Baba Da Dhaba |Restaurant Review | Koramangala | Bangalore|

I have a great love for cuisine, so I’m always interested in local food, and there are so many interesting dishes, spices and ingredients in India. Romain Grosjean

Baba Da Dhaba, is all about mastering those spices & churning out an ambrosial dish, worth licking your fingers in joy. The concept of Dhaba or a local roadside noshery, has been incorporated into the restaurant’s aesthetics and that forms it’s USP as well. Dishes are kept simple, but are power packed with the yum quotient.

About Baba Da Dhaba :

BDD, as stated above is the amalgamation of a Dhaba and a restaurant in the middle of the hub of activity, in Koramangala. This is their newest and the 4th branch in Bangalore. Needless to say, that says a lot about their food being loved by the people. They believe in giving you an authentic experience which would make you relive your Dhaba experience. The cuisine is in true Punjabi nature, so expect a heavy hand of desi ghee & cream in your bowls of goodness.

Ambiance :

The place is cozy & also has an outdoor area for seating. The whole ambiance is fast food diner like, with bright colours & a chatty atmosphere. The outdoor area, is more of a “let’s talk some more” kinds.


Very likeable and courteous staff, who are nimble on their feet. They don’t make you wait a lot and usually the wait time is the normal 15 minutes.

The Grub Story :

  • Masala Chaas (₹40/-) : A smooth coolant to prep your appetite or be the perfect accompaniment with your meal. Spiced just right.

  • Assorted Veg tikkis (₹195/-) : A starter well worth the wait, made with the choicest ingredients. It had beet root tikki , corn tikki and green pea tikki. The colours were as titillating as the flavour. My favourite was the beetroot tikki & the corn tikki with a dollop of beetroot chutney on the side.

  • Paneer Tikka (₹210/-) : The five pieces of creamily coated squares of cottage cheese and grilled to perfection, were just what I needed on a Sunday evening. Another one of my favourites from the menu.

  • Dal Makhani (₹160/-) : This is something you shouldn’t miss when you’re at BDD. The Dal Makhani is a beautiful consistency which coats the spoon, it’s smooth, buttery and lightly spiced. The Dal Makhani is made to simmer overnight for that perfect flavour. I’m reminiscing already.

  • Paneer Lababdar(₹240/-) : You need to be ambidextrous to enjoy this, just like how I was. The gravy is a thick & silky one garnished with cream. The paneer chunks are generous and the portion is very filling as well.
  • Punjabi Aloo Paratha (₹60/-) : A delectable filling of spicy Aloo Masala in the Paratha makes this just the perfect thing to eat, during the early evenings.

  • Phirni (₹90/-) : An Indian dessert, that every Indian loves indulging in. Made with ground rice & flavoured with saffron & nuts, the Phirni here was just delicious.


Verdict : The place is very high on the VFM meter and the dishes have a lot of authenticity in them. The usage of desi ghee is prevalent to impart a very rustic yet fulfilling feel to your meal. They have a lot of vegetarian options as well.

A well deserved 4 star for them.


Kopper Kadai | Restaurant Review |Koramangala |Bangalore| 

“It’s still magic, even if you know, how it’s done” – Terry Pratchett 

Now isn’t that true? There are sometimes when, things just happen. The beauty of it lies in savouring the experience. Something of that sort happened when I found myself at “Kopper Kadai”. While I walked up the stairs, the cognisance of a good evening meal, had already framed up in my heart. 

Gingerly, I slipped my hand into my pocket and felt the edges of my iPhone. “Let me take a picture”, I think fiddling with the passcode. *click click* Yep! I’m done capturing the entrance. 

About Kopper Kadai : 

Appreciated by Masterchef Matt Preston, Kopper Kadai, though a new entrant has already gained a lot of appreciation for being one of the best in the city. The chef who curates the menu, is none other than “Chef Akshay Nayyar”. Isn’t that a novelty enough? Kopper Kadai believes in proffering, usual traditional dishes with an unusual twist. The curries at Kopper Kadai are usually braised in Copper utensils, as well. There are about 172 spoons 🥄 adorning the entrance, which are representative of the 172 spices that are collectively used in the cooking. 

Decor : You really must visit “Kopper Kadai”, in the evenings to imbibe the beauty of it. The colour palette is an elegant teal, creams and black. Plush and opulent seating is found, uplifting your experience. Immensely beautiful, gold calligraphic “KK” nestles on your stoneware plate. Minuscule details are given attention and any keen eye will detect them. This is dining with all senses. 

