Atty’s Bakery | Boulangerie Review | Frasertown | Bangalore| 

Happiness is a warm bake, straight out of a warm hearth” – Noorain 

And just like that, I fell in love with the hamper that came across my way. A basket full of goodies, that literally warmed the cockles of my labile heart. 

About Atty’s Bakery & Confectionery :

Atty’s was conceptualised in the September of 2016, under the keen eyes of “Mr. Abdul Azeez & Mr. Mohammed Zahrin Aziz”, who themselves are the M.D & Director respectively, of the famous “Empire Group of Hotels”. The USP of Atty’s, nestles in their choice of ingredients and stringency. They refrain from using premixes and all baked goodies are made from their in house 100% from scratch flour mixes. The products here are ” Preservative free, Chemical free & Alcohol free”. 

The Grub Story : While my foible lies in seeing, something savoury come straight out of a warm oven, I really don’t mind anything that has blushed itself with sweetness as well. (Pssst… I love it)

Here’s a sneak peek, into my hamper : 

  • Focaccia Bread : A delectable savoury offering, which was light as air with the combination of rock salt, fried onions & brown sugar. A must have for your midnight cravings. 
  • Ginger Almond Cookies : The subtle punch of ginger is prevalent all across, due to the addition of Ginger powder & chopped ginger, in the cookies. The roasted almonds, give more body to the flavour.

  • Brownies : I had received two kinds of brownies. One was the Chocolate Gooey Brownie and the other was the Salted Caramel Brownie. The Chocolate Brownie had the depth of dark chocolate with roasted walnuts. But, it’s the “Salted Caramel Brownies”, that took my breath away. You’re just expecting a hint of salt in your caramel and then.. *Pow* that salt is strong, but in the most awesome way. Must, Must, Must have 👍🏻

  • Plum Cake : Dried fruit cake, made with red cherries, dates, cashews, figs, raisins and tutti frutti. Another great offering that’s delicious! 

  • Atty’s Signature Pastry : Made out of crunchy Almond base, mixed fruit jam filling, a layer of banana sponge, French cream topped with coffee cream & caramel sauce. My favourite & another must try. 

My hamper also had “Butterscotch pastry, Black Forest Pastry and Almond Praline pastry”. All of which, were immensely enjoyed. 


Verdict : I’m an official rooter for this place. Though, I live in Frasertown and we do have a bunch of boulangeries & patisseries in the neighbourhood. We have none, who are this affordable and stringent. Atty’s is focused not just at great quality of Grub, but also at affordability. Ranks high on my “VFM” meter as well. 

Highly Recommended!! 

A well deserved 4 star for you, Atty. 


Three dots and a dash | Restaurant Review| Indiranagar| 

“Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No” ( I give my love to you, you give your love to me)-Hawaiian proverb  

Made to mimic a Polynesian Tiki shack, Three dots and a dash, looked every bit of bonzer. The heat waves were quite adamant at being prominent, but little did they fathom that they would meet their match. Spiralling down the portal into Hawaii, I had my heart at my sleeve today, because of the utterly delish menu in my hand. 

About Three Dots and a Dash

Quite an eccentric name, isn’t it? Aah..the history is quite eccentric as well. 

 Three Dots And A Dash is a drink created by Don The Beachcomber. It is the morse code for the letter ‘V’ which represented victory during the World War and was his tribute to his comrades who fought beside him during the war.

Almost 70 years after that legendary drink, Paul McGee set up a tiki bar in the midst of chilling Chicago weather. The result, as we all know is pretty evident. Bangalore had been blessed with “Three dots and a dash”, last year and the overwhelming response tells us that they are doing everything right. We got a taste of Polynesia, at last! 

Decor : There are 2 levels dedicated to making you feel comfortable. The first one is relaxed & dark. The rooftop is designed quite in rustics. The bareness of it, is the USP. There is an inadvertent use of bamboo batons all around. You have bar stools and comfortable low rise chairs. They even have their own coconut tree, from which they base their coconut drinks. The ambience takes the cake for being casual yet inviting. 

Hospitality : Spot on, with their service. Attentive and polite, our servers were a charm. Enquiries were made on how many of us were there and the best table set up for us. Kept an eye at our table and kept the food scene flowing from one course to another. 

The Grub Story : Yes, before I go gung-ho let me tell you this that, this was one of those days, where I was happy to see the “Vegetarian” options actually look much dapper than the non vegetarian ones. I, was here for their new menu launch and this is what the new menu looks like: 

  • Caribbean Dream : A thick mocktail with a sweet- sour profile. Made out of strawberry crush, black currant and cranberry juice. Yum yum yum! 

