Coyla- Cababs & Curries| Four points by Sheraton | Whitefield | Bangalore | 

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just good food from fresh ingredients”- Julia Child

And, as i flopped down in my seat and helped my self to some second servings, Julia’s words rung true. It really isn’t always about being positively baroque all the time, sometimes you just crave for something analogous to your roots. 

About Coyla : 

Coyla- Four Points By Sheraton, is a relatively new venture, by Sheraton. As we all know, Sheraton, is no newbie when it comes to exemplary hospitality and calibre. Coyla, is a beautiful rooftop restaurant which tries to caress your cares away, with its ambiance. Coyla (Charcoal in Hindi), is synonymous with Indian cuisine and even more so with North Indian, Punjabi Cuisine. The Head Chef, “Mr. Rajesh” is a true blue Punjabi, so you can expect a hearty dose of Punjabi spices. The menu, has been curated by none other than the celebrity chef, “Sweety Baluja”, himself.

Ambiance : 

The ambiance is a perfect mix of rustic and calm. The open kitchen, let’s you gawk in awe at your food being tossed around. The atmosphere sets the perfect mood for a nice laid back evening and if you have that special someone- it’s romantic. 

Hospitality :

I, personally loved being pampered by the staff, who are ever so attentive yet do not interfere with your dine in experience. Special mention to “Mr. Animesh”, who was a perfect host. 

The Grub Story : 

Appetisers : 

  • Baans aur Singhade ke Cabab (₹449/-) : A delicately in house spiced pan seared bamboo shoot and water chestnut gallette. The delectable crunch and the textural play, made this one of my favourites. Unique, yet very true to Punjabi flavours. 

  • Paneer Tikka Angare (₹449/-): A fiery, spicy cottage cheese sandwich with golden garlic and caramelised onions and finished into charcoal spit. The spice level was quite high on this one. True to it’s name, it was angare alright. 

  • Sarson wali Broccoli (₹449/-) : Broccoli which was doused generously in a spicy and tangy kasundi or mustard paste and tandoored. Loved the firm bite of the Broccoli, which wasn’t lost during its time in the tandoor.

  • Murgh Tangdi Peshawari (₹549/-): This was a unanimous favourite amongst the non vegetarians. The drumsticks were sliced opened and filled with cheese and green chillies and allowed to be roasted in tandoor. What a magnificent sight to see the cheese, melt and slowly drip. 

Main Course :

  • Makhanwala Ghar Ka Paneer (₹399/-) : The juicy cubes of Paneer were tossed and doused in the silky butter laden tomato based gravy. What a delight, those clean flavours were. A little tang and a lot of desi ghee love paired with a delicious warqui paratha made your day. 

  • Amritsari Pindi Chole (₹399/-) : The Pindi Chole, were good & basically the run of the mill kinds. Nothing extraordinary but yes, very homely and warm. Went great with the Taftaan. 

  • Maa Rajma Makhanwali Daal (₹349/-): Oh my goodness! I’m living for this. I, would love to visit “Coyla”, just for this. What clean & ambrosial flavours. When things are made in desi ghee, it just goes up by notches. Must must must try. 

Drinks : 

  • Virgin Mojito : Something I need to cleanse palate, love it. 

  • Signature Chocolate & Grape Mocktail: What a great blend of flavours, the sourness of grapes coupled with the sweetness of chocolate & Demerara sugar! Unique & worth a try. 


Verdict : The 3 main factors were ticked during my visit- Service, Ambiance & Food. I, enjoyed the demure evening with flavourful food. 

Coyla gets a 4.5/5 rating. 


ThePlateMemoirs reaches a century. 100 Followers reached💥🎉🎊🎉

This post is dedicated to each one of my readers,who have supported me & uplifted my will to go on writing. Let’s pour in some emotional stuffs shall we?? I think yes!! ☺️☺️ A bigggg thank you dear Allah swt for letting me connect to people from different walks of life. 


Let me share a few things about me today. This is a formal & an informal introduction. 👍🏻

I go by the name Noorain Sobiya,but what you don’t know is.. That’s actually a mishmash of 2 different names. Sobiya Saba is my name on the records,whereas Noorain is an alias. My dad used it more like an endearment term. Ergo,the name Noorain Sobiya was adopted. And that’s my history.

I live in India( currently), but have been bought up in “Saudi Arabia”. My in laws stay in “London”. I keep paying a casual visit to Dubai,once in a while to visit Dad. So that’s my geography. 