Hospitality : Nothing less than perfect. The staff was extremely well versed with their menu, knew what they were talking about & certainly knew how to serve the customer. Special mention to “Mr. Manpreet”, who was keen to assist us in ordering our dishes. His immense expertise in describing the dishes was such a welcomed move. Please, do ask for his assistance, if you visit the restaurant. 

The Grub Story : As the cuisine is Indian, I plonked comfortably in my chair. Me, the hubster & little one had placed our order and it was just time, for it to start flowing across. 

Drinks : 

  • LPG (Rs.222/-) : A harmonious concoction of Litchi, Peach & Guava with the kick of green chillies and peppermint. Loved the khatta-meetha flavour & the presentation was bang on. It literally came in a mini LPG looking cylinder. Hearts out! 

  • Smoked Chaas (Rs.141/-) : Your run of the mill Chaas with the smokiness infused from the charcoal burning in the copper urn. This was such a visually captivating feat. 

Starters :

  • Limca Bhel (Rs. 161/-) : Puffed rice, tossed in a sweet and salty kinda dressing. The total khattas (sourness) of Limca-ish flavour couldn’t be felt, but yes, the subtleness made this enjoyable. 

  • Tandoori Mushroom Gulgulay (Rs. 282/-) : Lemme, get this clear. This was one of the best tandoori Mushroom, I’ve had. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. The beautiful grilled blush on the juicy mushrooms & in combination with that cheese, was just amazing. Must must must have, if you love Mushrooms. 

  • Challi Kolmi Pasht (Rs. 323/-) : What a gorgeous looking plate of happiness. These are potato and crispy corn kebabs, made to mimic a chicken tangdi (leg). The luscious kebabs were beautifully spiced, extremely flavourful and very light on your stomach as well. 

  • The Ganna Chicken (Rs. 353/-): This is their signature and both the boys, were in love with it. The chicken mince was shaped into a sheekh and wrapped around sweet sugarcane sticks. The magic was, when you took a whole bite and the sweetness of the sugarcane came through the spicy chicken mince. Another must have. 

Main Course

  • Ameeri Tawa Tarkari (Rs. 343/-) : A very subtle dish, in which veggies were tossed in a creamy pan curry, with Paneer and egg. Nothing extraordinary, but yes, very delicious mix of veggies. The cuteness quotient lay in, the mini fake rupees that came stapled with the Curry. 

  • Laal Maas (Rs. 464/-) : Laal Maas, is something the hubster enjoys immensely. This beautiful Curry was so delectable. The tender lamb was cooked with red chillies and yogurt & spices. Yep! I did try the Curry. Yum yum yum.. the deep brown colour with a hearty flavour profile and perfect pairing with rotis was just what a hardcore non vegetarian would love. 


  • Gulab Jamun Biskit (Rs.191/-) : Such an innovative one, baked gulab jamun with Rabdi and cookie crumble. Oh god! Did you just read that? Like how can someone not fall in love with this? The sweet baked jamun was complemented with a not so sweet Rabdi and crumble. 

  • Nutella Dhodha Lava (Rs. 222/-) : Dhodhaburfi muffin with oozing Nutella inside. Enuf said? I guess so too. Again very subtle flavour, the sweetness isn’t overpowering and is certainly not gonna hit you palate. Great dessert 👌🏻


Verdict : The place is just perfect for a special date or any such occasion. Being a fine dine, the prices are a little steep but the dishes are amazing. It’s the most understandably great way to spend your day, if you’re in and around Koramangala. 

Their buffet prices are extremely reasonable, priced at Rs. 599/- + taxes from Monday-Thursday and Rs.699/-+ taxes on Friday. 

Highly recommended!! 

4.5 stars for Kopper Kadai. 


P.S : The logo has been sourced from google images and is used for representational purpose only. 

Kapoor’s Cafe | FBAB meetup| Restaurant Review |HSR | Bangalore 

“Dinner was made for eating, not talking”- William makepeace Thackeray

And eat we did, with no reservations on our diets. After all, that’s the most “Punjabi” thing to do. 

While Bangalore was seeing the mercury rise, i was seeing yet another FBAB meet up, pop up on my screen. Kapoor’s Cafe, had opened up a third branch in HSR, after their astounding success in the latter ones. 

About Kapoor’s Cafe :

The owner, Mr. Arpit Kapoor is a young & ambitious entrepreneur who has already set up an example of running a successful business, by striking a chord with his customers. Kapoor’s Cafe is a humble yet zealous venture, which focuses on good homely food & affordability. Their menu is from the hearty “Punjabi” household. 

