5 Things That Change When You’re A New Mommy.

I’ve been pondering about drafting this post from the past few days. I mean, I could be all knavish and go on to say, “Oh! Jolly Jelly Beans. Motherhood is the most satisfying thing ever. I’ve just borne a best friend for life. ” 

But, no, I wouldn’t indulge in such pettifoggery and mislead you from the things that will change. Well, Forever!! 

Here are my 5 most favourite/ unfavourable things: 

1. Sleep, will be an ex who you remember with a sad smile: 

You really shouldn’t have treated it, with so much ingratitude. How, you used to decide, when you’d wanna sleep or how you would just hit the pillow & call it a day. Remember, those hibernating naps, where you would sleep for 12-13 hours straight? Good ole days😢😢 Now, your baby decides when you sleep or rather, when he wants to sleep. If you thought, you were a free spirit not bound by rules. Then, you oughta see your baby’s feeding whims. He loves surprising Mommy with 4 a.m. cries. Darling! Welcome to the real “Hunger Games “


2. You will never be blessed with peaceful, romantic & carefree dates : 

D’oh!! Who said you would ever have a romantic & a carefree date? Let’s say, you filch a few hours from your baby time & hire a babysitter or just plop your baby at the Grandma’s toasty place. You & your partner, have reservations at the restaurant of your dreams. You order your courses & just when you start feeling the vibe. The phone rings!! “Honey! The baby misses you.” & you hear that wail, like a death knell 😢😢 If, it isn’t during the meal, then it surely will be at the time, you guys decide to have a long, breezy drive. 

And, if your baby comes along with you.. Then, oh well!! It isn’t a date, is it? Muhahhhahaha 😈😈😒😒


3. Your fancy Gucci, Dior, & MK purses are replaced by Petunia,  Storksak & BabyCargo diaper bags: 

Gosh! Even those names make me cringe. If, having a baby & his spittle on your shoulder wasn’t enough, now, you need to fashion revamp yourself. Big, floral/block, multi zippered bags filled with diapers, bottom butters, binkys, feed,etc.. is the way of life. Girl!! Your bag, is your identity. It doubles up as, a huge invisible placard that says, ” I’m a new mommy. Don’t mess with me. I’m the human version of Godzilla. I’m grumpy, irritated & exhausted. I need a Gucci more than ever now, but all I get is a diaper bag.” 


I feel you girl. Just another 5 years & then you can get your Gucci. Amen! 

4. Going to the Bathroom & having a 2 hour luxury soak with rose petals, bath bombs.. Stop!! :

Well, that’s a thingamaflip of history. It’s been 3 years since I had one. Your child, will miraculously need you the most, when you need some luxury time. When you decide, to pamper yourself with some much needed soak, your baby doesn’t think you deserve that. 10 minute showers are the trend these days. Once your baby is a toddler, rest assured that he’s gonna follow you & ask you, “What you doing inside?” atleast a 100 times in 10 minutes. 


5. Your shopping hauls will be filled with the cute A/W collection booties, diapers, toys and all that :

Remember, the last time you shopped selfishly just for yourself? Not anymore. It’s shopping haul for the baby too! More shopping goals & more financial oopsies now! 

“YOU spent $100 on stupid designer shoes for the baby, which he clearly won’t wear for more than 6 months?”, shouts the husband. 

Well, mommy! You’re learning. You’ll get the hang of it. Slowly, you’ll make wise decisions like spending $100 on toys? He won’t outgrow that in 6 months, will he?

Nope!! He’ll get over it, within a span of a week 😱

Now, I have a bonus one for you, Mommy! 

6. Your Playlist & Phones will be filled with “Wheels on the bus” kinda songs & “Baby Hazel” games: 

Yes! You heard me right! Your playlist will have annoying voices, blaring about “little boy blue, Jack Horner & London Bridge” on the damn loop. Then, your phones will start using those free MB’s to fill it with “Counting, Colouring & ABC” apps. This starts with a necessity to keep your toddler shut at the doctors, then you decide to keep him shut at the restaurant, mall, salon & every other place you take him along. 


Well, we all are ninjas on alert. We do need our inventories to be well stocked. 

Things will eventually get better and life won’t get back to normal pre baby days, but you’ll learn the art of making this a normalcy. Super proud of all the mommies. 

Welcome to motherhood mommy!! Have a great time here. 

P.S: All images have been sourced from http://www.google.com & are the sole right of the owner. These are not mine to credit. They have been used only for reference purposes. 

How to give yourself some hypertension?

Hey peeps, I’ve been busy tizzy with a wedding at home & also, I had miraculously found myself sinking into the depths of a liquid diet. 

It just started outta the blue, I couldn’t breathe, I cramped near the shoulder blades, I couldn’t eat without this sharp searing pain, I couldn’t drink water either & if I slept.. It was a hellish hole of an experience.

Turns out, I was hypertensed. I, refuted my GP’s claim by rolling my eyes like they were rolling pins on a mission to make 50 flatbreads in 60 seconds.

