heart out with salads and had to skip the main course, but I did see a great assortment of Indian cuisine & Italian cuisine. 

Desserts : Desserts are always the prettiest to look at. With their colourful layouts and mouth watering offerings, desserts are always the weak spot. 

  • Baked Cheesecake: A lush cheesecake with fruits. Such a wonderful one. 

  • Waffles : The best out of the lot. Please don’t miss out on the waffles, they are just perfect. Buttery, rich and lipsmacking! 


Verdict : My Sunday brunch was sorted, loved every bit of it. The brunch was at “Rs.1275+ taxes”(without alcohol) , which according to me is a great deal. The spread is huge, you name it & probably they have it. Also, everything on the menu is par excellence. 

Here are my 4 stars for the Brunch. 


Atty’s Bakery | Boulangerie Review | Frasertown | Bangalore| 

Happiness is a warm bake, straight out of a warm hearth” – Noorain 

And just like that, I fell in love with the hamper that came across my way. A basket full of goodies, that literally warmed the cockles of my labile heart. 

About Atty’s Bakery & Confectionery :

Atty’s was conceptualised in the September of 2016, under the keen eyes of “Mr. Abdul Azeez & Mr. Mohammed Zahrin Aziz”, who themselves are the M.D & Director respectively, of the famous “Empire Group of Hotels”. The USP of Atty’s, nestles in their choice of ingredients and stringency. They refrain from using premixes and all baked goodies are made from their in house 100% from scratch flour mixes. The products here are ” Preservative free, Chemical free & Alcohol free”. 

The Grub Story : While my foible lies in seeing, something savoury come straight out of a warm oven, I really don’t mind anything that has blushed itself with sweetness as well. (Pssst… I love it)

Here’s a sneak peek, into my hamper : 

  • Focaccia Bread : A delectable savoury offering, which was light as air with the combination of rock salt, fried onions & brown sugar. A must have for your midnight cravings. 
  • Ginger Almond Cookies : The subtle punch of ginger is prevalent all across, due to the addition of Ginger powder & chopped ginger, in the cookies. The roasted almonds, give more body to the flavour.

  • Brownies : I had received two kinds of brownies. One was the Chocolate Gooey Brownie and the other was the Salted Caramel Brownie. The Chocolate Brownie had the depth of dark chocolate with roasted walnuts. But, it’s the “Salted Caramel Brownies”, that took my breath away. You’re just expecting a hint of salt in your caramel and then.. *Pow* that salt is strong, but in the most awesome way. Must, Must, Must have 👍🏻

  • Plum Cake : Dried fruit cake, made with red cherries, dates, cashews, figs, raisins and tutti frutti. Another great offering that’s delicious! 

  • Atty’s Signature Pastry : Made out of crunchy Almond base, mixed fruit jam filling, a layer of banana sponge, French cream topped with coffee cream & caramel sauce. My favourite & another must try. 

My hamper also had “Butterscotch pastry, Black Forest Pastry and Almond Praline pastry”. All of which, were immensely enjoyed. 


Verdict : I’m an official rooter for this place. Though, I live in Frasertown and we do have a bunch of boulangeries & patisseries in the neighbourhood. We have none, who are this affordable and stringent. Atty’s is focused not just at great quality of Grub, but also at affordability. Ranks high on my “VFM” meter as well. 

Highly Recommended!! 

A well deserved 4 star for you, Atty. 


Kapoor’s Cafe | FBAB meetup| Restaurant Review |HSR | Bangalore 

“Dinner was made for eating, not talking”- William makepeace Thackeray

And eat we did, with no reservations on our diets. After all, that’s the most “Punjabi” thing to do. 

While Bangalore was seeing the mercury rise, i was seeing yet another FBAB meet up, pop up on my screen. Kapoor’s Cafe, had opened up a third branch in HSR, after their astounding success in the latter ones. 

About Kapoor’s Cafe :

The owner, Mr. Arpit Kapoor is a young & ambitious entrepreneur who has already set up an example of running a successful business, by striking a chord with his customers. Kapoor’s Cafe is a humble yet zealous venture, which focuses on good homely food & affordability. Their menu is from the hearty “Punjabi” household. 

Decor : The decor is simplistic, with a beautiful colour palette. Vibrant hues and fairy lights adorn the place. It’s a modernist version of a “Dhaba” (Roadside restaurants on the highway) You find Khatiya / Charpai (Cots) as your seating arrangement. The whole ambiance and decor is very peppy. What I loved, was the faux grass flooring ( not to be confused with foie gras 😂) at the open air section, of the restaurant. It almost begs you, to throw your chappal (footwear) and walk barefoot, but then sanity knocks in and you behave. 

