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Come, let us have some tea and talk about happy endings. – Chaim Potok

That’s the power of tea. Tea time is always that special part of the day, where you relax with your camaraderie or yourself and think of all the beautiful things in the world. I’m a tea connoisseur and I love all kinds of tea. Light, strong, Mint, Soursop, first flush, second flush, Green or Black. 

For me it’s more about exploring the taste rather than addicting myself to one kind of tea. I, was pleasantly surprised when I received these beautes in the mail for a product review. The product was a ” F&B Product, For Review – powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA” 

The product given for review, was Garnet Glow ‘s Tea Sachets. Mirthful with joy, I started savouring these for a period of 3 days.

About Garnet Glow

Garnet Glow, is an online Gourmet tea selling website, dedicated to bringing you, nothing but the best teas sourced from “China, India & Japan”. They have a carefully selected blend of teas, each premium in its own right, to match your personal taste. They also have “monthly subscription plans”, for a nomad tea soul, like me. You take a quiz and they send you blends accordingly, every month. Alternatively, you can also make your own blend 👍🏻

My Tea Samplers

I, received 3 blends. “Coconut Darjeeling Tea, Peach Tea & Masala Grove”. 

  • Coconut Darjeeling Tea : The tea was light and extremely cleansing on the palate. I, was expecting more of the coconuty flavour, but it was subdued. I did see, thin shreds of coconut in my tea and that was eye candy for my tea loving soul. A little more coconut aka tropical flavour would make this a total deal. 

Here’s how the tea looked like : 

  • Peach Tea : I, mean this from the deepest parts of my heart. I love Peach teas and the hot ones always second best to the iced ones. This peach tea was one of the best, with a subtle yet profound note of peach & that delectable fruity flavour. My favourite! 

Here’s how the tea looked :

  • Masala Grove : A perfect companion for your milk tea. The masala Tea had the perfect blend of aromatics in it. Just the whiff of the tea, will make you love this deeply. When it was paired with milk, the results were, clean notes and warm flavours, perfect for a rainy day. 

Here’s how the tea looked :


Verdict : Garnet Glow Teas are truly premium in range and are specially blended carefully to provide the perfect feel. I, enjoyed my teas but Peach tea was my favourite. I, would blindly recommend it for anyone who in their sane minds love some fruity flavour. Even as the tea seeps, your kitchen is filled with the aroma. 

Do check them out at Garnet Glow and get yourself some love! 

P.S : Logo image is sourced from google images and is used purely for representation purposes only. 

Saadeddin Pastry|Review|Saudi Arabia|

I, usually don’t really have a dominant sweet tooth. My equation with dessert or anything sweet is that of availability. If it’s there, oh well, I might as well just taste it. If it isn’t there.. then.. I just saved some precious calories.

But, there is this one brilliantly perfect place, which is ne plus ultra when it comes to proffering Middle Eastern / Arabian desserts. This place, is such a huge part of my childhood. It was the place, I loved barging in and taking a piece of everything. Nothing used to make me more happy than the sight of those dark green cardboard boxes with calligraphy on them.

Whether it was cakes or the traditional Kunafa. I loved em all!! What a huge surprise it was, when.. Papa sent me huge tin boxes of my favourite things for my wedding anniversary 😋🤤

It was a pleasure to savour a memory from childhood. This isn’t just a dessert, it’s a moment, a moment that captured a phase in my life and every time I, indulge in that moment.. I see the little Me. It’s amazing how powerful a certain food is and how you concoct memories with it. 

Let me tell you this, that nothing.. absolutely nothing has changed! This boulangerie/ patisserie/ chocolaterie is one of the best in the kingdom. Not only are their products delicious, they are also prepared with stringently high quality ingredients. 

I love this box of goodies, which is an assortment of all kinds of Arabian desserts. These are the baklava’s and Mamouls nestled in the tin box. These special boxes are solely for the purpose of gifting. These stay good for a whopping month.( if, you can control the craving to not finish them at one go)

My favourite has to be baklava fingers, hands down. Goodness Gracious!! The punch of sugary flavour with the softness of pistachios and cashews, is just outta the world! 

I,simply love their in house Chocolates too. Though they are nothing extraordinary, they surely are a pleasure to eat and a deviant from the snickers, flakes, twix and kit kats. “Cornflake chocolates” are worth a special mention, because I, simply love the feel of biting into a chocolate cylinder and finding crisp bunch of individual cornflakes. It’s like a piñata in your mouth.. out comes the confetti, when you hit it 👍🏻 One bite and you will know, what I mean. 