Im a total family kinda girl. Love my parents to the moon & back. There’s no way that I can live without seeing them for a week. ❤️❤️ I’m zenith touching friendly,I dig making friends.. It’s something that makes me feel good about my self. Love to share love. That’s my social science for you.

I have a beautiful 2.5 year old son,who trust me is one helluva nasty lil pipsqueak 😱😱  

That’s him with his one& only aunt. I love her so very much. She’s the most supportive thing ever. That’s my genetics for you 😂😂

That’s the little bit about me. Now,lemme tell you something more. I superbly appreciate each & every one of you on my journey. I never thought I’d make it this far. I just thought it would be some sharing and maybe I wouldn’t get noticed at all. All of you beautiful ppl have made me feel 100 times happier than what I was. I’ve found wonderful friends & they have found their way in my life. Thank you WORDPRESS.

This blog was supposed to be just food,restaurant& product reviews,but it’s somehow become an interactive blog. I speak my heart & all of you lovies listen to my cacophony. Thank you for lending your ears to me. I will try to stay true to the blog theme as much as I can.

A humongous thank you dear readers,you guys made moi day. Super happy me.. * whistling away to glory*


How I lost weight.. My success story. 

Ok guys… I lost a whopping 5 kilos in the last 3 months,and I’m not interested in finding them again. This is one thing I’d absolutely love to abandon.. The pounds,ounces and kilos. They sound so dreaded,almost like a bag full of leaping froggies and toads. Not the ” Kermit” kinds,but the ugly puddle and pond toads kinds. On the contrary, they aren’t even half as scary as the extra pounds.What I dread are the airports…  I’m always dreading them because,I might end up paying for extra baggage on myself. 😂😂😂

 ” Hey you!! Yeah you.. Stop rolling your eyes please. Thank you” 😳😳

Back to the point… I’ve discovered, the most foolproof plan to lose weight at the drop of the hat.. Well fedoras and hamburgs and berets also count. I noticed that I just needed a few things and a strict disciplinary measure,to keep myself motivated and in the loop. By the end of 3 months,I found myself to be 5 kilos lighter. 

Here’s a list of all that you really ever need,in your weight loss journey: 

  • A Yoga mat
  • A stability physio ball
  • A pair of plastic Dumbbells
  • A jump rope

Trust me when I say this.. this is all that I bought for myself to lose some weight and not peace of my mind.

I’m going to explain each use of the above equipments in detail. So please snuggle back and relax,while I give you the wisdom of the millennials. 

  • The Yoga Mat : This was the first and the most foremost investment I did. Well actually,I bought all those things together at one go. But,my eyes fell on the yoga mat first. I know how important the yoga mat is, it’s your personal space while working out,giving you the cushiony feel while you exercise. I used to start with lying down on my back straight. Make sure that you meditate before the exercise. Just 5 minutes.. Think of how you would see yourself in a year from now& all such motivational thoughts. I,in particular would do it for 2 minutes and then find my son jumping on my stomach playing horsey… ” DUDE.. ARHAM, MOMMY IS IN A TRANSITIONAL PHASE.. She’s becoming beautiful” but the nagging would continue and I’d leave it at 2 minutes and progress to the next one. Who needs meditation anyways??


  • Stability Physio Ball: One of the most versatile equipments and a must have for home gyms. Even if you don’t wanna invest much,the stability ball doubles up as an all round core training aid. Targeted at all chest,abdominal and spine muscles,this is the most inexpensive way to get fit.. 

Start with standing straight.. And with a straight back seat yourself on the ball squatting,then…. **PLONK!! ** 


“ARHAAAAM, MOMMY IS EXERCISING.. THIS ISNT FOOTBALL”  Sees her LO playing with it and after a lot of ” It’s mine” monologue, gives in and passes on the ball to the LO..  Stability balls are ok.. Dumbbells are the real deal. 

  • The plastic dumbbell: Errr… I’m glad you’re still sticking around for more. This is the real place where you tone up and lose weight. Buy some suitable weight Dumbbells, they are gonna be your best friends in your journey. 


Legs shoulder width apart, slightly curve your back and pick the Dumbbells off the floor,without bending your knees. Now,slowly lift them to your….. * OUCCCCHHH!! * Arham finds mommy funny and throws a dumbbell at her feet. The dumbbell stubs her toe. Prancing like the mad hatter, mommy cries..


Limping, mommy thinks about the benefits of the jump rope. 

  • Lastly, the Jump rope: Don’t be fooled at the inexpensiveness of the jump rope. Let me tell you that the jump rope is an exquisite piece of an equipment. It buttonholes your weight and demands it to vacate your body. Targeted at a complete body workout,jump rope is the best thing ever. Period.