Decor : The decor is simplistic, with a beautiful colour palette. Vibrant hues and fairy lights adorn the place. It’s a modernist version of a “Dhaba” (Roadside restaurants on the highway) You find Khatiya / Charpai (Cots) as your seating arrangement. The whole ambiance and decor is very peppy. What I loved, was the faux grass flooring ( not to be confused with foie gras 😂) at the open air section, of the restaurant. It almost begs you, to throw your chappal (footwear) and walk barefoot, but then sanity knocks in and you behave. 

Hospitality : “Hai!! mai vari jawaan” This literally felt like, I’ve come, not to a restaurant but, to a punjabi friend’s place. The way they pamper you with their hospitality, is such a huge factor in your return, the next time. Staff is efficient and courteous. 

The Grub Story : Relishing the affair, once again. 

Starters :

  • Cheese Pataka balls (Rs. 160/-) : Deliciously spiced melting cheese, envelopes your mouth when you take that first bite. Best eaten when hot. Spicy 🌶 much. 

  • Gobi Pakoras (Rs. 140/-) : One of the best cauliflower pakoras I’ve had. It was just, everything perfect. The batter done beautifully and the florets full of flavour. 

  • Paneer Pakoras (Rs.150/-) : Didn’t click too good with my tastebuds, because somehow the Paneer fell a little flat while trying to be flavourful. 

Main Course : 

  • Cheese Burst Paratha (Rs.150/-) : This 4 layered Cheese Burst Paratha, was such a hit among everyone. Extremely cheesy and ambrosial. This is a must have over here. One of their USP’s, I say. 
  • Maharaja Thali : A beautiful assortment of Pindi Chole, Paneer butter masala, Dal Makhani, Raita, Muttar Pulao and Missi Roti. Every subzi on the Thali was lip smacking. I have to admit, that it’s a little higher on the spice level, but it’s just something you will not be to stop devouring. 

Drinks : 

  • Dry Fruit Lassi (Rs.175/-) : Gosh!! This is where, you can judge authenticity. The Lassi, took my breath away. So rich and heavily loaded with dry fruits, this is why I will visit this place again. 

Dessert : 

  • Fruit Cream (Rs. 150/-) : This is how, fruit cream, really is supposed to be. The richness of that cream and the subtle infusion of nuts and fruits in it. The result is a dessert that completes your meal, literally. 


Verdict : Kapoor’s Cafe, is a boon for all the souls that crave authentic Punjabi food. I, was impressed with almost everything that I savoured. Yes, the spice levels are high, but having said that, the food is so delicious that it hardly deters you from taking the next bite. 

I, had my nose blushed red and runny but my appetite was satisfied. 

Wishing, the entrepreneur “Mr. Arpit Kapoor”, loads of success in his venture. 

Here’s a 4 star 


Noodleheads, Kalyan Nagar- Restaurant Review.

This is such an overdue post, literally it’s been ages. Better late than never, here it goes. 

The other day, I was just street hopping & I decided to stop at this super cute restaurant called, “Noodleheads “. They had these metal doodles as their signboard. The resemblance of the cartoons to a bobble head just can’t be ignored. You’d be heartless to not stop at something so kawaii 😍😍


I hope you get the drift, I’m sold at the word “Noodles”. Who on earth, hates noodles?? They are just so perfect for life!! 


 A big bowl of them is what you need for your cravings, headaches, paranoia, insomnia, etc. There’s something about oriental cuisine, that instantly warms you up. 

While, I’m clearly on a chirp mode, I also realise im not that hungry. But who really cares, isn’t it? 

The interiors are fine, with a few smart hat recycled products, mimicking to be decorative baubles. The colour scheme, is vibrant, fun & rather lively. They have an alfresco dining too.


  The open kitchen is quite a treat, with “Tak-tak-tuks” going on, while you glorify the chef’s skillset. I, saw a lot of fresh produce around the kitchen. One look & you could gauge how fresh & crispy the produce was.   

One of my biggest pet peeves is being served wilted produce. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen much, but it does. 


I, personally expected the place to be overdosed in quirk factor, but I found it quite sober with an attempt at making it quirky. Those cartoon doodles had me thinking too much. I wasn’t disappointed, but you know.. I was expecting much more. The seating is comfortable, I liked the crockery  too. So, yes.. The decor & the ambience score a generous 3/5.

