Saffron & Licorice Soap by Azafran Organics- Review.

Im a confused lady, when the question is about whether I should use Soaps or Shower Gels. With ads popping up on your TV screen every other day, it becomes impossible to remain faithful to one. 

Sometimes Soap is all that I need & sometimes it’s those shower gels that make me happy. But, for now, I’m obsessed with “Handmade or Handcrafted Soaps”. I, find myself buying them every other day. 

For the past few weeks i’ve been compulsive buying soap bars from ” Azafran Organics” called ” Saffron & Licorice Skin Lightening Soap”, “Neem&Haldi” & ” Rose Geranium”.


 Azafran Organics has a very catchy tag line ” Farm to Face”. They are an Ahmedabad based brand where they have their own organic farms that are the source of their products. The products claim to be 85% filled with organic ingredients. 

This particular soap bar is my favourite out of the 3 variations. 


Let me give you one good reason why you should consider this International organic company. Their “Skin Firming Cream” was voted as the “Best New Organic Product 2015” by the “Beauty Awards”. Oh! And did I mention that the competition was a cut throat one?

The company hasn’t ever compromised on the quality of its products. It’s just organic goodness for you. What’s even better is that their organic ingredients are ECOCERT certified. Now, that’s what I call ” Cruising in style”. 


 Insight into “Saffron & Licorice Skin lightening Soap” : 


Ingredients: Safflower Wax, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Licorice Extract, Vetiver Oil, Saffron.

  • Firstly, I have no obsession with making my skin WHITER or LIGHTER 😂 . I bought this for the exotic medley of saffron & Licorice. I was just so curious about it. 
  • Secondly, the bar is just a piece of nostalgia. This smells of red earth on a rainy day. I mean, come on now people… Who wouldn’t want that? I, could just smell this for hours. 
  • Thirdly, it claims to be highly moisturising. Which it is, when I used this as a bathing aid. But, when I used it as facewash substitute, it stripped my skin off any moisture that was present. Now, after i say that, I must tell you this that my skin is the Sahara Desert these days. Dry as hell! It worked wonderfully for others, the little sister, mum & a friend. Btw.. We had individual bars, all of us didn’t use the same bar. 😂
  • Fourthly… Ok! Now that sounds dumb.. I’m skipping the numerics after this 😁 It says that it’s a whitening bar. I dunno about whitening, but it surely made my skin even & clean.
  • The bar lasts for 9 days if you’re gonna be using this twice a day for the face. It lasts 4-5 days if you’re gonna be using this as a bathing aid. So, it doesn’t really last for a long while.
  • It’s handcrafted, so you can expect minor differences in each bar shape.
  • It’s priced at Rs.105/-  which is a tad bit higher than normal soaps, but you need to appreciate the quality stringency. When I think of the quality, I totally think that it’s a reasonable pricing. 
  • All ingredients are ECOCERT & are organic. What we need to understand is that there is a difference between Organic & Herbal. Where herbal means just about any herb, organic is a more stringent process of choosing that herb. It must be devoid of any pesticides & chemicals to be ECOCERT certified as Organic. That’s purity at its best for you.


Verdict: A total recommend and a must have for everyone concerned about the excessive use of parabens and sulfates in their products. It’s time to turn the clock backwards. 

Yves Saint Laurent, Touché Éclat- Product Review. 

The YSL Touché Éclat! Is there anyone over here, who doesn’t know about the magic elixir packaged in a pen? Well, if you don’t then you really are missing alot of action in the beauty world. 

Any makeup addict, fashionista, beauty guru or a makeup artist who is worth his or her salt, will probably tell you how this product is a can’t live without. I mean, let’s just put all the hype that this YSL product has & just for a moment think about what’s going on?

Why are so many people swearing by it? Why is it a must have? Why can’t I live without it? Are there any other cheaper alternatives or dupes? And lastly, do I really need it? 


The touché éclat is more of a statement makeup. This little pen does come with bragging rights bestowed upon its owner. Somehow, the touché éclat is supposed to talk about your refined taste. 😒😒 I’m like.. Uhhmm.. Ok!! 

The reason I bought this baby is because of the hype. Yes, I fell for it & decided to sacrifice the Givenchy “Ange Ou Etrange” fragrance ( which is still on my wish list btw) that I had been eyeing. This Dang pen better be good stuff, or i had promised myself to never read a fashion mag ever again. 😱😱  Gladly, I’m a vogue subscriber till date 😁😁

What is the Touché Éclat? 