Hospitality : “Hai!! mai vari jawaan” This literally felt like, I’ve come, not to a restaurant but, to a punjabi friend’s place. The way they pamper you with their hospitality, is such a huge factor in your return, the next time. Staff is efficient and courteous. 

The Grub Story : Relishing the affair, once again. 

Starters :

  • Cheese Pataka balls (Rs. 160/-) : Deliciously spiced melting cheese, envelopes your mouth when you take that first bite. Best eaten when hot. Spicy 🌶 much. 

  • Gobi Pakoras (Rs. 140/-) : One of the best cauliflower pakoras I’ve had. It was just, everything perfect. The batter done beautifully and the florets full of flavour. 

  • Paneer Pakoras (Rs.150/-) : Didn’t click too good with my tastebuds, because somehow the Paneer fell a little flat while trying to be flavourful. 

Main Course : 

  • Cheese Burst Paratha (Rs.150/-) : This 4 layered Cheese Burst Paratha, was such a hit among everyone. Extremely cheesy and ambrosial. This is a must have over here. One of their USP’s, I say. 
  • Maharaja Thali : A beautiful assortment of Pindi Chole, Paneer butter masala, Dal Makhani, Raita, Muttar Pulao and Missi Roti. Every subzi on the Thali was lip smacking. I have to admit, that it’s a little higher on the spice level, but it’s just something you will not be to stop devouring. 

Drinks : 

  • Dry Fruit Lassi (Rs.175/-) : Gosh!! This is where, you can judge authenticity. The Lassi, took my breath away. So rich and heavily loaded with dry fruits, this is why I will visit this place again. 

Dessert : 

  • Fruit Cream (Rs. 150/-) : This is how, fruit cream, really is supposed to be. The richness of that cream and the subtle infusion of nuts and fruits in it. The result is a dessert that completes your meal, literally. 


Verdict : Kapoor’s Cafe, is a boon for all the souls that crave authentic Punjabi food. I, was impressed with almost everything that I savoured. Yes, the spice levels are high, but having said that, the food is so delicious that it hardly deters you from taking the next bite. 

I, had my nose blushed red and runny but my appetite was satisfied. 

Wishing, the entrepreneur “Mr. Arpit Kapoor”, loads of success in his venture. 

Here’s a 4 star 


Grasshopper | Restaurant Review | Bannerghatta Road | Bangalore 

Magic becomes art, when it has nothing to hide” – Ben Okri 

The silent creak of wispy trees, the crunch of pebbles shivering under my feet and the mellow shine of that ivory moon, had attuned my heart to the magnificent spread that was, yet to unfold. 

While, I perambulated the place with a keen eye, it was no surprise that i was falling in love with it. The 15 second walk from the car parking to the table, was so beautiful, with the trees passing by my peripheral vision, that it almost felt like the world existed only at the ingress of this place. 

About Grasshopper :

Grasshopper is a legacy in itself, where the memories and family cook offs of the previous generation have metamorphosed into the boutique restaurant of today. What started as a family that opened doors to friends, gradually snowballed into an exclusive “Reservations Only” restaurant. Even to this day, they take guests only on prior reservation and do not offer walk-ins. Their menu is specially curated on your choice of fare. You are required to notify the owner “Mrs. Sonali ” your food preferences, a day or two before, the big day. There is no “a la carte” & you are given an element of surprise with your meal. 

Decor & Ambiance : This is an impressive experience to soak yourself in. It’s an alfresco dining concept, with starry or sunny skies (depending on the time of your visit), green trees and yellow flamed candles as your decor. They are letting Mother Nature, impress you and trust me, she really is. There are about 5 tables and 2 exclusive dining options with extra care on privacy. The ambiance is breezy, casual yet romantic and hushed. You will not find anything of opulence, yet you sit in the lap of luxury, because of the vibes that, this place emanates. 

Hospitality : Grasshopper is synonymous with indulging you in care. The maitre d’ is in touch with you, throughout your meal. His presence is subdued, appearing almost magically when you need him, without calling out for him. He keeps a check on your table and let’s the meal transition from one course to another. This was a perfect definition of how “service a la russe”, is supposed to be. 

The Grub Story : The fare is an elaborate continuum of a 7 course meal. The cuisine style is European and there’s heavy emphasis on simple, organically sourced and exotic (in terms of Indian market availability) ingredients. 

My carte du jour was : 

  • Ginger Mint Cooler : A chilled glass of the Ginger Lime Mint Cooler, proved to be a splendid boon.