 “Me? Hypertension? Absolutely not. I will have none of that mind manipulating load of cacophony.” I, argued pretty bitterly.

And my GP couldn’t care any lesser. If, I was a rolling pin.. My GP was a rolling launch of verbal medical diarrhoea. He just didn’t seem to care. The lethargy 😱😱 

“Just some hypertension, which could’ve been due to physical or emotional stress. I’m guessing your epigastrium is a problem here, you might have GERD going on or maybe it’s just esophagitis. These are the doses, must be fine within a week & if not, then we need to carry on a few crucial tests. Till then, you’re on a purely liquid diet”

You, loony balloony doctor!! That statement, gave me hypertension then & there. Hypertension, because apparently, my anniversary was just 2 days after that dreaded announcement. 

I’m a little fine tuned to insomnia, graveyard shifts & direct lunches. So, really.. I have nothing, as in nothing to worry about. But, the seed was sowed in deep. 

Crucial tests?? What kinda crucial tests? 

Being the psycho i was born, my first thought went to the fact, that.. What if I never recovered? What if I was bound to never breathe normal again? What have I achieved in my life? What if I’m never gonna get my hands on a walking stick? 

I, had to take this in my own hands.. I had to find out what I had. I, needed a second opinion. For the GP, I’m just another case, but for me.. I’m the only case of life. 

So, I wiped my tears & those frown lines & got myself ready for a second opinion. I switched on my IPhone & went straight to the most reliable second opinion within seconds.. “GOOGLE”. 

If, I was hypertensed because of what the GP said.. Now I was super duper, hyper-dyper tensed because of what these online medical sites wrote. All & almost all of them, were convinced, that, I had esophagal cancer. And, I dearly wished… At that time that, GERD or esophagitis was so much more lucrative, anyday. 

All, I could think of was.. Never being able to see my son have kids!! 😭😭 I had to think far.. What if, the hubster remarried & got home a horrible “Hansel- Gretel” kinda stepmum? What if, this & what if that.. 

For 5 nights in a row, I did so much research on esophagal cancer, that I can now, just do a thesis on it & bag the prize. 

The anniversary lunch went in bed (ill on bed, I mean) with some soup & a family dinner in the evening, with me eating little bits of bread & soup. What a way, to celebrate our anniversary.. Our plans for the “Koh Samui” trip flopped & we had to cancel everything, but atleast I was alive! 😢😢

On the 6th day, just as uninvited the pain came, it left ever so quietly.. I could breathe normally, drink water without any pain & eat just about anything. The curse was broken, I was freeeee… I didn’t really need a crucial test & nor did I need a second visit to the GP. 

For some reason, I realised how important that episode was. It seemed like, here I was cribbing about how, I haven’t upgraded my makeup stash from the past 9 months & the next moment, I was humbled that atleast I had some life left. 

It screwed my anniversary & my plans, but taught me the most important lesson of my life.. “Love & appreciate what you have”. Those 5 days were hell, but it changed the way, I perceived everything. 

I don’t make “New Year Resolutions”, but this time, I’m making one. 

“Appreciate the Gifts I have, other things will happen on their own”

*also to upgrade that makeup stash, get creme de la mer, do a shopping haul from Harrods, Beauty workshop, Primark & Poundland soon.. It doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

**make sure, I do that trip no matter what. 

• Btw..women will always be women, no matter what!!

Happy New Year my lovelies!! What resolutions do you have in store??😁😁😁❤️❤️


For those of us living in India, you all are positively aware of the “Maggi” calamity that rocked the nation. People went beserk, stared at those empty pans & saucepans which had housed 2 minute (but always took 5 minutes) wonders, made homage videos & posts, vowed to never see cooking in the same light & lost a very dear confidante. 

Yes! Maggi was oh so terribly thrown off shelves, called a traitor, accused of a lead poisoning & Banned. Can you believe it? Banned for good. It was like your imaginary friend, who was such an important presence in your life… Was.. DEAD!! Only, she wasn’t imaginary. She was Maggi! The one you ran to after school, college, office, heartache, stomachache, headache, on camping trips, etc.. 

During that time, a sizeable lot turned to other sources to help nurse the open wound of longing. While, I personally never had a soft corner for Maggi.. Infact, I detested it 😳😳. I was never the one who liked these noodles, I had fond memories of ” Indomie”, ” Mama Sita” etc.. Maggi was never my bowla noodle.  

But I missed it.. Because, my sister missed it… She would have these big question marks in her black eyes, as to what could she make under 5 minutes which she would savour. And I was knackered due to the lack of options. 

Ergo, she turned back to her occasional fling ” KOKA NOODLES”. What can i say, I’ve always found this brand much better than the nation’s favourite. There is just something about these oriental noodles, that certain flavour which is ” darn good” that makes the experience better. The brand has an adventurous lot, with quite an exciting range of flavours.

My new found interest was this flavour called,” Singapore Fried Noodles, Mi Goreng”.