Let me try to put this in the most simplest way ever. The touché éclat is the most beautifully blendable concealer, highlighter & corrector in one. Touché Éclat is the mommy of all things & mommies are always such multitasking beings.  


The company claims that this is a “Luminocaptide Complex”, which instantly illuminates your skin by erasing fine lines, refreshing tired looking skin & banishing fatigue. They claim that this is an 8 hour sleep in the click of a pen. 


What is the most important thing to remember is that, this isn’t an under eye concealer. This is used for highlighting & enhancing your features. Erasing fine lines et al. The coverage isn’t heavy & is certainly not gonna work against those heavily dark under eye circles. 


I, got the shade no.2 called “Luminious Ivory”, which works quite well for my skin tone. My skin tone has a pink & yellow undertone to it. So, this colour worked the best.

The bristles are just so fine and don’t stab or hurt at all. The pen works on a click mechanism. Which means you’re clicking the pen away to get the product out. I reckon, you must click atleast 20 times or so to get any bit of that elixir out. Which is a super thing for me, as I have a very nosey toddler. 😒😒😒 So, he oughta click it a lot for any result.. And till then, I’m shouting my red lungs out for the pen. 😠😠😡

To avoid all the disappointment that would come across, due to the improper usage. I’m gonna give you a pictorial description of highlighting & concealing. You can decide what you would like to on that particular day.

How to highlight?

After you’ve done your basic primer, foundation, compact routine. You need to highlight these areas shaded in yellow. 


Those areas are: 

  • Middle of the forehead & the temples.
  • The gap between the brows.
  • The bridge of your nose.
  • Just above the hollows of your cheekbones. 
  • The inner corner of your eyes. 
  • Atop your brows & on the brow bone( if you plan on the natural look,sans eyeshadow)
  • Over your undereye concealer. 
  • On the cupids bow & beneath your lower lip.
  • On the chin.
  • In the hollow of your neck. 

That must take care of your highlighting. 

How to conceal?

I don’t recommend buying this just for the sole purpose of a concealer. It should be used over a concealer or maybe used as a light to medium coverage concealer for those no makeup days. 

Here’s how you can conceal, areas shaded in yellow. 


The areas are: 

  • Your undereyes & the cheeks. Do downward swipes & this may well be a great way to go the no makeup way. 
  • The eyelids sans the eyeshadow or as an eyeshadow base, which conceals fine lines. 
  • The crows feet. 
  • And you can also erase any fine smile or frown lines too.
  • It must be used even on the corners of your nose.

Now after this information, it’s really up to you to gauge the necessity of this product. It’s priced at a hefty £25 for 2.5ml and in that price you certainly will get some great cheaper alternatives, both in India & abroad. 


Do I like this?? Well, I’ve done 3 restocks and it runs almost forever. The lightness of this product works both as an advantage & disadvantage depending upon what techniques you’re applying. 

You are the best judge on how to extract the full potential of this product. As for me, YSL has me in its grip. I’ve gone on shopping hauls and shopped for everything except the touché éclat and then felt a sense of great guilt, when the other products didn’t work out that well for me. 

It’s been a love-hate affair from the past 4 years and well, I will say that I love it. Period. 

Revlon Colorburst- Shade # 120 Vivacious Exuberante. 

Tell me what colour gets you all happy & jittery? Most of us would say pink? Well,I would. To me pink is the most perfect colour ever to grace this earth. 

“What about Red?” Says head. I,promptly dismiss that thought with a smile as fake as those pearly whites on a runway model. That would be this emoji btw 😬 😬

I love reds! But Pink!!! Gosh.. It’s so versatile. So young. So demure. So good. Pink goes everywhere and anywhere. Hell,you could be delivering your baby with a pink lipstick on. A red one,would make you look.. Well, a little too obnoxious. Who would wanna go in to delivery wearing Red? Red be sexy & the delivery room is the last place to be that. 

Pssst… I wore pink 😂😂

I even had a short story done on the colour pink. Me loves it that much. 

Revlon has come up with these “Matte & Lacquer” sticks.

Today I will be reviewing this beautiful colour called “Vivacious Exuberante” from the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Collection.   

Just check this voluptuous baby out. I love chubby sticks. Period. I mean that’s the end of it. I just love them. Call em chubby sticks,crayons, jumbo pencils,whatever you wanna. I love them. 

