Mani’s Yummy Sweet Cocktail- Product Review

Umm.. My story’s pretty much the same. Food gives me a phantasmagoria of life, where life is made out of panacotta, croquembouche, & saffron tuiles! Quite an absurd imagination, I possess? But the facts remain strong, life is all about making your passion, a part of your essence. Don’t beat yourself up, when you’re faced with the twirly morass, that life throws at you. Let’s remember our passions make us more congruent to lead a life. Your passion is your secret weapon, a trait that distinguishes you from the rest. Love it, nurture it & cherish it. ❤️❤️❤️

Now, for the review. Sorry, for The unsolicited advice, but it’s definitely something, I thought I’d share. 

We all face the dilemma of having  to skip lunch or breakfast or the dilemma of what to fill yourself up with at “Pang hours” or the dilemma of just making unhealthy choices.

 I’m a huge shape shifter, as in, I keep shifting from being a good girl to a bad one. One day, I’m gonna eat all the veggies & the other day, I’m gonna munch binge on fries. 

But, from the past few months, my dilemmas aren’t that ghoulish. They seem sorted. One of the ways, I battle it, is with these on the go packs of goodness. The company “Mani”, has been stringent in maintaining the quality of their products. On that note, let me just say,”holy guacamole, their products are just my must haves. “  

They have a varied product range & it’s great, to know that “Mani” has received a lot of accolades for being the best in business. Today, I’m gonna talk about my recent binge snack. It’s the “Yummy- Sweet Cocktail”. 

This is a delicious & a nutritious blend of fruit & nuts. You have almonds, pistachios, cashews, sultanas, pineapple & papaya pieces. The sweet- salt combination of this cocktail is simply marvellous. Apart, from being great in taste, this has a super power punch of nutrition. 


So, the next time you feel like making a bad decision, undo it by popping a pack of this. Wishing these babies start retailing in India soon!! 😍😍🙏🏼


Stick Densiliss by By Terry- A product review. 

I‘m a hardcore sucker for all things pretty & all things that make me pretty. I’ve always had a problem with buying too much & never getting around to using it. 

You know where this is headed at.. Yep! I possess the memory of a goldfish when it comes to using my makeup hauls. Half the time I forget what I bought and it just rots there in my wardrobe,begging to be used. 🙏🏼

But,never in the past 4 years of my love affair with By Terry products have I ever forgotten to not use these babies. I mean,just look at their lusciousness. Gosh!! Everything is so perfect here. 

 Today I’m gonna be reviewing one of my favourite products from By Terry called the ” Stick Densiliss”.


  • Stick Densiliss is a stick foundation,while stick foundations tend to be a tad bit drier & would work great on oily skins,”Stick Densiliss” works wonders on all kinds of skin textures. 
  • The texture is a creamy,mousse & soufflé kind. Very dreamy and glides on easily. The stick foundation comes with a moisturising core in the middle,which just makes this amazing.
  • This is 50% skincare & 50% makeup. This ratio imparts a 100% anti-ageing property. This baby doesn’t just make you look great,but is filled with super anti-ageing ingredients. Im a little biased towards anti-ageing things,though I’m just In my late 20’s😁 Better start early right. 😳
  • The packaging is super cute with purple metal. Completely reliable. 

I personally love using this stick with my NARS or MAC liquid foundation. I blend both of them,to impart a finish that’s closest to my skin tone & also a brightening one. 

For example,I use MAC NC15 blended with BYTERRY S.D in  “Amber”. The fusion of these 2 foundations is just short of being flawless. 

The drawbacks of this product are that 

  • it’s quite expensive for a stick foundation. Priced at a whooping steep £50,it’s an investment which should make you think more than twice before splurging.
  • The stick foundations are a unhygienic lot as compared to liquid pump foundations. They are always exposed to your touch & get contaminated easily.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Verdict: I totally recommend this product,the only thing stopping me from giving it a 5 star is the steep price. Otherwise,it’s a must have.