The staff were cordial, helpful & happy to serve you. They did give us suggestions & tried to keep the little one entertained. The staff & service gets a 4/5

The food.. Well, to be honest. I’m really biased towards oriental/ Pan Asian cuisine. I love my Nasi gorengs, Tom yums, Pad Thai, Bao’s, etc. I already had a great impression, when my nose was introduced to the familiar, saucy aromas drifting around. 

Though, I wasn’t hungry, the aromas tricked me into believing that I was. The first thing I wanted was some good, hearty, spinach dimsums. Yaayy?? Guess what?? They weren’t available. 

I’m pretty vulnerable to anything negative. Oops a daisy!! I just blurted my secret out.. And, when they said, it wasn’t available.. My thought processing ran wild. I thought, I shouldn’t have come here, it’s gonna be disastrous, looks can deceive, blah, blah, blah jazz. 

With a heavy heart, we ordered our main course. “Malaysian Flat Noodles” & ” Noodleheads Special Noodles”. We waited for quite sometime.

When the food did come, oh yum!! It looked stupendously sinful. All, I could think about was the way, it was gonna melt in my mouth. 

The Malaysian Flat Noodles : This was a big, steamy & aromatic bowl of ambrosia. The deep caramel colour of the noodles, had me reaching out for more. The noodles had a smoky soya sauce flavour, laced with zucchini & broccoli. It wasn’t just filling, but was also so indulgent. My must have & a go to.   

Noodlehead’s Special Noodles: This was a delicious, tangy, sweet-sour kinda sauce with a delicious serving of crisp asparagus, water chestnuts & cherry tomatoes. This dish has a very uncanny resemblance to the indo Chinese ” Chinese Bhel” 😋😋 So, if you love Chinese Bhel, you will love this. Albeit, its a super refined version of it & 10 times more delicious.  

Sadly, that day, that was all that I could eat. This is the place, that serves you maybe the yummiest Asian cuisine, around Kammanahalli. 

The VFM is moderate. The dishes are moderately priced, but it’s worth every penny as the quality is commendable. Thumbs up for it. 

Ratings : 3.5/5

Jihad.. Please don’t scream.

This is a super long & a very personal rant, about something that really hurt the depths of my soul & made me feel miserable. 

So, I’ve seen alot of hate spewing venom, being spurred at Muslims & calling them ” Jihadis” & ” Terrorists”. Ergo, I thought.. Why don’t I enlighten the unaware lot?? 

I, saw a certain gentleman on Facebook , hurl expletives at another person, just because the other guy was a Muslim?? 😱😱 Calling him, a ****, blah, blah, & born & bought up as a Jihadi?? 😳😳🙄🙄 And something like all Muslims are terrorists in disguise. 

Ummm… Dude, just because I wear camouflage military prints to sleep, doesn’t make me a commando on call. 😒😒 

🤓🤓 Do I look like it? Do I? Do I? 

Jihad.. That dreaded word!! It’s pretty dreadful innit?? I mean that word & you’re picturing bombings, kidnappings, killings, diasporas, blood curdling screams, fear, disgust, etc.. Just to name a few of those spiralling emotions toiling your brain. 

Jihad.. Why do Muslims do it?? Why are they so heartless?? Why can’t they get a life… Ooh!! Probably in a jihad, they take a life?? Bwahahahahaha?? 😂😂

Funny?? I say ” Absolutely Not”!😒

Do you know, what’s the similarity between Jihad & Karate?

Aaahh… See?? Karate & you’re thinking of the fit  “Chans & Lees” 💪🏻💪🏻🏆 “Heeyyyaaahh!!”

Jihad & Karate follow the same basic principle, “Defend thyself”. That’s it.

Jihad is “The defense of oneself”,  from “Illicit desires, the prompts of the Satan, the barbarism of your enemy, against injustice, etc”. That is jihad. 

Murdering people, butchering innocents, killing anyone in your grasp.. ISN’T JIHAD!!  It’s brutality, it’s murder, it’s execution, it’s homicide, it’s manslaughter…but not JIHAD.

For us Muslims, even a Monk, is a Jihadi. For the humble reason that, he fights desires of this world, to be one with God. For us Muslims, even a woman fasting at the comfort of her home is a jihadi, as she strives to please God & family. A young, handsome man, who retains his modesty & lowers his gaze, while seeing a beautiful lady is a jihadi, because he fights his desire to ogle at the lady. *hoot hoot* 🤐🤐 Nope. No whistles & hoots Sir!!

These struggles, these dilemmas, these continuous self checks, these on the loop appropriate behaviours are the true definitions of jihad.

