Prestige TTK’s “MasterChef Shazia Khan’s Food Tasting Event” 

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe- Thomas Keller

How true do these words chime, when you see the “Masterchef Runner up Chef Shazia Khan”, whip up a storm during the Prestige TTK event, with the most heart warming smile and eyes that twinkle when she’s cooking on stage. She’s enjoying the aura of food and happily looks beautiful in her natural habitat. Like Thomas Keller said, she kept blowing soul into her recipes.

March 27 2017, heralded a beautiful day at the “Oberoi Hotel” Bangalore. I, was invited over for “Prestige TTK’s Food Tasting Event By Chef Shazia Khan”. I was on the dot, in fact early by 15 minutes and to my pleasant surprise, I see the lady, herself doing the prep for the cooking demo. With containers opening and closing and Chef Shazia Khan in deep conversation with her sous chef, I understood what cooking really meant to her. Her book “What’s On The Menu”, has already won hearts and awards for being one of the best in the genre. 

The event started with, Mr. Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige saying that, “Cooking has evolved into an art form. It is important to have the right cooking tools and gadgets to recreate the perfect dish. In fact, for the home cook, a well equipped kitchen can dictate and have an impact on what he or she eats on a daily basis. Now, with the help of TTK Prestige, it is easy to re-create nouvelle cuisine from the comfort of your home.”

With this gist, we saw Chef Shazia Khan uncomplicate nouvelle cuisine. She awed us all with her unconstrained flair in making 5 delectable dishes in a matter of  90 minutes. You could say, it was a “pressure test” of sorts and the only pressure we saw, was in the Prestige Clip On Pressure Cooker. 

She curated a beautiful Michelin Star Menu, in conjunction with the cookware that had been provided by “Prestige”. Cooking is an art and you need your tools to be superior in quality while doing so. 

I also can’t emphasise any more on this, that your ingredients need to be salubrious. We all need to remember that no matter how spartan a recipe is, if your ingredients are top notch, it changes by 10 folds. Fresh and organic produce are always your safe and best bets while cooking. 

Take a look at the menu : 

  • Dukkah Encrusted Paneer with Beetroot Cream 

  • The Brinjal Affair 

  • Cuban Skewers 

  • Grilled Figs With Almond Crumble & Vanilla Mousse 

  • Grape Juice Puchka Shots 
  • Chilly Mutton Sliders 

During the preparation of the above dishes, she used a range of innovative kitchen tools and gadgets from TTK Prestige that included: Prestige Air-Fryer, Prestige Slow Juicer, Clip on pressure cooker, Schott glass gas hob top, Automatic mixer grinder, Induction cook top, Gold cookware and the Veggie cutter.

I, had the opportunity to try out the Prestige veggie cutter and trust me, it is one of the most blessed things to have in your kitchen. I’m also highly impressed with the “Clip On Pressure Cooker”, which saves you the hassles of the whole pressure cooker slot thing, all you need to do is just Clip it on. It has a unique balance of durability and functionality in  the form of release. 

We were enriched with the experience, which reiterated to us the basics of being a happy cook. Not everyone can be a chef, but everyone can be a great cook. Just stock up your artillery well and create magic! 


The Tao |Restaurant Review| 1 MG Mall | 

” I am not a glutton- I am an explorer of food” – Erma Bombeck

I, avidly believe in exploring. Exploration of restaurants, shacks, stalls, roadside cafes, etc. for the enrichment of my foodie soul. I’ve always had a soft little corner for Thai food, which had nestled itself into my heart, during my food prowl in “Yaowarat” aka Chinatown. 

Pleasantly happy at the exclusive invite to savour the “Songkran Thai Food Festival”, I, had to do some rewinding, to imbibe myself in the Thai love. 


Songkran is the “Celebration of the Thai New Year”. This year, it’s the year of the Rooster. In case, you thought that was my alarm, it isn’t. It’s the celebratory welcome ergo the cackle! 

About The Tao : 

The whole essence of “The Tao”, is bringing in authentic Pan-Asian cuisine to cherish. With a curated selection of the best dishes from Japan, Thailand, China, Burma, Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea. Utmost care, is given to sourcing the ingredients and heroing them up in the food. It’s an in depth experience, one that makes you smile ear to ear. This is Oriental cuisine for your gastronomic soul. 

Decor : The moment you step in, there is a zen like aura of entering into an age-old Wat. With the architecture heavily filled with influences of the Far-East, it’s quite easy to lose yourself in its decor. The dim lighting, the lone tealight candles, the Buddha statues and the water cascading down the stones in the form of a waterfall, just adds to the whole experience. Welcome, to a slice of Asia, in Bangalore. 

Hospitality : Being a premium fine dine restaurant, the hospitality that was expected was that of a superlative conduct and I’m happy to say, that it stayed true to my expectations and didn’t disappoint in the least. They could, up their game, by being better informed about the menu and the ingredients that go into it. 

The Grub Story : Being the “Songkran Festival”, we were given a sampler from the special menu. The flavours were subtle yet power packed with grace. Not one dish overwhelmed the other. Read on and savour each dish along with me.

  • Pod Pia Thod Thai Spring Rolls with Chilli-Plum sauce : These Spring Rolls were little bites of Thai heritage, veggies wrapped in the sheets and deep fried, to be savoured with the signature sauces that came along with it. 

  • Thai Sweet Corn Salsa (Rs.275/-) : This was a simple Salad, with just some sweet corn, red chillies, bell peppers and lemongrass. The secret of flavour was in the dressing. With the tang from the lemons and the sweetness from the honey, I, just couldn’t resist not going for a second helping.

