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This post is dedicated to each one of my readers,who have supported me & uplifted my will to go on writing. Let’s pour in some emotional stuffs shall we?? I think yes!! ☺️☺️ A bigggg thank you dear Allah swt for letting me connect to people from different walks of life. 


Let me share a few things about me today. This is a formal & an informal introduction. 👍🏻

I go by the name Noorain Sobiya,but what you don’t know is.. That’s actually a mishmash of 2 different names. Sobiya Saba is my name on the records,whereas Noorain is an alias. My dad used it more like an endearment term. Ergo,the name Noorain Sobiya was adopted. And that’s my history.

I live in India( currently), but have been bought up in “Saudi Arabia”. My in laws stay in “London”. I keep paying a casual visit to Dubai,once in a while to visit Dad. So that’s my geography. 

Im a total family kinda girl. Love my parents to the moon & back. There’s no way that I can live without seeing them for a week. ❤️❤️ I’m zenith touching friendly,I dig making friends.. It’s something that makes me feel good about my self. Love to share love. That’s my social science for you.

I have a beautiful 2.5 year old son,who trust me is one helluva nasty lil pipsqueak 😱😱  

That’s him with his one& only aunt. I love her so very much. She’s the most supportive thing ever. That’s my genetics for you 😂😂

That’s the little bit about me. Now,lemme tell you something more. I superbly appreciate each & every one of you on my journey. I never thought I’d make it this far. I just thought it would be some sharing and maybe I wouldn’t get noticed at all. All of you beautiful ppl have made me feel 100 times happier than what I was. I’ve found wonderful friends & they have found their way in my life. Thank you WORDPRESS.

This blog was supposed to be just food,restaurant& product reviews,but it’s somehow become an interactive blog. I speak my heart & all of you lovies listen to my cacophony. Thank you for lending your ears to me. I will try to stay true to the blog theme as much as I can.

A humongous thank you dear readers,you guys made moi day. Super happy me.. * whistling away to glory*



Do judge me challenge! Oh Its a “don’t judge me challenge” 😂

Firstly,I need to damn breathe. Secondly,I need to do some emotional regurgitation. Thirdly,I need to shout out or maybe scream & finally I need to ask,”what the looney ballooney hell is going on?”.

“Don’t judge me challenge”. I’d presume the whole sequence of those alphabets are wrong? DJMC,and the first thing I’m doing is judging. Well, people who are participating in it it are literally,splattering it all over my face. The DJMC is really an atrocious challenge. It’s more like a take on supremacy. 

It a selfie video fad which starts with a repulsive,unattractive,hideous kind of a face/person… Well,dig this.. It’s voluntary defacing of oneself with maybe makeup or weird props or just doing some thing to look UNATTRACTIVE. So, what happens is,the person is all of a sudden unhappy with their face & does some miracle product slathering. The thumb goes on to the eye of the camera,( you know,to let the product work) and then when the  camera does show some picture,it’s voila 😱😱 of that unacceptable person looking like OMG ridiculously hot guy or babe. THE END. 


What’s my damn problem you ask? Here are a few: 

1. DJMC starts with an unattractive face,ok? You didn’t see it,did you? I wrote “unattractive”. Dude, I just judged on the first 2 seconds of the video,because the participants are doing everything they can to make me think that.   *EPIC FAIL*

2.DJMC makes us believe that”So Called Unattractive Faces” are the ones that have ” Acne,are discoloured, have a unibrow, have teeth gaps, have missing teeth, unruly hair, hairy faces, etc. 

Ummm.. I’m still not judging you see * please note the dripping sarcasm*

So,what about people who don’t have that miracle product that transforms them into heartbreakers&breathtakers? Are they destined to be stuck only on the first 3 seconds of the video? This challenge is more body shaming than body shaming itself. 

“Give glad tidings,for ye has more trite reasons to be depressed”

3.DJMC is solely for people who are socially accepted as beautiful. For people who don’t make it to the “Socially accepted as beautiful” group, their DJMC has been tagged as “DON’T JUDGE ME CHALLENGE FAILS” 

Whoa.. Did I just read that or did I just not read it right? So,even after the disfiguring and all that jazz,when they do reveal a better version of themselves,it’s labelled as a fail. Dear DJMC it’s not them,it’s you who is the “Fail” here. 


