Failed Resolutions and You?

And, it’s that time of the year, when we start making resolutions and give ourselves the hope to make the current year a better one. It’s just the most beautiful gift that you can give yourself. A hope to love yourself more, to make yourself a happier person and to fill your life with more positivity. 

I, hear and do see, a lot of negativity when some friend or a family member announces their resolutions or hopes for the year. 

The most heard statement is, ” Oh! You wanna do _____, this year? Isn’t it just the same thing you wanted last year, but failed miserably at? Don’t get your hopes high.. you’ll only break them” Along with hearing that, you also get to hear the snorts, snickers and guffaws of the evil one.

And that starts a vicious cycle of self-mistrust. Once the doubt steps in, you often start believing that, you really have set an outrageous and a steep goal. What happens is more often than not, you fail, not because you couldn’t do it, but because you couldn’t believe that you could do it! 

C’mon go ahead.. make those resolutions and goals. Don’t let the negativity set you back & certainly don’t let someone else decide what you are capable of, because even YOU don’t know what you are capable of, if you put your heart and soul to doing something. 

Believe in yourself, dream a little more and push your limits because dreams do come true and only you can make it happen! 

So, don’t doubt yourself, go jump right into making one or a hundred resolutions and take your time in fulfilling them. Give it your all and give yourself a pat on the back, every time you take one baby step closer to your resolution. 

Let’s make it all about loving yourself this year!! 

2017, we got you here❤️❤️

Yauatcha| Restaurant Review| Bangalore|FBAB 21st Meetup

Nin Hao 🙏🏼 , Ni Hao Ma? 

“Gongxi Fa Cai”🎉🎉🎎

Well, before you exit this page with a frustrated frown at the unintelligible course of words, hold on,please? 

I, just said “Hello, how are you?” & a “Happy New Year” in simplified Chinese. I really wasn’t goobledegooking with you. 😁


“The Chinese New Year” has arrived & with it come a beautiful plethora of traditions, each brighter than the other. This year is the year of the monkey 🐒

At “Yauatcha”, they have a spread worth gormandising for. Yauatcha has the new year celebrations going on, which are in sync with the traditions. As, the traditions call for consumption of fish, dumplings, spring rolls, etc for good luck. The restaurant has a well thought & a delicious curated menu for the season. 

I, was invited by team FBAB to join them for the “Chinese New Year” menu tasting session at the restaurant. This was the 21st FBAB meet up.


Brief insights about Yauatcha: 

Yauatcha London is a One Michelin star restaurant. The branch here in Bangalore, is an exemplary example of their dedication for ambrosial food & utmost customer satisfaction.

Decor: The restaurant has simple & minimalist decor, which is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. They even have a private dining room for a large group of people, which is just perfect. 



Bloggers in discussion before the meal

Hospitality: Should I even try to dissect this aspect? Yes, well understood that it was class apart.  

The Grub Story: Tasting my way through the myriad of flavours, I found myself wanting for more.   

1. Kiwi & Olive Dimsums: The Dimsums were by far the most pleasurable part of the evening. These were to die for, with the dough being made outta starch & kiwi paste. They had the briny taste of olives & the sweetness of kiwis. What a bomb!!


2. English Carrot & Truffle Dumpling: The first bite & the undeniable carrot flavour flowed in, with the nuttiness of truffle. It was a pleasure to start our meal with these babies! 


3.Corn, Carrot & Curry Dumplings: This undoubtedly won my heart, in a jiffy. The translucent dough with those contents shyly staring at you, through the dough veil was a delight. I devoured them within seconds, the soft sticky dough & melt in the mouth happiness sealed the deal. A must have. 


4. Mock Chicken In Hunan Style Sauce: If, ever you could give a vegetarian a taste of chicken, then this is it. Yep! We’re good. We’re done. For a split second, I had thoughts if I’ve broken my sober vow of vegetarianism. This was as close as it could get to chicken. The soya chunks & the wheat gluten had me thrilled. This was the best of both worlds. The subtle texture of soya & the spicy gooey taste of the sauce, had fireworks going on. By far, the best thing! 


5. Toban Fried Rice: The special thing about this rice, is the fact that it is made out of a sauce of fermented beans. Irrespective of how unappetising it sounds to you, it was one of the most lipsmacking vegetarian fried rice, I’ve had in a long while. The flavour was just so unique & imparted that umami taste to it. 