So, if you ever get a chance.. then please.. do give this place a visit and stuff your face with these babies! Make sure, this gets into your bucket list ❤️❤️

Kerrygold Cheese- A review

Boy!! I love Irish cheese. Well, technically, any cheese for that matter. But.. The Old Country, Irish cheese, it’s something else. It isn’t a surprise that Irish Cheeses claim to be one of the best in the world. For example, the “Killeen Goat Cheeses or BlueBell Falls Goat Cheeses” These are just my top loves, from Ireland. 

Keeping that love pulsating through my veins, I found “Kerry Gold”, at a farmers market. What attracted me was this little figurine.   

Hahahahaa… Isn’t it Amazeballs cute?? Then, it just happened. I was naive & birdbrained. Obnoxiously yes!! All, this while, I had whisked away the thought of Irish Cheese being available in Bangalore. 

I mean, “Pffff.. No way. I’m super informed & conceited” Look at my pretty “Know it all” eyebrow dance.  

Irish Cheese has been retailing in Bangalore for the past year or so, under KerryGold. The thing I love about this brand, is the fact, that the cheese is just so creamy, rich & so milky. I mean, you eat these cheeses and you know, you have a full bodied product and not just some lean & emancipated thing called cheese.   

The cows are grass fed & there is a high level of stringency by the book. They have an awesome advertising campaign called “Grass to Gold”. How true does that ring?? 

Check out the divine Dubliner & Cheddar Fondue below:   

My favourite cheeses & recent hauls from the brand are :   

  • The renowned “Dubliner”.
  • The Mature Cheddar. 

Dubliner : Aaah!! There’s nothing, I can say, that will do justice to the feeling I get, when I have this melted between Rye bread & an excellent Alfredo for pasta & corn bakes. 


The Dubliner from KerryGold is undoubtedly, the best product in the brand, according to my palate. It’s made outta cows milk & uses a vegetarian rennet. It’s aged for a good year to develop the taste. What puts this above levels is the dual character of this cheese. It’s a hybrid. Believe me on that! Where it behaves like a sharp aged Cheddar, it also behaves like a Swiss & Parmesan hybrid with the nutty & sweet lingering of the taste. The Cheese is crumbly and I, honestly love the pasty texture. There is a distinct calcium crystal crunch in the cheese, which is really mild & is another character of this cheese. 

The secret remains, about how the Dubliner is made & who cares, as long as we feast on this baby? 

Price: Rs.565/- for 200gms


2) The Mature Cheddar: We all love some full bodied cheddar. It’s everywhere, every second cheese is a cheddar in the market. The reason you need this “Mature Cheddar”, is for the sole reason of that creamy sharpness, which comes with being aged for a year. It was the perfect thing for Mac & Cheese!! 

Gee…it was a pleasure. I have a thing for older & matured Cheeses (Though, that necessarily doesn’t apply to my personal life😁) I see an aged cheese & I have to get my hands on it. The whole bodied sharpness, which is never satiated in normal cheeses gets sorted. 👍🏻

Price: Rs.495/- for 200 gms

Each of these cheese blocks came with recipe cards, which I have to say were MINDBLOWING yum. 


Verdict: You really must indulge, if you love cheese ❤️❤️

I must, include my beautiful hostess over here, who I found promoting the brand. She’s such a wonderful person. Radha!! You go girl 😁😘


Mani’s Yummy Sweet Cocktail- Product Review

Umm.. My story’s pretty much the same. Food gives me a phantasmagoria of life, where life is made out of panacotta, croquembouche, & saffron tuiles! Quite an absurd imagination, I possess? But the facts remain strong, life is all about making your passion, a part of your essence. Don’t beat yourself up, when you’re faced with the twirly morass, that life throws at you. Let’s remember our passions make us more congruent to lead a life. Your passion is your secret weapon, a trait that distinguishes you from the rest. Love it, nurture it & cherish it. ❤️❤️❤️

Now, for the review. Sorry, for The unsolicited advice, but it’s definitely something, I thought I’d share. 

We all face the dilemma of having  to skip lunch or breakfast or the dilemma of what to fill yourself up with at “Pang hours” or the dilemma of just making unhealthy choices.