  • Spicy Fruit Salad : Fresh exotic fruits in a warm sweet and spicy  dressing. Garnished with fresh mint leaves, the fruits reminded me of walking down an orchard, on a sunny day. Quite a Salad, I must say. Refreshing and ambrosial. 

  • Gang Som Pak Ruam- Thai Sweet Sour & Spicy Soup (Rs.175/-) : The plain looking orange tinted soup, had me by surprise at the first slurp. Delectable, fresh and extremely light with thinly sliced veggies relaxing around in the broth. Again a sweet & sour harmony with the warmth from the assortment of vegetables.

  • Pad Seow Gai (Rs.325/-) : Thin Ribbon Noodles and veggies, tossed in the signature sweet and sour sauce. Though, everything on the menu was a shade of a certain sweet sour, they were all different versions of each other. The ribbon noodles had that chewy yet delicate bite to it, the tang was cut through by the earthiness of bell peppers. Yes, in deep love with it. 

  • Ruam Stir Fried Vegetable with Chilli Garlic Holy Basil : A beautiful and thick brown Sauce, with slight pungency of Garlic, sweet and sour flavour profile and the tossing of veggies like Zucchini, Bok Choy, Broccoli and Bell peppers. Savoured with Jasmine Rice. 

  • Jasmine Rice (Rs.300/-) : Fragrant with the aroma of jasmine, yet neutral in flavour when it came to taste. Was a superb accompaniment with the gravies. 

Desserts :

  • Child Coconut Milk with Sweet Water Chestnut (Rs.300/-) : There are some things that just instantly remind you of your travels and give you a flashback. This was one of those things, though, I’ve had a very sweet version of it. The dessert was extremely non sweet, when you spooned the syrup and drank. Then, suddenly, once you hit the rubies (Red Water Chestnuts), the sweetness came through. The tender meat of the child coconut is blitzed and made into a beautiful coconut milk and coloured water chestnuts are added to it. 

  • Fresh Turmeric Ice Cream (Rs.300/-) : What a beauty. Period. This is one of those unique things, that are exclusive to a certain region. The flavour, is just so simple. It’s just pure Turmeric ice cream with a dash of Honey and toasted sesame. The moment you scoop in, these 3 and eat, you get to realise what you’ve been missing all along. Must have. 

  • Jasmine Tea : I’m a hard core, tea connoisseur and I loved the delicate Jasmine prevalence in the tea and it was a very apt way to end the meal.

A sneak peek into the non vegetarian side: 

Larb Gai Chicken Salad 

Kuey Teow Moo Daeng -Red Roasted Chicken Soup

Fish fry 

Gai Pad Pangali- Sliced Chicken with Thai Yellow Paste 

Khao Moo Daeng/ Stir Fried Roasted Duck with celery and star anise

Verdict : The Songkran Thai Food Festival, was a harmony of sweet, sour and spicy flavours. Like, I said earlier, each dish was magnificent on its own. It’s a surreal experience and well cherished one. 

It’s a fine dine restaurant, so it’s only natural that the pricing is on the tad bit higher end.

A heart warming 4 star for the place. 


48 East |Gourmet Home Delivery |Indiranagar|Bangalore

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are”- Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin 

I’m a vegetarian by choice and I don’t really know, how much Jean would have been able to tell about me, but I do know that ; People who gather around a table, share food, laughs and conversations are thus the ” joie de vivre” of any gathering. 

Glad, was I, to be invited over for a taste testing session at the kitchen of “48East” Indiranagar, to really understand and relish their offerings. Having heard, a lot about them, from every person, I possibly know ; I just couldn’t miss the opportunity. 

About 48East : 

It’s an ambitious venture and one of a kind food startup, which brings forth  different cultures from the 48 countries of the Asian Continent, tweaks them up and engenders the feeling of a gourmet food trip at the comfort of your home. 

With, the main goal of creating awareness about the heterogeneity of Asian Cuisine, 48East successfully proffers a variety of dishes at dime store prices. 

Founded in August 2016, by Joseph Cherian and Nabhojit Ghosh with 50 years of collective experience in the food industry. These gentlemen are out there, to change the exclusive “Home delivery” panorama. 

Experience at the 48East kitchen :

A sunny afternoon and I, hear ladles and pans clinking and clonking to the harmony of the sounds of a busy kitchen. We, were welcomed with smiles and we set ourselves up, for an exhilarating ride. 


  • Pan-seared Veg Baozi : How beautifully fluffy and aerated the baozi were, words fail to describe the soft melt in the mouth feel. The baozi was light, well leavened, faint hint of sweetness with the flavours from the filling of mixed veggies. The pan searing, gave the bao more texture. Served with mustard sauce, schezwan sauce and a chilli sauce. Take your dip! 

  • Spinach, Cheese & Golden Garlic Dumpling: What a visual treat, these dumplings are. Made most probably out of potato starch, for that exclusive glass wrapper look, these dumplings are an earthy profile of Spinach and fried Garlic with that unforgivable cheesiness from the cheddar. The wrapper has a tad chewy bite to it, which works brilliantly with the fillings. A classic and an elite dish, for sure. 

