L’inouï | Chocolaterie Review | Cunningham Road| Bangalore| 

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra”- Jimmy Johnson

“Blurred phantasmagoria of images reel across, revealing Arham’s smile, the steam dispersing, the clink of the glass, the incessant chatter of birds & the sound of heels on the gravel crunching it ever so lightly.”

“What was that?”, you ask.

Well that was just a snippet of my time at “L’inouï”.

Quite true to its name “L’inouï”, does stand out from the bunch of chocolateries, in the city, by adding that extra to the ordinary, making it extraordinary in every sense.

L’inouï is no stranger to me, I’ve been a patron for quite a few years now. I’ve always connected to the brand, because it bought back the memories of my childhood. It’s something that had & does excite the olfactory senses, making me salivate at the thought of their menu. 

About L’inouï:

L’inouï, is a chocolaterie, like no other. Trust me, i wouldn’t exaggerate. They believe in the emphasis of quality ingredients and importance of imparting par excellence experience, whilst devouring their chocolates. 

Anusha Chowdaiah, the CEO & Founder of “L’inouï embarked on a journey to let bangalore taste, the real spirit of class apart chocolates. The products at L’inouï are preservative & additive free, hence they come with a limited shelf life. The ingredients are sourced from all parts of the world, like the Californian almond, the Belgium chocolate & henceforth. Even the gelatine used is “100% Halal” which means extra rupees, but uncompromising on quality. Each piece of chocolate is specially handcrafted with passion & therefore is a masterpiece in its own right. So, whatever you eat over here, is 100% the best of all.


L’inouï, my favourite chocolaterie has a new destination. They are located at Cunningham Road in the midst of a beautiful set up which feels like a getaway in its own right. A sense of heritage seeps in & you are transported to the past. 


L’inouï has always been a place which feels like your own. The staff are ever so caring and they hands on make sure to let you, enjoy your time here. 

The Grub Story : 

Well, it’s more of a dessert story. Get ready for some pleasing vignettes. 

  • Almond Dragees (₹240/- for 100gms): The almonds are toasted to perfection, caramelised, covered with chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. The deep flavour of toasted almonds seeps through the chocolate. A family favourite. 
  • Handcrafted truffles (₹75/-): Truffles are meant to be bitten in with delight. They have quite a few variants, each pleasing to your palate. My favourites are Dark Truffle, Coconut Truffle, Nut Truffle & White Truffle.
  • Chocolate Slabs (₹240/- per 100 gms) : These slabs are made out of the perfect ingredients as they leave no stone unturned by being supreme in their genre. Milk chocolate and Nuts & Chocolate Slabs are my favourite.
  • Chocolate Mud Pie : If, there’s anything you should try, then it is this. This is from the “special of the day” . Words do no justice to how, magnificent this was. A medley of chocolate mousse, tempered chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Japanese Green Tea (₹75/-): Their teas are of the ultimate blends, but that’s not the novelty here. The novelty lies, in their presentation. Just for the sake, of that gorgeous presentation, we used to drink it. Comes with a sandglass timer to let you know, exactly how long to seep your tea leaves.

  • Hot Chocolate (₹150/-): You must have had quite a few hot chocolates till now, but have you had the pleasure to melt a cube full of smoothness to reveal happiness? Comes along with delicious butter cookie as well.

Verdict :The aesthetics of this chocolaterie is what, I stand by. The desserts here are ultimate in each in every aspect. The taste is like no other and it is an experience that you must savour. It’s the perfect choice for gifting and as well as for indulging in some sinful palate pleasures.

Nothing less than a 4.5 star rating for this place!

P.S. : The logo is used for representationonly and belongs to L’inouï

Go Native | Restaurant / Boutique Review| Jayanagar | Bangalore | 

Going back to a simpler life, is not a step backward” – yvon chouinard

And how true does that message of empowerment sound? We all vow, to go eco, go green, blah blah..blah! But, how many times do we really take a small step towards doing something for the environmental betterment and make eco-friendly lifestyle changes, which stay put not for a month or two but for a lifetime? Not many.. 

