Sunday, all about Idlis & Dosas! 

Hey Guys!! Just popped in to shout out a happy Sunday to all of you. I’m gonna be going on a little trip about 70-75 Kms from Bangalore to taste these super famous “Rice Cakes” called “Thatte Idlis”. Thatte Idlis are huge Idlis, Thatte means plate. The name is given due to the size of these Idlis.

It’s really stupid to go all that way, but I guess it’s just something to do today. I’m not a huge fan of Idlis, but I’m looking forward to eating some masala dosas there. They say, they’re outta the world. Fingers crossed!!

And after that, I’m gonna be hauling a few stuffs for myself. Maybe some skincare today. I have my eyes on L’oreal’s Hydrafresh Boosting Essence. 

Anyway, how are you guys, spending your Sunday?? 

Much love,

Noorain. ❤️❤️❤️

P.S: All images sourced from and are not mine to credit. They have been used only for reference purposes.

37 thoughts on “Sunday, all about Idlis & Dosas! 

      1. Thanks for sending this virtual pack.
        The Idlis are very soft never tasted them so soft.
        I eat Chatni more so it was short.
        The Sambar is awesome.
        I think the Dosa should have been little more fried, I mean crispy.
        The taste was delicious, thanks again.
        Keep sending such packs.

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  1. looks heaven! i am craving for masala dosa from an year,, tried making home couple of times but doesn’t taste similar !! waiting for my indian vacation to devour all such stuff 😀 😀


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