  • Lemon Coriander Soup : Delighted! The soup had one of the most sublime flavours of the lemon and coriander. The comforting clear soup had cubes of carrot, fried noodles to grace & served with a slice of toasted garlic French baguette on the side, gave us a good start to the meal. 

  • Waldorf Salad : A perfect medley of apple triangles and crunchy walnuts tossed with lighter than air mayonnaise, served on a bed of cos lettuce and garnished with black olives and Parmesan. What, I would like them to do is, be a little more heavy handed with the mayonnaise. It would bring forth more flavour.

  • Herb cheese stuffed mushrooms : Did I hear mushrooms? I, Hootie patootie, right did. What a magnificent piece of happiness this was. The flavours were just so intense and light, that my mind started playing games with me. Was I over eating or eating just fine? I would never know! They have a baguette scooped and stuffed with mushrooms, herbs and Cheese. The crispy exteriors and the Cheesy interiors, had me! I’ve never seen a better interpretation of stuffed mushrooms. 

  • Vegetable Croquettes : This one, looked beautiful, but sadly didn’t make the cut for me. Though, it’s good, I’ve had better croquettes. I expected a more bland flavour profile as opposed to this one, which leaned more towards an Indian Aloo tikki. The crispy exterior was spot on, by the way. 

  • California Spud : I love Spuds, they are one of the things that keep me happy. The California Spud was nothing but your Classic Jacket potato minus the big jacket. The Spud was scooped in the middle and filled with a spicy filling & topped with cheese and cream. 

  • Vegetable Tagine with Cous Cous : Tagine’s are a thing that are close to my heart. The earthen ware has always been a part of my life. The heartiness that is there in a tagine, is usually found when it’s meat based. Having said that, I adored this vegetarian tagine a lot. The flavours were perfect, with a lot emphasis on the tomato base. The veggies were simmering with warmth. Pair that up with some couscous and it was a worthy delight. 

  • Spicy Veggie Whole Wheat Pizza : Pizzas are sinful and I like them that way. I wasn’t very excited to try the whole wheat version, but boy! Was I glad, when I did. The pizza was ever so light and didn’t give you a feel of being full. Liked it pretty much! 

Desserts :

  • Hawaiian Banana Split with Cream : More than the taste, it was the presentation that wowed me over. This was the Polynesian touch, I was looking for. Snuggled in a pineapple, the scoops of vanilla ice cream and banana slices, were perfect. 

  • Raspberry Gateau : Light and airy, with subtle raspberry tones from the coulis. Nothing jaw dropping, but fair enough. 

Here’s what my non vegetarian buddies savoured : 

  • Polynesian Baked Fish : 

  • Mazzi’s Farm Chicken 

For the non teetotaller souls : 

  • Fog cutter : 

  • Rob’s Mistake : 

  • Pineapple Diaquiri : 

  • Rum Crusta :


Verdict : I, loved the vegetarian version and was quite happy with my berry Mocktail. There is a dearth of more Polynesian dishes on the menu, it’s more like a hodgepodge of continental cuisine. I do see, a lot of Hawaii on the drink menu, but what, I would like to see is more of Polynesia on the plate as well. 

Three dots and a dash stays true to the Hawaiian Proverb, I quoted at the beginning and pampers you with all the love they can.

All in all, a great experience and something I would look forward to again. 

Here are those 4 stars. 


The Tao |Restaurant Review| 1 MG Mall | 

” I am not a glutton- I am an explorer of food” – Erma Bombeck

I, avidly believe in exploring. Exploration of restaurants, shacks, stalls, roadside cafes, etc. for the enrichment of my foodie soul. I’ve always had a soft little corner for Thai food, which had nestled itself into my heart, during my food prowl in “Yaowarat” aka Chinatown. 

Pleasantly happy at the exclusive invite to savour the “Songkran Thai Food Festival”, I, had to do some rewinding, to imbibe myself in the Thai love. 


Songkran is the “Celebration of the Thai New Year”. This year, it’s the year of the Rooster. In case, you thought that was my alarm, it isn’t. It’s the celebratory welcome ergo the cackle! 

About The Tao : 

The whole essence of “The Tao”, is bringing in authentic Pan-Asian cuisine to cherish. With a curated selection of the best dishes from Japan, Thailand, China, Burma, Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea. Utmost care, is given to sourcing the ingredients and heroing them up in the food. It’s an in depth experience, one that makes you smile ear to ear. This is Oriental cuisine for your gastronomic soul. 