Hold the rope in your hands and start skipping at every round of rope. You need to do at least a 50. 

This is how you do it,….. 


After round 13… Arham tries joining in, and Mommy trips & is a mess.


 LO holds the rope and starts a ” Tug-o-war” with mommy. 15 minutes later,after all the jumping and snatching and shouting… Arham gives the jumping rope. Mommy folds it neatly,packs into the box and stares…

Mommy feels letdown.. Maybe,home gymming isn’t my thing. 

You see,it’s only after all this I realised that my weight was dropping,not because of the fancy-shmancy stuffs,but because of the maintenance that comes along with a baby in his ” TERRIBLE TWO’s”. The Running,the yelling,the playing,the picking up of toys and picking the LO up,the tantrums,the cooking,the random night bawlings,the invasive sleep periods,the showers,the bath soaks,the activity times and getting ready for activity times. Well,you see.. That’s how I lost weight,by being a “Mom” and also with some cups of green tea. 

As for the purchases I made… The yoga mat is LO’s play mat,the stability ball is LO’s substitute for football,the Dumbbells have a better use now as paperweights and the jump rope??? Why it’s a makeshift fastener for the huge carton filled with books.

There isn’t any job as strenuous and as daunting as that of a mother. I,have domestic help and my mum to help me out. I only wonder in awe,how mummy raised us all on her own in a country that wasn’t hers. 

She was ever so fearless and made sure we had the best.. Dear mummy.. I love you,I love you for all those nights I kept you awake and for all those days I kept you busy. 

So,for all of you wanting to lose weight.. Get a baby.. That’s the secret,the foolproof plan😁😁

P.s: I do not advocate unhealthy lifestyles or discourage exercise,all this post says is the weight I lost wasn’t  due to the traditional gymming but due to exercise in the form of chores. 

The Politician- A Restaurant Review.

Dal Makhani is what Chicken Soup is to the west. Pure comfort food for your whining soul.”- Noorain 

There are very few things that a good warm bowl of ” Dal Makhani” can’t cure. My quest for the perfect bowl has always been never ending. I always thought I struck gold,but only to be disappointed by mediocrity. 

Mediocrity is such a dangerous territory to tread on,it’s never good or never bad. So you’re never in one frame of mind. My misadventures have been many,100’s to be precise..from those misadventures,blooms a restaurant called,” THE POLITICIAN”. Yes.. It’s pretty unusual a name,what’s even more unusual is ” Uncle Sam” as their brand ambassador??? I’m like ” whoa… Holy guacamole!! What’s Uncle Sam doing in India??” His celebrated poster which ravaged USA the ” I want you to vote” one has been parodied as ” I want you to come in here”.

The restaurant is a well maintained one with comfortable seating. It’s more on the tunes of decent and basic decor. Nothing much that I can write home about. You aren’t overpowered by the decor, and are more focussed on your meal arriving soon to your table.There are a few cartoons& caricatures expressing puns and funny liners. The ambience is again nothing like ” push back and relax” it just serves its purpose of giving a good vibe.




Wow.. That was short and sweet.. Anyhow, the grub deserves a good and worthy description. I’ve been dropping by once in a few days and I can safely vouch for the consistent taste and flavour of the food. So this is based on my last visit.

We were ravenously hungry so, we decided to start with some good ole mushroom as a starter. 

  • BLACK PEPPER&SALT MUSHROOM: This is one of my favourites here, with absolutely spot on and sapid flavours. The delicately batter fried mushrooms, tossed around in fresh black pepper base are something I yearn for. What I love is the delicate Garlic flavour that’s been packed into it. It’s not oily and gives you a soft crunch while devouring it.


After cleaning our plates off the mushrooms,the hubby decided to order some chicken for his grumpy palate. So he ended up ordering their speciality.

  • Netaji’s Special Chicken: In English equivalent, this is Uncle Sam’s special. Trust me,this is by far the most light yet toothsome form of tandoori chicken. It’s grilled to charring perfection and has a beautiful pale yellow colour to it. Another delicately flavoured dish. 


Well,we were so impressed with starters,that we decided to have another. This time I was the making the decision.