The past few years, have seen that word JIHAD blow outta proportion. Like seriously people, it’s really getting stale now. How long, just for how long will hatemongers paint Muslims with the same brush? First, I was hurt, then I was angry & at last.. I just became numb. 

No, we aren’t taught the art of slitting a carotid along with making play doh figurines. 

No, we don’t have lying as a part of our religion… The taqqiyah which people keep putting across, every other day. At, the risk of sounding stupid, I hadn’t even heard of it, until someone posted a huge rant on how “Muslims believe lying is a part of Islam”?? Really?? Wow… Why wasn’t I ever taught that? 🤔🤔

And no, the Peekaboo game, didn’t mean that,  we were slim shadies, lurking in the shadows.. Always stalking you😭😭 It wasn’t a precursor to being a conspiracy genius. 😵😵

As Islam, (if hatemongers would ever wanna really do their homework) is a religion of peace & tolerance, the question was raised, whether we could retaliate to injustice or when an enemy attacks. The answer was yes, you could. A military form of war for your SELF DEFENSE was called as jihad too & is known as the “Smaller Jihad”, the “Bigger Jihad” being the control over oneself. 

That Smaller Jihad was never encouraged, but if it had to be done, then under a lot of limitations. A few of them are: 

  • You have tried to peacefully reconciliate, yet the opposition stands dead against, only then can any force be used. 
  • You have politically, diplomatically & legally tried to come to a solution & yet the opposition is against. 
  • No children, women, invalids or old people to be hurt. 
  • War victims to be given immediate care. 
  • If, opposition calls for a truce during war, the truce must be accepted then and there, without further damage. 

Pardon me, but just about every religion, gives its followers the right to defend themselves. Correct me, if I’m wrong. I don’t intend to hurt anyone. Whether, it’s Christianity, Hinduism, Jewism, Sikhism, etc.. They all allow their followers to protect themselves from harm. What they don’t allow is baseless or vengeful MURDER.

The Quran states that,   “If, any of you kills an innocent then it will be as, you have killed the whole of humanity. And, if you saves any, it will be as if you saved the whole humanity”.  

I see a lot of the educated & broad minded coterie of people, actually see & voice their opinions very strongly against this discrimination. It makes me feel nice, that there is awareness about this particular aspect. The intellectual lot know better than to just blindly label, everyone in the same category. I’ve personally seen, so many good hearts, chide at their mates for being biased & labelling Islam as wrong. My deepest respects for those people, that just goes onto show how refined they are.

All religions have extremists, people who have their own interpretations of the religion. Much like, that pesky rebel brother/ sister. Who is the black sheep of the family. Someone who upsets & brings a bad name to the family. 

Does that mean, that the family is wrong or does that mean, that the individual is wrong? It’s the latter of course!! 

We as a community, do feel disturbed, hurt, ashamed & humiliated by the acts that are done in ” God’s name”. It upsets us that, a fraction of Muslims.. Have represented us all?? How?? Even the fingers of your hand aren’t the same.

 We don’t throw gala events or host piñata parties, when some part of the world mourns. We mourn along with you. We pray for you. We pray with you. 

Terrorism, has no religion. Let’s stop giving terrorists, the luxury of possessing a religion. Feel free to call a terrorist as a terrorist & not as anything else.

We, can’t do this alone. We need each one of you beautiful people, to stand with & by us & tell the hatemongers, that you’re with us in this fight against TERRORISM!!

Paperboat Drinks; Reviewing Memories.

So, just about how many of us have obdurately held onto a few pleasures, which time and again, transcend you back to the vivid & hazy memories of “uniform pinafores, tennis shoes, dusty basketballs, chapped knees, lost water bottles, that pedagogue we all were scared of & secrets in the school bus?” Do I see a smile?? Oh yes! Please read on..

I’m sure all of us have those few magic paraphernalias which stimulate that nostalgia. For some, it’s the smell of bread baking, for some the smell of wet earth, for some it it’s a charm bracelet & for some it’s a retro song. 

While, I have literally tens & tens of stuff to remind me of childhood, there are but only a few things to remind me of our vacays in India. Like, Papa’s handmade card for my birthday, which I would have been celebrating in India during our vacay ( Which never came on my birthday anyway & came 3 days after papa arrived to India, to escort us back ), Hajmolas, Golas, Chaats & Jaljeera. 

Hajmolas are these little button sized chewable tablets, which make you pucker like crazy. Golas are crushed ice Popsicles with syrup. Chaats are sweet-savoury assortments. Jaljeera is a cumin drink, much like a palate cleanser & an aid to digestion.