Umm.. no! Buying an eco friendly deodorant doesn’t count as “Going Green”. So, this other day, my luck gave way and I had an experience which will sit with me, for quite sometime. I, chanced upon this gem named “Go Native”. 

About Go Native : 

Go Native, stand by their motto “Eat, Play & Live Sustainably”. That very motto, resonates with each and every element of “Go Native”. You are welcomed by refurbished furniture, displays of organic food, organic cosmetics, handloom weaves, handicrafts and books. It really is a sanctuary within itself. It’s the concept that bowled me over. The ground floor, is dedicated to the theme of Play & Live sustainably and the first floor is dedicated to eating sustainably (there is some retail therapy here as well) . It’s a perfect souvenir shop, to pick up your curios, mementos or to really redesign your living with their upcycled goodies. 

The food is sourced from organic sources and they follow the simpleton module “Farm to Table”, where they directly procure and quality check each and every element which goes into their food. Even the menu, is made out of recycled paper. The menu is extensively Karnataka with a few influences from neighbouring states. 

Ambiance : 

I’m guilty of being superfluous with my language to describe how much, I love this place. It’s quirky, a haven, a sanctuary, a treasury for all good things. The ambiance is unmistakably rustic and peaceful and if you’re with the right person, very romantic as well. 


My review, would be of no use if I miss out on our hostess of humble disposition- Miss. Anvita, who is a charming young lady with very strong and dedicated ideals. The staff is well groomed and are nimble on their feet. 

The Grub Story

Now, we are talking.. Aren’t we? 

Drinks : They have a splendid selection of Teas, Coffees, Cold Pressed Juices and smoothies. The teas are from the well known organic brand “Teabox”. 

  • Vitamin Booster (₹150/-) : A medley of carrot, lime, parsley, chia seeds, orange & tender coconut. Super healthy and if you’re in the healthy living sphere, you will love it. 

Soups : 

  • Pumpkin & Orange Soup (₹95/-) : Goodness Me!! I loved it. Nothing could be better than this for a start. If you like your soups creamed, look no further. The silky almost playful texture of the pumpkin, along with the subtle acidity of orange made this the highlight for me. The spices are perfect for me, I like them bland 👍🏻

  • Carrot, Coconut & Ginger Soup (₹95/-): Perfect for a beautiful rainy day, with the heat of spices warming you up. 


  • Mangalore Buns (₹95/-) : For people who haven’t had a chance to try this, you’ve no idea, how much you’re missing out on life. They were just perfect, the slightest touch breaks them up, the most spongiest bite.. Ahh!! Delicious 😋 

  • Aloo Patha Bhindi Chaat (₹125/-) : A Melange of flavours, bursting with harmony. This is a true Indian street food, definition but with a healthy twist. It has potato cubes, delectable thick yogurt, mint and tamarind chutney and crispy spinach leaves with crispy okra. Each flavour stood out as it enveloped your senses in a happy mood. 

  • Banana Flower Baked Skewers (₹145/-): Quite a nice textural play over there, with a mushy as well as grainy texture to titillate your taste buds. Went really well, with the chutney it came with. 

Mains : 

  • Palak Khichdi (₹160/-) : A delectable dish made out of red rice, puréed spinach and raw papaya salad. The red rice was soaked so well with the spinach purée, it seemed like the match was made in heaven with perfect balance of flavours. The dish heroed “Spinach” & that’s exactly what I wanted. 

  • Masala Jolada Roti Yangai (₹160/-): The soft sorghum flatbread flavoured with masalas and served with a delectable Aubergine curry & sprouts salad, was yet another feather in the cap. Who said healthy isn’t delicious? 

  • Soppu Neer Dosa (₹160/-) : A paper thin crepe (Dosa) made out of spinach and served with coconut gassi, made quite a mark. A little more thinner would’ve been taken this up by a notch, but I’m not complaining. 

  • Ragi Pizza (₹180/-): Yes, the Finger Millet Pizza, was just as good as any other thin crust pizza. It had more texture and the toppings were so generous. Just this, on its own is filling. 

  • Go Native special Thali (₹200/-): An assortment of roti, pappad, rice, veg curry, salad and palya. 