Koka the brand: 

Alot of health freaks and junk food detourers (if such a word exists), have quite blatantly proclaimed that “Instant Noodles” are nothing but a bunch of unhealthy calories, loaded with sodium, MSG, and basically crap. So, while they kerfuffle with the ” Instant Noodle” mob, allow me to tell you something interesting.

Koka breaks the shackles of those claims and quite deliciously presents itself as a healthy indulgence.

 Koka is a Singaporean brand, which is quite focussed on making the noodles not just a delight to eat but also a guilt free treat. 

Koka is : 

  • MSG, Preservatives & Additives free. 
  • High fibre content. 
  • Steam cooked & air dried as opposed to deep fried. 
  • Also the pioneers of purple wheat noodles. 

Today, I’m gonna be talking about “Mi Goreng” flavour.


What is Mi Goreng?

From the display pictures & Imaginations of an oriental food connoisseur, we are given a picture of hot, steamy, sweet&spicy, fried, caramel coloured plate of noodles as Mi Goreng. Mi Goreng are such a staple in Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, that it’s hard to visit these places & not taste it from the numerous street side hawkers offering it. 

Koka tries to capture the essence of Mi Goreng in it’s instant version, which does do a fine job, but if you’ve had the real thing.. It’s pretty unlikely that you will fall in love with this. 


These noodles are spicy red with chilli & very delicate give you that hint of sweetness too. It’s quite a beautiful combination & for people who wanna try what a ” Mi Goreng” is can certainly get an idea with this pack. 


It’s priced at an affordable Rs.45/- which is 4 times more than your average “Maggi”, but the flavour is certainly unique. 


They come with a beautiful red seasoning & seasoning oil. The seasoning oil just on its own does a huge uplift to the noodles. A must try. I, personally love their ” Mushroom” flavour noodles. No points for guessing though 😁😁


  • Certified as vegetarian & halal. So, for vegetarians who are skeptical, please indulge.
  • Healthier alternative to other noodles.
  • Instant noodles, costing you 5-6 minutes at max.
  • Priced at Rs. 45/-
  • Sweet & spicy flavour.
  • 3.5/5 stars

Go ahead, grab your pack!!

Yves Saint Laurent, Touché Éclat- Product Review. 

The YSL Touché Éclat! Is there anyone over here, who doesn’t know about the magic elixir packaged in a pen? Well, if you don’t then you really are missing alot of action in the beauty world. 

Any makeup addict, fashionista, beauty guru or a makeup artist who is worth his or her salt, will probably tell you how this product is a can’t live without. I mean, let’s just put all the hype that this YSL product has & just for a moment think about what’s going on?

Why are so many people swearing by it? Why is it a must have? Why can’t I live without it? Are there any other cheaper alternatives or dupes? And lastly, do I really need it? 


The touché éclat is more of a statement makeup. This little pen does come with bragging rights bestowed upon its owner. Somehow, the touché éclat is supposed to talk about your refined taste. 😒😒 I’m like.. Uhhmm.. Ok!! 

The reason I bought this baby is because of the hype. Yes, I fell for it & decided to sacrifice the Givenchy “Ange Ou Etrange” fragrance ( which is still on my wish list btw) that I had been eyeing. This Dang pen better be good stuff, or i had promised myself to never read a fashion mag ever again. 😱😱  Gladly, I’m a vogue subscriber till date 😁😁

What is the Touché Éclat? 

Let me try to put this in the most simplest way ever. The touché éclat is the most beautifully blendable concealer, highlighter & corrector in one. Touché Éclat is the mommy of all things & mommies are always such multitasking beings.  


The company claims that this is a “Luminocaptide Complex”, which instantly illuminates your skin by erasing fine lines, refreshing tired looking skin & banishing fatigue. They claim that this is an 8 hour sleep in the click of a pen. 


What is the most important thing to remember is that, this isn’t an under eye concealer. This is used for highlighting & enhancing your features. Erasing fine lines et al. The coverage isn’t heavy & is certainly not gonna work against those heavily dark under eye circles. 


I, got the shade no.2 called “Luminious Ivory”, which works quite well for my skin tone. My skin tone has a pink & yellow undertone to it. So, this colour worked the best.

The bristles are just so fine and don’t stab or hurt at all. The pen works on a click mechanism. Which means you’re clicking the pen away to get the product out. I reckon, you must click atleast 20 times or so to get any bit of that elixir out. Which is a super thing for me, as I have a very nosey toddler. 😒😒😒 So, he oughta click it a lot for any result.. And till then, I’m shouting my red lungs out for the pen. 😠😠😡

To avoid all the disappointment that would come across, due to the improper usage. I’m gonna give you a pictorial description of highlighting & concealing. You can decide what you would like to on that particular day.

How to highlight?

After you’ve done your basic primer, foundation, compact routine. You need to highlight these areas shaded in yellow. 


Those areas are: 

  • Middle of the forehead & the temples.
  • The gap between the brows.
  • The bridge of your nose.
  • Just above the hollows of your cheekbones. 
  • The inner corner of your eyes. 
  • Atop your brows & on the brow bone( if you plan on the natural look,sans eyeshadow)
  • Over your undereye concealer. 
  • On the cupids bow & beneath your lower lip.
  • On the chin.
  • In the hollow of your neck. 