4.DJMC is another reason to show what a sweet jackass narcissist you really are. By participating in revealing,a 100% as fake as falsies, made-up-with-makeup face,you just enrolled yourself on the list of ” HEY THERE! IM A NARCISSIST.GLAD I CAN WIPE YOUR FLAWS OFF MY FACE,WHEREAS,YOU’RE STUCK WITH YOUR FLAWS ON YOUR FACE”

To borrow someone else’s facial trait like a unibrow for instance & label it as unacceptable and then have the audacity to wipe it off your face,just shows how un-judgemental thou art. Thumbs down for not empathising,how someone who battles this everyday would feel. 

What’s the don’t judge me here? Don’t judge my voluntary fake bad face or don’t judge my voluntary fake good,photogenic face?? I don’t get it.. Seriously!

5. If DJMC was true to its title,then it really would be about a person,taking off their makeup or just showing a nude face,which would say that irrespective of however we look,what we all are at the end of the day are people with our own set of flaws.

Beauty isn’t skin deep,that’s just makeup & hairstyling dearies,what is deep is just being a normal person with acne,dark circles,wrinkles,spots,deviated septums,squints, etc. That is the real you.. And basing opinions just because of your appearances is a folly. YOU are much underneath those layers. 

Sadly, the campaign fails to pass on the real message which is lost behind conceited looks & makeup. It comes across as a very weak,superficial & a catalyst to body shaming.The whole campaign looks like some parody event of sorts and falls flat. 

On the brighter side, I had some good laughs,had a few,”Oh crap!! No way that’s him” moments & a few ” man,she’s pretty” ones too. It proved to be quite a time killer & before I knew it an hour had passed by. I had even decided a few pout shots & thought I’d put one up too. It was during that imaginary rehearsal I realised,” Gosh! Really? Did you forget that you had braces,because your teeth weren’t all that greatly aligned? Did you forget how you would never wanna pose for pictures or did you forget how helpless and outta the scene you felt?” 

I guess I didn’t.. That’s why I write this. This is a personal thing,it’s a struggle I’ve been thru and a battle that i fought. The feeling of inferiority is a pathetic thing,something which pinches you and tells you that you’re not normal & everyone is better than you,when in reality all of us are equals. Those models on glossies? They’d look shittier than you without their makeup armour. Everyone’s different & beautiful with their imperfections & flaws.


And today,I dedicate this post to that ” BOY”,who proposed me during those days. 
 There are a few guy friends who tell  me(after my transformation&good dose of age) that,”GAWWWDD,girl… that boy had good choice. How I wish I had proposed you” bwahahahahaha.. Sorry losers!!

Anyways that BOY truely DIDNT JUDGE ME on how I looked,but judged me on who I was. 

[Dear reader,this is my real life and not a movie or a novella… So stop thinking that I got married to him. I had to turn down his sweet proposal because I was scared that my parents would kick me in the shins if they found out]

Ahem.. So, if you’re reading this dear Boy(who is apparently a man today)… I’d like to say,”THANK YOU” from the deepest part of my heart❤️ Thank you,for seeing beyond my flaws. *Respect*

P.s: Arham if you grow up and ever read this,I love just your DAD.. Your DAD might not be the first guy to propose me,but he surely was the last one. He proposed the best way ever,which was thru your grandparents ☺️  Btw,He sees a nightmarish me everyday & has to live with it till I get my dentures. 


The enchanted world of Toddlers&their Talks- 6 signs.

Im pretty flummoxed with the things my toddler tells me. Sometimes,I’m gaping in horror & sometimes I’m just playing “Mommy”,acting like I understand every bit of useless & vital information he gives me. The “Terrible Two’s”,are terrible for the reason,that they terribly drain away every ounce,gram,millilitre,etc of your energy. It’s just been a few hours since you’re up,and you can already feel the weight of the day in your bones. 

Those kids are everywhere. They are like little monsters,elves,gnomes, leprechauns,goblins.. You get it! They just are everywhere. Let me tell you a secret,they also possess the power of ” TeleKinesis” and “TelePortation”. I kid you not,dear worried parent. 😢 We’re in this together. 