Imagine the happiness I felt, when I saw “Paperboat drinks”. They have a very apt liner which says, “Drinks and Memories”. This stands staunchly true, when you gulp down those first mouthfuls. Apart from the super cute matte doypack with a spout, the names and their pictorial representations were just really the start. The true conundrum lies in picking your favourite, choosing a few to take back home, leaving the rest on that shelf with a heavy heart. Just how, pray tell me how, does one choose between good memories? How does one choose between reliving a giggle with a cousin, whilst tasting what Jaljeera is for the first time & reliving the excitement of purloining your grandma’s coins for Golas? 

I’m a heartfelt hoarder when it comes to “Paperboat”, I’m compulsive buying by the tens. I, get mum her favourite memories & i get me mine. Slowly, both of us have started exchanging memories now 😁😁 


My favourites are;

  • Jaljeera 
  • Kokum
  • Kala khatta
  • Tulsi tea( mum’s favourite  actually, this was what papa had concocted up for her, when she first landed in Saudi Arabia) ❤️❤️

By that, it doesn’t mean that, i don’t fancy others. Why, I do.. But when these are around, it’s really hard to overlook them. 


Brief insights into the product: 

  • They taste amazing great, all of them. Period. 
  • They are packed with benefits for you, like Kokum helps in cholesterol management, anti-inflammatory etc. 
  • The are priced at Rs.30/- , which let’s face it, is pretty dead cheap. 
  • They are great during travels, so convenient to carry around. 
  • The matte doypack with the spout, is just super quirky cute. Look at those pictorials!! 😍😍 
  • They are preservative & artificial flavours free.. 💃🏻💃🏻
  • All are 250ml pouches.

Hmmm.. Yep!! That’s that! Im relishing a nice Kokum now, what about you? 

Do leave your comments about, whether you’ve tried Paperboat drinks & how you feel about them. 

P.S: This in no way is a sponsored article, the unbiased opinions and views expressed here are completely my own.

P.P.S: I really, would have loved this to be a sponsored one though, because my stock’s depleting & I’m literally craving to taste their new kid on the block “Anar” (pomegranate), & it seems to be found nowhere😱😢

“knock knock!! Paperboat are you listening??”

The Great Indian Thali- Koramangala. Restaurant Review. 

Blessed be my soul, for cancelling a spa appointment & thinking it’s necessary to attend the ” 10th FBAB Food Tasting Session” for the food bloggers last Sunday. Ummm… Honestly, spa appointments can always be planned at the drop of the hat, but these meets… Utter bliss.

“The Great Indian Thali, look.. There’s no parking 😶” I exclaim in exasperation. Just then I see, the valet staff coming towards our direction. Sometimes, I am a tad bit foolish & jump to conclusions. Well, that takes care of the parking issue. 

I take a look around & escort myself to the elevator. Within seconds, I’m at the threshold of a neon menu signboard. Ok! Now I know what’s for dinner. Even before I enter the restaurant, I’ve started to postulate, how exactly the dinner will be & I’m thrilled. It’s gonna be a thali dinner. A thali is a unique Indian way of serving food, for the sheer reason of diverse options of curries & accompaniments. Pheww.. That’s sorted. 

The restaurant is cosy yet not cramped, the light etching takes you back to the season of romantic love & you choose between couches & chairs for your seating arrangements. All in all fair decor & a nice laid back ambience to back it up. 

The staff were diligent in making sure your visit was well worth it. Mr. Ajay kept us well fed through the evening with his warm personality. He surely is one of the best hosts you will ever come across. Period.


The loquacious set of us bloggers, started having little chit chats with each other, while we waited on for the food to be served. Our badinage was the one that kept me alive & kicking.

Ahem…Ahem… Shall we do the honours? Yes, we ought to. 

The Dinner was a thali dinner, it’s a sit down buffet of sorts,where your plate aka thali gets filled as it empties. With a cornucopia of curries & accompaniments to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. 

It started with a watermelon juice, which was too sweet for my humble unsugary palate. Something as simple as a Lemonade with mint syrup would’ve been great though.

We had a few starters that made their rounds on our plates. The Paneer tikka (Cottage cheese), Aloo Kebab (potato) & Kachori, all of them were super delicious. My favourite being the hot Kachori & Aloo kebabs. 

We were served a luscious plate of Dahi Papdi Chaat & Pani Puri which was just so fresh and appetising. 

Time flew & then the real duel began. Come on over!! I’m ready.. Our wait staff started with the beautiful assortment of gravies, like  dal makhani, pindi chole, Karela khurchan, subzi meloni, dum aloo etc with hot naans & bhaturas (puffed flatbreads). 