Sides :

  • Malaysian Corn & Bean Salad : Salads are always the prime stars for my meal. I love them heavy, light or peppy. Give me any kind and I will drool. Pompous as it may sound, this one, finds its way into the “One of the Best Salads in the City” list. I, kid you not. With a peppery freshness from the “kaffir lime – chilli vinaigrette”, the assortment of veggies in the bowl just bloomed in flavour. Sweet corn, baked beans, peppers, cilantro and cherry tomatoes.. the freshness quotient zoomed up. Very reminiscent of the “Mexican Corn & Bean Salad”. I’m presuming the Malaysian twist, must have been due to the dressing. Must have! 

  • Tai Chin Water Chestnut : Hailing from the Tai Chin region of China, the Tai Chin Sauce is a medley of sauces like the soya sauce, hoisin sauce and hot chilli sauce. The result is a deep red or a dark brown sauce with a spicy profile. Crunchy water chestnuts were dunked along with coloured peppers in the sauce. A nice, spicy and warm toned dish. 

Main Course :

  • Bok Choy Mushrooms with Mun Fan : Oh! So fancy 😋 Gimme Bok Choy any day and I will devour it with the same voracity, with which non vegetarians devour meat. This dish had us all “ooh and aah-ing”, it came wrapped in a lotus leaf, which revealed delectable button and shiitake mushrooms in a tangy Soya-Ginger sauce, along with pan fried Bok Choy in Mun Fan. Mun Fan is rice, braised well and served with a savoury gravy. There are quite a few ways, of making Mun Fan and this seemed delicious as well. 

  • Burmese Vegetable Khowsuey : I, love one dish wonders. This is a total meal in its own right. The Khowsuey has layers of flavours, like the noodles, the fresh veggies and the aromatic coconut curry made with coconut milk and spices. The exuberance of this dish translates, when you take the first slurp. The mouth gets enveloped in a depth of coconut-y and a sweet chilli tone. My favourite, I daresay. 

  • Green pea falafel sandy : I wish, I had an extra space in my tummy, just to eat this. The falafels were exquisite and what was more noteworthy were the bao’s in which they came snuggled. Light and airy, the bao’s stole the show. A bite of this beauty had the lightness of the bao, creaminess of the herbed mayo , freshness from the tomatoes and the crispness of the green pea falafel 🥙 Don’t miss it! 

Desserts :

  • Thap Tim Krob : Aah! The red rubies. This famous Thai dessert, is made out of cold coconut milk and coloured water chestnuts with syrup. It’s a simple, no frills dessert, which will leave you wanting for more. It isn’t overtly sweet and it certainly isn’t something you find everywhere. 

  • Nest of Dragon : Just reliving the memory, makes me dance with joy. The crystal clear dumplings kept a gem hidden in them. When you took a bite, first the chewy texture came and then after a second or two the explosion of the chocolate ganache. The ganache was the bittersweet one, which made it all the more better. All that I cared for, was this, the Honey noodles which came with it, sadly went unnoticed and were just a prop in the presentation. MUST HAVE! 

  • Banana Rolls : Deceptively looked like Baklava at the first and then on further inspection, they were dainty rolls of phyllo pastry ensconcing a firm slice of fried banana. As simple as it sounds, this was another dessert that had me swooning. The generous sprinkling of nuts, the caramelised banana and that phyllo.. I’m ready to fatten up, alright 🤤

Verdict : I’m a believer now, in doorstep gourmet food. Somehow, for me, gourmet food and doorstep aka home delivery was always an oxymoron. To experience gourmet, you had to check-in to a fine dine restaurant right? Maybe shell out a few thousands and get back home with a hole in your pocket? 

Well, oxymoron or not, I’m a moron to have tainted my thinking with preconceived notions. 48East, proves me wrong and I’m the happiest to surrender. It’s the era of doorstep gourmet and 48East has proved to be a pioneer in the genre. 

All the residents, in and around Indiranagar and Marathahalli, do yourself a favour, go online or download the app and enjoy! 

As for me, I’m just gonna wait in anticipation for 48East to start delivering in Benson Town And Frasertown 🤤🤤😢

4.5 star for this one! 


Momo Jojo|Restaurant Review| BTM Layout |

“Hana yori Dango” (Dumplings over flowers) -Amanda Sun

While the real depth to the above statement means,  “needs over wants”, I’m taking it quite literally, when I step into this place. It’s the “momo heaven”, where only the good momo’s get to stay. 

Who needs a flower bouquet, when you can get infatuated with just the kinds of dumplings they are proffering. 😋

About Momo Jojo :

The name is inspired from “The Powerpuff Girls”, adorable villain “Mojo Jojo”, to impart a funky vibe to the place. Young Entrepreneurs “Mr.Ankit” and “Mr. Chetan”, started the establishment with an ambitious aim, of getting wide variety of dumplings under one roof. Their love, for the humble dumpling has surpassed all the borders of vacillation, because the concept of an exclusive dumpling restaurant is making sense. It’s a BOLD move, albeit a very smart one. 

They spoil you for choice, when they tell you that they have 64 kinds of momos. They have 3 branches throughout Bangalore, with this BTM branch being the latest one. The Koramangala branch, is in the hub of restaurants, opposite “Empire” and is another place to bet your money on.

Decor : It’s a small and cosy place with an almost industrial meets quaint kind of decor. The ambience is cheery and the pop of yellow and black, does wonders to complete outlook. 

Hospitality  : Fair enough, nothing to write home about. The staff were efficient and the food kept gracing the table at proper intervals of time

The Grub Story : I, was invited over for a “bloggers table” at the restaurant. My apprehension had got the better of me and I was actually thinking that, this would be a “so-so” experience. 