Decor : The moment you step in, there is a zen like aura of entering into an age-old Wat. With the architecture heavily filled with influences of the Far-East, it’s quite easy to lose yourself in its decor. The dim lighting, the lone tealight candles, the Buddha statues and the water cascading down the stones in the form of a waterfall, just adds to the whole experience. Welcome, to a slice of Asia, in Bangalore. 

Hospitality : Being a premium fine dine restaurant, the hospitality that was expected was that of a superlative conduct and I’m happy to say, that it stayed true to my expectations and didn’t disappoint in the least. They could, up their game, by being better informed about the menu and the ingredients that go into it. 

The Grub Story : Being the “Songkran Festival”, we were given a sampler from the special menu. The flavours were subtle yet power packed with grace. Not one dish overwhelmed the other. Read on and savour each dish along with me.

  • Pod Pia Thod Thai Spring Rolls with Chilli-Plum sauce : These Spring Rolls were little bites of Thai heritage, veggies wrapped in the sheets and deep fried, to be savoured with the signature sauces that came along with it. 

  • Thai Sweet Corn Salsa (Rs.275/-) : This was a simple Salad, with just some sweet corn, red chillies, bell peppers and lemongrass. The secret of flavour was in the dressing. With the tang from the lemons and the sweetness from the honey, I, just couldn’t resist not going for a second helping.

  • Spicy Fruit Salad : Fresh exotic fruits in a warm sweet and spicy  dressing. Garnished with fresh mint leaves, the fruits reminded me of walking down an orchard, on a sunny day. Quite a Salad, I must say. Refreshing and ambrosial. 

  • Gang Som Pak Ruam- Thai Sweet Sour & Spicy Soup (Rs.175/-) : The plain looking orange tinted soup, had me by surprise at the first slurp. Delectable, fresh and extremely light with thinly sliced veggies relaxing around in the broth. Again a sweet & sour harmony with the warmth from the assortment of vegetables.

  • Pad Seow Gai (Rs.325/-) : Thin Ribbon Noodles and veggies, tossed in the signature sweet and sour sauce. Though, everything on the menu was a shade of a certain sweet sour, they were all different versions of each other. The ribbon noodles had that chewy yet delicate bite to it, the tang was cut through by the earthiness of bell peppers. Yes, in deep love with it. 

  • Ruam Stir Fried Vegetable with Chilli Garlic Holy Basil : A beautiful and thick brown Sauce, with slight pungency of Garlic, sweet and sour flavour profile and the tossing of veggies like Zucchini, Bok Choy, Broccoli and Bell peppers. Savoured with Jasmine Rice. 

  • Jasmine Rice (Rs.300/-) : Fragrant with the aroma of jasmine, yet neutral in flavour when it came to taste. Was a superb accompaniment with the gravies. 

Desserts :

  • Child Coconut Milk with Sweet Water Chestnut (Rs.300/-) : There are some things that just instantly remind you of your travels and give you a flashback. This was one of those things, though, I’ve had a very sweet version of it. The dessert was extremely non sweet, when you spooned the syrup and drank. Then, suddenly, once you hit the rubies (Red Water Chestnuts), the sweetness came through. The tender meat of the child coconut is blitzed and made into a beautiful coconut milk and coloured water chestnuts are added to it. 

  • Fresh Turmeric Ice Cream (Rs.300/-) : What a beauty. Period. This is one of those unique things, that are exclusive to a certain region. The flavour, is just so simple. It’s just pure Turmeric ice cream with a dash of Honey and toasted sesame. The moment you scoop in, these 3 and eat, you get to realise what you’ve been missing all along. Must have. 

  • Jasmine Tea : I’m a hard core, tea connoisseur and I loved the delicate Jasmine prevalence in the tea and it was a very apt way to end the meal.

A sneak peek into the non vegetarian side: 

Larb Gai Chicken Salad 

Kuey Teow Moo Daeng -Red Roasted Chicken Soup

Fish fry 

Gai Pad Pangali- Sliced Chicken with Thai Yellow Paste 

Khao Moo Daeng/ Stir Fried Roasted Duck with celery and star anise

Verdict : The Songkran Thai Food Festival, was a harmony of sweet, sour and spicy flavours. Like, I said earlier, each dish was magnificent on its own. It’s a surreal experience and well cherished one. 

It’s a fine dine restaurant, so it’s only natural that the pricing is on the tad bit higher end.

A heart warming 4 star for the place. 