  • Malai Paneer Tikka: In an Indian vegetarian’s kitchen,paneer or cottage cheese is as revered as is the meat to a carnivore. Paneer doesn’t just taste delish,but is loaded with protein. There are 101 ways to prep it up and the one which strikes a chord with almost every Indian is the ” Malai Paneer Tikka”. Bits and chunks of cottage cheese marinated in secret sauces and grilled with capsicum,onion& tomato. Again a thumbs up for the taste,but a thumbs down for the presentation. I wouldn’t like to eat something that’s so badly presented. All I could think was,how this looks dafter than my son’s make believe presentation. 😧😧 


Here comes the great part… For our main course,being filled to capacity with starters…we decided to order flat breads and some Dal.. My heart set at having the lentil.

  • Dal Makhani: I declare this Dal Makhani as the most delicious one,I’ve had in a long time. This comes close to being the best in town. The beautiful mix of lentils dunked and simmered in a rich,red&delish gravy. The lentils were soft and melt in the mouth,the gravy a class apart. The meaning of ” Makhani” is ” with butter”,yet a lot of restaurants give this up. Which makes me think ” WHATEVER”. Here at T.P they douse and drown the lentils in ghee aka clarified butter. This little extra measure makes the experience ever so memorable.  When paired with butter Naans or just plain’s a beautiful harmony. I wish I can tell you how much I love this.. But sadly I can’t.. Give it a try and you’ll see.. 


What I noticed about “POLITICIAN” is their flavour. Not one dish is overpowering,nor does it fail to excite your tastebuds. The food is piquant yet subtle. Something I want on my plate is subtlety in my food. 

The restaurant is astonishingly affordable. 


The prices do nil damage and you’re a super happy person. A nice hearty meal for two would put you back by Rs.800/- 

Works like a miracle for people on budget and the collegians. Gosh!! The Politician wasn’t there when I was in JNC.. 😢😢 But Its mostly for people who are on a lookout for a delicious meal. 

Rating : ❤️❤️❤️❤️ outta 5

Location: 126, KHB colony,opposite JNC,Koramangla. Bangalore.

Ragú alla bolognese- An Indian Version for the spicy soul.

Let me tell you a little secret, I am a fanatic when it comes to Italian cuisine. And a sucker for pastas in general. I have a ” PASTA FETISH”.. It’s not very different from any other fetish. I live by the motto ” I need them all”. When I’m in a supermarket,I’m checking out the new editions,stocking up on the old ones and very aptly skimming thru the “oils and vinegar” section.

People don’t quite understand my infatuation with PASTA.. They think ” oh well!! How does a fettucine differ drastically from linguine,it’s from durum wheat manh.. How different can it get”

 * gulp*

Spare me the horror.I am,but pretty sure that you and your sibling differ drastically,though you’re the same parental DNA?? * hopes to make a point there*

Any ways,the farfelles,the rigatonis,the fettucines,the tagliatelle, the pappardelle,the linguines,etc… Heaven to just hold them. Even saying their names has a certain oomph to it 😁😁

Once I have the pastas in my hand,I’m thinking of sauces to go with it. Do I do the carbonara,neopolitana,Alfredo, bolognese or the aglio olio??

And once I’ve decided that,the water’s on a rolling boil and I’m chopping away to glory. I’m a strict follower of the traditional recipes…with a few exceptions of course,to suit my tastes and lifestyle. I don’t prefer indianizing any versions,but then that is met with discerning nods telling how unspicy the dish is or how some extra ginger garlic could’ve done wonders. 

Though this dish,will get the ITALIANS putting up their hands in dismay at the mutation. I will still brave the odds and proffer to you a ” DESI” /INDIAN version. If Barbie can have an Indian version,the Ragú  must have one too.. Btw,Ragú beats barbie hands down.. * smirk*

So,for all of you,who like things in life a little extra spiced..This version is dedicated to YOU: (this Ragú holds good for 400 gms of pasta,roughly a double of the amount of mince)

Ragú alla Bolognese( Indianized):


  • Chicken or mutton mince-250 gms
  • Tomatoes chopped – 2 medium ones.
  • Onions chopped finely- 1 large one.
  • Spring onions finely chopped- half a cup.
  • Carrots chopped- 2
  • Vinegar- 1 tbsp
  • Ginger garlic paste- 2 tbsp
  • Red chilli paste/ red chilli powder- 1 tsp 
  • Green chillies chopped fine-1 or 2 
  • Basil chopped finely- a few leaves.
  • Mint chopped finely- a few leaves
  • Chinese salt( MSG)- a pinch [optional]
  • Some Oregano
  • Salt.
  • Oil- 2 tbsps



  • First,boil carrots till soft. Let it cool down. Add the carrots with basil,oregano and mint into a jar&whip it till it’s a nice paste. Keep aside.( I can see you say ” whaat?? Is she crazy?? Trust me this does wonders)
  • Take oil in a large skillet, heat it up for a few minutes. Add the sliced onions and fry till transparent.


