Happy Belly Bakes| Frasertown| Review| 

All of us, have that one favourite boulangerie in the neighbourhood. A place, where you’re welcomed with warm aromas, smiling faces & lipsmacking fare. A place, you find yourself going to more often than not, even though you’ve vowed to explore the newer pop ups happening. 

Now, for me, that kinda place is the “Happy Belly Bakes”. Isn’t the name too kawaii? I can imagine a little paunchy panda, mimicking a tummy rub as their mascot.


 Happy Belly Bakes is a perfect little bistro, you will fall in gustatory love with. Nothing, can ease you better than some bites of baked goods. Welcome to baked heaven, in and around Frasertown! 


 Decor: The decor is, super cute with the ambience cajoling you to stay put. The chairs & tables are contemporary rustic. The quirk factor scores a good point with me. A totally great place to just hang around as a loner or with the Brady bunch!


Hospitality: As this is just a small little bistro, there isn’t a lot of staff coming & pampering you. You are welcomed with a huge heartfelt smile by “Mr.Kiran” & he helps you decide what you really should try out. It’s just like family here. 

Food: The bakes are always so fresh & delicious. They have just about everything you need, from chocolate truffles to customised cakes. 


 Something, I super love at this place are the “Chicken Quiches” & “Volcano Tarts”. I, hoard them. Like 10 pieces each or so. 

Allow me to give you an insight into my 2 most favourite things over here! 

  • Chicken Quiche (Rs.90/-) : Before, I turned vegetarian, this was the thing that got me going through a stressed day. I, fondly remember, biting into the melt in the mouth crust & being welcomed with generous amount of chicken, seasoned well. The lightness of chicken, used to favour my palate pretty well. Topped with a generous amount of cheese & olives.  The pastry was always buttery & crumbed under a bite. Something, I sorely miss, while the hubster gorges on his share 😢😢 *sniff sniff* I, hope they come up with mushroom quiches!! 


These quiches are for home, nothing for me 😢

  • Volcano Tarts(Rs.80/-): The only sweet thing, I can eat 2 portions of. The tart, is just amazing with the warm, explosive & gooey chocolate flow. The pastry again is just right, with that nice soft crunch & buttery feel to it. Thank Goodness, I haven’t turned vegan. 


Verdict: The place treats you well, feeds you well & doesn’t really burn a hole in your pocket. A must try, if you’re in the neighbourhood. Chances are, you’ll be back before you know it. 

Rating : 4/5 stars

Location: Diagonally opposite to French Loaf, Clarks Road. Frasertown.

31 thoughts on “Happy Belly Bakes| Frasertown| Review| 

  1. Lovely clicks ……… makes one hungry ……. liked the pebbles pit with lot of crockery ………… that’s very unique ……. sure a lovely place …… good review by you …… just curious why did u become vegetarian??? any special reason?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you my love, for your continuous support!

      I became a vegetarian only cos, I got bugged of chicken & chicken was the only non vegetarian thing I used to eat.

      I’m going strong from the past 10-11 months! 😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

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