Desserts : 

  • Matka Vanilla Pudding with Gulab Jamun (₹175/-): Oh yes!! This was one of those delish desserts you must try. A subtle vanilla pudding when dugout, revealed a subtle Gulab Jamun full of flavour. You must be thinking, it must be sugary sweet, but it’s quite the opposite. The sweet content is very muted and they manage to keep it low key 👍🏻

  • Millet Pancakes (₹150/-) : Ragi pancakes, served with banana, vanilla ice cream and muesli. This one, again was one of my favourites. Do make sure that you consume it as soon as it arrives. The softness retains or else, you will have to prepare yourself, for a war along with your artillery against the pancake. As the nachni/ragi/ Finger millet in the pancake, will harden it up the longer you leave it untouched. 


Verdict : This place, is just an amazing little wonderland, I love the fact that it’s one of those “guilt free” institutions that advocate and promote “The 3R’s” , “Reduce,Reuse &Recycle”. 

You feel good, for whatever choices you made for visiting this store. Do check their organic food section. I’m in love with the “HUDA Vegan Bars” over here. The food as well, is rustic and has a keen eye for “Nutritional value”.

Go Native gets a 4.5 star 


Rahhams | Restaurant Review| Frasertown| Bangalore 

.. “You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too”- Kurt Vonnegut 

Aaah.. I agree, I agree! So let’s do some food talk shall we? Foodtalk where, you talk solely about food, a particular dish or a certain style of cooking. Because, today’s review is all about just plain food and no frills to it. 

About Rahhams: 

 Rahhams, is a place that needs no introduction. It’s a place that I presume everyone knows either by the word of mouth or they’ve grown up gorging on the food, when “The Big Restaurant Boom”, hadn’t happened. It was just Rahhams better known in the flashback as “Richies”. 

Decor : The decor is minimal, which still retains the charm of the early 2000’s. Nothing contemporary or eclectic, just some simple wood paneling done all across for that feel of faux elegance. The ambiance, is very relaxed and sober. 

Hospitality : Being one of the legendary places in Bangalore, Rahhams leaves no stones unturned with hospitality. They strive to do the best they can. Yes, the service does need to speed up a tad bit more and a little more refinement in their wait staff, but all in all.. a very,  very, satisfying experience. 

The Grub Story : I’m a vegetarian, but my family isn’t and this review will be an overall summarisation of a few visits and home deliveries. 

  • Mutton sholay Kabab (Rs. 240/- half plate) : A nice and spicy kabab, marinated well and served with delicious gongura chutney. 

  • Chicken Pahadi Kabab (Rs.230/- half plate): This kabab usually gets a lot of fans rooting for it, because of the medley of spices that go into it. The chicken pieces are juicy and are perfect with a nice butter naan on the side or as it is. 

  • Paneer Chilly (Rs.170/-) : It has the classic taste, with soft cubes of paneer tossed in a nice chilly sauce, sprinkled with spring onions. 

  • Mushroom chilly (Rs.170/-) : This is a must have, over here. The bulbous mushrooms are bursting with flavours. A deep umami taste, which compliments your indo-Chinese craving. 👍🏻

  • Mutton Biryani (Rs. 250/-): If you haven’t had, Rahhams Mutton Biryani, then you really haven’t tasted one of the best biryanis in Bangalore. This is the authentic, Dakhani style of Biryani. The Biryani is packed with flavour but is devoid of heavy masala kind of a feeling. A must have, if you may. 

  • Dal Tadka (Rs. 170/-) : The bright beautiful daal, is just the perfect kind. With the smoothness of the lentils going across and the spicy kick from the tadka, this is our favourite. Vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. 

  • Mutton Shammi (Rs.210/-) : Another one of the loved dishes, at Rahhams. The Shammi kababs are quite loved a lot, by everyone because of the signature masala used in it. 

Ramzan Specials are Paneer Fingers & Veg cutlets.


Verdict: It’s a legendary restaurant and you need to love it, for its specialities like the Biryani and Dals. Also, if you’re a vegetarian, please stay away 😁😁



Forklore Bistro |Restaurant Review|Koramangala|Bangalore| 

I’m one of those people, who absolutely love their Sunday’s. Sunday’s are meant to be relished & revered. On one of those Sunday’s we had a bloggers meet at “Forklore Bistro”. Contemplating the odds, I decided to go ahead and just experience the whole hype.