How many times do I need to say, “Noorain, stop tainting yourself with the colours of prejudice”

Here’s what we savoured : 

  • Iced Tea and Raw Mango Tango (Rs.45/-) : A summery afternoon and these drinks. You can rest assured that, you will relishing them. My choice would be the iced tea, any day. The depth of flavour and no watering down of that tea, solved my purpose. 

  • Filling Sampler (Rs.95/-) : A plate full of 8 different kinds of momos. Each Momo was beautifully delicate and filled with a tongue tickling filling. A trailer before you decide, which one you would wanna indulge in. 

  • Spinach cheese corn (Rs.95/-) : This was my favourite. The dumpling skin, was bite-in firm yet soft. The spinach cheese corn filling was amazingly yum. The spinach embedded in the salty cheese and sweetness of corn, had me wanting for more. 

  • Garlic Cheese (Rs.95/-) : Another, classic combination, which you can never go wrong with. Lightly flavoured with garlic and generously mouthful, with cheese. 

  • Seasoned Potato (Rs.75/-) : Yes, you read that right. I’m sure you’re thinking it won’t work, but take my word for it. It does. The masala seasoned mash potatoes in the dumpling skin, really made it a must have. Dip it in the in-house mustard relish and thank me later.
  • Paneer Salsa (Rs.95/-) : Not a fan, because I’m a “no to spicy hot” kinda person. But, my friends loved it, they loved the Paneer and the chilli combination. 

  • Tandoori Momos (Rs.30+ price of your choice of Momo) : The concept of Tandoori Momo, is taking your choice of Momo, like say “Garlic Cheese” and putting it into a secret batter and tandoor-ised. What ensues is a trip of “yumm” 😋 

  • Street Bhel (Rs.30+ price of your choice of momo) : The converting the humble momo into a street bhel, is something that is innovative and one of the firsts in the restaurant scene in Bangalore. Atleast, I haven’t had it anywhere else. I really need to applaud the thought. The first layer is, of the Momo of your choice and the next is of the roadside bhel, with tangy sourness of lemons and crunch of the coriander, with mashed potatoes to grace and peanuts to seal the deal. This is their USP, by default and something, you really must try, just to experience the concept. 

  • Pan Fried (Rs. 20 + price of your choice of Momo) : A delectable take on the usual steamed or fried momo. Pan fried, is flash frying of the Momo till there are those beautiful streaks of gold on them. I loved, the pan fried garlic cheese Momo. 

  • Momo Sizzlers(Rs.255/-)  : This humongous baby, will make you wail with happiness. The quantity, the quality and the presentation.. are bang on! The Momo sizzler is based on your choice of rice or noodle base, topped with your choice of Momo and spicy pepper sauce, also served with a generous helping of fries. We, opted for butter garlic noodle base and garlic and cheese momos. I’m just amazed at how stringy and thin almost vermicelli like the noodles were. The quality of the noodles in the sizzler, made me smile ear to ear. They were thin and almost stringy. Such a beauty to see and devour as well. A must must must have! 


  • Choco Bao (Rs. 45/-) : Omg! I’m in pure love with this little piece of innovation. I’ve had a lot of chocolate dumplings and this is something that’s elite. The spongy bao filled with the coconut based chocolate filling, will leave you satisfied with your meal. Just look at the price will you? Totes affordable. 

  • Chocolate Brownie with Ice cream (Rs.95/-) : The run of the mill, chocolate brownie sizzler. Nothing to talk about, except the awesome pricing. 👍🏻👍🏻

Verdict : Momos have become such an integral part of our life. It’s our version of a short eat. Slowly yet steadily they have become a part of our roadside eating culture. Experience the Momo, like never before and stuff yourself up. If, I was a kid.. I’d be breaking my piggy bank to pay a visit to Momo Jojo, it’s that good. The VFM is superb. 

Yes, go ahead, grab a bite at this place. 

Well deserved 4 star!! 


Made In Punjab |Restaurant Review| UB City~Lavelle Road | 

  ” I, just hate health foods”- Julia child 

 Well, Julia.. You’re not the only one. My feelings, chime with yours as well. 

When you say “Punjab”, a phantasmagoria of images loaded with desi ghee (clarified butter), Chargrilled drumsticks, Dal Makhani, Lassi and Paranthas start fading into one another.  A backdrop of turban clad gentlemen and patiala shalwar clad ladies, slide in and out. The warm flavours and warmer aromas, play up with your senses. Before you know it, you’re diving into a territory of heartiness of the “North West Frontier” cooking. 

About Made In Punjab: 

I, was invited over for a menu tasting session, at “Made in Punjab”, along with my like-tummied (patented term 😋) foodie friends. MIP, is the newest offering from the house of “Farzi Cafe”. The buzz word here is “innovation”, as their dishes are a melange of tradition meets innovation. 

Decor : The decor is a beautiful blend of contemporary style. With, neat and crisp furnishings sublimely merging with the background of beige tone, the ambience sets the mood for a trip to unwind your frazzled nerves and to indulge in long conversations. 

Hospitality : Courteous and well informed staff. I’ve been to quite a few places in Bangalore and by few places, I mean the star properties and MIP staff has impressed me profoundly with their in- depth knowledge of dishes. Full marks for hospitality. 

The Grub Story : Allow me the privilege to take you, on a moreish ride with me. By, the end of this review, you will want to thank me. 

Beverages / Mocktails 

  • Minty Apple : This one, had me a little perplexed as the sweet quotient overpowered every other note. Had the sweetness been subdued, it would’ve been palatable. 