Just a split second ago,you caught your LO trying to tip the Venetian flower vase& when you save that vase by fluke & you hear shattering sounds *kaboom* from your bedroom. The poor klutzy you rushes in,only to find your LO smiling,standing a good distance away from the crime scene. 

Pray,tell me dear parent… Just how did your toddler manage to find himself in the bedroom in split seconds and also shatter your favourite hand held “VanityMirror”,which was btw way beyond his reach?? I really ought to tell you,it’s telekinesis and not you clumsily forgetting that mirror on the baby chair. 😐😐 You can’t always be the klutzomaniac,please.😒

I staunchly believe so. Period. 

So,there are things our toddlery LO’s try to tell us every other day. They can talk,yes they do.. But for complex sentences,they still rely on Sign languages & broken sentences. Here are the few,yet common things our toddlers tell us: 


  • He starts crying uncontrollably for no reason or throws tantrums: 

My LO usually behaves all perked, irritated,tantrum-y, crybaby-ish,uncontrollable,etc when he is super tired,groggy or confused. That’s the way he signals me these 3 emotions. He still can’t define them,nor can he understand what they mean. Ergo, a bawling episode alerts me. I,end up pacifying him & giving him the comfort that, I understand him.(psssst.. Sometimes,I just feel like running away,but then I think of all the mess I’d have to face,when I get back & refrain that thought)

  • He hugs you &seems disturbed or tells you to pick him up,cuddles& kisses you: 

Whenever my sister or brother try to show even as much as an iota of authority over me,the LO starts his PDA with me. By authority I mean,” I love you Sis.” Or ” I love Emmy” Or ” Emmy lets go out” Or ” Emmy do you love me?”. Those words & the LO is breaking all boundaries & borders,just to come near me & claim me as his. This usually is a sign of a toddler,trying to establish his authority over things he loves. He craves your attention& loves it when you shower him with it. I,for one.. Love these episodes & leave no stone unturned to have him give me kissykoos. 

  • He sticks to the walls,or goes into a room,makes himself invisible or tells you to look away,when he’s pooping: 

Be supercharged,your kid has progressed to the next level of independence. He’s ready to be potty trained. This is your kid’s way of letting you know,that he fairly understands the need for privacy& also good etiquettes.That’s a big word eh? But he knows it already. What you should do is encourage your child & teach him a few more things about privacy&manners,like dressing in private or not burping& farting in front of people.

  • Doesn’t look into your eyes,bows his head down & appears embarrassed: 

When you child has understood the concept of privacy&etiquettes,it isn’t surprising that he also knows the emotion of embarrassment.Your toddler at this very moment is a smart bloke. He understands that the certain thing he has done will get him no brownie points,but will surely get you into a fit of lip biting rage,tears& disappointment. To combat that emotion,your toddler starts looking away,not looking at you in the eye or bows his head down. He understands that he is wrong. 

  • He starts fidgeting or starts licking his lips or has a blank face around a few or a group of people:

This means that your LO isn’t as comfortable as you would like him to be with that particular group of people. He finds new faces overwhelming and starts diverting his attention at something else to stop himself from interacting with those people. Licking lips,brimming of eyes,fidgeting are all signs of uneasiness. Try keeping your child close to you and introducing these people one by one. Keep him in your arms & let him interact with others. When he’s ready,slowly let him go,while you’re within his sight. Wave at him and interact from a distance,telling him he’s safe with the others too. 

  • He talks & shows imaginary things or people:

Ok,I need to tell you this. I hate this! Like super hate this. The other day,I was in my bed & clearly enjoying my magazine. The LO comes in and jumps into my bed and says he wants to sleep in my lap,I say ok. **poof** We have a power cut,I tell someone to switch on the UPS & in that minute my son says,”Emmy look Milly is up there.” Trust me,at that minute.. I wanted to leave the LO and run for my life. Scenes from Grudge,Exorcist etc came at me. All I could say was,” Arham,I dunno if you wanna pee in your diapers,but I think I’m gonna be peeing in my pants now”. When the UPS came on,so did my strength and I said,” Who is Milly?” To which he replied,” Milly the Monkey” (reference to his finger puppet) I sighed a breath of relief & laughed like a buffoon.