This colour is extremely true to its name. It’s just vivacious. Bright. Neon-ish. Colour of young love. Bubblegum. Hot Pink.   

Here’s what the product description is all about: 

  • They say it’s filled with triple butters of coconut,Shea & mango. 
  • Lacquer lip balm with moisturising properties.
  • Comes in 8 colours. 
  • Price : Rs.800/-


This is a great,retractable colour coded chubby stick. The packaging is an absolute eye candy. The vibrant glossy finish with the silver cap,just makes this such a want. 

What I love about this chubby stick is the minty,cool & mentholated feel,when you give it that first swipe. It doesn’t persist all the way,but for the first 20 seconds it’s just heaven.

I’m a matte lover,like with utmost fervour,but I’ve been trying to steer into the gloss zone too. I was expecting this to be more on the light sheer end & what a surprise it is to see that this is quite pigmented. 2 swipes and you have that amazing hot pink colour.   

The longevity of the crayon is quite fine. It lasts just about 3 hours and it certainly can’t survive meals. Retouching required. That turns up as a disappointment for the price paid.



  • Love the packaging.
  • The triple butters have that exotic element to it,which makes me happy.
  • Quite pigmented and after it wears off,it leaves a stain on your lips. Which is great for me.
  • Love the mentholated kinda feel.
  • I use this more as a lip balm for chapped lips and less as a lip colour.
  • Retractable,so no sharpening.
  • Easier to carry around.


  • It would’ve been fine at Rs.500/- but Rs.800/- according to me is a tad bit unfair.
  • Poor longevity which really makes me think if I would restock this? At this price,that’s the least I expect. 
  • Not too many colours to choose from. Limited choice. 
  • Matte lovers wouldn’t be too pleased with the product. 

Verdict: I certainly love the colour but I would say that I’m not too keen on restocking the lacquer. The matte balm maybe a better choice for my taste. 

Albeit, if gloss is your preference & you don’t mind the price,then this will get you in a happy place.

I did some buffoonery the other day with the colour. Did the “Miranda Sings” lips and here is what it looked like with just 2 swipes. So smile.. 😂😂😂


Stick Densiliss by By Terry- A product review. 

I‘m a hardcore sucker for all things pretty & all things that make me pretty. I’ve always had a problem with buying too much & never getting around to using it. 

You know where this is headed at.. Yep! I possess the memory of a goldfish when it comes to using my makeup hauls. Half the time I forget what I bought and it just rots there in my wardrobe,begging to be used. 🙏🏼

But,never in the past 4 years of my love affair with By Terry products have I ever forgotten to not use these babies. I mean,just look at their lusciousness. Gosh!! Everything is so perfect here. 

 Today I’m gonna be reviewing one of my favourite products from By Terry called the ” Stick Densiliss”.


  • Stick Densiliss is a stick foundation,while stick foundations tend to be a tad bit drier & would work great on oily skins,”Stick Densiliss” works wonders on all kinds of skin textures. 
  • The texture is a creamy,mousse & soufflé kind. Very dreamy and glides on easily. The stick foundation comes with a moisturising core in the middle,which just makes this amazing.
  • This is 50% skincare & 50% makeup. This ratio imparts a 100% anti-ageing property. This baby doesn’t just make you look great,but is filled with super anti-ageing ingredients. Im a little biased towards anti-ageing things,though I’m just In my late 20’s😁 Better start early right. 😳
  • The packaging is super cute with purple metal. Completely reliable. 

I personally love using this stick with my NARS or MAC liquid foundation. I blend both of them,to impart a finish that’s closest to my skin tone & also a brightening one. 

For example,I use MAC NC15 blended with BYTERRY S.D in  “Amber”. The fusion of these 2 foundations is just short of being flawless. 

The drawbacks of this product are that 

  • it’s quite expensive for a stick foundation. Priced at a whooping steep £50,it’s an investment which should make you think more than twice before splurging.
  • The stick foundations are a unhygienic lot as compared to liquid pump foundations. They are always exposed to your touch & get contaminated easily.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Verdict: I totally recommend this product,the only thing stopping me from giving it a 5 star is the steep price. Otherwise,it’s a must have. 

