The Politician- A Restaurant Review.

Dal Makhani is what Chicken Soup is to the west. Pure comfort food for your whining soul.”- Noorain 

There are very few things that a good warm bowl of ” Dal Makhani” can’t cure. My quest for the perfect bowl has always been never ending. I always thought I struck gold,but only to be disappointed by mediocrity. 

Mediocrity is such a dangerous territory to tread on,it’s never good or never bad. So you’re never in one frame of mind. My misadventures have been many,100’s to be precise..from those misadventures,blooms a restaurant called,” THE POLITICIAN”. Yes.. It’s pretty unusual a name,what’s even more unusual is ” Uncle Sam” as their brand ambassador??? I’m like ” whoa… Holy guacamole!! What’s Uncle Sam doing in India??” His celebrated poster which ravaged USA the ” I want you to vote” one has been parodied as ” I want you to come in here”.

The restaurant is a well maintained one with comfortable seating. It’s more on the tunes of decent and basic decor. Nothing much that I can write home about. You aren’t overpowered by the decor, and are more focussed on your meal arriving soon to your table.There are a few cartoons& caricatures expressing puns and funny liners. The ambience is again nothing like ” push back and relax” it just serves its purpose of giving a good vibe.




Wow.. That was short and sweet.. Anyhow, the grub deserves a good and worthy description. I’ve been dropping by once in a few days and I can safely vouch for the consistent taste and flavour of the food. So this is based on my last visit.

We were ravenously hungry so, we decided to start with some good ole mushroom as a starter. 

  • BLACK PEPPER&SALT MUSHROOM: This is one of my favourites here, with absolutely spot on and sapid flavours. The delicately batter fried mushrooms, tossed around in fresh black pepper base are something I yearn for. What I love is the delicate Garlic flavour that’s been packed into it. It’s not oily and gives you a soft crunch while devouring it.


After cleaning our plates off the mushrooms,the hubby decided to order some chicken for his grumpy palate. So he ended up ordering their speciality.

  • Netaji’s Special Chicken: In English equivalent, this is Uncle Sam’s special. Trust me,this is by far the most light yet toothsome form of tandoori chicken. It’s grilled to charring perfection and has a beautiful pale yellow colour to it. Another delicately flavoured dish. 


Well,we were so impressed with starters,that we decided to have another. This time I was the making the decision.

  • Malai Paneer Tikka: In an Indian vegetarian’s kitchen,paneer or cottage cheese is as revered as is the meat to a carnivore. Paneer doesn’t just taste delish,but is loaded with protein. There are 101 ways to prep it up and the one which strikes a chord with almost every Indian is the ” Malai Paneer Tikka”. Bits and chunks of cottage cheese marinated in secret sauces and grilled with capsicum,onion& tomato. Again a thumbs up for the taste,but a thumbs down for the presentation. I wouldn’t like to eat something that’s so badly presented. All I could think was,how this looks dafter than my son’s make believe presentation. 😧😧 


Here comes the great part… For our main course,being filled to capacity with starters…we decided to order flat breads and some Dal.. My heart set at having the lentil.

  • Dal Makhani: I declare this Dal Makhani as the most delicious one,I’ve had in a long time. This comes close to being the best in town. The beautiful mix of lentils dunked and simmered in a rich,red&delish gravy. The lentils were soft and melt in the mouth,the gravy a class apart. The meaning of ” Makhani” is ” with butter”,yet a lot of restaurants give this up. Which makes me think ” WHATEVER”. Here at T.P they douse and drown the lentils in ghee aka clarified butter. This little extra measure makes the experience ever so memorable.  When paired with butter Naans or just plain’s a beautiful harmony. I wish I can tell you how much I love this.. But sadly I can’t.. Give it a try and you’ll see.. 


What I noticed about “POLITICIAN” is their flavour. Not one dish is overpowering,nor does it fail to excite your tastebuds. The food is piquant yet subtle. Something I want on my plate is subtlety in my food. 

The restaurant is astonishingly affordable. 


The prices do nil damage and you’re a super happy person. A nice hearty meal for two would put you back by Rs.800/- 

Works like a miracle for people on budget and the collegians. Gosh!! The Politician wasn’t there when I was in JNC.. 😢😢 But Its mostly for people who are on a lookout for a delicious meal. 

Rating : ❤️❤️❤️❤️ outta 5

Location: 126, KHB colony,opposite JNC,Koramangla. Bangalore.

29 thoughts on “The Politician- A Restaurant Review.

  1. Wow wow wowww.. what a wonderful review.. you made me hungry early in the morning… fantastically covered every aspect with your style right from ambience to food presentation and taste and even the menu ! You should join Zomato 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwwhh lovey.. You’re always so kind.. Thank you for that..
      As for Zomato.. I’ve been a reviewer there for past year and a half..
      Thought I’d do reviewing personally on my site too..
      But hey!! You nailed that huh..
      ” SMART GIRL!” ( Retro Bollywood style,Reference to Lion from kalicharan) 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Noorain!!! Why do you write such awesome posts???!! hahaa..I am not kidding when I say that I’m literally drooling!! Nothing is better than dal makhni..your first sentence said it all!! and the pics are stunning!! How I wish I was in Bangalore right now girl!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Noorain! 🙂
    This is a beautiful review, to be frank, it’s a delicious one. It has done nothing but enticed my taste buds and has left me drooling. Haha 😀 Jokes apart, I loved the way you have elucidated the intricate details of the all time loved cuisine of a hungry Indian. Glad to have met you here dear. Followed you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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