Yes, Forklore Bistro has been in the good books, for being a place, where food is their USP. When that happens, really their isn’t anything stopping you from visiting that place. 

Run by a handsome looking couple, clearly in love, the atmosphere is filled with promising dreams. Chef Tripthi is the recipe curator of the restaurant, supported by her musician husband Mr.Sanjay, the co-owner, they decided to embark on a journey to fulfill their dream of having a restaurant. 

Do I hear an “Awwww”, in the background? 😁

Chef Tripthi also has been extremely passionate about her “herb garden”. Yes, that’s right. They have a little cute spot, where they have herbs growing. So, a big yes to concept.

Decor: The place is a 1975 house converted into a Bistro. There is an effortless rugged feel to the place, with bare brick wall & fairy lights. The ambiance is inevitably cheerful. The little knick knacks strewn across the place, impart a personal touch to the decor. 

Hospitality: The wait staff are fairly knowledgeable, but i would appreciate it more, if they could recall the menu with much more ease. They do lack a sense of confidence, which translates as being laid back. But, they also did notify us, that on the day we went, they were understaffed. 

The Grub Story: Hop along to see, what I ate. Off we go, to see what my carte du jour was :

  • Orange, Lemon & Rosemary Cooler (Rs. 125/-) : My drink of the day, was a beautiful orange & rosemary lemonade, which complimented my food well. It was refreshing, flavourful with peppery yet minty profile. Drink-yes! 

  • Mushroom Pie (Rs. 165/-): Oh heavens! This was just a fantastic piece of perfection on my plate. The puff pastry of the pie was buttery, flaky and melt in the mouth kinds. Your bite would result in a smacking harmony of the mellowing mushroom combined with a subtle chive/leek flavour. 

  • Watermelon and Feta Salad (Rs. 245/-) : Salads have a special place in my heart, I love them and I’m picky about them. The watermelon and the feta salad was just the right amount of everything. The creamy sourness from the feta, the freshness from the watermelon, peppery arugula, the subtle sweet sour of the honey vinaigrette & the tang from balsamic vinegar to bind it all, made this my favourite thing to eat. Each flavour comes into play one after the other. 

  • Carrot and Spring Onion Pancake (Rs.225/-) : This as the name suggests, is a savoury pancake. I’m always inclined more towards a sweet pancake,crepe,flapjack, call it what you may. Savoury pancakes also go down well with me, but, this one, just didn’t do it. The flavours were mixed and somehow didn’t work with my palate. The pancake was kinda dense and floury. Served with a dollop of sour cream & drizzled with Balsamic vinegar. I would actually give it a pass. It all felt too dry, with nothing to bind it all together. Disappointed much 😔

  • Hawaiian Pizza with In House BBQ sauce (Rs. 355/-):  The pizza is a thin crust one, with a generous helping of cheese & toppings like babycorn, bell peppers, olives on a delicious tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was just so thick and flavoured well with garlic. Took the humble pizza up by leaps and bounds. Great job on this one! But, having said that, I would also like to say, that, maybe the pricing is on a tad heavier side for a thin crust, vegetarian pizza. 

  • Strawberry Fields Forever(Rs.145/-): A delicious, lip smacking vanilla yogurt, which could have been a fair enough dessert on its own, but they took it notches higher by adding crunchy walnuts and strawberry sauce. The sour-sweet combination was an instant hit with everyone. A total steal for this price and worth every penny. 

Let me also tell you, that the presentation was just spot on! Eye candy 😋

This was what I ate, but here is a sneak peek of what the non vegetarians & non teetotallers had :

  • Fruity Booty Sangria: Chef Tripthi uses only and only fresh pulp, thereby, giving her Sangria’s a personal touch, which make them the most sought after item on the menu. 

  • Egg Pie 

  • Chicken Salad 

  • Chicken and Lamb Steak 

  • Monk in the middle (contains alcohol): Something my friends went gaga over! The dessert has a little spot filled with Rum in the middle. 

Verdict : Here’s the hardest part and something that has stumped me.