 I’m a huge shape shifter, as in, I keep shifting from being a good girl to a bad one. One day, I’m gonna eat all the veggies & the other day, I’m gonna munch binge on fries. 

But, from the past few months, my dilemmas aren’t that ghoulish. They seem sorted. One of the ways, I battle it, is with these on the go packs of goodness. The company “Mani”, has been stringent in maintaining the quality of their products. On that note, let me just say,”holy guacamole, their products are just my must haves. “  

They have a varied product range & it’s great, to know that “Mani” has received a lot of accolades for being the best in business. Today, I’m gonna talk about my recent binge snack. It’s the “Yummy- Sweet Cocktail”. 

This is a delicious & a nutritious blend of fruit & nuts. You have almonds, pistachios, cashews, sultanas, pineapple & papaya pieces. The sweet- salt combination of this cocktail is simply marvellous. Apart, from being great in taste, this has a super power punch of nutrition. 


So, the next time you feel like making a bad decision, undo it by popping a pack of this. Wishing these babies start retailing in India soon!! 😍😍🙏🏼


Hello Curry,an interactive meet-Review

It was that time of the week, when hearts start pumping & stomachs start growling. Umm.. No, I’m not talking about an oncoming infection or high blood pressure, coupled with anxiety attack. The symptoms may look like it, but all I’m talking about is the ” 12 th FBAB MEET”. Me, excited!!

The agenda of this meet, was all about fast food delivery modules. Who better to conduct that, than team “Hello Curry”. Hello Curry, has been around for quite sometime now & have been quite successful in standing true to what their USP is, which is “delivering Indian fast food”. 

We were invited over to the “Cartier Hotel” for an in depth discussion about “Hello Curry’s” working module. The room was filled with anticipation, about what was going to unfold. 

The team started with their presentation & we were given our courses. Though, it wasn’t the exact chronology of the course, we enjoyed whatever was coming our way. 

We were first given the light, fluffy & distinctive Biryani to start our meal. Yes, you heard me right, we started with a main course 😁 I love surprises & this was one of them. The biryani was really light & had a no fuss approach. The flavours of the rice as well as the spices came through, but ever so lightly. It’s the kinda biryani you would eat, if you don’t wanna stuff yourself up like a little gummy bear. Mostly, great for luncheons.   

Next came the Parathas. Oh my loony balloony me!! They were so darn delicious. Like I could eat 10 of them. We were served the “Paneer Paratha” with accompaniments. The Paneer aka Cottage cheese was such a welcome after the biryani. It had the right kinda spice, flavourful & hearty.   

At the end, we were served Steamed Rice with Dilliwali Dal Makhani, Panchmeal ki Subzi & Mystic Kadhai Paneer. All the curries, come in the cuteness overloaded curry pots. But, I’ll come to packaging in a few.   

The curries were I have to say, light, filled with flavour & smooth. I had my heart on the delish “Dilliwali Dal Makhani”. Usually, the dal makhanis that we eat are rich & buttery & I, staunchly support that, that’s how it oughta be. But.. I was in for a surprise when, this light dal was deliciously different. It’s the kinda dal, that satiates your craving & keeps you on your toes.     

The Panchmeal ki subzi & The Mystic Kadhai Paneer were fair enough, a certain level of mediocrity was present in them. They were light & good too, but they weren’t extraordinary. The curries are served either on 350gms of rice or 2 Parathas of your choice.   

Our last course was the dessert. We had, Double ka Meetha & Chocolate Shots for the sweet toothy. Dear Lord!! Sweet Toothy was happy. The Double Ka Meetha was quite runny, not the way it’s supposed to be, but it was fair enough. 

What impressed me immensely was the “Chocolate Shot”. Aahh!! The smooth whipped cream with sugar shards & chocolate chips was such a “love-me”thing. I saw, all of the bloggers help themselves to a second helping. They still haven’t, introduced it on the menu, but if they do.. It’s gonna be a yum addition.   

Let’s get to the super amazing packaging. The packaging is super convenient, you could just start digging right in & be not worried about cutlery. The packs are recyclable, quirky & easy to carry. You could be at the office & eating or walking with the Bluetooth in your ear & eating or you could be just plain lazy, watching your soap opera at home & stuffing your face. The packaging is spot on. 

The curries come in curry pots, the rice in takeaway paper boxes & the Parathas in amazing “inflight” kinda tray boxes. 

At the moment they deliver to ” Electronic City, Marathahalli, Madivala & Ulsoor. 