  • Add the chicken mince and let it change colour.
  • Next add the carrot paste and give it 2-3 minutes in the skillet.
  • Add the ginger garlic paste and swirl it around for a few minutes till you start getting faint whiffs of it
  • Add the red chilli paste,Chinese salt(if using) and salt. Swirl again.


  • Add the tomatoes and keep stirring continuously till the whole mixture is a mushy mass.(I know that sounds ewww…but this maximises the flavour)


  • Now add the vinegar. Add the green chillies & spring onions at the last. 


  • Add your cooked pasta and let it soak up the Ragú.. 

Your Ragú alla Bolognese in an Indian avatar is ready.. 


This dish is super quick and is a total favourite with the family. I used the elbow macaronis because they really capture the Ragú well in the bends.

 I tried to keep the dish as close to the original as possible,but doing the carrot purée is something wildly different. Just the purée with those herbs give the Ragú a very distinct nuttiness to it and also gives a hint of sweetness. 

You’re more than welcome to try it without the purée. Happy experimenting with flavours!! 

Saby’s Barbee Mania- Peri Peri Masala Review with a bonus Al-Faham Chicken Recipe🍗🍗

I’m not the one who has a penchant for readymade masalas. Maybe that’s because I’m brainwashed into thinking that these so called ” Shortcut masalas” are devoid of that authentic flavour and are marketed for profit purposes only.

My mum is one helluva fine lady who loves her kitchen dearly. Every morning you’re gently roused from your slumber by the lingering aroma of the experiments she conducts in her kitchen. She’s the “Einstein of Cooking” for me…

I’ve grown up seeing mum roast,flash fry,grind,crush her own secret formulas for a magical experience called ” Dining”. So,really the idea of readymade masalas is quite alien to me. Both of us crinkle up our noses,when we pass by the ” Spice section” in a supermarket. And we even have PJ’s about it 😁😁😂😂

To cut my Cacaphony short,il just tell you about this brand already.” Saby’s Barbee Mania” is purely a “Direct from home” brand. Run by ” Sarah Yunus” under the watchful eye of her mum ” Naseem auntie ” ,SBM promises to be 100% authentic,where they spare us the horror of MSG and other  preservative jazz. They use traditional stone method for grinding their masalas. They don’t use any electrical equipments,thereby ensuring that you’re not getting compromised on the factors of aroma or taste. They also promise not to use any artificial colourings and additives. The masalas come in special fresh packs and are packed individually by the mom daughter duo. This is personalisation at its very best.

I,personally made it a point to go and collect a few products from them ,when the store near home kept telling that they were out of stock from the past month or so. I was met by two beautiful ladies,who took their time to explain to me what went into my packs.

Today I’d like to concentrate solely on the peri-peri masala. I think each product deserves at least a post dedicated to it. So,without further ado… I present to you ” Peri-Peri masala”.

I know it’s really weird that there is a peri-peri masala and not The sauce. That’s what I thought first,but was intrigued to try it out.

The masala has a beautiful orangish red tone to it and has been ground coarse. You can see the little bits of ingredients in a spoonful of it.. It claims to have ” Paprika,Onion powder,garlic,yellow chilli and other herbs” 


The shelf lives of all their products is for 9 months.

 Here is why I enjoyed the product:

  • The packaging is spot on,I love the freshness packs. I would’ve adored the packaging more if,it could have come with its own ziplock. That way,I could use and reuse the pack.
  • The masala is devoid of colorings,preservatives,MSG or additives. It’s completely free from modern day additions,thereby adding a touch of home and authenticity.
  • The masala is ground coarse and it gives you a gist of all the goodies in it. Like in this one,I could figure that there was some basil in it.
  • They are priced a little more than the normal fare ones,but for the kinda purity they are promising.. This is good news.
  • The masala has a very distinctive taste,does a good job in giving what’s promised. It’s any day better than a lot of masalas in the same genre.

With those positives,let me show you how I enjoyed my packet of Peri-Peri. The taste is more like ” Al- Faham Chicken”.