But whatever dude,I get freaked outta my wits. Day or night,I don’t find it funny or the least bit interesting 😖😭😭 Anyways,this isn’t about me.. So when your LO does this,it means that he has developed a flair for interaction & reenacting the things he sees,hears& feels during his awake time. His imagination is running wild,which will help him in thought processing & understanding consequences. 

So much for being a parent. I don’t think that there is a better superhero than us. We’re all saving the day in one way or the other at home. **RESPECT**

The Politician- A Restaurant Review.

Dal Makhani is what Chicken Soup is to the west. Pure comfort food for your whining soul.”- Noorain 

There are very few things that a good warm bowl of ” Dal Makhani” can’t cure. My quest for the perfect bowl has always been never ending. I always thought I struck gold,but only to be disappointed by mediocrity. 

Mediocrity is such a dangerous territory to tread on,it’s never good or never bad. So you’re never in one frame of mind. My misadventures have been many,100’s to be precise..from those misadventures,blooms a restaurant called,” THE POLITICIAN”. Yes.. It’s pretty unusual a name,what’s even more unusual is ” Uncle Sam” as their brand ambassador??? I’m like ” whoa… Holy guacamole!! What’s Uncle Sam doing in India??” His celebrated poster which ravaged USA the ” I want you to vote” one has been parodied as ” I want you to come in here”.

The restaurant is a well maintained one with comfortable seating. It’s more on the tunes of decent and basic decor. Nothing much that I can write home about. You aren’t overpowered by the decor, and are more focussed on your meal arriving soon to your table.There are a few cartoons& caricatures expressing puns and funny liners. The ambience is again nothing like ” push back and relax” it just serves its purpose of giving a good vibe.




Wow.. That was short and sweet.. Anyhow, the grub deserves a good and worthy description. I’ve been dropping by once in a few days and I can safely vouch for the consistent taste and flavour of the food. So this is based on my last visit.

We were ravenously hungry so, we decided to start with some good ole mushroom as a starter. 

  • BLACK PEPPER&SALT MUSHROOM: This is one of my favourites here, with absolutely spot on and sapid flavours. The delicately batter fried mushrooms, tossed around in fresh black pepper base are something I yearn for. What I love is the delicate Garlic flavour that’s been packed into it. It’s not oily and gives you a soft crunch while devouring it.


After cleaning our plates off the mushrooms,the hubby decided to order some chicken for his grumpy palate. So he ended up ordering their speciality.

  • Netaji’s Special Chicken: In English equivalent, this is Uncle Sam’s special. Trust me,this is by far the most light yet toothsome form of tandoori chicken. It’s grilled to charring perfection and has a beautiful pale yellow colour to it. Another delicately flavoured dish. 


Well,we were so impressed with starters,that we decided to have another. This time I was the making the decision.

  • Malai Paneer Tikka: In an Indian vegetarian’s kitchen,paneer or cottage cheese is as revered as is the meat to a carnivore. Paneer doesn’t just taste delish,but is loaded with protein. There are 101 ways to prep it up and the one which strikes a chord with almost every Indian is the ” Malai Paneer Tikka”. Bits and chunks of cottage cheese marinated in secret sauces and grilled with capsicum,onion& tomato. Again a thumbs up for the taste,but a thumbs down for the presentation. I wouldn’t like to eat something that’s so badly presented. All I could think was,how this looks dafter than my son’s make believe presentation. 😧😧 


Here comes the great part… For our main course,being filled to capacity with starters…we decided to order flat breads and some Dal.. My heart set at having the lentil.

  • Dal Makhani: I declare this Dal Makhani as the most delicious one,I’ve had in a long time. This comes close to being the best in town. The beautiful mix of lentils dunked and simmered in a rich,red&delish gravy. The lentils were soft and melt in the mouth,the gravy a class apart. The meaning of ” Makhani” is ” with butter”,yet a lot of restaurants give this up. Which makes me think ” WHATEVER”. Here at T.P they douse and drown the lentils in ghee aka clarified butter. This little extra measure makes the experience ever so memorable.  When paired with butter Naans or just plain’s a beautiful harmony. I wish I can tell you how much I love this.. But sadly I can’t.. Give it a try and you’ll see.. 