  • Cucumber gel with herbed cream cheese and gherkins : This amuse-gueule, was art on plate. The base note was a smooth salty one, with the freshness of the modernist cucumber gel that complemented the herbed cream cheese & lip puckering gherkin squares. Full marks for implementing the gelling technique. 

  • Asparagus with Crisp Sage and Parmesan : A perfect set of (maybe) buttered asparagus which just gave into the pressure of the knife and cut ever so easily, without any resistance. The crispy sage leaves were a deep hued green and crisp to the “T”. A lemony flavour was prevalent all across the dish and the nuttiness from the Parmesan, made me realise how simple flavours can be unrivalled. 

  • Smoked Aubergine Crostini : Give me a Crostini any day and I will gladly gulp it down. This was one of the best topped crostini, I’ve had in a long time. A crispy soft crostini with smoked aubergine, caramelised onions and walnut pesto. Though, it looked lacklustre, the flavour explosion made you addict yourself to it. The warmth of flavours from the aubergine, a distinctive sweetness of onions and the walnut pesto, were nothing but foodgasmic. 

  • Orange Salad : A subtle medley of orange segments with black olives, walnuts and oregano. The Salad was the palate cleanser, which was much needed before our mains. Refreshing! 

  • Vegetable Terrine : It was Picasso on my plate, the colour palette, reminded me of “The Weeping Woman”. Google it, to know what I mean. This vegetable terrine, consisted of leeks, potatoes, roasted peppers with creamed spinach. The colour play satiated my eyes and the  flavour play, satiated my soul. The little square, looked ever so spartan, but was I, in a state of disbelief at the soirée happening in my mouth. The butteriness of potatoes coupled with the earthy tones of that spinach & the sweet hints from the roasted peppers gave a taste so complex, from ingredients so simple. This was the magic “Ben Okri”, spoke about. 

  • Grilled Zucchini and Broccoli with minted pea purée : I’m a pea purée fan, I love them in my Salads, under roasted veggies, on baguettes & almost everywhere, i can sneak them. So, I do know a great “purée de pois” from an average one. This was the great one. The introduction of Mint into the pea purée was a welcomed move. The dish was layered with grilled zucchini & potatoes. Buttered asparagus, took it up by the notch and the vibrant green broccoli in conjunction to the Feta & roasted pine nuts bowled me over. Never did I think, that all these flavours would work so well together.

  • Chocolate ganache with mustard ice cream : And, that is how chocolate ganache, really ought to be. The bittersweet aphrodisiac block was paired with mustard ice cream. Mustard, is a beautiful element to our cuisines. The mustard ice cream, had a subtle piquancy and creamy mildness to it. The result of the pairing? Love ❤️ 

  • Lemongrass ice cream : I’ve filled my appetite with lemongrass ice creams, during my brief stint in Malaysia. I adore them. Love the citrusy infusion. Grasshopper, gave to me, a reason to revoke my love for it. The citrusy fragrance of lemongrass just wafted in, all around your olfactory senses. 

  • Organic honey and cinnamon ice cream : Another favourite & something I enjoyed immensely. With the cinnamon, warming my palate and at the same time calming it, my love for this creme glacée, extends beyond words. 

Here’s a sneak peek of some non vegetarian dishes: 

  • Prawns with Ginger, Sesame & Seaweed 

  • Lamb Rounds in a red wine spiced sauce with herbed veggies : 

Verdict: It isn’t a surprise that, I’m in deep throes of amour with this place. It’s just the perfect setting for your special day. Because, really you don’t need to dilly dally over anything, except giving time to each other. 

The chef, practises the art of “legerdemain” albeit in the kitchen, because he makes every dish look so deceptively simple, when in reality, it’s not. 

A 7 course meal for two costs at around  ₹5000/- + taxes. 

A 5 course meal for two costs around ₹4000/- + taxes. 

And here’s my 5 star 


P.S. : The logo has been sourced from google images, for representation purposes only. 

Rajdhani | Aam Festival | Indiranagar | Bangalore | 

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is” – Mark Twain

Well, I’m asking you quite literally, when “Mango” is the fruit in question. Would you? Allow me the privilege to save you from that precarious situation & pamper  you with Mangoes at the comfort of your chair or if you’re fancy shmancy then, in your Bergere. 

Remember how, each Indian childhood has a page dedicated to Mangoes? It’s either the collective scavenging with friends or the sweet aroma of mangoes wafting when your grandmother or mother peels them or just craving it immensely. Does this ring true? Read on. 