Being a vegetarian & a teetotaller & being given limited options to choose from, might be the reason why my judgement is clouded. They still need to master a few areas of interest, but they have a passion for what they do and I do know, that gradually that passion will translate in every other thing. 

 On, a general note, seeing everybody else enjoying their meal immensely and loving the Sangria as well as the Lamb pizza, I’m gonna be generous and give a 4 star rating. 


Simply South |Restaurant Review| 54th FBAB Meet| Bengaluru| 


Despite the fact that, India is a land of varied cultures & traditions, we tend to stereotype it. Let’s take the minuscule example of Indian food. It varies by every 100 kms, yet when we think of Indian food, we only think of “Biryanis, Makhanis, Tandoori Chickens, Paneer tikkas & Malai Kababs”. Stereotyped Indian food is much like the beautiful and popular cousin,who has been garnering accolades & recognition and in that process, you’ve forgotten the equally good looking cousin. “Miss.South Indian Food”

Even Miss.South Indian Food, gets stereotyped for being only about Idli, Dosa, Vada & Bhaths. If, you do think that South Indian Food, is just that.. then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

Briefing about “SIMPLY SOUTH” : 

Demarcating the boundaries of South India, is quite easy, but dividing each cuisine respectively is a task, that involves the application of handed down knowledge and in depth research, which has to be characteristic to that region. And, who better knows this except Chef Chalapathi Rao aka Chef Challu in the culinary world. 

Simply South is an award winning restaurant based in Hyderabad, under the flagship of the celebrity chef “Mr. Chalapathi Rao”. Simply South has always been in the news for their feats, like being awarded “Times Now Food Awards” for consecutive years. They have branched out from Hyderabad and ambitiously ventured into “Namma Bengaluru” (our Bangalore in colloquial terms) 

 Chef Chalapathi Rao states, that, his food has the stamp of authenticity and that is what he proffers to us. Usually, when we talk of authentic tastes, we tend to bar the lines & mix influences of one region to another. Simply South is an expedition you embark on, which takes you through the 5 southern states of India. Giving you a taste of every state. 

I, was invited over for the bloggers table at “SIMPLY SOUTH”, from the team of FBAB. We were greeted by an ever so humble and a sweet natured Chef Chalapathi Rao of placid disposition. After making all of us feel welcomed, he started started the nosh-up which was composed for us. 

  • Decor:  The decor is rustic and beautiful with brick walls and the adornment of art that represents each of the South Indian states. 

Hospitality: You have no reason to rethink, the hospitality is par excellence and our maitre d’s are just the most well behaved and nimble at their feet kinds.

The Grub Story: Here’s how the vegetarian fare looked like;

  • Tomato Saar aka Tomato Soup: The soup was a delightful start to the meal. It was thin, clear & packed with ultimate flavours. It had faint hints of tanginess & a dominant quality of hotness. A hot and sour soup with Indian goodness. It instantly warmed me up. Makes it into the “must haves” to beat the chill away. 

The non vegetarians were given a chicken soup called “Kozi Rasam” & all I could see was people asking for second helpings of it. The soup tasted delicious is what I’ve been told.

  • Mokka Jonna Garelu/ Sweet Corn Fritters:  I, must have easily had about 4 of these beauties. The most delicious set of vadas aka fritters i’ve tasted in a long while. They were sweet corn nibbles added to the simple batter of the vada. The distinct sweetness of the sweet corn & the depth imparted by the onions and coriander swept me over. Again, a staple from the Andhra/ Telangana region.

  • Gobi kempu bezule/ fried cauliflower florets: My vegetarianism, sometimes has to fall flat in a place, where they offer meat. But, that wasn’t the case, the fried cauliflower florets were nice & spicy , with mangalorean masalas & garnished with fried curry leaves.  (Native of Mangalore)

  • Bendekaya Vepudu/ Stir fried okra: I’m an okra fan and boy! Did I love the subtle taste of the deep fried okra coated in roughly ground spices and garnished with cashew nuts & curry leaves. A great combination with parathas. (Native of Telangana)

  • Moova Vankai/ Aubergine Curry: This is one of the signature dishes of “Simply South”, where baby aubergines are cooked in traditional curry made out of sesame seeds. I went crazy with this one. Paired with delicious parathas, you could just go on. ( Native of Andhra)

  • Idiyapam/ String hoppers: These were the accompaniments that could be paired with curry’s. They are made out of rice flour. It requires quite some technique to make them.