What I noticed about “POLITICIAN” is their flavour. Not one dish is overpowering,nor does it fail to excite your tastebuds. The food is piquant yet subtle. Something I want on my plate is subtlety in my food. 

The restaurant is astonishingly affordable. 


The prices do nil damage and you’re a super happy person. A nice hearty meal for two would put you back by Rs.800/- 

Works like a miracle for people on budget and the collegians. Gosh!! The Politician wasn’t there when I was in JNC.. 😢😢 But Its mostly for people who are on a lookout for a delicious meal. 

Rating : ❤️❤️❤️❤️ outta 5

Location: 126, KHB colony,opposite JNC,Koramangla. Bangalore.

Ragú alla bolognese- An Indian Version for the spicy soul.

Let me tell you a little secret, I am a fanatic when it comes to Italian cuisine. And a sucker for pastas in general. I have a ” PASTA FETISH”.. It’s not very different from any other fetish. I live by the motto ” I need them all”. When I’m in a supermarket,I’m checking out the new editions,stocking up on the old ones and very aptly skimming thru the “oils and vinegar” section.

People don’t quite understand my infatuation with PASTA.. They think ” oh well!! How does a fettucine differ drastically from linguine,it’s from durum wheat manh.. How different can it get”

 * gulp*

Spare me the horror.I am,but pretty sure that you and your sibling differ drastically,though you’re the same parental DNA?? * hopes to make a point there*

Any ways,the farfelles,the rigatonis,the fettucines,the tagliatelle, the pappardelle,the linguines,etc… Heaven to just hold them. Even saying their names has a certain oomph to it 😁😁

Once I have the pastas in my hand,I’m thinking of sauces to go with it. Do I do the carbonara,neopolitana,Alfredo, bolognese or the aglio olio??

And once I’ve decided that,the water’s on a rolling boil and I’m chopping away to glory. I’m a strict follower of the traditional recipes…with a few exceptions of course,to suit my tastes and lifestyle. I don’t prefer indianizing any versions,but then that is met with discerning nods telling how unspicy the dish is or how some extra ginger garlic could’ve done wonders. 

Though this dish,will get the ITALIANS putting up their hands in dismay at the mutation. I will still brave the odds and proffer to you a ” DESI” /INDIAN version. If Barbie can have an Indian version,the Ragú  must have one too.. Btw,Ragú beats barbie hands down.. * smirk*

So,for all of you,who like things in life a little extra spiced..This version is dedicated to YOU: (this Ragú holds good for 400 gms of pasta,roughly a double of the amount of mince)

Ragú alla Bolognese( Indianized):


  • Chicken or mutton mince-250 gms
  • Tomatoes chopped – 2 medium ones.
  • Onions chopped finely- 1 large one.
  • Spring onions finely chopped- half a cup.
  • Carrots chopped- 2
  • Vinegar- 1 tbsp
  • Ginger garlic paste- 2 tbsp
  • Red chilli paste/ red chilli powder- 1 tsp 
  • Green chillies chopped fine-1 or 2 
  • Basil chopped finely- a few leaves.
  • Mint chopped finely- a few leaves
  • Chinese salt( MSG)- a pinch [optional]
  • Some Oregano
  • Salt.
  • Oil- 2 tbsps



  • First,boil carrots till soft. Let it cool down. Add the carrots with basil,oregano and mint into a jar&whip it till it’s a nice paste. Keep aside.( I can see you say ” whaat?? Is she crazy?? Trust me this does wonders)
  • Take oil in a large skillet, heat it up for a few minutes. Add the sliced onions and fry till transparent.


  • Add the chicken mince and let it change colour.
  • Next add the carrot paste and give it 2-3 minutes in the skillet.
  • Add the ginger garlic paste and swirl it around for a few minutes till you start getting faint whiffs of it
  • Add the red chilli paste,Chinese salt(if using) and salt. Swirl again.