About Khandani Rajdhani :

Rajdhani, is a well seasoned name, in existence from the past 50 years. It is the flagship brand of “Mirah hospitality”. This vegetarian Thali restaurant, tries to break the stereotype of Thali restaurants being boring. With the cuisine concentrating on “Rajasthani & Gujrati”, you will be pleasantly surprised to see 72 rotating menus, to keep you entertained. 

Decor : A very polished feel to the decor having deep tones with contrasting neutral tones to balance the colour theme. The upholstery is comfortable and fair enough. The ambiance is casual as well as unhurried. An elegantly relaxed place to dine in. 

Hospitality : I, just can not employ enough words to tell you, how much they pampered us. With the aarthi being done, the tika being applied & the act of partaking a small piece of ladoo, while entering the “Rajdhani” premises, the guest feels like, there really can be no place better than this. From the usher to the maitre d’, everyone was passionate about their job. Extremely courteous staff.

The Grub Story : I, was quite eagerly anticipating the “Aam festival”. I had to put that little tick next to the food bucket list, after all. 

The Thali was a gorgeous masterpiece. Though, we started off with an empty one😜, by the time it filled up, it looked like a charm. 

We were welcomed by delicious glasses of : 

  • Aam lassi
  • Kairi Panna
  • Aam Thandai 

All of which were extremely smooth & flavourful. My favourite was the Aam lassi, for its subtlety. 

After the drinks, our Thali started getting filled with an array of Farsan or fried snacks. 

  • Shahi Aam Dhokla : A pretty looking dhokla with quad-coloured layer. The flavour of mango was very pronounced and made this an enjoyable munch.

  •  Kairi stuffed bread roll : This was an ingenious dish in which, the raw mango’s sourness was masked well with spices. The result was a bread roll with tiny hints of sour notes. 

  • Chatpata Kacha Kairi Muthiya : Worked on the same sweet-spicy  tones, with an extremely soft texture. 

  • Mango Dryfruit Ghugra : A subtle Ghugra with minimal flavours. 

Now, after the Farsan, we started with the curries & rice. A choice that spoilt us and had me tethering to my seat, even after the event was over. 

  • Arbi Mango Rasawala
  • Aam Pyaz ki Sabji
  • Kaddu kairi ka bharta 
  • Aam ki launji with Khoba Roti 
  • Mango Dal Dhokli 
  • Fajeto 
  • Mango pulao

What made me go gaga, was the “Mango Dal”. Oh my goodness!! What a burst of flavours, playing up in your mouth. Having said that, the flavours complemented each other and didn’t at any moment clash. 

Another star was the “Aam ki Launji with Khoba Roti”, which was a new experience for me. The Aam ki launji, was again a sweet-spicy dish, with the base note being spicy and hints of sweetness due to the added sugar. It had the warmth of carom seeds deep through the dish and went great with the Khoba Roti, which is an impressive flat bread. This Roti, is much thicker than the normal rotis, with a crusty exterior and a soft interior. It’s almost like a hybrid between a roti & a biscuit. Oh so yum!! 

The Mango Pulao was packed with just the most clean flavours and hint of sweet acidity from the mango. Impressive! 

At last, we were given desserts, which weren’t many, but just 2. I was, hoping there would be more, but I wasn’t disappointed.

  • Amrakhand 
  • Aam Jalebi 

Amrakhand, isn’t something that I haven’t tried, no novelty here. Faired fine with my tastebuds. 

But.. the “AAM JALEBI”, made me fall in love again. What a well thought dessert. I would’ve eaten just the jalebi for the meal and walked out happy. The Mango slice was dipped in the Jalebi batter and fried. Then generously dipped in the sugar syrup. A sweet sour harmony of notes, which makes you want for more. Served with mouth watering Rabdi on the side. 


Verdict : Being an individual, who doesn’t really fancy mangoes (yes, i’m the first in that category) I enjoyed the Thali a lot. There were staunch favourites and some average curries as well. Aam festival is Rajdhani’s take on the summery weather, where everyone wants to indulge in the “King Of Fruits”. The Thali retails at Rs.450/- lunch and Rs.499/- Dinner. The Aam festival, goes on till June. 

Rajdhani celebrates the #Aamlicious arrival of Mango, by incorporating mango in all their dishes. It’s a treat, if you’re a mango lover. Something to take you down memory lane, albeit on a different route.

Here’s a 4 star for it. 


Toscano | Restaurant Review | Forum Mall| Koramangala |Bangalore| 

 “Life is a combination of magic and pasta” – Federico Fellini

So, primarily for this reason, I decided to venture out into the depths of my favourite cuisine- Italian. I, had to look no further than “Toscano”. After all, I decided to debunk the magic part of Fellini’s quote and prove that “Life”, is all about pasta.