Al- Faham using SBM Peri Peri:


  • Chicken- 1 kg
  • Peri- Peri masala- 25 gms or 3 tbsps
  • Vinegar – 30 mls
  • Ginger- garlic paste- 4 tbsps
  • Sumac powder- 1 tsp
  • A dash of lemon juice
  • Onion paste- 1 tbsp
  • Yogurt- 2 tbsps
  • Black pepper powder- 1 tbsp


  • In a bowl, add the yogurt,onion paste and sumac powder. Whisk it well and keep aside.
  • In another bowl, add the SBM Peri-Peri masala,vinegar,black pepper powder and ginger garlic paste. Mix it well and add the yogurt mix to it and mix it again. It should possess a heavy consistency,more like a runny dough.
  • Dunk the chicken in the marinade and leave it aside for a good 4 hours or overnight in the fridge.
  • Choose your cooking method, give it a grill on the grill pan or barbecue it on skewers.
  • Serve with khubus or pita bread.



The masala worked wonders and gave me a really lipsmacking Al – Faham Chicken. It wasn’t the actual Peri-Peri one,but I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. If you saw my previous post…” Ramadan tidbits”, then probably you’ll know that I used this masala for flavouring my chicken and used it in strict accordance to the recipe. It turned to be a total hit..

This time I thought why not add a little more and make it as close as I can to Al- Faham as it resonated a lot of similarity.

I’m really impressed with the range and I reckon that you should give it a taste.

Ramadan tidbits and a bonus Meat Samosa Recipe.

Ramadan’s are all about the spiritual cleanse. It’s so much more than just the superficial fasting. People tend to associate Ramadan with just the fasting. I get a lot of friends who say ” wow,how do you do that?” Or ” You must feel relieved by the evening to eat again”. A lot of people ask me why do I do it? Is it hard??etc etc..

Here are a few pointers and myth busters for people who don’t know a lot about Ramadan:

1) Ramadan is all about fasting: Well, that’s the most obvious of all the stuffs revolving around Ramadan. It’s also about Sympathy and Empathy. It’s about building a bond with yourself,understanding who you really are. It’s about a certain code of conduct and implementing humility in your life. It’s a crash course of sorts to personality development.

We fast,not for ourselves..but to primarily understand what does  someone who is lesser privileged than ourselves goes thru each day of his life. It’s to empathise with somebody else’s hunger and thirst. That somebody who doesn’t have the privilege to swipe his card at the drop of the hat.It’s highly beneficial for your body,but that’s just a bonus,not the reason for fasting. 

2) Ramadan is about feasting: Ramadan’s specially in Bangalore are all about the 100’s of dishes you get to savour,they have stalls all across the major city hubs like ” Frasertown, Koramangala and Jayanagar”. 

Ummm.. Nopes!! That’s not what we really want. Ramadan is about a certain middle path,where you’re depriving yourself of food and water the whole day and then thanking God for bestowing his mercies on you,by breaking your fast called Iftar with good food.  

But what’s happening is people are depriving themselves and gorging food like this is the last meal. Last supper kinds. 

3) Ramadan is about being pious for the month: Again a bummer,it’s not about being just pious for this month,but being able to broadcast that pious trait to the other months. Thereby making it a part of your lifestyle.. It’s a gentle reminder to oneself about what is expected from you. Like an empathic heart,a pure soul and a sense of spreading love across. 

4)Charity only in Ramadan: We follow two types of charity. One in Ramadan called “Zakat” and one throughout the year called ” Khairat Or Sadaqah”.

Zakat is more like your income tax returns,you are obliged to pay it yearly. Not much,no slabs,no distinction… Just about 2.5% of your income. For me,it’s just forgetting that ” COACH” handbag. Worth it right?? My Coach bag can sponsor 20 to 30 families for the whole month.. 👍🏻👍🏻 Your WANTS/DESIRES are someone else’s NEEDS and essentials.

The Khairat or sadaqah is to be followed throughout the year span. Donating as much as you can,on your terms. If you are short of money,even a smile or a kind thought counts as charity. It’s an unadulterated form of love for the receiver’s soul. ❤️❤️

5) Here’s the bonus…. Tadaa!!! It’s not just about SAMOSA’S: 


 Well,that’s just a joke…  Why goodness me… It’s all about samosas. They are the most staple snack of Ramadan. Called as the Samosa,Sambosek,Saamoos,etc. The humble samosa finds its way onto your table spreads. 

It’s such a big comforting feel to sink your teeth in pastry filled with savoury fillings. Samosas are spicy,fried and flavourful. All of these 3 attributes make it a must have . There are a billion ways to make it.. Yep!! I’m awfully serious. Anyhow, Here’s my easy peasy version of samosa’s which are made just under an hour. I’m not gonna be telling you how to make the pastry or how to shape the samosa,as everyone knows about it. I’m giving you the recipe for the savoury filling.

