Social Media Request!

Hey Guys!! How have all of you been doing? A little question piqued my interest today. How many of you are on Instagram?? I’ve been on insta for quite some while now and it has been fun over there. So, do you peeps use Instagram & Facebook on a regular basis? 

If yes, then it’s only fair that we reconnect on the Instagram & Facebook , because I want my blog-family to be in touch with me on all Social Media Platforms. 

I just followed “StashyMatters“, “Cat Forsley” & “Jodi” on insta & it’s splendid to follow and get to know my blog-family better. Love their insta pages, do give them a follow. 

So c’mon over on these social media pages and let’s connect: 

Insta : The Plate Memoirs

Facebook Page:  The Plate Memoirs 

See you peeps soon. Awaiting eagerly to know you guys better! 

P.s:  Stashy is hosting a great giveaway, do participate and get the wheel of fortune spinning. 😀❤️ Good Luck guys!! 


46 thoughts on “Social Media Request!

    1. Isn’t it?? It’s just so much better and it feels so good to have all your friends around you! This blogging experience isn’t just about writing it out, it’s about making those connections too and I’m so blessed to have you guys!!

      Thanks for being a part of my journey Tony!! 🤗


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