All I could do was eat, I had to skip rice, I’m not too fond of it. I tasted a spoonful of the vegetarian biryani, which seemed good. But the breads & gravies… Pleasure to devour them. The best have to be subzi meloni, pindi chole & kadhai paneer.

Then came the desserts, which again I just took mere bites of & they were, in all senses, delish!!

I’m gonna be showing the complete thali plated & up for grabs. The thali plating & styling was done by Mr.Ashwin, who is a superb magician when it comes to plating & also by Mr.Ajay, who is always a pleasure to meet.

The meal ended & the food started giving everyone the smiles & grins. If, you’re on a lookout for a thali dinner then this is it. Everything just subtly transitioned from one course to another. If a large buffet is on your mind, you will be disappointed. 

The place is a must visit haven for vegetarians. 

Verdict: 3.5/5 

Happy You, Happy Me,Koramangla-A cafe review.

When was the last time that you found yourself at a noshery aka bistro aka cafe & actually pondered, whether you were out of the dark ages of inflation? The ages of inflation, where even a small cup of coffee in a cafe will try to behave like that  ” Annoying Cousin” of yours… Someone, who puts up his/her price much more than what they are worth. 😒😒 During these dark ages, comes a knight in shining armour of unfazing glory, with quite an apt name I must say. ” Happy You, Happy Me”. Read on to know what I mean: 


I was invited over, by my extremely warm & beautiful hostess  “Neha”, who went along with her dream to get into the “Food Industry” & found herself setting up a quaint little nook in one of the busy streets of ” Koramangala”. A marketing professional & mum to a beautiful daughter, who found solace in being an entrepreneur. When you talk to Neha, you can’t help but notice the love she has for her establishment, it’s like the twinkle of her eye… Much like her little one,  Nandini. 


The place isn’t a sprawling 20 table one, rather it’s humble 4-5 table big. But.. That being said.. Happy you happy me, literally reminded me of my storybooks & childhood fantasies. I’ve always wanted to have a little space for myself in the house (apart from my playroom), where I could escape to, which had sentiments of “Alice in Wonderland”. A place that wouldn’t be too big but would be bright at any point of the day.


Well, though “Happy You,Happy Me”, isn’t a page from “Alice in Wonderland”, it surely did satiate my fancy.  The place is filled with splotches of colour & fun. Quirky yet comfortable & relaxing yet peppy, is how I would describe the decor & ambience of this place. 


They have curated a menu which has major emphasis on ” Short eats & quick bites”. You have burgers, pastas, muffins, cutlets, beverages etc. The pricing is just unbelievable, I mean, I’m like sitting there and thinking ” How on earth, can anyone be so honest with pricing?”


 They don’t charge a buck more than what they think is fair, ergo the introductory reference.


The staff are so lovely to chat up with, very prompt & on call. Another thing I noticed is the hygiene at this place. I,really appreciate the high hygiene standards, everything is just so spic & span over here. They serve your food in Eco-Friendly plates, so rest assured about the hygiene aspect. 

Anyhow, Let me take you through the meal sampling;

1. Pasta Alfredo (Rs.60/-) : The Pasta served to me was fresh, light, filled with veggies I love & fair enough. The penne was al dente & the sauce was just the lightest one I’ve had in a long time. The flavours of the veggies, just came through. I was surprised to find broccoli & baby corn! For Rs.60?? Wow!!! And it wasn’t just some measly serving, it was very filling too. 


 2. Barbeque Chicken Burger  : It’s much better called as a mini burger. A lightly barbecued chicken, which looks peppery and juicy, with lettuce & mayo enclosed within a small bun. The hubby says it tasted quite homey & was nice.


3. Chicken croquette (Rs.15/-) : The chicken croquettes are the in house speciality. They weren’t dry or mushy. These petite cylinders where filled with flavour as according to hubby. 


4. Pesto Grilled Sandwich(Rs.45/-)  : The grilled sandwich on its own was such a pleasing sight. Grilled nice & golden, with that crunch that you expect from such sandwiches. The pesto was such a treat to eat & it came under Rs.50/- The pesto sandwich had this beautiful herby & fresh feel, which when complimented with the sauces provided on your plate just made it complete. A must have!!


 5. Orange Chocolate Cake: Another, from one home to another eat. A decent enough quick bite. 


6. Lemongrass Lemonade (Rs.20/-) :Oh!! The name.. 😍😍 The most fun part was just looking at those glass jars filled with that gorgeous lemonade. When it came to the table, yes.. It tasted really refreshing. 