Mishmash | Restaurant Review| HSR |

“Food possesses the potency to cure a broken heart, settle a wandering soul and fill a hungry stomach”-Noorain

As, the rays of dawn, cracked through the window and nudged at my eyes, I awoke to the scenario of “stringy cheese, rigatoni, gemelli & castellane” Was it just a hypnotic state? Maybe a reverie? But, it all felt so real.. 

I, tap at the IPhone nestled under the pillow, open the to-do list and it all makes sense. 

Today, I have a bloggers meet at “Mishmash”, organised by “TheBlueBeans”. And, all that my heart and head can sing for my tummy is, 

“For she’s a jolly good fellow, for she’s a jolly good fellow.

For she’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us!”

“Mishmash”, is your ultimate guide to all things, that spell comfort food. They have an astoundingly large menu… You name it, they got it.. Mexican, Italian, Indian & Levantine. Because, Mishmash has “A bit of everything”

Decor  : The restaurant spoils you for choice because they have a lounge area, al fresco dining and a family dining area as well. The ambience is that of a muted romantic song. The whole ambience plays up to, set your mood for a great time. The decor is contemporary modern, with neutral tones prevalent across both the floors. It’s a no fuss- no frills kinda decor with emphasis on minimalism. 

Hospitality : Let’s just say, that these people are the apogees of hospitality. Love the way, the service kept on transitioning from one course to another without any hiccups. Perfect timing and perfect cordiality spells success! 

The Grub Story : We were so glad to have, the soaring temperatures to our advantage. How? We were greeted by elegant looking mocktails and cocktails, which vanquished the heat waves instantly. 

Mocktails :

  1. Thirsty treat(Rs.175/-) : A lemon based mocktail, with the mentholated flavour of mint. 
  2. Virgin Melon(Rs.175/-) : A very interesting combination of watermelon with basil and lime. Refreshingly yes! 
  3. Double Bliss (Rs.175/-) : Guava juice, fresh banana and ice cream. Just the perfect amount of sweetness to add in your meal. 
  4. Dreamy Litchi (Rs.175/-) : Litchi juice, peach and Cream. An extremely rich and full bodied shake. 


  • Death by Chocolate (Rs.380/-) : Chocolate shavings, Baileys and Whiskey. 

  • Poinsettia (Rs.350/-): Cointreau, Cranberry juice and Sparkling wine. 

  • Spinach Soup : The delectable puréed spinach, with the sweetness from the corn kernels topped with lemon juice, had me wanting for more. The taste developed as you sipped one spoon at a time. 

  • Thai Salad : Raw papaya juliennes, dunked with crunchy peanuts in a chilli dressing. The sweet-sour medley of flavours and the punch from the chilli dressing, made this a hit with even the non vegetarians. 

  • Paneer Bhutte ke Sheekh : The crushed Paneer aka cottage cheese amalgamated with corn and that bright yellow colour on my plate, had me going on and on. The subtle smoky chargrilled depth took this up by a notch. 

  • Wild Mushroom Arancini : I’m an Arancini patron, this one swept me off my feet. The crusty balls of heaven, when bitten into, exploded with mozzarella and mushroom bits, bound by plump rice grains. Result? Love at first bite.. Highly Recommended! 

  • Tandoori Bharwan Aloo : Little hollows of potato, filled with a mushy mix of boiled potatoes seasoned with spices. Served with a mint dip. 

  • Potato galouti with Baby Sheermal : This had to be my favourite, the mashed potato fritter, served on a crunchy biscuit base, was just amorous for me. The Galouti was spiced with authentic Awadhi Spices. 

  • Broccoli and Cheese Pizza : Enough said? The grilled broccoli and sundried tomatoes on a pesto base, made all of us go gaga. Non Vegetarians are you listening?? 

  • Spinach and Cheese Cannelloni (Rs.350/-) : Al dente tubes of cannelloni were stuffed with Spinach and cheese and served on a bed of pomodoro sauce. The thick tang was balanced with the creamy cheesiness. Recommended!

  • Raw Mango Curry (Rs.265/-) : The perfect tool for a duck face selfie. Let those lips pucker and tongue tickle, when it tastes the textured Raw mango curry. Amazing is an understatement. Sweetness from the sugar or jaggery and the tang from the mango in combination to the coconut base, made this the must have with a neer dosa. 

  • Chenna dumplings in Makhani Sauce (Rs. 275/-) : Delicious curries like this, make molecular gastronomy wail like a baby. There was nothing that I didn’t like about this curry. The smoothness of the Makhani, the visual treat of seeing Ghee floating and the gulp of those flavours. Not to be missed!

  • Blueberry Cheesecake : Welcome the mommy of all desserts and all things beautiful. The mellow flavoured blueberry sauce and the full bodied cheesecake.. No wonder, opposites do attract. 