  • Kesar Pistay wali Lassi : Waah! Paaji.. kya ghaint lassi pila di mainu! (Great lassi) I, fell in love with the beautiful buttermilk here, the sweet tone, just right, the taste spot on and what a visual treat as well 😋😋 While, the floral saffron and the earthy pistachio urged me for another sip, sweet- sour smoothness of buttermilk coated my mouth with happiness. It’s a taste that has to be relished. Must have! 


  • Jau Mushroom Chakli : I, hereby declare that whatever I say, will only be the absolute truth in all senses. “EXTRAORDINARILY DELIGHTFUL”. Yup, intentional use of caps, because I loved it so much. Never, have I eaten something so smooth, yet textured heavily. The texture of the plump grains of barley and the intense earthy flavour of mushrooms, was immaculate. The flavour profile was non spicy, bland yet flavourful, with an almost umami like feeling. 

  • Popeye Paaji ki Chaat : Instead, of your normal refined flour papadi, they had spinach based papadi. The base remained the same as with all chaats, like the thick yogurt, date-tamarind Chutney and some gram flour sev. It was a deconstructed Chaat of sorts. Well enjoyed and less messier to eat 😋

  • Broccoli Badam : *Deep breath in and out * Who, would ever think that something as simple as broccoli could be turned into something so gourmet? The recipe doesn’t call for much technique or ingredients, a little blanching and flash frying of broccoli and adding slivers of almond to it. But the taste? Aahh.. mesmerisingly upscale! The crunch of firm yet soft broccoli with the earthiness of almonds and the cheese, made me nostalgic. 

  • Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka : When, I’m talking tikkas, I’m talking flavour, spice, chargrilling, smokiness, grab for more and hearty. This Tikka, could’ve done more with everything that I said. Extremely light, nothing karara (crispy) about it, this “Tikka” bordered on the line of being average. 

Main Course  

  • Maa ki Dal : Punjabi cuisine is incomplete without  “Maa ki Dal”, in their list. Better known as “Dal Makhani”. Maa ki Dal is the lentil that goes into the making of the legendary Dal Makhani. The black lentil is imperative in imparting that texture as well as the taste. Loaded with copious amounts of Ghee and cream. This is comfort food for the soul. 

  • Lehsun Palak Chenna : A toothsome gravy, made out of spinach. A saag, if you may. The saag had an overwhelming tone of garlic, which surprisingly complemented well with the bland chenna dumplings and the mineral-y flavour of spinach. Pair it up with butter or garlic naan, and you’re set. 

  • Gucchi Pulao : A beautiful hodgepodge of fragrant Basmati rice, with equally delicious briny textured Morel Mushrooms. The pulao was kept on the lower end of  spice, to hero the morel. I, could configure some Garam masala, Ghee and the visible fried mint. I, must say, it was every bit of ambrosia. 

Desserts :

  • Nukkad Jalebi : OMG!! A piece of Indian dessert heaven. The crunchy jalebi was dunked in Rabdi. The Result? Love in every bite. The crunchy and sweet jalebi when scooped with the low on sugar Rabdi, met your tongue, it just sent shivers down your spine and shuts your brain synapses which tell you to stop eating when you’re full. Enjoy the comatose state 😋😋

Here’s a sneak peek at what my non vegetarian and non teetotaller buddies had : 

  • Nasili Chai 

  • Kalmi Kabab 

  • Tandoori Legacy Champ

  • Nalli Hardkaur 

  • Legacy Butter Chicken 

Verdict : An absolute yes, so that you can experience the love that chef “Gaurav”, has for his food. There were a few hiccups here and there for the non vegetarians, but for my vegetarian fare, everything was spot on yum. 
A well deserved 4.5 star rating for the place! 


Cafesta | Cafe Review| Whitefield | Bangalore

“Good Food is the foundation of genuine happiness”- Auguste Escoffier 

I, fondly remember walking through the aisles of a supermarket as a child and wanting to grab the boxes of ready to make pancakes. 

They always failed miserably, but mum had her own recipe to make my world a better place. While, I watched the world fade into a delirium, from the tinted window, with my nose stubbed onto the glass, my olfactory senses would tingle up to the aroma of hot, homemade pancakes. 

When I was invited over by the cafe to experience their famous “Eggless Pancakes & Desserts”, my eyes lit up. I, was ready to travel the torturous 17 km, in Bangalore traffic to get a taste. 

About Cafesta :

This is a cafe, where they have short eats, quick bites, mocktails and desserts. Their main USP, is their dessert counter. Trying to be a hybrid between a cafe and a bakery, they try to bring the best of both worlds. 

Decor : Being, a quaint little nook in the “Park Ascendas Mall”, which has an outdoor seating area and an indoor seating, there really isn’t much to write home about. Having said that, the proprietor plans to have a pull down screen for meetings, thereby, converting it into an exclusive space, if needed. 

The Grub Story : My favourite part, let’s dig in. 

  • Nachos Bellgrande (Rs.149/-): A beautiful medley of crunchy nachos with generous dollops of mayo, jalapeños, olives and tomato salsa. The balance between the spicy elements and tomato salsa faired well. Crunchy, flavourful and a must have. They have a chicken version as well. (featured here are chicken nachos bellgrande)

  • Cheese Garlic Bread (Rs.99/-): The garlic bread, in itself was delicious, but had there been more cheese, it would’ve been even more enjoyable. The softness of the bread and the soft pungency of garlic, had me in love. 

  • Cheese Sauce Pasta (Rs.159/-): What this needs is some deserving credit. It isn’t something extraordinary, but it certainly is worth mentioning. The base had the sweetness of onions, the fair enough heartiness of a roux , al dente penne and garnishing of  black olives. Full points for presentation as well. 