That must take care of your highlighting. 

How to conceal?

I don’t recommend buying this just for the sole purpose of a concealer. It should be used over a concealer or maybe used as a light to medium coverage concealer for those no makeup days. 

Here’s how you can conceal, areas shaded in yellow. 


The areas are: 

  • Your undereyes & the cheeks. Do downward swipes & this may well be a great way to go the no makeup way. 
  • The eyelids sans the eyeshadow or as an eyeshadow base, which conceals fine lines. 
  • The crows feet. 
  • And you can also erase any fine smile or frown lines too.
  • It must be used even on the corners of your nose.

Now after this information, it’s really up to you to gauge the necessity of this product. It’s priced at a hefty £25 for 2.5ml and in that price you certainly will get some great cheaper alternatives, both in India & abroad. 


Do I like this?? Well, I’ve done 3 restocks and it runs almost forever. The lightness of this product works both as an advantage & disadvantage depending upon what techniques you’re applying. 

You are the best judge on how to extract the full potential of this product. As for me, YSL has me in its grip. I’ve gone on shopping hauls and shopped for everything except the touché éclat and then felt a sense of great guilt, when the other products didn’t work out that well for me. 

It’s been a love-hate affair from the past 4 years and well, I will say that I love it. Period. 

Do judge me challenge! Oh Its a “don’t judge me challenge” 😂

Firstly,I need to damn breathe. Secondly,I need to do some emotional regurgitation. Thirdly,I need to shout out or maybe scream & finally I need to ask,”what the looney ballooney hell is going on?”.

“Don’t judge me challenge”. I’d presume the whole sequence of those alphabets are wrong? DJMC,and the first thing I’m doing is judging. Well, people who are participating in it it are literally,splattering it all over my face. The DJMC is really an atrocious challenge. It’s more like a take on supremacy. 

It a selfie video fad which starts with a repulsive,unattractive,hideous kind of a face/person… Well,dig this.. It’s voluntary defacing of oneself with maybe makeup or weird props or just doing some thing to look UNATTRACTIVE. So, what happens is,the person is all of a sudden unhappy with their face & does some miracle product slathering. The thumb goes on to the eye of the camera,( you know,to let the product work) and then when the  camera does show some picture,it’s voila 😱😱 of that unacceptable person looking like OMG ridiculously hot guy or babe. THE END. 


What’s my damn problem you ask? Here are a few: 

1. DJMC starts with an unattractive face,ok? You didn’t see it,did you? I wrote “unattractive”. Dude, I just judged on the first 2 seconds of the video,because the participants are doing everything they can to make me think that.   *EPIC FAIL*

2.DJMC makes us believe that”So Called Unattractive Faces” are the ones that have ” Acne,are discoloured, have a unibrow, have teeth gaps, have missing teeth, unruly hair, hairy faces, etc. 

Ummm.. I’m still not judging you see * please note the dripping sarcasm*

So,what about people who don’t have that miracle product that transforms them into heartbreakers&breathtakers? Are they destined to be stuck only on the first 3 seconds of the video? This challenge is more body shaming than body shaming itself. 

“Give glad tidings,for ye has more trite reasons to be depressed”

3.DJMC is solely for people who are socially accepted as beautiful. For people who don’t make it to the “Socially accepted as beautiful” group, their DJMC has been tagged as “DON’T JUDGE ME CHALLENGE FAILS” 

Whoa.. Did I just read that or did I just not read it right? So,even after the disfiguring and all that jazz,when they do reveal a better version of themselves,it’s labelled as a fail. Dear DJMC it’s not them,it’s you who is the “Fail” here. 


4.DJMC is another reason to show what a sweet jackass narcissist you really are. By participating in revealing,a 100% as fake as falsies, made-up-with-makeup face,you just enrolled yourself on the list of ” HEY THERE! IM A NARCISSIST.GLAD I CAN WIPE YOUR FLAWS OFF MY FACE,WHEREAS,YOU’RE STUCK WITH YOUR FLAWS ON YOUR FACE”

To borrow someone else’s facial trait like a unibrow for instance & label it as unacceptable and then have the audacity to wipe it off your face,just shows how un-judgemental thou art. Thumbs down for not empathising,how someone who battles this everyday would feel. 

What’s the don’t judge me here? Don’t judge my voluntary fake bad face or don’t judge my voluntary fake good,photogenic face?? I don’t get it.. Seriously!

5. If DJMC was true to its title,then it really would be about a person,taking off their makeup or just showing a nude face,which would say that irrespective of however we look,what we all are at the end of the day are people with our own set of flaws.

Beauty isn’t skin deep,that’s just makeup & hairstyling dearies,what is deep is just being a normal person with acne,dark circles,wrinkles,spots,deviated septums,squints, etc. That is the real you.. And basing opinions just because of your appearances is a folly. YOU are much underneath those layers. 