Brief insights on Hello Curry: 

  • The only brand for the most reliable ” Indian Fast Food Delivery “, in Bangalore.
  • They have 32 stores spread across in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Pune. 
  • Awarded Best Packaging for ” Ready to eat rests food” category-2014.
  • Awarded Best “Regional QSR-South” by All India Restaurant Conference-2015.


  • Dilliwali Dal Makhani
  • Panchmeal ki subzi
  • Paneer Parathas
  • Chocolate shots

Do buzz me up, if you’ve ever tried “Hello Curry” & what you think about it.

Yoga Bars- Product Review

“Yoga Bars, Naam toh Suna hoga?”  (Yoga Bars, Betcha heard the name?). Well, apart from my febrile & futile effort at trying to modify that “Shahrukh Khan” monologue, I have a big soft spot for these babies. 

Let’s face it, I’m a hardcore foodie and that does put me in constant touch (all 5 senses) with food, all the time. I’m always eating out, every other day & the days I’m not, I need to make sure, I keep a check on calories, easy portions & invest as much green as I can in my meal. 

I, have the meals sorted, but the dilemmas happen at the dreaded snacking bits of time. It’s ever so easy to actually, fall prey to those delectable fries or crisps or just something illicitly not good for you. In order to curb that craving, or sometimes a meal itself, I scoured the grocery isles for an alternative. There were quite a lot of options to be honest, but what attracted me to these bars, were their claims. They just had been everything I was looking for. 


The “Yoga Bar” endeavour had started with 2 young & dynamic founders “Suhasini & Anindita Sampat Kumar” venturing into the field of ” Healthy Snacking “. I’m a sucker for all young entrepreneurship, i, super love supporting it. The talented sister duo, put the idea to the mould & viola.. We had the “Yoga Bar”. 

The packaging is par excellence. The matte feel, the great font & the smart use of colours, makes this a hit. 

The most primary thing that impressed me was, that they don’t add cornstarch or added vitamins in their products. They try to keep the bars as natural as possible. The raw & organic feel, that the bars have is commendable. The first bite, itself is a dead giveaway about the quality. 

Let’s break it down now, here are the brief insights: 

  • All natural product.
  • Devoid of preservatives, artificial flavours & additives.
  • No cornstarch or added vitamins.
  • Limited shelf life, which means it’s good for you.
  • Great combinations, delish bars & exotic taste.
  • Inexpensive, about Rs.35/- per bar.
  • Filled with fiber goodness.
  • No transfat. 
  • Has chia seeds.
  • Only best ingredients chosen, high stringency. 
  • Are aids in weightloss diets or clean eating regimes.

Phew!! Quite a list eh? My favourite bars have to be ” Chocolate Chunk Nut and Peanut butter”

While, the Peanut butter one is smooth & textured, the Chocolate Chunk Nut is nutty & chewy. Trust me, when I say this.. These babies keep you satiated for hours, which I guess is due to the fact, that they have chia seeds in them. 

With the fitness market booming & new brands popping up with an array of products, Yoga Bar stands true to its ideals & doesn’t compromise on giving you the best “Healthy Snack” your money can buy. 

Grab your bar & chew away to health. 

P.S: This isn’t a sponsored post, the views stated are completely based on my personal choice.

Paperboat Drinks; Reviewing Memories.

So, just about how many of us have obdurately held onto a few pleasures, which time and again, transcend you back to the vivid & hazy memories of “uniform pinafores, tennis shoes, dusty basketballs, chapped knees, lost water bottles, that pedagogue we all were scared of & secrets in the school bus?” Do I see a smile?? Oh yes! Please read on..

I’m sure all of us have those few magic paraphernalias which stimulate that nostalgia. For some, it’s the smell of bread baking, for some the smell of wet earth, for some it it’s a charm bracelet & for some it’s a retro song. 

While, I have literally tens & tens of stuff to remind me of childhood, there are but only a few things to remind me of our vacays in India. Like, Papa’s handmade card for my birthday, which I would have been celebrating in India during our vacay ( Which never came on my birthday anyway & came 3 days after papa arrived to India, to escort us back ), Hajmolas, Golas, Chaats & Jaljeera. 

Hajmolas are these little button sized chewable tablets, which make you pucker like crazy. Golas are crushed ice Popsicles with syrup. Chaats are sweet-savoury assortments. Jaljeera is a cumin drink, much like a palate cleanser & an aid to digestion.