  • Ragi Mudde/ Finger Millet Cake:  This is a cake of Finger Millet flour. Here, the millet flour is added to boiling water & made into a soft dough, which is then shaped into balls. Usually, this is eaten with a curry & ghee. First time tasting it the authentic way & I loved it! 

  • Curd Rice: A beautiful medley of soft mushy rice, doused in flavoured yogurt and tempered with cumin, red chillies, curry leaves, etc.

  • Tomato Pappu/ Tomato lentil curry: This is a light curry of pigeon pea lentils, simmered and cooked with tomatoes, herbs & spices. Love the deep red colour of the curry. (Andhra native)

  • Rasam/ Spicy Soup : This soup is made with pepper and is a thin, clear one. It’s paired with boiled rice and savoured. 

  • Gasgase Payasam / Poppy seed sweet:  A delicious sweet made with poppy seed paste and who would’ve thought that it would be so addictive? (Native of Karnataka)

  • Godhi Haggi : This was a dessert made out of broken wheat, flavoured with jaggery and cardamoms. The flavours were a shock for me, loved the use of jaggery instead of sugar to sweeten the dish which gave it a beautiful earthiness. Even the texture of broken wheat was an experience to savour. (Native of Karnataka)

  • Badam Halwa/ Almond Sweet: Though, I couldn’t get a taste of it, everyone was raving about how superbly rich and delicious it was. 

  • Signature Buttermilk: It was nice, refreshing and just the right amount of salty to wash down the spice and ready us for the next dish.

They do have an unlimited lunch thali for Rs.250/-  for all days except Sunday and that is on my list already when I visit this place next.

Apart from these vegetarian options, there were snazzy looking pots of non vegetarian dishes. Here’s a glimpse. 

Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh/ Hyderabadi Chicken Curry: 

Yera Varuval/ Spicy Prawn fry ( TamilNadu)

Telangana Kodi Roast/ Chicken Roast:

Pappad (completely vegetarian 😁)

Verdict : This restaurant is the “ne plus ultra” of the South Indian genre. I haven’t seen a restaurant more in tune and sync with their theme than the ” SIMPLY SOUTH” 

Chef Chalapathi Rao, stays true to his word when he tells that this is a gastronomic journey through the 5 states. He believes in keeping a menu that is perfect to his ability. While I did take a virtual tour around the 5 states, my 5 senses were just singing in delight. Therefore, it’s only fair that this restaurant receives a 5 star!


Simply South Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Gōngxǐ Fā Cái – Easy Delicious Chicken Wontons

Guys!! You need to check out this extremely talented friend of mine named “Anu” from Mauritius. She’s a dream, her blog is just amazing, with the most ambrosial visual treats for you. Check her latest post!! I bet her blog will get you salivating. 


Happiness and Prosperity! The Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional festival for our brothers and sisters of the Sino-Mauritian community. It has more than 4,000-year of beautiful history linked to it.All around the Island, our dearest Chinese friends are already in the festive mood to welcome the New […]


Bengaluru’s Farmer Market Show- A review.

Last Sunday, we decided to pay a visit to the VR Mall, Whitefield, on the last day of the 2 Day “Bengaluru Farmer’s Market Show”, organised by Karen Anand. I mean, i heard the name and I had to go.   

Karen Anand is such an amazing food writer & a gourmet guru. Her repertoire isn’t something that hasn’t been heard of. I’ve seen her face on a lot of Food magazines gracing the tea-poy of my childhood home in Saudi Arabia. Her beautiful, million dollar smile & those pictures used to always strike a chord with me.

Mum would so ferociously guard her magazines, always telling me i was too young to understand or any such excuse. I, can’t seem to remember the name of the magazine, I’m betting it’s “Good Food”. Well, I just had to go. Karen’s Farmers market, is a Brilliantly great concept of the organic brands coming into one place. 

This time was no different & it just made me run wild!! The array.. Aahh!! Cheese, oils, saffron, honey, teas, chocolates, juices, coffees, jams, preserves, marmalades, etc.. I, had to surrender to the magnetism of the compact event.   

