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“I can’t think of anything better in the world to be but a vegan.” – Alicia Silverstone

Being a vegan, according to me is a brave & a kind decision, where one takes responsibility of their choices & actions. Veganism isn’t a trend or a diet fad rather it’s an emotional experience. It’s great to see, vegan options available widely today and it’s a pleasure to know how delicious they are.

About Carrots :

Carrots, was one of the pioneers of vegan dining experiences in Bangalore. When it started, it had subconsciously started a trend of diverting people towards a more holistic way of living. While, non vegans were made to understand what being vegan really meant, the vegans had a safe haven to lose themselves in.

Carrots was one of the first vegan restaurants in India, which not only had a full fledged vegan menu but also encouraged staff to try veganism by providing them with vegan meals. This, is one of those places in Namma bengaluru that you must try whether you are a vegan or not.

Decor & Ambiance:

The decor, is very humble and like the concept of the restaurant is kept very simple. The ambiance on the other hand, is highly relaxing with soft instrumental music playing in the background. The place has charms & almost resembles a quaint shack.

The Grub Story:

I’m a vegetarian and i really wouldn’t mind being vegan for sometime but the only thing stopping me is, the lack of skill whilst preparing a vegan meal. Here is what i relished and was quite dumbfounded that this was vegan :

  • Chatpata sprouts Salad : A beautiful and mellow salad of sprouts, with Indian flavours.

  • Millet Croquettes : Delicious mix of millets, mashed potatoes & beans in a simple mix of spices and crumb fried.

  • Chilli MockMeat Tofu : This was the star of the evening, the flavours were bang on and having converted from being a non vegetarian to a vegetarian, this mock meat instantly reminded me of meat, albeit in a very nice way. The melange of Tofu and seitan strips coated in tomato sauce was just phenomenal.

  • Mighty Buddha Bowl : A dish, that beats any Buddha bowl. This is a signature dish, by Chef Susmita who has as we all know been a pioneer of vegan eating. The flavours of the peanut sauce and tofu on a bed of rice was something you must not miss.

  • Black Forest Pastry : Made with vegan cream, you really could go ahead and order another one just because it was so good.

  • Vegan Ice Cream : Oh my Goodness!! This is something that you must not miss if you’re here. The vegan icecream range is just so smooth, delicious & flavourful, that you wonder if this really has no milk at all. The scoops are melt in the mouth & the best part is they don’t melt the way, your traditional ice cream melts, so they are a great idea for takeaways. My favourite was chocolate & mango vegan ice cream.

  • Energy booster : Made with soy milk, cashew, sesame seeds and dates for natural sweetness, this drink was highly delicious. Sorry milk, I didn’t miss you at all.

  • Soy Buttermilk : The drink had a very smooth and palate pleasing texture and aroma. The little gritty texture had me over the moon.


Verdict : This is a must visit for all vegans and non vegans alike. The place has menu curated by Chef Susmita of the “Veganosaurus” fame. She has always been advocating clean vegan eating and explains the little details with such happiness that it’s just a delight to dine in here.



The Gelatin Question..Yupi Pizza Gummy- Product Review.

Okay! This is gonna be a real quick food product review. I, couldn’t care any less about gummies. Sure, I love them, but not so much so that I would do a review on it. But, what motivated me was my son. Yep! He did.. 

He absolutely adores these gummies by “Yupi” . Yupi is an Indonesian brand, which manufactures these really quirky candies & gummies. They have the gummy bears, gummy pizza, gummy burgers, etc. 


One of the most primary concern I have as a parent buying these gummies is, whether they are safe enough and what kind of gelatin source do they use. I, am on a constant lookout for vegetarian or vegan alternatives when it comes to gummies & candies. 

I wouldn’t bear the fact that I would be providing gelatin from an animal source to my kid. We all know how gelatin is made, so I’m gonna skip the horrendous detail part. 

Sometimes, our minds just work weird. There is a “Halal Certified” seal on the Yupi Products. Which, I foolishly assumed meant that the gelatin was derived from a plant source, which is known as Pectin by the way.

Hello Miss Bimbo!! Apparently, it’s not. Why would you need Halal certification for plant origins? 😒😒 

So, to my horror I realised that I’ve been supplying gelatin in a delicious, fruity, chewy form to my child. And, it’s been a long time since I felt that horrible.  


The halal certificate doesn’t make it any better for me. So, if you don’t mind the gelatin perspective, go ahead and enjoy it. I’ve eaten it too 😔😔😖😖

Let me just tell you a few things here:


  • The gummies do taste yum. They have this extremely chewy & smooth kinda texture.
  • They are in fair enough replica of a pizza. Which for me was the one which made me buy this.
  • They are fruity. 
  • Very inexpensive. One pack costs about Rs.20/- for 4 slices.


  • Gelatin is one of the ingredients.

During my research on gelatin, I found alot of shocking facts, which I will be putting up in a forthcoming post. 

Oh by the way, I found a great alternative to my son’s gummy bear addiction. It’s the vegan alternative called “Super Gummy Vitamins”. Trust me, I couldn’t be happier. The review will be up soon. 

Happy me!!