  • Onion Kheer : Another beauty, usually I haven’t seen this anywhere at a restaurant till date. That scores brownie points and there’s nothing in the world that can make you guess onion! Try it to believe it. 

Here’s what the non vegetarians adorned their plates with. 

  • Prawn Salad & Dreamy Litchi on the side

  • Shepherd’s Pie 

Verdict : I’m hopelessly in love, Mishmash had me at the Wild Mushroom Arancini and the journey to my destination ended on a blueberry cheesecake note. Happy? Who the In the Ruddy Duff Cobbler world wouldn’t be?

Well deserved 5 Star rating for this one. 


A Question Here! 

Hey my WP fam! I’ve been so held up today, with just so many bat-shit crazy stuffs. I, had to complete drafting one of those erratically stupid legal documents. I,also had to finish atleast a page on a book, I’m working on. I, had to keep a track on my order that came in today & last but not the least, I, also had a tantrum filled kiddo to deal with today. 

Apparently, the Dubliner Cheese got over & he cried his guts off when I bought him, “Colby”. He kept telling, ” This, disgusting cheese. Arham doesn’t want. I want Dubliner” 

I, seriously could’ve whipped him right then & there into a mousse, but then I kept my calm & said, ” How would you like, a batch of French fries & ketchup?” 

To which he, willingly obliged. And off, we went to grab a batch of fries.🍟🍟🍔🍟🍟

That put the brakes on his whining, but I felt guilty for advocating bad choices. You know, I kinda felt like, I’m being selfish. I mean, I must’ve done something else.. But what??

*smacks herself in the head with Gordon Ramsey’s turner & skims off the excess guilt with a skimmer* 

Mommy’s get that much of Liberty,I’m sure. We could always alternate fries & twinkies with garden salads & oat porridges, if we’ve got a whiny kid* Right?? Please tell me a yes. 

👍🏻 or 👎🏻?

I mean, how else do you calm them down, when you have so much to do? 

Btw, with all the drama happening, I missed my masterclass with Chef Prabir at Sanctum. 😢😢

I’m calling it a day now!! Hopefully, tomorrow isn’t as hectic as today. 

*this happens once in a while. 

Bigg Boss Burger| Burger King| Bangalore

How many of us, were hooked to the reality show “BIGG BOSS”? Now, that it’s over, it’s quite a bother to do nothing at 10:30 p.m but, you could always relive the masala packed show at “Burger King”. 

Their new introduction, well, not that new, but let’s overlook that fact, has been aptly named after the reality show. For the fact, that there’s a lot going on in between the bun. The more you bite in, the more surprising it gets. This limited edition burger is bound to get you hungry.


Going to Buger King, ignoring the chicken whoopers & eating a vegetarian burger is such a Sisyphean task. I fight every urge to not indulge, but a vegetarian’s got to do, what a vegetarian’s gotta do.. Stare at the non vegetarian’s enjoying their luscious big burgers, while I look with distaste at my puny one . * non vegetarian to vegetarian dilemmas* 


So, Burger King has their new “BIGG BOSS” burgers as the hottest newthang. For starters, it looks as sinister as their other variants. T’was a big sesame bun, with the clandestine contents peeking out, staring at you. 


The burger had a grilled Chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, crunchy ribbed Lays Maxx chip, jalapeños, cheese slice, Secret sauce & crumbled cheese. Now, that’s called, a super whammy special!


The hubster couldn’t get his craving to sit still, if at all a craving does behave. He said, it was just fantastic, a love story of grand portions & a must have. The flavour was just mind boggling with a surge of sweet sour & tangy. The patty was light flame grilled, therefore the juiciness retained & the BBQ sauce with all those condiments just made it more fulfilling. Coupled it with some fries & Coke to make the experience more enjoyable. The way, he enjoyed his fill, made it clear that, maybe one of these days, I’m gonna topple down from vegetarianism 😢😋

Though they had the vegetarian version, I really haven’t tried it yet. But anyhow, yes to the Burger from me! Go ahead & bite the Boss. 

Available in Chicken, Mutton & Vegetarian Versions. 

Five star cafe|Star Brunch| Five Star Chicken Review |19th FBAB Blogger’s Meet

My tastebuds had been craving a quick bite indulge from the past few days. I decided to be complaisant to the tastebuds after all. 

I was invited over by the FBAB team, for our 19th Blogger’s Meet. The main agenda of this meet was exploring the rebranding module of “Five Star Cafe” aka “Five Star Chicken”.


The mandatory groupie, with the blogging stars of FBAB!