  • Double patty Jumbo Veg Burger (Rs. 119/-) : What I liked about this burger was the way, it was paired with the salsa on the side. The burger was good, with good amounts of mayo slathered on. A very fulfilling bite, indeed. 

  • Chicken Sanburg (Rs. 129/-): A sanburg according to the owner, is a mishmash between a “Sandwich and a burger”. Instead of mince or shredded chicken, there was a chicken burger patty inside. Grilled to perfection from out. 

  • Chocolate Molten Pudding Sundae (Rs.149/-) : The congregation of Chocolate mousse with brownie and vanilla ice cream, was a delectable tale of sweetness, with 2 levels of sweetness going. One was the chocolate-y sweet, while the other was subtle sweet. The vanilla cut through the sweetness and provided a relief. 

  • Eggless Waffle with Nutella & Icecream (Rs. 190/-): A tad bit, on the expensive side for my understanding. The waffle was pretty delicious, but they do need to decode the perfect waffle recipe. The waffle was a tad bit crunchy, as opposed to it being soft. 

  • Eggless Pancake with Maple Syrup (Rs.110/-) / Eggless Pancake with Maple Syrup and blueberry compote & dollop of butter (Rs. 150/-) :  I, truly loved it. I do miss the egg though, because we all are so used to having that fluff, while biting into a pancake. But, apart from that, the pancakes were delectable. My favourite had to be the simple Maple Syrup with Blueberry Compote..Must have!! 

  • Mojito (Rs. 99/-): Refreshingly great! Loved the mason jar as well. The trend has caught on so well! The mojito was a perfect blend of soda and lemon, with the freshness of mint.

  • Green apple (Rs. 89/-): The green apple with Soda, was fair enough. Not a fan, found it way too sweet. 

  • Ferrerro Rocher Shake (Rs. 229/-): I’m a Ferrerro Rocher fan, but this shake, had the signature Ferrerro taste subdued. I couldn’t get, the hazelnut taste, but it was really a great drink. Wish it had more body as well. 

Verdict : I, loved the approach of the proprietor “Mr. Sandeep”, with us bloggers. He was open to suggestions and happily accepted whatever we said. So, just for his astounding love of food, I will be giving it a .5 more that what I intended to rate.

So, if you’re in the mall or nearby in the area, do drop down and grab a quick bite. 


Mishmash | Restaurant Review| HSR |

“Food possesses the potency to cure a broken heart, settle a wandering soul and fill a hungry stomach”-Noorain

As, the rays of dawn, cracked through the window and nudged at my eyes, I awoke to the scenario of “stringy cheese, rigatoni, gemelli & castellane” Was it just a hypnotic state? Maybe a reverie? But, it all felt so real.. 

I, tap at the IPhone nestled under the pillow, open the to-do list and it all makes sense. 

Today, I have a bloggers meet at “Mishmash”, organised by “TheBlueBeans”. And, all that my heart and head can sing for my tummy is, 

“For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow.

For she’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us!”

“Mishmash”, is your ultimate guide to all things, that spell comfort food. They have an astoundingly large menu… You name it, they got it.. Mexican, Italian, Indian & Levantine. Because, Mishmash has “A bit of everything”

Decor  : The restaurant spoils you for choice because they have a lounge area, al fresco dining and a family dining area as well. The ambience is that of a muted romantic song. The whole ambience plays up to, set your mood for a great time. The decor is contemporary modern, with neutral tones prevalent across both the floors. It’s a no fuss- no frills kinda decor with emphasis on minimalism. 

Hospitality : Let’s just say, that these people are the apogees of hospitality. Love the way, the service kept on transitioning from one course to another without any hiccups. Perfect timing and perfect cordiality spells success! 

The Grub Story : We were so glad to have, the soaring temperatures to our advantage. How? We were greeted by elegant looking mocktails and cocktails, which vanquished the heat waves instantly. 

Mocktails :

  1. Thirsty treat(Rs.175/-) : A lemon based mocktail, with the mentholated flavour of mint. 
  2. Virgin Melon(Rs.175/-) : A very interesting combination of watermelon with basil and lime. Refreshingly yes! 
  3. Double Bliss (Rs.175/-) : Guava juice, fresh banana and ice cream. Just the perfect amount of sweetness to add in your meal. 
  4. Dreamy Litchi (Rs.175/-) : Litchi juice, peach and Cream. An extremely rich and full bodied shake. 


  • Death by Chocolate (Rs.380/-) : Chocolate shavings, Baileys and Whiskey. 

  • Poinsettia (Rs.350/-): Cointreau, Cranberry juice and Sparkling wine. 

  • Spinach Soup : The delectable puréed spinach, with the sweetness from the corn kernels topped with lemon juice, had me wanting for more. The taste developed as you sipped one spoon at a time. 

  • Thai Salad : Raw papaya juliennes, dunked with crunchy peanuts in a chilli dressing. The sweet-sour medley of flavours and the punch from the chilli dressing, made this a hit with even the non vegetarians. 

  • Paneer Bhutte ke Sheekh : The crushed Paneer aka cottage cheese amalgamated with corn and that bright yellow colour on my plate, had me going on and on. The subtle smoky chargrilled depth took this up by a notch. 

  • Wild Mushroom Arancini : I’m an Arancini patron, this one swept me off my feet. The crusty balls of heaven, when bitten into, exploded with mozzarella and mushroom bits, bound by plump rice grains. Result? Love at first bite.. Highly Recommended! 