Sadly, the campaign fails to pass on the real message which is lost behind conceited looks & makeup. It comes across as a very weak,superficial & a catalyst to body shaming.The whole campaign looks like some parody event of sorts and falls flat. 

On the brighter side, I had some good laughs,had a few,”Oh crap!! No way that’s him” moments & a few ” man,she’s pretty” ones too. It proved to be quite a time killer & before I knew it an hour had passed by. I had even decided a few pout shots & thought I’d put one up too. It was during that imaginary rehearsal I realised,” Gosh! Really? Did you forget that you had braces,because your teeth weren’t all that greatly aligned? Did you forget how you would never wanna pose for pictures or did you forget how helpless and outta the scene you felt?” 

I guess I didn’t.. That’s why I write this. This is a personal thing,it’s a struggle I’ve been thru and a battle that i fought. The feeling of inferiority is a pathetic thing,something which pinches you and tells you that you’re not normal & everyone is better than you,when in reality all of us are equals. Those models on glossies? They’d look shittier than you without their makeup armour. Everyone’s different & beautiful with their imperfections & flaws.


And today,I dedicate this post to that ” BOY”,who proposed me during those days. 
 There are a few guy friends who tell  me(after my transformation&good dose of age) that,”GAWWWDD,girl… that boy had good choice. How I wish I had proposed you” bwahahahahaha.. Sorry losers!!

Anyways that BOY truely DIDNT JUDGE ME on how I looked,but judged me on who I was. 

[Dear reader,this is my real life and not a movie or a novella… So stop thinking that I got married to him. I had to turn down his sweet proposal because I was scared that my parents would kick me in the shins if they found out]

Ahem.. So, if you’re reading this dear Boy(who is apparently a man today)… I’d like to say,”THANK YOU” from the deepest part of my heart❤️ Thank you,for seeing beyond my flaws. *Respect*

P.s: Arham if you grow up and ever read this,I love just your DAD.. Your DAD might not be the first guy to propose me,but he surely was the last one. He proposed the best way ever,which was thru your grandparents ☺️  Btw,He sees a nightmarish me everyday & has to live with it till I get my dentures. 


The enchanted world of Toddlers&their Talks- 6 signs.

Im pretty flummoxed with the things my toddler tells me. Sometimes,I’m gaping in horror & sometimes I’m just playing “Mommy”,acting like I understand every bit of useless & vital information he gives me. The “Terrible Two’s”,are terrible for the reason,that they terribly drain away every ounce,gram,millilitre,etc of your energy. It’s just been a few hours since you’re up,and you can already feel the weight of the day in your bones. 

Those kids are everywhere. They are like little monsters,elves,gnomes, leprechauns,goblins.. You get it! They just are everywhere. Let me tell you a secret,they also possess the power of ” TeleKinesis” and “TelePortation”. I kid you not,dear worried parent. 😢 We’re in this together. 

Just a split second ago,you caught your LO trying to tip the Venetian flower vase& when you save that vase by fluke & you hear shattering sounds *kaboom* from your bedroom. The poor klutzy you rushes in,only to find your LO smiling,standing a good distance away from the crime scene. 

Pray,tell me dear parent… Just how did your toddler manage to find himself in the bedroom in split seconds and also shatter your favourite hand held “VanityMirror”,which was btw way beyond his reach?? I really ought to tell you,it’s telekinesis and not you clumsily forgetting that mirror on the baby chair. 😐😐 You can’t always be the klutzomaniac,please.😒

I staunchly believe so. Period. 

So,there are things our toddlery LO’s try to tell us every other day. They can talk,yes they do.. But for complex sentences,they still rely on Sign languages & broken sentences. Here are the few,yet common things our toddlers tell us: 


  • He starts crying uncontrollably for no reason or throws tantrums: 

My LO usually behaves all perked, irritated,tantrum-y, crybaby-ish,uncontrollable,etc when he is super tired,groggy or confused. That’s the way he signals me these 3 emotions. He still can’t define them,nor can he understand what they mean. Ergo, a bawling episode alerts me. I,end up pacifying him & giving him the comfort that, I understand him.(psssst.. Sometimes,I just feel like running away,but then I think of all the mess I’d have to face,when I get back & refrain that thought)

  • He hugs you &seems disturbed or tells you to pick him up,cuddles& kisses you: 

Whenever my sister or brother try to show even as much as an iota of authority over me,the LO starts his PDA with me. By authority I mean,” I love you Sis.” Or ” I love Emmy” Or ” Emmy lets go out” Or ” Emmy do you love me?”. Those words & the LO is breaking all boundaries & borders,just to come near me & claim me as his. This usually is a sign of a toddler,trying to establish his authority over things he loves. He craves your attention& loves it when you shower him with it. I,for one.. Love these episodes & leave no stone unturned to have him give me kissykoos. 