Five Star Cafe had us over to savour their new and signature dishes. It’s located at the prime 100ft road in indiranagar, dead opposite to “Beer Cafe” & diagonal opposite to MTR. 


Before I get down to the food, let me introduce you to “Five Star Chicken”. I’ll be giving you a brief and also information from the interactive session with the team. 


The bloggers & five star team having a chat, before the food arrived.

Brief insights of Five star Chicken: 

  • It was launched in 1985 in Thailand. 
  • It’s one of the most popular brands in Asia, with global presence in 9 countries with 7000 outlets. 
  • Has its own state of art infrastructure for storage and distribution. Uses the Farm to Food concept.
  • As it operates its own farms, the chickens are 25% more bigger than its competitors. 
  • It adapts itself to the country’s taste. 

Indian Story, 

  • Launched its first store in Nov 2012, in Bangalore.
  • Has 340+ stores growing rapidly in south India. 
  • Offers Indian Tastes along with the Thai ones. 

Now, that’s a very formal insight to Five Star Chicken. Let’s get informal shall we? 

As a majority of the population in India are “Vegetarians”, well me included ( though, there are Achilles heel points in life, like mummy’s Shammi kabobs & Haleem, Get togethers or weddings, where its offensive to say no to chicken based dishes) five star chicken would have been facing a certain “prejudiced notion”. A psychological taboo, created by the pure vegetarian mind, when the name says, “Five Star Chicken”.


Let me tell you, that the vegetarians have nothing to worry, instead they oughta have news to be glad about. “Five Star Chicken” has come up with delicious quick bites to satiate your pangs on the go.  They have neutralised the name, logo, etc.. to give assurance to the vegetarian masses that, their patronage is as important as the non vegetarians. 


We discussed with the team about how much of a control do they maintain on vegetarian products & non vegetarian products. They assured us that, not only are the equipments different but even minute details like knives are separated from the non vegetarian kitchens. 


The team was headed by the beautifully talented “Shagufta”, she interacted and was prompt and confident about what she was offering us. I was ever so impressed with her panache. 


chef prabhmeet in black, blogger Hiral Amodia, Sushma in red & shagufta in blue

We had “Chef Prabhmeet” take over with his in depth knowledge about the flavours & the ingredients of each dish. He conducted the interactive session with a lightning smile. What a pleasure it was chatting up with him.

Now, it’s the virtual indulge time:

Non vegetarian Menu:

  • Thai Crispy Chicken : All the N.V Blogger’s loved this chicken. They said it was juicy, marinated well & crunchy. They were in love with the batter. The Thai flavours weren’t overpowering, they were subtle and the chicken had a distinct tang to it. They said it was better than the competitors “Fried Chicken”.


  • Crunchy Masala Chicken: This is what my friends called “Indian Chatpatta”, for a lack of better English counterpart, I’d say “Spicy”. This was much enjoyed by all. The chicken had a great crunchy batter, which Chef Prabhmeet told us was due to a blend of secret processing & flour. He quoted “It’s something that I can’t duplicate at home”


  • Chicken Popcorn: These are tiny bits of chicken, dunked generously in batter. For this, I’m gonna be quoting my son, “Immi, Arham wants poppon chicken more”. It’s something my nearly 3 year old loves. It’s one of the staples at home & something everyone enjoys!!


  • Hungry Bird Burger : Another favourite of the son! He loves it super yes!! The burger garnered a good response from all, said it was perfect for quick bite. The patty was crunchy & flavourful. 

  • Chicken Biryani : The Blogger’s found this to be quite palatable & didn’t have any qualms with it. 


Vegetarian Menu: 

  • Vegetarian Burger: The burger wasn’t something that you would classify as great, but it certainly was good. The patty was crunchy and flavourful, the bite had a crunch to it & it was fulfilling. 


  • Vegetarian Rolls: This was clearly my favourite one. The patty was the same one as in the vegetarian burger, but this one just took it up the notch. I would have loved the onions caramelised and some honey mustard with gherkins maybe. I mean, that would’ve made it a hot seller then & there. 



  • Peri Peri Fries : I, hate Peri Peri fries. I mean the overwhelming chilli & tang doesn’t help me like it. But, the ones at Five Star Cafe had me fall in love with it so much that I ordered a few portions today at the nearest kiosk. They were delectable. No overpowering, no weird after taste & certainly no rubbing your nose. 


  • Cheese Corn Nuggets : I loved these so much, I shamelessly ordered for a 2 nd helping. The generosity of the mozzarella blew me over. The sweetness of corn with the cheesiness of melt in your mouth mozzarella, made this a hit among all. 