  • Tandoori Bharwan Aloo : Little hollows of potato, filled with a mushy mix of boiled potatoes seasoned with spices. Served with a mint dip. 

  • Potato galouti with Baby Sheermal : This had to be my favourite, the mashed potato fritter, served on a crunchy biscuit base, was just amorous for me. The Galouti was spiced with authentic Awadhi Spices. 

  • Broccoli and Cheese Pizza : Enough said? The grilled broccoli and sundried tomatoes on a pesto base, made all of us go gaga. Non Vegetarians are you listening?? 

  • Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni (Rs.350/-) : Al dente tubes of cannelloni were stuffed with Spinach and cheese and served on a bed of pomodoro sauce. The thick tang was balanced with the creamy cheesiness. Recommended!

  • Raw Mango Curry (Rs.265/-) : The perfect tool for a duck face selfie. Let those lips pucker and tongue tickle, when it tastes the textured Raw mango curry. Amazing is an understatement. Sweetness from the sugar or jaggery and the tang from the mango in combination to the coconut base, made this the must have with a neer dosa. 

  • Chenna dumplings in Makhani Sauce (Rs. 275/-) : Delicious curries like this, make molecular gastronomy wail like a baby. There was nothing that I didn’t like about this curry. The smoothness of the Makhani, the visual treat of seeing Ghee floating and the gulp of those flavours. Not to be missed!

  • Blueberry Cheesecake : Welcome the mommy of all desserts and all things beautiful. The mellow flavoured blueberry sauce and the full bodied cheesecake.. No wonder, opposites do attract. 

  • Onion Kheer : Another beauty, usually I haven’t seen this anywhere at a restaurant till date. That scores brownie points and there’s nothing in the world that can make you guess onion! Try it to believe it. 

Here’s what the non vegetarians adorned their plates with. 

  • Prawn Salad & Dreamy Litchi on the side

  • Shepherd’s Pie 

Verdict : I’m hopelessly in love, Mishmash had me at the Wild Mushroom Arancini and the journey to my destination ended on a blueberry cheesecake note. Happy? Who the In the Ruddy Duff Cobbler world wouldn’t be?

Well deserved 5 Star rating for this one. 


Samaikya| Restaurant Review| HSR| Bangalore

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience” – James Beard

Azure skies and some bright sunshine, just the perfect day for a picnic. Throw in some like minded brains and their undulating passion for food & the day just couldn’t get any better.

Oh! We did have a fête champêtre of sorts that day, anyhow. No follies or streamers, Sir! 

Just a bunch of us with hungry stomachs. 

I, was invited over to be a part of the bloggers table at “Samaikya”, hosted by “The BlueBeans”.  My recent found love for “South Indian” food has been going strong and Samaikya seemed profoundly promising. Samaikya, is the synonym of unity and it is the unification of “Andhra Cuisine”. The logo represents, the Telangana, Rayalaseema & Andhra on the whole. 

Decor : The place is, in itself a medium-sized restaurant, but what caught my fancy were the beautiful works of traditional arts that had adorned the shelves of the restaurant. Beautiful and almost lifelike figurines, out and out, in their own realms of work. It was a snapshot from the rural life and i was engaged. Every section of the restaurant has the upholstery that is typical to a certain region. For example, where we were seated, it was the Ikkat handicraft, from Pochampally of the Telangana region

Hospitality : One of the finest staff, i daresay. They were just so quick and cordial. One gentleman named ” Santosh”, really made our day, with his service. Kudos to you Santosh!! 

The Grub Story : And, here i start with my ode. Read on- 

  • Buttermilk : We were greeted with a glass of cold and instantly refreshing Buttermilk. Light on the palate. 

  • Karavepaku Charu (Rs.55/-) : This light and spicy 🌶 soup made out of lentils and curry leaves was something, I enjoyed. It was extremely reminiscent of a homemade rasam. 

  • Chamadumpa Jeedipappu Vepudu (Rs.115/-): Well, as tongue twisting as that sounds, the moment it hit my tongue, the simple yet powerful flavours had my tongue frolicking and twisting for more. The crunchy colocassia chips were doused in gunpowder masalas and garnished with equally spicy fried cashews. 

  • Thotakoda Pakodi Fry (Rs.120/-) : Pakodi or fritters, you can never get these wrong, but Samaikya just excelled in making these. The crunch and those crumbs falling, yes.. your fritter is just how it’s supposed to be. Made out of leafy greens and fried to crunch level Bazooka- A must have! 

  • Paneer Vepudu (Rs.150/-): The depth of flavours in this cottage cheese fry, was outta the world. The sweetness from the onions and the spicy profile from the chillies, worked so well. The little cubes, were just lip smacking, making this a must have. 

  • Alasanda Wada (Rs.115/-): Nice and firm, yet soft roundels of flour, spiced delicately and fried. 

  • Egg Pakoda : Liked by almost everybody, I did want to try it, but didn’t. 

  • Bendakaya Pulusu (Rs.145/-) : Gimme Okra, and i will gladly gulp it down. My joy, knew no bounds, when the Okra just dilly dallied up to the table. The crispy puris and this.. was kinda like “match made in the kitchen” Sinfully tangy, with a distinct balance. The sweet-sour play on your palate makes you crave for more. 
  • Gutti Venkaya (Rs.145/-) : This had to be the subtle version of my mum’s “Bagare Baingan”. Man! I love Aubergines! The Gutti Venkaya, had an unapologetic base of ground peanuts and tangy flavour profile from the tamarind. The result? I’m stuffing my face with puris and this.. Pssst.. I ate 3 🤤🤤 

  • Uluvacharu with Meegada (Rs.105/-): Made by slow boiling of horsegram with secret spices and simmering for long hours, this beautiful dish is a stunner. The tang factor is “Pucker level” and the taste factor is “Mouthwatering level”. The curry came with rich cream to savour. It is usually enjoyed with steamed rice or Ragi Sangiti. 