  • Add the tomatoes and keep stirring continuously till the whole mixture is a mushy mass.(I know that sounds ewww…but this maximises the flavour)


  • Now add the vinegar. Add the green chillies & spring onions at the last. 


  • Add your cooked pasta and let it soak up the Ragú.. 

Your Ragú alla Bolognese in an Indian avatar is ready.. 


This dish is super quick and is a total favourite with the family. I used the elbow macaronis because they really capture the Ragú well in the bends.

 I tried to keep the dish as close to the original as possible,but doing the carrot purée is something wildly different. Just the purée with those herbs give the Ragú a very distinct nuttiness to it and also gives a hint of sweetness. 

You’re more than welcome to try it without the purée. Happy experimenting with flavours!! 

Saby’s Barbee Mania- Peri Peri Masala Review with a bonus Al-Faham Chicken Recipe🍗🍗

I’m not the one who has a penchant for readymade masalas. Maybe that’s because I’m brainwashed into thinking that these so called ” Shortcut masalas” are devoid of that authentic flavour and are marketed for profit purposes only.

My mum is one helluva fine lady who loves her kitchen dearly. Every morning you’re gently roused from your slumber by the lingering aroma of the experiments she conducts in her kitchen. She’s the “Einstein of Cooking” for me…

I’ve grown up seeing mum roast,flash fry,grind,crush her own secret formulas for a magical experience called ” Dining”. So,really the idea of readymade masalas is quite alien to me. Both of us crinkle up our noses,when we pass by the ” Spice section” in a supermarket. And we even have PJ’s about it 😁😁😂😂

To cut my Cacaphony short,il just tell you about this brand already.” Saby’s Barbee Mania” is purely a “Direct from home” brand. Run by ” Sarah Yunus” under the watchful eye of her mum ” Naseem auntie ” ,SBM promises to be 100% authentic,where they spare us the horror of MSG and other  preservative jazz. They use traditional stone method for grinding their masalas. They don’t use any electrical equipments,thereby ensuring that you’re not getting compromised on the factors of aroma or taste. They also promise not to use any artificial colourings and additives. The masalas come in special fresh packs and are packed individually by the mom daughter duo. This is personalisation at its very best.

I,personally made it a point to go and collect a few products from them ,when the store near home kept telling that they were out of stock from the past month or so. I was met by two beautiful ladies,who took their time to explain to me what went into my packs.

Today I’d like to concentrate solely on the peri-peri masala. I think each product deserves at least a post dedicated to it. So,without further ado… I present to you ” Peri-Peri masala”.

I know it’s really weird that there is a peri-peri masala and not The sauce. That’s what I thought first,but was intrigued to try it out.

The masala has a beautiful orangish red tone to it and has been ground coarse. You can see the little bits of ingredients in a spoonful of it.. It claims to have ” Paprika,Onion powder,garlic,yellow chilli and other herbs” 


The shelf lives of all their products is for 9 months.

 Here is why I enjoyed the product:

  • The packaging is spot on,I love the freshness packs. I would’ve adored the packaging more if,it could have come with its own ziplock. That way,I could use and reuse the pack.
  • The masala is devoid of colorings,preservatives,MSG or additives. It’s completely free from modern day additions,thereby adding a touch of home and authenticity.
  • The masala is ground coarse and it gives you a gist of all the goodies in it. Like in this one,I could figure that there was some basil in it.
  • They are priced a little more than the normal fare ones,but for the kinda purity they are promising.. This is good news.
  • The masala has a very distinctive taste,does a good job in giving what’s promised. It’s any day better than a lot of masalas in the same genre.

With those positives,let me show you how I enjoyed my packet of Peri-Peri. The taste is more like ” Al- Faham Chicken”.

Al- Faham using SBM Peri Peri:


  • Chicken- 1 kg
  • Peri- Peri masala- 25 gms or 3 tbsps
  • Vinegar – 30 mls
  • Ginger- garlic paste- 4 tbsps
  • Sumac powder- 1 tsp
  • A dash of lemon juice
  • Onion paste- 1 tbsp
  • Yogurt- 2 tbsps
  • Black pepper powder- 1 tbsp


  • In a bowl, add the yogurt,onion paste and sumac powder. Whisk it well and keep aside.
  • In another bowl, add the SBM Peri-Peri masala,vinegar,black pepper powder and ginger garlic paste. Mix it well and add the yogurt mix to it and mix it again. It should possess a heavy consistency,more like a runny dough.
  • Dunk the chicken in the marinade and leave it aside for a good 4 hours or overnight in the fridge.
  • Choose your cooking method, give it a grill on the grill pan or barbecue it on skewers.
  • Serve with khubus or pita bread.