  • Aloo Paratha: The good thing was, the paratha filling was amazing, authentic Punjabi masaledaar one. The bad thing was, it kinda felt soggy. That could have been due to the fact that I ate it late, but I wish it had more crunch to it. But, I’m not complaining because it did eat 3 pieces of it & loved it. It didn’t need any pickle to go with it btw. 👍🏻👍🏻



  • Vegetable Biryani: Now, this was an absolute surprise for me. I, was expecting a below average or mediocre kinda biryani. The first bite swayed me over with its subtle “Pulao” like taste. The biryani was an instant hit & everyone scored it more than its non vegetarian counterpart. The biryani was filled with veggies & the taste was just commendable. 


My Recommends : (Non vegetarian by the hubster, as we ordered everything home today) 

  1. Chicken Popcorn
  2. Masala Crunchy Chicken
  3. Thai Crispy Chicken
  4. Cheese Corn Nuggets
  5. Peri Peri Fries 
  6. Vegetarian Roll
  7. Vegetable Biryani

My suggestion: 

It’d be great if the rolls and burgers had more to them, like honey mustard, pickles, gherkins or so. I’d love it if the onions were caramelised & the paratha more crunchy. 

What to watch out for? 

In the course of couple of months,  ” Five Star Chicken” is going to come up with more vegetarian options & is consciously considering the huge vegetarian market that’s out there. They are consistently working forward to make themselves more appealing to the vegetarians. So, it’s a win – win situation for us!!

Verdict: Go for it!! The pricing is super competitive, I can vouch that it’s much lesser than the generic brands. 100% halal. No compromise on quality or taste for the dirt cheap pricing. Vegetarians have nothing to be skeptical about. 

Rating : 4/5 stars


The groupie with five star team & FBAB members

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How to give yourself some hypertension?

Hey peeps, I’ve been busy tizzy with a wedding at home & also, I had miraculously found myself sinking into the depths of a liquid diet. 

It just started outta the blue, I couldn’t breathe, I cramped near the shoulder blades, I couldn’t eat without this sharp searing pain, I couldn’t drink water either & if I slept.. It was a hellish hole of an experience.

Turns out, I was hypertensed. I, refuted my GP’s claim by rolling my eyes like they were rolling pins on a mission to make 50 flatbreads in 60 seconds.

 “Me? Hypertension? Absolutely not. I will have none of that mind manipulating load of cacophony.” I, argued pretty bitterly.

And my GP couldn’t care any lesser. If, I was a rolling pin.. My GP was a rolling launch of verbal medical diarrhoea. He just didn’t seem to care. The lethargy 😱😱 

“Just some hypertension, which could’ve been due to physical or emotional stress. I’m guessing your epigastrium is a problem here, you might have GERD going on or maybe it’s just esophagitis. These are the doses, must be fine within a week & if not, then we need to carry on a few crucial tests. Till then, you’re on a purely liquid diet”

You, loony balloony doctor!! That statement, gave me hypertension then & there. Hypertension, because apparently, my anniversary was just 2 days after that dreaded announcement. 

I’m a little fine tuned to insomnia, graveyard shifts & direct lunches. So, really.. I have nothing, as in nothing to worry about. But, the seed was sowed in deep. 

Crucial tests?? What kinda crucial tests? 

Being the psycho i was born, my first thought went to the fact, that.. What if I never recovered? What if I was bound to never breathe normal again? What have I achieved in my life? What if I’m never gonna get my hands on a walking stick? 

I, had to take this in my own hands.. I had to find out what I had. I, needed a second opinion. For the GP, I’m just another case, but for me.. I’m the only case of life. 

So, I wiped my tears & those frown lines & got myself ready for a second opinion. I switched on my IPhone & went straight to the most reliable second opinion within seconds.. “GOOGLE”. 

If, I was hypertensed because of what the GP said.. Now I was super duper, hyper-dyper tensed because of what these online medical sites wrote. All & almost all of them, were convinced, that, I had esophagal cancer. And, I dearly wished… At that time that, GERD or esophagitis was so much more lucrative, anyday. 

All, I could think of was.. Never being able to see my son have kids!! 😭😭 I had to think far.. What if, the hubster remarried & got home a horrible “Hansel- Gretel” kinda stepmum? What if, this & what if that.. 

For 5 nights in a row, I did so much research on esophagal cancer, that I can now, just do a thesis on it & bag the prize. 