Clarins Age Defying Lipstick,Rouge Éclat No:7- Red wine.. Review

What do you think strikes the most in a person’s appearance? For me it has to be the lips. LIPS and I just can’t get enough of them. Paint them,shade them or colour them,they just don’t fail to attract you. Bright red,crimson orange or Fushia pink..I just can’t get enough of those colours. 

My LIPVENTURES have had me breezing through alot of brands,drugstore & luxury alike. I clearly have 100’s of favourites,but my current obsession is with the this new breakthrough concept called ” ANTI-AGEING LIPSTICKS”.

My first reaction was” Who on earth needs,anti-ageing lipsticks? How does it even prove to be any good? Just a sham or a hype that I can dismiss.” But then,i just thought I ought to try it,outta curiosity. Yes,curiosity got the better of me and I ended purchasing “CLARINS AGE DEFYING LIPSTICK-ROUGE ÉCLAT “. 

 And,I’m in super love with these gorgeous babies. They come in 15 sexy shades,and I was brave enough to try NO.7 ” RED WINE”,check the swatch for a better understanding. So, il just get at it, but let’s take a look at the gorgeousness packed into these golden sleek lipshades. 


They say this is a revolutionary concept of lip care & lip colouring packed into one. One of the first from CLARINS. It contains “CLARINS Nutri-Youth” formula which works it’s wonders in revealing youthful & full lips,by preventing lips dehydrating & boosting collagen production. Wow right?? 😱😱

Rouge Éclat has 100% plant waxes of mimosa,jojoba & sunflower blended with cocoa butter to supplement suppleness. 

I’m super impressed with what goes into my lipstick,I mean that is totally great for me. 


I love this colour,this is coming from someone who loves her neutrals, reds & pinks very dearly. An adventurous day will have me flaunting shades of orange. Zeroing down to ” RED WINE” was a big decision. I thought this is the only way,I’m gonna break outta my comfort zone and wear this colour.  I’m sorry to all those people who have only seen me in pinks & reds. I hope you love me now.  RED WINE is a passionate purple maroon with pink undertones. It’s simply a class act colour. Pair it up with a flapper dress & you could pass off as a ’40’s star. 


  • Super easy to glide,one swipe and you’re good to go.
  • Smells heavenly of licorice & blackberries. Yumm.. I can eat this stuff. 
  • There isn’t a moment of uncomfortable tightness around the corner of your lips.
  • Highly pigmented & gives a satin finish to your lips.
  • Great for night. Think cocktail parties,weddings,get togethers.
  • The packaging is a super cute gold & colourless case one. It has that little click when you open or close your lipstick. Better locking mechanism! 


  • On the high end of the spending spectrum. Priced at £19.50/- .In India,they retail at a bombing Rs.3000/- The prices are steep anywhere. It’s a luxury brand investment. 
  • If you’re a matte lipstick lover like me,you might not love it too much. As for me,I enjoyed the change & actually flaunted it alot. 

I am besotted with my little golden wand,so much that I go to sleep with it on my lips. Just faint dabs & I don’t need a lip balm or salve. 

Keep colouring those lips & stay just the way you are. Special!! 

Do judge me challenge! Oh Its a “don’t judge me challenge” 😂

Firstly,I need to damn breathe. Secondly,I need to do some emotional regurgitation. Thirdly,I need to shout out or maybe scream & finally I need to ask,”what the looney ballooney hell is going on?”.

“Don’t judge me challenge”. I’d presume the whole sequence of those alphabets are wrong? DJMC,and the first thing I’m doing is judging. Well, people who are participating in it it are literally,splattering it all over my face. The DJMC is really an atrocious challenge. It’s more like a take on supremacy. 

It a selfie video fad which starts with a repulsive,unattractive,hideous kind of a face/person… Well,dig this.. It’s voluntary defacing of oneself with maybe makeup or weird props or just doing some thing to look UNATTRACTIVE. So, what happens is,the person is all of a sudden unhappy with their face & does some miracle product slathering. The thumb goes on to the eye of the camera,( you know,to let the product work) and then when the  camera does show some picture,it’s voila 😱😱 of that unacceptable person looking like OMG ridiculously hot guy or babe. THE END. 


What’s my damn problem you ask? Here are a few: 

1. DJMC starts with an unattractive face,ok? You didn’t see it,did you? I wrote “unattractive”. Dude, I just judged on the first 2 seconds of the video,because the participants are doing everything they can to make me think that.   *EPIC FAIL*

2.DJMC makes us believe that”So Called Unattractive Faces” are the ones that have ” Acne,are discoloured, have a unibrow, have teeth gaps, have missing teeth, unruly hair, hairy faces, etc. 