  • He sticks to the walls,or goes into a room,makes himself invisible or tells you to look away,when he’s pooping: 

Be supercharged,your kid has progressed to the next level of independence. He’s ready to be potty trained. This is your kid’s way of letting you know,that he fairly understands the need for privacy& also good etiquettes.That’s a big word eh? But he knows it already. What you should do is encourage your child & teach him a few more things about privacy&manners,like dressing in private or not burping& farting in front of people.

  • Doesn’t look into your eyes,bows his head down & appears embarrassed: 

When you child has understood the concept of privacy&etiquettes,it isn’t surprising that he also knows the emotion of embarrassment.Your toddler at this very moment is a smart bloke. He understands that the certain thing he has done will get him no brownie points,but will surely get you into a fit of lip biting rage,tears& disappointment. To combat that emotion,your toddler starts looking away,not looking at you in the eye or bows his head down. He understands that he is wrong. 

  • He starts fidgeting or starts licking his lips or has a blank face around a few or a group of people:

This means that your LO isn’t as comfortable as you would like him to be with that particular group of people. He finds new faces overwhelming and starts diverting his attention at something else to stop himself from interacting with those people. Licking lips,brimming of eyes,fidgeting are all signs of uneasiness. Try keeping your child close to you and introducing these people one by one. Keep him in your arms & let him interact with others. When he’s ready,slowly let him go,while you’re within his sight. Wave at him and interact from a distance,telling him he’s safe with the others too. 

  • He talks & shows imaginary things or people:

Ok,I need to tell you this. I hate this! Like super hate this. The other day,I was in my bed & clearly enjoying my magazine. The LO comes in and jumps into my bed and says he wants to sleep in my lap,I say ok. **poof** We have a power cut,I tell someone to switch on the UPS & in that minute my son says,”Emmy look Milly is up there.” Trust me,at that minute.. I wanted to leave the LO and run for my life. Scenes from Grudge,Exorcist etc came at me. All I could say was,” Arham,I dunno if you wanna pee in your diapers,but I think I’m gonna be peeing in my pants now”. When the UPS came on,so did my strength and I said,” Who is Milly?” To which he replied,” Milly the Monkey” (reference to his finger puppet) I sighed a breath of relief & laughed like a buffoon.

But whatever dude,I get freaked outta my wits. Day or night,I don’t find it funny or the least bit interesting 😖😭😭 Anyways,this isn’t about me.. So when your LO does this,it means that he has developed a flair for interaction & reenacting the things he sees,hears& feels during his awake time. His imagination is running wild,which will help him in thought processing & understanding consequences. 

So much for being a parent. I don’t think that there is a better superhero than us. We’re all saving the day in one way or the other at home. **RESPECT**



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I’m in team starlight.. AND guess who nominated me??

This beautiful babe “SMILING NOTES, SHAMIRA “. She’s been a perfect friend to me,she’s always there encouraging me on my posts,stupid& intelligent alike. She’s one person I’d love to strike a rapport with,she’s just my soul sista kind. I’ll just show you what I mean..


Isn’t she sweet..  We got a looooonngg distance relationship going on here.. 😁😁  Image courtesy: http://www.pinterest.com

Her blog is just amazing,it’s got a facelift now &looks so much more soigné. She’s a very effortless talespinner,her blog is mainly about the things she does,like her travelogues & food. Please check out her blog and subscribe to her. You will thank me later,for even getting to know her. And I will tell you ” I told you so”. 


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  • Nominate other bloggers.

Here are the Questions Shamira asked me: ( oh!! Btw,did I tell you.. I love her name,how oomph-y DOES it sound) 

[Shamira,please don’t kill me for being soo awfully late 🙂 💋💋💋!]

1.What is the sweetest compliment you have ever received?

This question is the hardest.. Shamira,you can’t do that. the first one is a stumper.

Omg!! now there is tie between the compliment paid by my dad and my son. 

Papa: I’m so proud of my daughter,that she passed the law exam with flying colours. I really feel so happy to have a daughter who fulfilled my dreams. She’s a go-getter. * Says Papa to a gathering of 50 people or so at a party* Though,the compliment wasn’t given directly to me,this was the sweetest thing ever.

The second sweetest compliment that i ever received was when Arham had my wedding picture in his lap and he looked at me in the pictures,asked quite surprised if that was me and exclaimed,” Wow!! Emmy is a Queen!” bwahahahhaa… In India,every girl is a queen on her wedding day darling!!

2.Reading books or listening to music? What do you prefer more?

That’s easy peasy. I can go on without music,yup.. i can,but without books.. Horror!!! never!! i love books. I’m a voracious reader, i read labels,billboards,signposts,books,papers…you get what i mean. So,without books,i can’t survive.At times,when i don’t have things to read,i’m reading Arham’s bathbooks and picturebooks..

3.If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 things that you would like to have with yourself?

Alladin’s lamp, my nemesis aka arch rival and my fidus achates.

Alladin’s lamp to get my wishes done, my fidus achates to show her how much i love her despite the bad situation&how she would be the one i care about after myself and my nemesis to show her how much i detest her,yet maybe get her back to safety because all the shit she talks about me is pure crap..