The anniversary lunch went in bed (ill on bed, I mean) with some soup & a family dinner in the evening, with me eating little bits of bread & soup. What a way, to celebrate our anniversary.. Our plans for the “Koh Samui” trip flopped & we had to cancel everything, but atleast I was alive! 😢😢

On the 6th day, just as uninvited the pain came, it left ever so quietly.. I could breathe normally, drink water without any pain & eat just about anything. The curse was broken, I was freeeee… I didn’t really need a crucial test & nor did I need a second visit to the GP. 

For some reason, I realised how important that episode was. It seemed like, here I was cribbing about how, I haven’t upgraded my makeup stash from the past 9 months & the next moment, I was humbled that atleast I had some life left. 

It screwed my anniversary & my plans, but taught me the most important lesson of my life.. “Love & appreciate what you have”. Those 5 days were hell, but it changed the way, I perceived everything. 

I don’t make “New Year Resolutions”, but this time, I’m making one. 

“Appreciate the Gifts I have, other things will happen on their own”

*also to upgrade that makeup stash, get creme de la mer, do a shopping haul from Harrods, Beauty workshop, Primark & Poundland soon.. It doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

**make sure, I do that trip no matter what. 

• Btw..women will always be women, no matter what!!

Happy New Year my lovelies!! What resolutions do you have in store??😁😁😁❤️❤️

UCB-UNITED DREAMS, Love yourself- Perfume review.


Ummm.. Okay guys!! I’m literally in a brittle bone situation. This post can pretty surely make or break my elaborate thinking of “I can do any kinda review” 😁😂😂. I, really don’t know, if I should do posts like these. Though “ThePlateMemoirs” is a blog about Food, lifestyle & Ramblings and perfumes do fall within the lifestyle category. I’m still sceptical about reviewing them.

I’m quite passionate when it’s about perfumes. If you follow me on “Instagram”, you will know that fragrances are one of the things i like indulging in. So, do holler, if you would want me to do more of perfume reviews. A louder holler if it’s a big “NOOOOOO” 😬😬😬

Here it goes: 

Je me presente ” United Dreams by  Benetton” aka United Colours Of Benetton. 

The “United Dreams” collection is a peppy, sensual & feminine array of 3 super delish fragrances for women. The collection has been made with emphasis on women & her dilemmas about her dreams. It was launched in the July of 2014. The collection has quite aptly & ever so sincerely named the 3 as: 

  • Stay Positive. 
  • Live Free.
  • Love Yourself.


I’m a sucker for all things pink & peachy. And… I picked up “Love Yourself”. 

I was never the one who’d love “UCB” fragrances, I love my “Guess & Dior” way too much. But this line, had me rethinking about my choices. Everything just clicked for me. 

The bottle is a gorgeous see through one with a hexagonal cap. The bottle is easy to carry & literally doesn’t take much space of your vanity dresser either. I adore the fact, that it comes with a great message pasted on the label. If you do need some “Punch Packing” motivation, all you gotta do is read the bottle in your hand. They even have a nice pink ribbon on the neck of the bottle, which says, ” No Dreams. No Change.”


How does “LOVE YOURSELF” smell? 

I’ll be honest. I had quite a hard time choosing between “Stay Positive” & “Love yourself”. Both of them appealed me immensely, but the fruity floral of “love yourself” sealed the deal. 

For me, this fragrance is a fragile reminder of gardens & refined Victorian settings. Yes, it’s a piece of England, maybe. 😁😍

Notes of this fragrance: 

Top notes: Pear, Apricot, Raspberry & Bergamot. 

Heart: Jasmine, Freesia & Rose. 

Base Notes: Amber, Musk & Sandalwood. 


The exquisite notes do nothing but pep you up completely. The first spritz has a beautiful bloom of all the top notes, it’s just so floral fruity. After it settles down & dries, you’re faced with wafts of a powdery rose-sandal kinda scent. Again I love roses & all, so it really does please me immensely. 

The longevity is moderate, for about 3 hours at the max. For me, longevity is one of the most important factors after smell. I want noses to make their owners turn towards the wearer. No matter how great the fragrance, if it isn’t long wearing, I’m not interested. 

The sillage (see- yaazh, I’ve heard people pronounce it as Sill Age) too is pretty moderate again. But yes, irrespective of things being moderate, I love it. The pricing too is pretty fair enough. This baby lasted me for a whopping 4 months, which is quite great as I used it for daily wear. 

Price: Rs. 1800/- for 40ml. (Not very sure, though) 


Have you tried the “United Dreams”?? Love it or Hate it?? If you guys are gonna be fine, then maybe my next post is gonna be a panegyric about perfumes. ❤️❤️

Do leave your comments!!