Ummm.. I’m still not judging you see * please note the dripping sarcasm*

So,what about people who don’t have that miracle product that transforms them into heartbreakers&breathtakers? Are they destined to be stuck only on the first 3 seconds of the video? This challenge is more body shaming than body shaming itself. 

“Give glad tidings,for ye has more trite reasons to be depressed”

3.DJMC is solely for people who are socially accepted as beautiful. For people who don’t make it to the “Socially accepted as beautiful” group, their DJMC has been tagged as “DON’T JUDGE ME CHALLENGE FAILS” 

Whoa.. Did I just read that or did I just not read it right? So,even after the disfiguring and all that jazz,when they do reveal a better version of themselves,it’s labelled as a fail. Dear DJMC it’s not them,it’s you who is the “Fail” here. 


4.DJMC is another reason to show what a sweet jackass narcissist you really are. By participating in revealing,a 100% as fake as falsies, made-up-with-makeup face,you just enrolled yourself on the list of ” HEY THERE! IM A NARCISSIST.GLAD I CAN WIPE YOUR FLAWS OFF MY FACE,WHEREAS,YOU’RE STUCK WITH YOUR FLAWS ON YOUR FACE”

To borrow someone else’s facial trait like a unibrow for instance & label it as unacceptable and then have the audacity to wipe it off your face,just shows how un-judgemental thou art. Thumbs down for not empathising,how someone who battles this everyday would feel. 

What’s the don’t judge me here? Don’t judge my voluntary fake bad face or don’t judge my voluntary fake good,photogenic face?? I don’t get it.. Seriously!

5. If DJMC was true to its title,then it really would be about a person,taking off their makeup or just showing a nude face,which would say that irrespective of however we look,what we all are at the end of the day are people with our own set of flaws.

Beauty isn’t skin deep,that’s just makeup & hairstyling dearies,what is deep is just being a normal person with acne,dark circles,wrinkles,spots,deviated septums,squints, etc. That is the real you.. And basing opinions just because of your appearances is a folly. YOU are much underneath those layers. 

Sadly, the campaign fails to pass on the real message which is lost behind conceited looks & makeup. It comes across as a very weak,superficial & a catalyst to body shaming.The whole campaign looks like some parody event of sorts and falls flat. 

On the brighter side, I had some good laughs,had a few,”Oh crap!! No way that’s him” moments & a few ” man,she’s pretty” ones too. It proved to be quite a time killer & before I knew it an hour had passed by. I had even decided a few pout shots & thought I’d put one up too. It was during that imaginary rehearsal I realised,” Gosh! Really? Did you forget that you had braces,because your teeth weren’t all that greatly aligned? Did you forget how you would never wanna pose for pictures or did you forget how helpless and outta the scene you felt?” 

I guess I didn’t.. That’s why I write this. This is a personal thing,it’s a struggle I’ve been thru and a battle that i fought. The feeling of inferiority is a pathetic thing,something which pinches you and tells you that you’re not normal & everyone is better than you,when in reality all of us are equals. Those models on glossies? They’d look shittier than you without their makeup armour. Everyone’s different & beautiful with their imperfections & flaws.


And today,I dedicate this post to that ” BOY”,who proposed me during those days. 
 There are a few guy friends who tell  me(after my transformation&good dose of age) that,”GAWWWDD,girl… that boy had good choice. How I wish I had proposed you” bwahahahahaha.. Sorry losers!!

Anyways that BOY truely DIDNT JUDGE ME on how I looked,but judged me on who I was. 

[Dear reader,this is my real life and not a movie or a novella… So stop thinking that I got married to him. I had to turn down his sweet proposal because I was scared that my parents would kick me in the shins if they found out]

Ahem.. So, if you’re reading this dear Boy(who is apparently a man today)… I’d like to say,”THANK YOU” from the deepest part of my heart❤️ Thank you,for seeing beyond my flaws. *Respect*

P.s: Arham if you grow up and ever read this,I love just your DAD.. Your DAD might not be the first guy to propose me,but he surely was the last one. He proposed the best way ever,which was thru your grandparents ☺️  Btw,He sees a nightmarish me everyday & has to live with it till I get my dentures.