Imagine the happiness I felt, when I saw “Paperboat drinks”. They have a very apt liner which says, “Drinks and Memories”. This stands staunchly true, when you gulp down those first mouthfuls. Apart from the super cute matte doypack with a spout, the names and their pictorial representations were just really the start. The true conundrum lies in picking your favourite, choosing a few to take back home, leaving the rest on that shelf with a heavy heart. Just how, pray tell me how, does one choose between good memories? How does one choose between reliving a giggle with a cousin, whilst tasting what Jaljeera is for the first time & reliving the excitement of purloining your grandma’s coins for Golas? 

I’m a heartfelt hoarder when it comes to “Paperboat”, I’m compulsive buying by the tens. I, get mum her favourite memories & i get me mine. Slowly, both of us have started exchanging memories now 😁😁 


My favourites are;

  • Jaljeera 
  • Kokum
  • Kala khatta
  • Tulsi tea( mum’s favourite  actually, this was what papa had concocted up for her, when she first landed in Saudi Arabia) ❤️❤️

By that, it doesn’t mean that, i don’t fancy others. Why, I do.. But when these are around, it’s really hard to overlook them. 


Brief insights into the product: 

  • They taste amazing great, all of them. Period. 
  • They are packed with benefits for you, like Kokum helps in cholesterol management, anti-inflammatory etc. 
  • The are priced at Rs.30/- , which let’s face it, is pretty dead cheap. 
  • They are great during travels, so convenient to carry around. 
  • The matte doypack with the spout, is just super quirky cute. Look at those pictorials!! 😍😍 
  • They are preservative & artificial flavours free.. 💃🏻💃🏻
  • All are 250ml pouches.

Hmmm.. Yep!! That’s that! Im relishing a nice Kokum now, what about you? 

Do leave your comments about, whether you’ve tried Paperboat drinks & how you feel about them. 

P.S: This in no way is a sponsored article, the unbiased opinions and views expressed here are completely my own.

P.P.S: I really, would have loved this to be a sponsored one though, because my stock’s depleting & I’m literally craving to taste their new kid on the block “Anar” (pomegranate), & it seems to be found nowhere😱😢

“knock knock!! Paperboat are you listening??”

Nando’s Peri-Peri,Extra Hot Chilli Sauce- Product Review.

Now who fancies some piping hot, let me whistle like a steam ship, blazing ear twitchy, confident turtle posing kinda hotness in their dish? You do?? Sorry, I don’t!! 

Now as the law of nature or my genetic composition would have it, I was supposed to be born with an innate & nascent ability to savour, relish & dream about high spice & hotness factor (I’m an Indian after all) , we are from a country where the “Ghost Chilli Pepper” aka “Bhoot Jolokia” is grown in your backyard with subtle coriander. Alas!! destiny had other plans and i ended up with a palate for low spice tolerance. Accidental gulping of a sliver or two of green chilli, has more often than not sent me transforming from your plain Jane to Incredible Sulk.. Oops!! I meant Hulk.. Well, its just pretty much the same blistering barnacle stuff. Me with chilli in the mouth = Hulk =Sulk. 

” So, why the Chilli Sauce review outta all the things on earth, I’m sure you got more issues than Vogue to handle? ” says you. 

For starters, you need to cut that sarcasm out. 😒😒 Now, why this post outta all things on earth is because, apparently, alot of my dishes these days are getting a little peri-peri in them. So, I thought, hey why not.. I could surely share my ex-PERI-ence with you. 


I’ve had my fair share of red chilli sauces & they all have had a very tolerable level. Plonk & splash them in Indo-Chinese dishes & Viola! I never had the guts to try something with blazing Scoville Heat Units, until I was presented with the “Nando’s Peri-Peri Extra Hot Chilli Sauce”.


My common sense warned me against it, it said ” Frigging” Extra Hot, for crying out loud. 


And then just like that one day, i opened it up. The first thing I noticed was how flowy the sauce was. That kinda put me off. I mean, here I am.. literally, imaginary barfing my guts out at the thought of something HOT & I see, this meek & feeble sauce hello-ing back at me.

“Greetings and Salutations, ye meek one” says me.

I take a whiff of it & again it’s something that’s pretty vinegary, light capsaiciny & garlicky kinda aroma. It’s nice & subtle. 

“Ummm.. Okay!”