Meat Samosa’s : Makes 50


  • Switz samosa patties- 50 strips( I really love these because they don’t soak up a lot of oil & also take lesser time to fry)
  • Chicken boneless chopped,don’t shred them too fine-1 kg (use any meat of your choice)please take a look at the pictures to get a gist of how fine the chicken mince is.
  • One bunch of spring onions 
  • White onions sliced- 800gms
  • Garlic- 3 cloves
  • Ginger- half an inch
  • Ginger-garlic paste- 4 tsps
  • Garam masala – half a tsp
  • Coriander powder- 2 tsp
  • Mint- half a cup,finely chopped 
  • Coriander- one cup,finely chopped,used as garnish.
  • 3-4 tsp of Peri Peri masala,about 25 gms( I used Sabys Barbee Mania) 
  • A capful of vinegar,which is approximately 20 mls.
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt to taste.


  • Boil chicken mince in 300 mls of water. The water with the 3 cloves of garlic,few sprigs of mint and half an inch of ginger must be on a rolling boil,before you add the chicken. Basically,you’re boiling chicken mince with mint,ginger and garlic. Boil till the water evaporates. Take it out,keep aside.


  • In another pan,heat some oil. In it add the rest of the mint and fry till crisp. 
  • Add the ginger-garlic paste and fry till it blushes. Now add the chicken mince and garam masala and stir it around well. 
  • Add the peri peri sauce or masala. I mix about 25 gms of the masala with a capful of vinegar and put it into the chicken mince.
  • Give it a good stir and now add the sliced onions.Another five minutes maybe,just before removing mince from the flame,add coriander and you’re done.



  • Keep it to cool and fill a generous tablespoon of the filling into the patties.   



  • Fry them in oil and serve with chutney of your choice or just on its own.

This is an extremely easy and Quick way of making the filling. I adored giving the chicken mince a twist of peri peri sauce. 

I’m currently infatuated with “Sabys Barbee Mania Masala” range. I’m using a lot of their products and the results are spot on. 

Will be reviewing the “Peri-Peri Masala and Spicy Dosa Mix” in the next post. 

Till then,enjoy these samosas,let’s spread love across.. And I will try baking them the next time round. 🍴❤️ 

JULIE’S OAT 25 COOKIES- A product review

Tea times for me are very sacred. It’s that portion of the day,when I just sit back and relax. I lose myself over a nice hot cuppa green tea with a constant nibbling of cookies and biscuits. I lose myself over a current favourite book or over the kindle pages. 

For me tea times are sacred. My little one has to be fast asleep or busy with some crayons or plasticine. So,I really value that little time which I promise myself everyday. During this time I’m spoiling myself with delectable treats. With Japanese teas to flavoured ones with chocolate cookies to oat ones. And as I’ve been on the clean eating spree,I try to steer away from the usual dose of guilty nibbles. 

My heart has set itself on this really amazing brand of cookies. I dunno how easily available they are in the supermarkets,but I got mine from ” STAR BAZAAR” and I’m like stupendously happy about it. 

I could find only 3 flavours of the cookies,namely:

  1. Oat 25 Ten grains
  2. Oat 25 with strawberry
  3. Oat 25 with hazelnuts and chocolate chips

I’m was in two minds to club all of them or to whether just concentrate on ” Oat 25 ten grain”. Then I thought maybe I need to give a nice detailed review and chucked the mashup thought. 

Here’s our winner: 


Just look at that neat packaging,I just love it. The big cookie looks so delectable. I could abso-blooming-lutely eat it off the packaging. 

What’s Julie’s and can I get more information about the cookies?

Julie’s is a novelty brand here, it’s still gaining momentum I guess. I really haven’t seen it anywhere else,that’s why I hoarded 10 of each flavour. 😖😖 Julie’s is made in “MALAYSIA” and is priced at a very reasonable ” Rs.159″ for 200 gms pack. 

The packaging is ever so neat and is packaged by the serving. You’ll just get to know what I mean.


Notice those little green packs?? There are 8 convi packs in each box.Those little packs are made for one serving. Each serving has 3 cookies. Each serving is worth 130 calories,which I presume is a fair enough deal.The ideal packaging also retains freshness,discourages over eating and helps you control your portions.

What are these cookies made up of and how do they taste?

These babies,specially Oat 25 ten grain is made up of ten grains. Talk about being multi grained. The grains that go into each cookie are: 

  1. Oat
  2. Rye flakes
  3. Sesame
  4. Triticale flakes
  5. Cracked spelt
  6. Barley flakes
  7. Wheat flakes
  8. Millet
  9. Quinoa
  10. Brown flax

If I may,let me tell you one thing… This is the holy grail of all multigrain cookies and biscuits. When did you last see all this or at least half of this in a cookie??? Never right?


