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Long before the days of Mumbai, I knew Bombay through the mind of a child. For me, the word Bombay concocts up a myriad of images. I’m instantly taking a trip down memory lane, back to the days of my childhood, when we would stay in Bombay for a day or two during transit from Saudi Arabia to Bangalore. I am reminded of Chowpatty, Sulaiman Mithaiwala, Centaur hotel, Juhu beach and running aimlessly, just to feel the wind in my hair. For me, Mumbai will always be Bombay, because it was Bombay that a little me fell in love with. 

Anything with just the word Bombay? I’m sold! 😁

My delight knew no bounds, when I heard that the much renowned and highly appraised “Bombay Brasserie”, was in town. The news of its grand launch party spread like fire and I bagged an invite, after having a word with the team. I, just had to! 


Decor: The decor is just the most neat, crisp and soothing one, with positivity coursing through you. This is so much like the place you would wanna go to for a laid back casual chat. The teal doors, soft white backdrop and the black motif mosaics just closed the deal for me. It’s a very Greek meets Old School Indian kinda decor. The little pieces of art strewn across the place, do nothing but elevate this place’s presence. 

Hospitality: The staff is just amazing, no I’m not fan girling here. I do see a lot of comments on how, the service is slow, but I beg to differ. People around me on the day I went, were getting served on time. All I could see, were faces plastered with smiles. The staff is nimble on their toes, extremely well versed with the menu. They recommend what would suit your palate and most importantly make you feel like an important guest.

Special mention to Mr. Vivek for being just the most fantab maître d’. Kudos to him. Please do ask for his assistance, if you would like your visit to be well looked after. 

The Grub Story: Here’s the part I, immensely enjoy writing about. Knocking in some sanity in me, I’m gonna be reliving every moment of awesome now. 

What the starters looked like: 

  • Aam Papad Paneer (Rs. 275/-): Set your confusion aside and order this right away. The subtle medley of the tangy & deeply flavoured sauce with tender cubes of cottage cheese, is just explosive. The smoothness of Paneer goes well with the crunchy lotus stem bits and don’t forget to pick a piece of sundried “Aam” aka mango while you’re at it. This flavour profile which has a sprinkling of chaat masala too, will motivate you to wipe your plate clean. 

  • Spicy Pahadi Mushrooms (Rs.295/-): Being a covert vegetarian from the past 3 years, I really don’t miss meat that much. Mushrooms are always the closest thing to being meaty on this side of the pasture. When Pahadi (from the hills) Mushrooms made their debut on my table, I was just salivating away. The mushroom caps, filled with a spicy Pahadi masala, had a beautiful texture to it. Pahadi Masalas usually have a spicy yet fresh quality to it. Made with fresh mint & coriander marinade and served with mint flavoured hung curd, this was truly a treat from the hilltops. 


  • Chilli Cheese Kulcha (Rs.195/-): The thing I love about Kulchas, is their soft & fluffy texture. What I love about these Kulchas, were the fact that they were stuffed with chilli & cheese. Mamma Mia! What a must have it is. The Kulchas just melted in my mouth, with cheese oozing out of them. A take on Bombay’s chilli cheese toast! 

Now, here’s to some main course:

  • Paneer Sirka Pyaz (Rs. 375/-) : This was a delectable cottage cheese gravy, with a heavy reminiscence of Paneer Butter Masala. The thick texture and the not so spicy gravy complimented each other. There was a tang to the gravy, which actually made this enjoyable. What was unique about this gravy was the vinegar marinated pearl onions. Just yum, when this gravy was paired with “Chur Chur Paranthas”

  • Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry & Banana Leaf Rice (Rs. 335/-): Here comes my favourite. I mean, this wasn’t just a delight to eat, but was a visual delight as well. The Veg curry is a mixture of seasonal vegetables simmered in a beautiful coastal region gravy. The Malnad region gravy boasts of being a blend of 20 spices. When this was added to the steamed rice in the banana leaf, it was just pure food-romance. The best thing ever and a must have if you’re here. 

  • Chatka Choley Kulchey (Rs.295/-): Choley aka Spicy Chickpeas, always are an option to eat, when you don’t wanna be experimental. The Chatka Choley here are fine, nothing to write home about. They are chatpata and spicy but what is special about this is, the aloo (potato) Kulchey that accompany it. Man, the Kulchas were just outta world. Melt in the mouth & spiced just the way, they are supposed to be.

  • Chur Chur paranthas(Rs.95/-): The flakiness of the parathas aka flat Indian breads was just outstanding. They flaked and melted completely. They paired like a dream with the Paneer Sirka Pyaz, but order any gravy and you must have one of these gorgeous parathas 👍🏻

And, though I was filled to capacity, there is a special cavity for desserts. Even if I really don’t dig desserts too much. 

  • Amritsari Kulfa (Rs. 245/-): The Kulfa is packed with magnanimous amounts of flavour. This is the signature dish here and boy! Is it heavenly or what. The Amritsari Kulfa is a gorgeous assortment of Badam Kulfi on a bed of Rabri, phirni and Falooda with a dash of rose syrup. The Kulfa was grand in all ways. Why! Even the presentation was just outstanding. It came smoking on dry ice. I mean, read it again please and tell me, you aren’t salivating? 

  • Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich (Rs.165/-) : When you think of ice cream sandwiches, you can only have a phantasmagoric reel of childhood playing on the loop. The crunchy biscuits and the soft & cold ice cream is a must have. If not for anything, then at least for your archives, because it’s presented so beautifully ❤️❤️

Our food was paired with 2 delectable drinks. 

  • Angoori Soda : This was your unconventional grape juice from Nashik Grapes. Mixed with lemon juice, roasted cumin & plain soda. A sure shot to get you on a puckering episode. *Chatpata methinks* 

  • Not So Saada: Let me just tell you, that, if you come here and don’t drink this, then it’s one of the biggest folly you could commit. The yum filled drink has the most freshest flavours ever. It’s your saada pan converted into a drink. Imagine that paan experience by two folds. The smoothie has ice cream and gulkand.. yum?? I bet! 

Verdict: There isn’t anything that can stop me from strongly recommending this place to anyone. Whether it’s a date, an occasional drink or a get together, this must get onto your must visit list. 

For all the awesome service, all that I can give is a well deserved 5 star. 


5 thoughts on “Bombay Brasserie| Restaurant Review| Bangalore| 

  1. WOW! Can i just say, as a bit of a shutterbug myself, how magnificently you have captured the essence of your meals in these photographs – i felt like i could taste them! 🙂 I’m salivating and i don’t even know what any dish is like. (Forgive my Western ignorance lol)

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts in future. Stay Happy! 😀



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