Etched into the viridian hues of Italian landscape are the real essences of Italy. It’s culture, it’s celebration of food & wine and the rapture of love. 

About Toscano

It’s a trattoria styled restaurant with a bar. Toscano believes in simplicity of dishes, rather than complex flavours that confuse you. With the main aim of proffering authentic “Italian” food to the Indian palate and sensitising it, to the food culture, Toscano was conceptualised by “Jean Michael Jasserand”. 

Decor : Heavily prevalent of a roadside Trattoria, the template of fern green colour as an accessory in creating the over all look succeeds. The restaurant beautifully encases a part of Italy, in it. Neon boards flash across with “Pizzeria” written on them and I’m half expecting an Italian to wow me over now. The ambiance is relaxed and casual elegant. 

Hospitality : Right from the usher to the maitre d’, everyone made sure that we enjoyed our experience. The wait staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their affairs. Mr. Suprabhatt and another gentleman whose name I’ve forgotten, were a charm in handling our table. Timing, speed and execution were spot on. 

The Grub Story : Each dish was beautiful rendition to its counterpart in Italy. 

Salads : 

  • Goat Cheese, Rucola and Pear Salad (Rs.345/-): A beautiful pop of colour, with rocket, young spinach, toasted almonds, pear, baby beet and aged Parmesan shavings. The flavours were fresh and the punch of that Goat cheese was immaculate, with some balsamic dressing to bind it all together. The palate was pleased and the appetite satisfied.

  • Toscano’s Caesar Salad (Rs.325/-) : With just the bare necessities of crisp romaine, homemade garlic croutons and aged Parmesan in a herbed oil dressing, this one blew our socks off! 

  • Citric Fruits and Feta Salad (Rs.325/-): Oranges, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Apples and Carrots all tossed in an in house dressing. The acidity of the citric fruits was balanced quite well with a subtle sweet tone from the dressing and the salt factor from the Feta. 

  • Tuna Nicoise (Rs. 365/-) : Looked every bit of fop, with perfectly hard boiled eggs and bits of tuna.

Anti Pasti : 

  • Caprese Classic (Rs.385/-) : Marinated tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella served with melon, rocket leaves, olives and basil pesto. The earthiness of the flavours hits your palate and trust me, you will be more than pleased when the light saltiness of that mozzarella meets the peppery basil pesto. The tomatoes impart a distinctive sweetness as well. 

  • Spinach, potato and spaghetti croquettes (Rs.345/-) : Crumb fried Croquettes served with aioli and finger chips. This was a personal favourite with the crispy exterior meeting it’s match at the mushy interior with that spinach and potato gooeyness. 

  • Olive and Feta Bruschetta (Rs.345/-) :  The bruschetta was a magnificent piece of flavour with the Feta, mixed greens, Balsamic and Basil. They were beautifully crunchy with a soft bite. 

Mains : 

  • Homemade Spinach & Ricotta filled Ravioli (Rs.515/-) : The joy of just sinking your teeth, into something so pleasant is enough. The sauce was a stark white, chive cream one and the Ravioli was done with that distinctive firmness. The filling in the Ravioli made my heart melt. Overall, a great dish. 

  • Homemade Pumpkin & Ricotta filled Ravioli (Rs.515/-) : Another beauty with a nice pomodoro sauce. Had that tang to it and was as delicious as it’s creamy counterpart. 

  • Lasagna Verdue (Rs.515/-) : Oh Lord! The flavour, yes the rich and deep flavour. That pomodoro sauce was just the right kind of acidic with the warmth of those baked veggies and the gooeyness of mozzarella. Not to be missed. 

  • Tiger Prawns (Rs.925/-) : Looked gorgeous, but I wouldn’t be able to tell anything significant.

  • Chicken De Toscano (Rs. 545/-) : What a delight, it was seeing the chicken breast stuffed with ricotta & spinach dripping with its own gravy. Made me wanna abandon the vegetarian in me. 

Desserts : All for Rs.225/-

  • Toscano’s signature Khalua mousse: Served in an almond tuile and creme anglaise 😋

  • Mango Pannacotta : served with mint, Fruits and vanilla ice cream.

  • Affogatto al caffe : A delightful Italian favourite. Your vanilla ice cream topped with Italian coffee and amaretto biscuits.

  • Chocolate Eclair : Heart and soul warming. Looked every bit of love on a platter. My favourite! 

Verdict : What’s not to love, when you are taken on a food trip through the by lanes of Italy, stopping at every trattoria that comes your way. Relishing & diving in love with the cuisine. 

A worthy place to visit & familiarise yourself with the simplicity of Italian cuisine.

4 stars for this beauty!