Desserts : 

  • Khubani ka Meetha (Rs. 125/-) : Yes! Bring it on. Outstandingly delicious, with whole apricots in a sugary syrup, nuts and cream. 

  • Double Ka Mitha (Rs.125/-): Bread soaked in milky syrup and garnished with nuts. Another Must have. 
  • Badam Kheer (Rs.150/-): This came in a glass and had me wailing for more. This is a recipe that is a family secret. One sip and you’re sold at the hint of camphor, coarseness of almonds and the floral note of saffron. 

They also have a delicious thali priced at Rs.99/- for vegetarian. 

Here’s what my non vegetarian amigos munched on: 

Verdict : I’m so sold on this place, that I really can’t seem to think much. The experience was one of the most cherished ones. The flavour profiles were just so unique and yet they were something we all loved. 

The hosts ” Mr. Chetan & Mrs. Rohini”, are just the most vibrant and down to earth couple. One of the best ones, I dare say! I’m grateful to have experienced and seen Andhra cuisine through their eyes. 

Samaikya, deserves a brilliant 4.5 for being ultimate.


Currylicious | Restaurant Review | Kalyan Nagar | 

“My heart skips a beat, takes a leap- every time, you tell me there’s good food around” – Noorain

Being a hardcore foodie, I’m always ready to try new foods- as long as they are vegetarian 😁 Exploring foods, investigating about them and relishing them, has always been a part of my life. 

I, was pleasantly looking forward to the taste testing session at “Currylicious”, hosted by “BlueBeans”. Though, I’m a bangalorean- I really haven’t immersed myself in South Indian Food. It always has been an unexplored territory. 

Currylicious, is an initiative taken up by the owner, who is a Himachali gentleman to bring forth a restaurant that has the confluence of the 4 regions of South India- Kerala, Mangalore, Chettinad and Goa. The result? You’re in love with the voice in your head, which wants you, to try one thing from each state. 

Decor : The place is fair enough and quite minimalistic, in terms of decor. The rustic pottery and the lamp shades made out of sarees, just make you feel like you’ve walked into an art exhibition. 

Hospitality : Cordial and ready to listen staff. Happy with the way they handled the meet, even though they were almost filled to capacity. 

The Grub Story : I, was here as a part of the bloggers table, with my foodie buddies and here’s what we relished. Let’s virtual dig in. 

  • Buttermilk and Lime juice : I’m a huge fan of Buttermilk. The way, that smoothness envelopes your palate is really commendable. I, personally preferred the buttermilk to the lime juice. Must have over here.

  • Kappa Cutlet : We are all familiar with potato cutlets, but “Tapioca”? I, couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in. The cutlet was delicately spiced and you could almost say that it was like a potato patty sans the sweetness and the Cutlet had a distinct gritty yet soft texture. Delicious 😋

  • Vazaiphoo Cutlet (Rs.140/-) : Another delicacy, vazaiphoo is the banana flower and all I could say was, “wow”. The taste was so good, almost spring oniony with a certain firm texture. The flavours of onion & garam masala went well and the addition of potatoes to it just made this the MUST HAVE! 
  • Mushroom & BabyCorn Pepper Fry (Rs.160/-) : Another favourite and a typical Chettinad dish. The heaviness of the pepper in combination to the light aroma of fried curry leaves 🍃 developed the flavour and gave a certain earthiness to it. The fried veggies were coated generously in the sauce. 

  • Egg Ghee Roast (Rs.180/-) : I don’t mind eggs, but I don’t like them personally. Though, I didn’t eat the eggs, the curry.. I’m just speechless. The curry my dear friend, was just so fiery, thick and delicious when it was paired with appams and parathas. The curry had a warm tang to it. I could have gone on and on and on. Another, must have from the eggetarian side. 

  • Malabar Mixed Veg Curry (Rs.95/- for one portion) : I, personally found it to be rather mediocre. Nothing to write home about. Just a simple dish with minimal spices. 

  • Appams, Sannas and Parathas : All of them, were exactly what all my foodie friends needed to pair with their foods. 

Here’s a demo of the chef making us some appams. 

  • Pal Payasam (Rs. 80/-): A very light Payasam, which had an overwhelming note of Cardamom in it. Had, the cardamom been a little more muted, this would’ve been a good dessert.

  • Gulab Jamoon (Rs.100/-) : Fair enough, they were soft and spongy.  The sugary quotient was well balanced well. Nothing to catch my fancy though. 

Here’s a look of what the Non Vegetarians had: 

  • Fish Cutlet

  • Assorted Curries, i.e, Mangalorean Ghassi Curry, Malabar Curry, Egg Ghee Roast & Alleppey Mango Fish Curry

  • Chettinad Chicken 

  • Prawn Ghee Roast 

  • Nethili Fry (Anchovies)

Verdict : I, absolutely loved the few dishes that were there, they were something I hadn’t ever eaten. The place has that rustic honesty and that authentic taste prevails. The idea of bringing cultures together under one roof & taking this bold step, deserves an applause. 

Currylicious gets a well deserved 3.5 star from me.