Apart from the excellent health benefits,it tastes yumm..The taste is  very buttery and oat-y and also has a hint of sweetness to it. Has the whiff of a milky flavour too. When you bite into your cookie,you can’t help but notice those flax seeds waving back at you. 

And… When I see flax seeds,I feel so motivated that I’m eating healthy. 👍🏻👍🏻


These are my new favourites and I’m soooo digging them. I could take a plunge in a big pool of these cookies, kinda like Uncle Scrooge 😁😁  

These are my gold nugget equivalents. Give it a try and tell me how well these babies fared with you. 

Till then, happy nibbling!!

P.s. 1 serving=3 cookies= 130 calories

I met a rebel today….

I saw her go across the street and sit down on the pavement. I was waiting for the husband,but at this point..I couldn’t care any less, and with an asinine trance,I traced her footsteps. Tattoo that read ” Freedom” inked across her forearm,just glistened . Much like it had its own personal halo radiating. Oh.. Maybe that was her eyebrow piercing.

I maintained a good perimeter of a difference,where I could see her and yet not intrude. I wasn’t a stalker,I was but intrigued by her demeanour. She wore her hair ” blood red with highlights of platinum blonde”. Her eyes were caramel and her lips a goth black. Her nails were painted yellow with ” Devil” written on it. Her distressed jeans were an acid wash blue. Her tank top a distressed greenish black one.Her fingers were adorned with silver rings,her hand filled with baubles.

 Her backpack,a reflection of who she thought she was,slangs,unintelligible scribbles,blotches of color, the trident( don’t understand if it was the trident of Poseidon or Shiva or the trident of the devil) I didn’t get it… I know she cared.. She cared about moulding a certain image of herself.. That’s why she went ahead and constructed a wall and put a billboard on it,shouting ” I’m different”.. She has sparked,whiffed up and engendered a pot of boiling controversies. Let me remind you,we are in India.. Things still are regressive. We love girls to be dainty and girly..Well,we only accept them like that.. Hmmmph!!!

She looked at me and she frowned. I had to look away… ” Goodness me.. I oughta have never looked at her,let alone follow her here” 

She violently picked her backpack up.. Dusted her worn out and distressed jeans.. She squinted her eyes.. She took steps towards me.. Her eyes peered with suspicion. * gulp*

” Oh no!! Now she’s coming at you.. Noorain,what the hell are you gonna tell her,you’re so screwed.. Is she gonna punch the living day lights off you??Is she gonna cuss??? You hate all that…,where the hell is that husband of yours when you need him the most?”

I stood,with a bout of dialogues getting scripted in my head. I was thinking up something smart to evade her… How I wish I had a skunk… Or at least,a skunk power???( Squirt,and she runs in the opposite direction) 

Noorain you don’t even have your phone handy,so that you can feign that you were preoccupied with something else.. Darn it, you don’t even have a coffee handy.. Ok.. Ignore,just ignore..”

” Hey girl!!” Says she… And I know she’s talking to me,yet I act surprised and look around and say ” who me??”…  

My ” who me??” Was the most nonchalant “who me??” ever to grace on this Earth..

Yeah sweet thing,I guess this is yours!” And she picks up my debit card from the ground and hands it over to me.

” I saw you drop it,and you took no heed to it… You gotta be careful babes,there are a bunch of weirdos out here,and not every time will someone return things to you,btw…my name’s ****, take care!!” And she wandered off into the chocked streets.

I just muttered a bewildered and a distraught  ” Thank you”.. I couldn’t have been ashamed anymore. 

She is a rebel,rebelling against the pandemonium of the so called acceptable normalcy.

She is a rebel,rebelling against a united opinion..which she thinks is wrong.

She is a rebel,rebelling against not you( spare the wishful thinking,that you are ever so important to her),but against herself to find who she really is.

Hypocrites are we,who base opinions on a person’s physical appearance,colour,race and qualifications and not on who they really are. 

Look beyond that… blur the borders of appreciating or degrading this clay urn,you call a body… Focus on the intangible part of who you really are.. Your soul.. 

My husband came within seconds of her disappearing,and almost as if to wash away or clean my thoughts.. It started raining. Raining so heavily, yes.. My thoughts were cleansed off prejudice..

I met a rebel today and she completely changed my notion of  what is ” Acceptable”. 

[[* hats off* to my dear rebel, who just twinkled in a page of my life,but very staunchly left her mark behind.. ]]