6. Malak Udon Noodles: Which Asian food lover, doesn’t love Udon? None. Period. My tastebuds did a shooting somersault & they never got back on the ground. The exquisiteness of those chewy Udon noodles with the peppery sauce base, made this an intense hit with everyone. 


7. Crunchy Caramel with HoneyComb Icecream: Inspired by modern European cooking. The dessert was just beyond compare. The hazelnut caramel mousse, housed within it a beautiful praline which slowly bursts into a blend of flavours & finally gave you the real feel. The honeycomb Icecream on the chocolate soil was just the most fulfilling combination to go with the Caramel mousse. A must have! 


 8. Passion fruit Mocktail: Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to the refreshing & a sunny feel of the Mocktail. My favourite, I had 2 glasses btw! 


Here’s the certificate of appreciation from FBAB! 


The non vegetarian’s enjoyed a delectable array of foods too, here are little tidbits from their plates. 

Seafood shuimai! loved by all.
Lobster ho fun roll in black pepper sauce
The purple ones are chicken & coriander dumplings

VFM: Priced pretty fair enough, for the amazing array. But yes, a tad bit heavy on pockets, if you’re on a budget. 

Special mention to Chef Pradeep & Chef Sharieff for the beautiful course.  

Chef Pradeep

Chef Sharieff
 Verdict: The place is just a shade shy of perfection, the pricing is good. Worth every penny if taste & gratification is on your mind. 

Would I visit again? What should stop me from doing so? Yes, yes, yes. 

Location: 1 MG Mall, 5th Floor. 

How the hubster surprised me on New Year’s Eve.

So, it was a pretty bland day. I just went on with life with the most pessimistic view ever.

“It’s the last day of the year. Good. It’s one year down of my life. I’ve been a major dolt with falling ill, screwing my Koh Samui plans, looking like an idiot on my anniversary..blah, blah, blah”

 I was happy, I was alive & there wasn’t anything wrong with me. Yet, I was upset at the way things had turned out. I, personally don’t celebrate the New Year Day 😒😒 Honestly, I find it lame. I’m not gonna go all happy, over losing a year of my life, even at the cost of welcoming a new one. Yet, I love wishing everyone with the New Years greeting. It’s just a weird thing, I love the whole sharing love & happiness thingamaflip, but I won’t celebrate it. But.. Hey! That’s just me!!

I’m reading this book & The hubster barges in and says, ” Hey, why don’t you get dressed to the nines & we’ll go for dinner? No questions asked please.” 

“Well, OK.” Says,I. 

Then, we head towards “Le Méridien” & I see, like loads of people in lines & I’m thinking.. “Oops a daisy!! That’s a lot of people. They all are here for the New Year’s Eve.This guy has gotta be cray. This is for the party going crowd, what am I gonna do here?”

Just then, he says “Ooh! Baby.. They got a New Year Eve thing going on, let’s just go, shall we? It’s near the poolside. Listen to some music, have some dinner & get back home?”

” I’ve got no problem honey, but it makes no sense, when I’m clearly not gonna party. And, I’ll be the only one overdressed. Girls looking gorgeous in funky minis, micro minis, cage tops, tube tops etc & I’m gonna look like a sore symptom of SIDS, with hijab, jacket & a maxi dress. I’m dressed for a dinner love, not a party cum dinner. So, let’s just go somewhere for dinner shall we??” Blurts, i. 

After some convincing on how “Supermodel-ish Bombshell” I looked & how I could give the girls a run for their lives, even with being overdressed made me take the plunge. 

The evening went on pleasant, with almost everyone giving me the looks like,” Yo!! You lost your way?? Why you here?” But, then.. It’s just understandable!! Like, Holy Moly, I would’ve done the same. 

The clock struck one & we all had to leave. The hubster says “I need to use the washroom”. While he’s gone, I’m in the lobby, reading a magazine & 15 minutes pass by. Hubster doesn’t turn up. 

He then arrives & says “Hey babe..There’s a special waltz for couples, on the second floor”

“So?? I’m tired.. I’m not gonna salsa or waltz. Let’s go home!”

Another convincing session & I go, quite irritated. 

” Where is it? These are rooms. Are you sure it’s here? I can’t even hear the music”

He opens a room door. It takes me a moment to register what’s happening. But before I can pass a comment, I see a chocolate gateaux, candles strewn across, a dress & a card that says,”Happy Anniversary My Love”.