Oh! then my nemesis would be my fidus achates… God no, i like her bitchhyy!!! maybe i’ll just leave her stranded on the island…. Sounds good?? i hope so..

4.What is your biggest dream?

I’m an ambitious wrecking ball. Yes, no kidding. No… that wasn’t miley inspired…

So, as i’m an ambitious wrecking ball, wrecking everything that stops me from reaching my dream. I’d maybe just wanna be contented with what i am. That would be the biggest dream in my life. To be contented with what i have and with who i am. Not be in a continuous commando mode to get better.

Keeping the philosophy aside, My biggest dream is : ( Please bear with me)

A lamborghini veneno for the son, a Bigggg heart to never return anyone empty handed or unhappy, to be able to carve my own niche,to make my parents superrrrr happy(they are,but  1000 times more) and yes, to buy my husband his own private yacht called the ” Flying Waters” !! yaaayyy!! We’ve always wanted to sail away…

5.Who helped you discover the Starlight within you?

As far as i can remember, i discovered the starlight within me when i was a little kid. Like really long ago…but i do know that my parents were the first one’s to prompt me towards it. It has been a never ending journey since then. If it weren’t for them, then maybe i’d be the little shy,ever nervous kid trapped in an adult’s body. Yes… I’m sure..

Phew!! that’s done guys… thanks for that shamira,it really was fun.. i WISH i did this earlier. Nominate me more.. bwaahahhaaha…












NOW MY TURN…. BWAHAHHAHAHAAHHA.. ( think demonic laugh)

1.If i gave you a million dollars and you had to buy just one thing what would that be,here’s the best part…After you bought it,you would have to give it in charity?

2. If you could do anything in the world,like just about anything,with no consequences to follow up…What would you do right now?  ( Like i would absolute-lily be running like a wild jaguar through London’s Harrod’s & Bond street and compulsive grabbing) everything i love.

3. If you ever encountered a ghost,who was as dashing& sexy as OMAR BORKHAN,what would you do? Scrrrreaaam in delight or screeeammm in shock??

4.If i asked you to give me your best gift of talent,would you give it to me?? That could also be your talent of writing… eeheheheheeeee…

5. Do you like me??? gotcha!!!

no that’s not my question…Here it is..

Who discovered the starlight in you??

I would love to hear it from you guys.. loadsa love and cares!

How I lost weight.. My success story. 

Ok guys… I lost a whopping 5 kilos in the last 3 months,and I’m not interested in finding them again. This is one thing I’d absolutely love to abandon.. The pounds,ounces and kilos. They sound so dreaded,almost like a bag full of leaping froggies and toads. Not the ” Kermit” kinds,but the ugly puddle and pond toads kinds. On the contrary, they aren’t even half as scary as the extra pounds.What I dread are the airports…  I’m always dreading them because,I might end up paying for extra baggage on myself. 😂😂😂

 ” Hey you!! Yeah you.. Stop rolling your eyes please. Thank you” 😳😳

Back to the point… I’ve discovered, the most foolproof plan to lose weight at the drop of the hat.. Well fedoras and hamburgs and berets also count. I noticed that I just needed a few things and a strict disciplinary measure,to keep myself motivated and in the loop. By the end of 3 months,I found myself to be 5 kilos lighter. 

Here’s a list of all that you really ever need,in your weight loss journey: 

  • A Yoga mat
  • A stability physio ball
  • A pair of plastic Dumbbells
  • A jump rope

Trust me when I say this.. this is all that I bought for myself to lose some weight and not peace of my mind.

I’m going to explain each use of the above equipments in detail. So please snuggle back and relax,while I give you the wisdom of the millennials. 

  • The Yoga Mat : This was the first and the most foremost investment I did. Well actually,I bought all those things together at one go. But,my eyes fell on the yoga mat first. I know how important the yoga mat is, it’s your personal space while working out,giving you the cushiony feel while you exercise. I used to start with lying down on my back straight. Make sure that you meditate before the exercise. Just 5 minutes.. Think of how you would see yourself in a year from now& all such motivational thoughts. I,in particular would do it for 2 minutes and then find my son jumping on my stomach playing horsey… ” DUDE.. ARHAM, MOMMY IS IN A TRANSITIONAL PHASE.. She’s becoming beautiful” but the nagging would continue and I’d leave it at 2 minutes and progress to the next one. Who needs meditation anyways??


  • Stability Physio Ball: One of the most versatile equipments and a must have for home gyms. Even if you don’t wanna invest much,the stability ball doubles up as an all round core training aid. Targeted at all chest,abdominal and spine muscles,this is the most inexpensive way to get fit.. 

Start with standing straight.. And with a straight back seat yourself on the ball squatting,then…. **PLONK!! ** 


“ARHAAAAM, MOMMY IS EXERCISING.. THIS ISNT FOOTBALL”  Sees her LO playing with it and after a lot of ” It’s mine” monologue, gives in and passes on the ball to the LO..  Stability balls are ok.. Dumbbells are the real deal. 