I muster up all the courage I have and just get a few mls on the spoon & I let it gently slide down my tongue into my throat. I’m expecting the darn thing to burn & scar me for ages. Guess what? I doesn’t. 


Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t!! It has a midsized punch, but nothing & absolutely nothing about this sauce is “Extra Hot”. I’d say, it’s in between mild & hot . Yes. Though I have low tolerance to hot peppers, this one wasn’t so bad. It stung like how all chilli sauces do, but didn’t make me run for a glass of milk. 

Let me put it this way, the sauce was hot enough to be calmed down with a glass of water. And, if you know your peppers, then you obviously know that.. The higher the Scoville Heat Unit, the faster you need to reach for a glass of milk for the effect to neutralise. Water doesn’t do much. 😝😝

It’s as good as your standard TABASCO sauce. 


Hence, after that day i tried the sauce in a lot of dishes actually. In curries, marinations, baguettes, etc.  it was just the superb compliment to my sandwiches. I found myself using it even in Indian cuisine. 

Brief Insights:

  • Mild to hot sauce.
  • Not for people who love it damn hot, a blessing for folks like me. 
  • Uses African Bird Eye chilli, which isn’t very high on capsaicin content.
  • Tastes like TABASCO just a little thicker & tad bit more flavourful. 
  • Is MSG, additives, gluten, preservatives free. So, it’s quality that we are talking about here.
  • Works on almost everything that needs some heat. 
  • Priced at an exorbitant Rs.420/-
  • You can find sauces at much easier prices, which taste pretty much the same, but maybe wouldn’t come with the preservative, MSG, additives & Gluten free tag.

Verdict: I, personally loved the sauce. It hit at the right spot for me. It did bring out the heat without scarring me for life, that being said, it is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. You can find sauces, for half of that price & yet have all the qualities that this bottle has & much more. If pricing wasn’t an issue, then I’d be very keen on restocking over & over again. 

Rating : 3/5

Hello Panda.. Product Review. 

” I just want a Hello Panda!”, i shriek. 

I had been giving mum a hard time, whenever i would’ve had the “Hello Panda” craving. Oh!! Just incase, you’re wondering.. This was when i was 5 years old or so. I don’t do that to my mum anymore.. I do it to the hubbykins. 😁


Hello Panda has been one of my delectable & be-a-good girl treat. I would barge into “Safeway” & “Farm 9” and load them up in the cart, along with pink boxes of “Almond Roca” & white boxes of “Rafaello”. 

Fast forward that to 2015 and my son does the same thing. It’s something that I smile like a buffoon about. Hello Panda has very successfully managed to connect one generation to another. Though it’s come quite late to India, it’s a fresh start for sure. This comes with a “Kid Magnet” I presume, I mean which kid doesn’t love this stuff ?


Hello Panda is a Japanese brand, manufactured by “Meiji”. They basically are your shortbread cookies, filled with Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry cream. The cookies are shaped into blunt puffy panda heads, with pictorial depictions of the main character “Panda” on them. On some he’s fencing, on some he’s playing soccer, on some he’s swimming & henceforth. Whatever he’s doing, he’s one helluva sporty Panda for real. 

I, personally love the chocolate filling ones. Yumm.. & it’s been my favourite ever since I was a kid.


They are a very subtle combination of shortbread cookies & chocolate ganache. They are crunchy, buttery & light on the outside & give forth a flowy, silky chocolate cream filling when you bite into it. Not only do they melt in the mouth, they will very certainly melt your heart too. The taste, is nice, but is a little less richer & chocolaty than what I used to eat as a kid. Either the recipe has been re-formulated or the one that retails in India is just that way.

Brief insight on Hello Panda: 

  • Coin sized shortbread cookies, filled with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry cream.
  • Packaged in super cute hexagonal boxes, which are super attractive specially for the kids. 
  • They taste just delicious. 
  • They cost you 80 calories for 4 cookies, which is amazeballs unbelievable because, “OMG! You be so tiny cookie”. Either I embrace you or I say a good-yet-sad bye. 😢😢 
  • They are priced at Rs.70/- per box & I guess each box would have about 10- 15 cookies or so. When I was a kid, these retailed for SR.2/- & I’m pretty sure it’s still that much back in the Middleeast.
  • 3 flavours to choose from. 
  • Perfect for a kiddy treat every once in a while. 

Verdict: As long as you don’t get yourself or your kid addicted to it, go ahead & bulk buy it 😁😁 Enjoy!!