7. Oreo milkshake (Rs.40/-): A little too sweet for my liking, but it’s my folly.. I should’ve told them that I like things a little toned down. My little one gulped it happily though ❤️❤️


8. Mutton Potato Chop: Hubby said, it completely reminded him of Ramadaan shorteats at home. A potato cutlet filled with mutton mince. 👍🏻


9.Cheesy Corn Bites: I was surprised to find a nice spicy green chilli mix in the midst of the Corn. This would work pretty great, if they try fusing this with a chaat. Yumm!!


A note that I would like to make is that, almost everything on the menu is very homey. It’s a cafe, where you can actually feel, that this isn’t something from warehouse to store kind, rather it’s a home cook’s humble venture. Neha makes the beverages, bakes the muffins & cakes & makes the little fried goodies.

They’re just a few weeks old & they are doing quite a commendable job at running the place. 

The VFM as stated before is crazy good. A meal for 2 should put you back by Rs.250/-

Verdict: If you’re in the area and wanna grab a quick bite, or its lunch hour & you’ve had enough of juice junction or you just forgot your assignment at home & have to bunk  class… Drop in here & refresh your mind, after all, food solves almost everything 😁😁 Take this from your Ex-JNC’ite aka Senior 😂😂

Saffron & Licorice Soap by Azafran Organics- Review.

Im a confused lady, when the question is about whether I should use Soaps or Shower Gels. With ads popping up on your TV screen every other day, it becomes impossible to remain faithful to one. 

Sometimes Soap is all that I need & sometimes it’s those shower gels that make me happy. But, for now, I’m obsessed with “Handmade or Handcrafted Soaps”. I, find myself buying them every other day. 

For the past few weeks i’ve been compulsive buying soap bars from ” Azafran Organics” called ” Saffron & Licorice Skin Lightening Soap”, “Neem&Haldi” & ” Rose Geranium”.


 Azafran Organics has a very catchy tag line ” Farm to Face”. They are an Ahmedabad based brand where they have their own organic farms that are the source of their products. The products claim to be 85% filled with organic ingredients. 

This particular soap bar is my favourite out of the 3 variations. 


Let me give you one good reason why you should consider this International organic company. Their “Skin Firming Cream” was voted as the “Best New Organic Product 2015” by the “Beauty Awards”. Oh! And did I mention that the competition was a cut throat one?

The company hasn’t ever compromised on the quality of its products. It’s just organic goodness for you. What’s even better is that their organic ingredients are ECOCERT certified. Now, that’s what I call ” Cruising in style”. 


 Insight into “Saffron & Licorice Skin lightening Soap” : 


Ingredients: Safflower Wax, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Licorice Extract, Vetiver Oil, Saffron.

  • Firstly, I have no obsession with making my skin WHITER or LIGHTER 😂 . I bought this for the exotic medley of saffron & Licorice. I was just so curious about it. 
  • Secondly, the bar is just a piece of nostalgia. This smells of red earth on a rainy day. I mean, come on now people… Who wouldn’t want that? I, could just smell this for hours. 
  • Thirdly, it claims to be highly moisturising. Which it is, when I used this as a bathing aid. But, when I used it as facewash substitute, it stripped my skin off any moisture that was present. Now, after i say that, I must tell you this that my skin is the Sahara Desert these days. Dry as hell! It worked wonderfully for others, the little sister, mum & a friend. Btw.. We had individual bars, all of us didn’t use the same bar. 😂
  • Fourthly… Ok! Now that sounds dumb.. I’m skipping the numerics after this 😁 It says that it’s a whitening bar. I dunno about whitening, but it surely made my skin even & clean.
  • The bar lasts for 9 days if you’re gonna be using this twice a day for the face. It lasts 4-5 days if you’re gonna be using this as a bathing aid. So, it doesn’t really last for a long while.
  • It’s handcrafted, so you can expect minor differences in each bar shape.
  • It’s priced at Rs.105/-  which is a tad bit higher than normal soaps, but you need to appreciate the quality stringency. When I think of the quality, I totally think that it’s a reasonable pricing. 
  • All ingredients are ECOCERT & are organic. What we need to understand is that there is a difference between Organic & Herbal. Where herbal means just about any herb, organic is a more stringent process of choosing that herb. It must be devoid of any pesticides & chemicals to be ECOCERT certified as Organic. That’s purity at its best for you.


Verdict: A total recommend and a must have for everyone concerned about the excessive use of parabens and sulfates in their products. It’s time to turn the clock backwards.