My eyes swell with tears & I, can only manage a feeble, “I love you”. I’m totally gobsmacked. Then the voice within my head says, ” So, now can you stop the crib fest please?”

“I can, I surely can” 😌😌😁

Moral of the story: Sometimes, falling ill on your anniversary can really, be a blessing in disguise.   

p.s: Look at what we got after breakfast from the kitchen. That was the most cutest cupcake & the most sweetest gesture by the staff at Le Mèridien. 

How to give yourself some hypertension?

Hey peeps, I’ve been busy tizzy with a wedding at home & also, I had miraculously found myself sinking into the depths of a liquid diet. 

It just started outta the blue, I couldn’t breathe, I cramped near the shoulder blades, I couldn’t eat without this sharp searing pain, I couldn’t drink water either & if I slept.. It was a hellish hole of an experience.

Turns out, I was hypertensed. I, refuted my GP’s claim by rolling my eyes like they were rolling pins on a mission to make 50 flatbreads in 60 seconds.

 “Me? Hypertension? Absolutely not. I will have none of that mind manipulating load of cacophony.” I, argued pretty bitterly.

And my GP couldn’t care any lesser. If, I was a rolling pin.. My GP was a rolling launch of verbal medical diarrhoea. He just didn’t seem to care. The lethargy 😱😱 

“Just some hypertension, which could’ve been due to physical or emotional stress. I’m guessing your epigastrium is a problem here, you might have GERD going on or maybe it’s just esophagitis. These are the doses, must be fine within a week & if not, then we need to carry on a few crucial tests. Till then, you’re on a purely liquid diet”

You, loony balloony doctor!! That statement, gave me hypertension then & there. Hypertension, because apparently, my anniversary was just 2 days after that dreaded announcement. 

I’m a little fine tuned to insomnia, graveyard shifts & direct lunches. So, really.. I have nothing, as in nothing to worry about. But, the seed was sowed in deep. 

Crucial tests?? What kinda crucial tests? 

Being the psycho i was born, my first thought went to the fact, that.. What if I never recovered? What if I was bound to never breathe normal again? What have I achieved in my life? What if I’m never gonna get my hands on a walking stick? 

I, had to take this in my own hands.. I had to find out what I had. I, needed a second opinion. For the GP, I’m just another case, but for me.. I’m the only case of life. 

So, I wiped my tears & those frown lines & got myself ready for a second opinion. I switched on my IPhone & went straight to the most reliable second opinion within seconds.. “GOOGLE”. 

If, I was hypertensed because of what the GP said.. Now I was super duper, hyper-dyper tensed because of what these online medical sites wrote. All & almost all of them, were convinced, that, I had esophagal cancer. And, I dearly wished… At that time that, GERD or esophagitis was so much more lucrative, anyday. 

All, I could think of was.. Never being able to see my son have kids!! 😭😭 I had to think far.. What if, the hubster remarried & got home a horrible “Hansel- Gretel” kinda stepmum? What if, this & what if that.. 

For 5 nights in a row, I did so much research on esophagal cancer, that I can now, just do a thesis on it & bag the prize. 

The anniversary lunch went in bed (ill on bed, I mean) with some soup & a family dinner in the evening, with me eating little bits of bread & soup. What a way, to celebrate our anniversary.. Our plans for the “Koh Samui” trip flopped & we had to cancel everything, but atleast I was alive! 😢😢

On the 6th day, just as uninvited the pain came, it left ever so quietly.. I could breathe normally, drink water without any pain & eat just about anything. The curse was broken, I was freeeee… I didn’t really need a crucial test & nor did I need a second visit to the GP. 

For some reason, I realised how important that episode was. It seemed like, here I was cribbing about how, I haven’t upgraded my makeup stash from the past 9 months & the next moment, I was humbled that atleast I had some life left. 

It screwed my anniversary & my plans, but taught me the most important lesson of my life.. “Love & appreciate what you have”. Those 5 days were hell, but it changed the way, I perceived everything. 

I don’t make “New Year Resolutions”, but this time, I’m making one. 

“Appreciate the Gifts I have, other things will happen on their own”

*also to upgrade that makeup stash, get creme de la mer, do a shopping haul from Harrods, Beauty workshop, Primark & Poundland soon.. It doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

**make sure, I do that trip no matter what. 

• Btw..women will always be women, no matter what!!

Happy New Year my lovelies!! What resolutions do you have in store??😁😁😁❤️❤️