Off, I went hopping from one stall to another. Trying, tasting & making notes of the event. The harsh resonance of the sun, tried to strike me or rather tire me down, but a foodie never goes down that easy. 😁😁

I’m gonna just brief you up with my favourites: 

  • Bonhomia: This is an innovative brand, which has been in the news for sometime now. They are the coffee/ tea machines, which give you delish results at the comfort of your own home. You really don’t need to go far for that espresso now!


  • Earth Loaf: They had, the most exotic & organic chocolates & teas on display. I had to resist the desperate plea of my bingeing heart to gobble up everything there. If you’re into exquisite chocolates, then halt yourself.. Here is where you can go effusive with childlike mirth.. 😂😂😂😍😍 The happiness was contagious at that stall.  


  • Kerry gold cheese: I, have a separate post coming up for this. But all I can say is, I was a happy soul. These are cheeses imported from Ireland. Need I say more?


  • Curemonte Cheese: Yet another brand & yes, I have another upcoming post on this as well. This is an Indian brand & my oh my.. They are excelling themselves. 


  • Honey Twigs: This was a stall, where they are talking about taking honey to the next level of convenience. These are small sip along sticks, easy on the go honey for a sugar fix. 


  • Raw pressery, pressed juice: This is an initiative conducted by a fitness guru. They have these one day “Deep cleanse, Light cleanse” packs, which cost about Rs.1500/- I guess. The hubster had personally tried this previously & he did say, that his body felt lighter. He went on a 2 day detox, with the light cleanse pack. Whether it’s my wishful thinking or not, but I could feel the hubster ‘s skin glow!! 😁😁

These stalls totally stole my heart! ❤️❤️ The event seemed to be such a success, their products were just great to start with. 

I hauled a few goodies & ate a few. 😋😋 So, did any of you visit this fair? 

Do leave your comments on whether you like such food fairs, festivals, etc.. 

Hugs to all of you!!

Yoga Bars- Product Review

“Yoga Bars, Naam toh Suna hoga?”  (Yoga Bars, Betcha heard the name?). Well, apart from my febrile & futile effort at trying to modify that “Shahrukh Khan” monologue, I have a big soft spot for these babies. 

Let’s face it, I’m a hardcore foodie and that does put me in constant touch (all 5 senses) with food, all the time. I’m always eating out, every other day & the days I’m not, I need to make sure, I keep a check on calories, easy portions & invest as much green as I can in my meal. 

I, have the meals sorted, but the dilemmas happen at the dreaded snacking bits of time. It’s ever so easy to actually, fall prey to those delectable fries or crisps or just something illicitly not good for you. In order to curb that craving, or sometimes a meal itself, I scoured the grocery isles for an alternative. There were quite a lot of options to be honest, but what attracted me to these bars, were their claims. They just had been everything I was looking for. 


The “Yoga Bar” endeavour had started with 2 young & dynamic founders “Suhasini & Anindita Sampat Kumar” venturing into the field of ” Healthy Snacking “. I’m a sucker for all young entrepreneurship, i, super love supporting it. The talented sister duo, put the idea to the mould & viola.. We had the “Yoga Bar”. 

The packaging is par excellence. The matte feel, the great font & the smart use of colours, makes this a hit. 

The most primary thing that impressed me was, that they don’t add cornstarch or added vitamins in their products. They try to keep the bars as natural as possible. The raw & organic feel, that the bars have is commendable. The first bite, itself is a dead giveaway about the quality. 

Let’s break it down now, here are the brief insights: 

  • All natural product.
  • Devoid of preservatives, artificial flavours & additives.
  • No cornstarch or added vitamins.
  • Limited shelf life, which means it’s good for you.
  • Great combinations, delish bars & exotic taste.
  • Inexpensive, about Rs.35/- per bar.
  • Filled with fiber goodness.
  • No transfat. 
  • Has chia seeds.
  • Only best ingredients chosen, high stringency. 
  • Are aids in weightloss diets or clean eating regimes.