The masala worked wonders and gave me a really lipsmacking Al – Faham Chicken. It wasn’t the actual Peri-Peri one,but I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. If you saw my previous post…” Ramadan tidbits”, then probably you’ll know that I used this masala for flavouring my chicken and used it in strict accordance to the recipe. It turned to be a total hit..

This time I thought why not add a little more and make it as close as I can to Al- Faham as it resonated a lot of similarity.

I’m really impressed with the range and I reckon that you should give it a taste.

JULIE’S OAT 25 COOKIES- A product review

Tea times for me are very sacred. It’s that portion of the day,when I just sit back and relax. I lose myself over a nice hot cuppa green tea with a constant nibbling of cookies and biscuits. I lose myself over a current favourite book or over the kindle pages. 

For me tea times are sacred. My little one has to be fast asleep or busy with some crayons or plasticine. So,I really value that little time which I promise myself everyday. During this time I’m spoiling myself with delectable treats. With Japanese teas to flavoured ones with chocolate cookies to oat ones. And as I’ve been on the clean eating spree,I try to steer away from the usual dose of guilty nibbles. 

My heart has set itself on this really amazing brand of cookies. I dunno how easily available they are in the supermarkets,but I got mine from ” STAR BAZAAR” and I’m like stupendously happy about it. 

I could find only 3 flavours of the cookies,namely:

  1. Oat 25 Ten grains
  2. Oat 25 with strawberry
  3. Oat 25 with hazelnuts and chocolate chips

I’m was in two minds to club all of them or to whether just concentrate on ” Oat 25 ten grain”. Then I thought maybe I need to give a nice detailed review and chucked the mashup thought. 

Here’s our winner: 


Just look at that neat packaging,I just love it. The big cookie looks so delectable. I could abso-blooming-lutely eat it off the packaging. 

What’s Julie’s and can I get more information about the cookies?

Julie’s is a novelty brand here, it’s still gaining momentum I guess. I really haven’t seen it anywhere else,that’s why I hoarded 10 of each flavour. 😖😖 Julie’s is made in “MALAYSIA” and is priced at a very reasonable ” Rs.159″ for 200 gms pack. 

The packaging is ever so neat and is packaged by the serving. You’ll just get to know what I mean.


Notice those little green packs?? There are 8 convi packs in each box.Those little packs are made for one serving. Each serving has 3 cookies. Each serving is worth 130 calories,which I presume is a fair enough deal.The ideal packaging also retains freshness,discourages over eating and helps you control your portions.

What are these cookies made up of and how do they taste?

These babies,specially Oat 25 ten grain is made up of ten grains. Talk about being multi grained. The grains that go into each cookie are: 

  1. Oat
  2. Rye flakes
  3. Sesame
  4. Triticale flakes
  5. Cracked spelt
  6. Barley flakes
  7. Wheat flakes
  8. Millet
  9. Quinoa
  10. Brown flax

If I may,let me tell you one thing… This is the holy grail of all multigrain cookies and biscuits. When did you last see all this or at least half of this in a cookie??? Never right?


Apart from the excellent health benefits,it tastes yumm..The taste is  very buttery and oat-y and also has a hint of sweetness to it. Has the whiff of a milky flavour too. When you bite into your cookie,you can’t help but notice those flax seeds waving back at you. 

And… When I see flax seeds,I feel so motivated that I’m eating healthy. 👍🏻👍🏻


These are my new favourites and I’m soooo digging them. I could take a plunge in a big pool of these cookies, kinda like Uncle Scrooge 😁😁  

These are my gold nugget equivalents. Give it a try and tell me how well these babies fared with you. 

Till then, happy nibbling!!

P.s. 1 serving=3 cookies= 130 calories