  • The plastic dumbbell: Errr… I’m glad you’re still sticking around for more. This is the real place where you tone up and lose weight. Buy some suitable weight Dumbbells, they are gonna be your best friends in your journey. 


Legs shoulder width apart, slightly curve your back and pick the Dumbbells off the floor,without bending your knees. Now,slowly lift them to your….. * OUCCCCHHH!! * Arham finds mommy funny and throws a dumbbell at her feet. The dumbbell stubs her toe. Prancing like the mad hatter, mommy cries..


Limping, mommy thinks about the benefits of the jump rope. 

  • Lastly, the Jump rope: Don’t be fooled at the inexpensiveness of the jump rope. Let me tell you that the jump rope is an exquisite piece of an equipment. It buttonholes your weight and demands it to vacate your body. Targeted at a complete body workout,jump rope is the best thing ever. Period.

Hold the rope in your hands and start skipping at every round of rope. You need to do at least a 50. 

This is how you do it,….. 


After round 13… Arham tries joining in, and Mommy trips & is a mess.


 LO holds the rope and starts a ” Tug-o-war” with mommy. 15 minutes later,after all the jumping and snatching and shouting… Arham gives the jumping rope. Mommy folds it neatly,packs into the box and stares…

Mommy feels letdown.. Maybe,home gymming isn’t my thing. 

You see,it’s only after all this I realised that my weight was dropping,not because of the fancy-shmancy stuffs,but because of the maintenance that comes along with a baby in his ” TERRIBLE TWO’s”. The Running,the yelling,the playing,the picking up of toys and picking the LO up,the tantrums,the cooking,the random night bawlings,the invasive sleep periods,the showers,the bath soaks,the activity times and getting ready for activity times. Well,you see.. That’s how I lost weight,by being a “Mom” and also with some cups of green tea. 

As for the purchases I made… The yoga mat is LO’s play mat,the stability ball is LO’s substitute for football,the Dumbbells have a better use now as paperweights and the jump rope??? Why it’s a makeshift fastener for the huge carton filled with books.

There isn’t any job as strenuous and as daunting as that of a mother. I,have domestic help and my mum to help me out. I only wonder in awe,how mummy raised us all on her own in a country that wasn’t hers. 

She was ever so fearless and made sure we had the best.. Dear mummy.. I love you,I love you for all those nights I kept you awake and for all those days I kept you busy. 

So,for all of you wanting to lose weight.. Get a baby.. That’s the secret,the foolproof plan😁😁

P.s: I do not advocate unhealthy lifestyles or discourage exercise,all this post says is the weight I lost wasn’t  due to the traditional gymming but due to exercise in the form of chores. 

Post A Quote Challenge-Day 3

Green grass,blue skies,yellow benches and red hearts. As I pass through Cubbon Park,I can’t help but notice a certain sense of love and melancholic vibe to this place. For me this place resonates a sense of achievement.

I remember coming here one fine day because there was a soirée of some sorts at home and I had the dreaded ” Constitution” paper the next day. I came silently with the hubs and sat down under that ” Poinciana tree”.. I felt quite miserable at missing out the fun but then remembered the Caustic and acrid taunts which people had generously bestowed upon me. 

Aaah!! She’s a newly married bride,do you think she’s gonna take the exam seriously??” 

” I can bet my life on it,that she can’t do it. She won’t even pass a semester,let alone the whole course.”

“Have you seen her??? She’s a beauty freak,if she can get some spare time from staring at the mirror,maybe she’ll attend a class or two.”

“Does she think Law is a joke?? It needs like a lot of time and concentration. It’s not the same as opening a lippy and swiping it on.” 

“Bwahahahahahaha.. Let’s see!!”


I really couldn’t prove all of them right,could I?? I had too much at stake. It seems like a day so far off in my memory,but really it was just 3 years ago. 

Today when I walk into the same room as them, they don’t praise my hardwork or the uphill battle I fought. They are too stuck up to do something like that. 

What they do is keep shut. That disbelief,that disparage,that obnoxious know it all attitude has met its match. They can try to not acknowledge my feat,but they certainly can’t ignore it. For me,their silence is the biggest achievement. 

The most stupendous dose of adrenaline to ever course through my body was when I held my “Law Degree Certificate” in my grip.. I just broke down into tears,I remembered the pain I went thru,the nights I kept awake,the projects,the assignments,the painful thoughts of giving up.. 

5 days post my wedding was my first semester exam. The final semester left me with a 1 year and 8 months baby. Getting the previous B.Sc degree was a breeze for me. Trust me on that… 

Yup.. I proved that I could do it. Thank you to all of you who supported me and a bigger thank you to those who thought I would be an epic fail. 

To the ones who had no hopes in me and mocked at me.. Today’s Quote is for you.. Hope you guys love it xoxoxoxo 😈😈😈


And today… I don’t have any nominations. 

Today’s post was a very personal one. It was so much like a burden off my heart. I really wanna thank ” SHWETA” for nominating me and in that process,letting me spill the beans.

 I loved doing this challenge.. Super yes I did.. ❤️❤️❤️