Phew!! Quite a list eh? My favourite bars have to be ” Chocolate Chunk Nut and Peanut butter”

While, the Peanut butter one is smooth & textured, the Chocolate Chunk Nut is nutty & chewy. Trust me, when I say this.. These babies keep you satiated for hours, which I guess is due to the fact, that they have chia seeds in them. 

With the fitness market booming & new brands popping up with an array of products, Yoga Bar stands true to its ideals & doesn’t compromise on giving you the best “Healthy Snack” your money can buy. 

Grab your bar & chew away to health. 

P.S: This isn’t a sponsored post, the views stated are completely based on my personal choice.

Noodleheads, Kalyan Nagar- Restaurant Review.

This is such an overdue post, literally it’s been ages. Better late than never, here it goes. 

The other day, I was just street hopping & I decided to stop at this super cute restaurant called, “Noodleheads “. They had these metal doodles as their signboard. The resemblance of the cartoons to a bobble head just can’t be ignored. You’d be heartless to not stop at something so kawaii 😍😍


I hope you get the drift, I’m sold at the word “Noodles”. Who on earth, hates noodles?? They are just so perfect for life!! 


 A big bowl of them is what you need for your cravings, headaches, paranoia, insomnia, etc. There’s something about oriental cuisine, that instantly warms you up. 

While, I’m clearly on a chirp mode, I also realise im not that hungry. But who really cares, isn’t it? 

The interiors are fine, with a few smart hat recycled products, mimicking to be decorative baubles. The colour scheme, is vibrant, fun & rather lively. They have an alfresco dining too.


  The open kitchen is quite a treat, with “Tak-tak-tuks” going on, while you glorify the chef’s skillset. I, saw a lot of fresh produce around the kitchen. One look & you could gauge how fresh & crispy the produce was.   

One of my biggest pet peeves is being served wilted produce. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen much, but it does. 


I, personally expected the place to be overdosed in quirk factor, but I found it quite sober with an attempt at making it quirky. Those cartoon doodles had me thinking too much. I wasn’t disappointed, but you know.. I was expecting much more. The seating is comfortable, I liked the crockery  too. So, yes.. The decor & the ambience score a generous 3/5.

The staff were cordial, helpful & happy to serve you. They did give us suggestions & tried to keep the little one entertained. The staff & service gets a 4/5

The food.. Well, to be honest. I’m really biased towards oriental/ Pan Asian cuisine. I love my Nasi gorengs, Tom yums, Pad Thai, Bao’s, etc. I already had a great impression, when my nose was introduced to the familiar, saucy aromas drifting around. 

Though, I wasn’t hungry, the aromas tricked me into believing that I was. The first thing I wanted was some good, hearty, spinach dimsums. Yaayy?? Guess what?? They weren’t available. 

I’m pretty vulnerable to anything negative. Oops a daisy!! I just blurted my secret out.. And, when they said, it wasn’t available.. My thought processing ran wild. I thought, I shouldn’t have come here, it’s gonna be disastrous, looks can deceive, blah, blah, blah jazz. 

With a heavy heart, we ordered our main course. “Malaysian Flat Noodles” & ” Noodleheads Special Noodles”. We waited for quite sometime.

When the food did come, oh yum!! It looked stupendously sinful. All, I could think about was the way, it was gonna melt in my mouth. 

The Malaysian Flat Noodles : This was a big, steamy & aromatic bowl of ambrosia. The deep caramel colour of the noodles, had me reaching out for more. The noodles had a smoky soya sauce flavour, laced with zucchini & broccoli. It wasn’t just filling, but was also so indulgent. My must have & a go to.   

Noodlehead’s Special Noodles: This was a delicious, tangy, sweet-sour kinda sauce with a delicious serving of crisp asparagus, water chestnuts & cherry tomatoes. This dish has a very uncanny resemblance to the indo Chinese ” Chinese Bhel” 😋😋 So, if you love Chinese Bhel, you will love this. Albeit, its a super refined version of it & 10 times more delicious.  

Sadly, that day, that was all that I could eat. This is the place, that serves you maybe the yummiest Asian cuisine, around Kammanahalli. 

The VFM is moderate. The dishes are moderately priced, but it’s worth every penny as the quality is commendable. Thumbs up for it. 

Ratings : 3.5/5