L’inouï | Chocolaterie Review | Cunningham Road| Bangalore| 

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is that little extra”- Jimmy Johnson

“Blurred phantasmagoria of images reel across, revealing Arham’s smile, the steam dispersing, the clink of the glass, the incessant chatter of birds & the sound of heels on the gravel crunching it ever so lightly.”

“What was that?”, you ask.

Well that was just a snippet of my time at “L’inouï”.

Quite true to its name “L’inouï”, does stand out from the bunch of chocolateries, in the city, by adding that extra to the ordinary, making it extraordinary in every sense.

L’inouï is no stranger to me, I’ve been a patron for quite a few years now. I’ve always connected to the brand, because it bought back the memories of my childhood. It’s something that had & does excite the olfactory senses, making me salivate at the thought of their menu. 

About L’inouï:

L’inouï, is a chocolaterie, like no other. Trust me, i wouldn’t exaggerate. They believe in the emphasis of quality ingredients and importance of imparting par excellence experience, whilst devouring their chocolates. 

Anusha Chowdaiah, the CEO & Founder of “L’inouï embarked on a journey to let bangalore taste, the real spirit of class apart chocolates. The products at L’inouï are preservative & additive free, hence they come with a limited shelf life. The ingredients are sourced from all parts of the world, like the Californian almond, the Belgium chocolate & henceforth. Even the gelatine used is “100% Halal” which means extra rupees, but uncompromising on quality. Each piece of chocolate is specially handcrafted with passion & therefore is a masterpiece in its own right. So, whatever you eat over here, is 100% the best of all.


L’inouï, my favourite chocolaterie has a new destination. They are located at Cunningham Road in the midst of a beautiful set up which feels like a getaway in its own right. A sense of heritage seeps in & you are transported to the past. 


L’inouï has always been a place which feels like your own. The staff are ever so caring and they hands on make sure to let you, enjoy your time here. 

The Grub Story : 

Well, it’s more of a dessert story. Get ready for some pleasing vignettes. 

  • Almond Dragees (₹240/- for 100gms): The almonds are toasted to perfection, caramelised, covered with chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. The deep flavour of toasted almonds seeps through the chocolate. A family favourite. 
  • Handcrafted truffles (₹75/-): Truffles are meant to be bitten in with delight. They have quite a few variants, each pleasing to your palate. My favourites are Dark Truffle, Coconut Truffle, Nut Truffle & White Truffle.
  • Chocolate Slabs (₹240/- per 100 gms) : These slabs are made out of the perfect ingredients as they leave no stone unturned by being supreme in their genre. Milk chocolate and Nuts & Chocolate Slabs are my favourite.
  • Chocolate Mud Pie : If, there’s anything you should try, then it is this. This is from the “special of the day” . Words do no justice to how, magnificent this was. A medley of chocolate mousse, tempered chocolate and hazelnuts.
  • Japanese Green Tea (₹75/-): Their teas are of the ultimate blends, but that’s not the novelty here. The novelty lies, in their presentation. Just for the sake, of that gorgeous presentation, we used to drink it. Comes with a sandglass timer to let you know, exactly how long to seep your tea leaves.

  • Hot Chocolate (₹150/-): You must have had quite a few hot chocolates till now, but have you had the pleasure to melt a cube full of smoothness to reveal happiness? Comes along with delicious butter cookie as well.

Verdict :The aesthetics of this chocolaterie is what, I stand by. The desserts here are ultimate in each in every aspect. The taste is like no other and it is an experience that you must savour. It’s the perfect choice for gifting and as well as for indulging in some sinful palate pleasures.

Nothing less than a 4.5 star rating for this place!

P.S. : The logo is used for representationonly and belongs to L’inouï

Bigg Boss Burger| Burger King| Bangalore

How many of us, were hooked to the reality show “BIGG BOSS”? Now, that it’s over, it’s quite a bother to do nothing at 10:30 p.m but, you could always relive the masala packed show at “Burger King”. 

Their new introduction, well, not that new, but let’s overlook that fact, has been aptly named after the reality show. For the fact, that there’s a lot going on in between the bun. The more you bite in, the more surprising it gets. This limited edition burger is bound to get you hungry.


Going to Buger King, ignoring the chicken whoopers & eating a vegetarian burger is such a Sisyphean task. I fight every urge to not indulge, but a vegetarian’s got to do, what a vegetarian’s gotta do.. Stare at the non vegetarian’s enjoying their luscious big burgers, while I look with distaste at my puny one . * non vegetarian to vegetarian dilemmas* 


So, Burger King has their new “BIGG BOSS” burgers as the hottest newthang. For starters, it looks as sinister as their other variants. T’was a big sesame bun, with the clandestine contents peeking out, staring at you. 


The burger had a grilled Chicken patty, lettuce, tomato, crunchy ribbed Lays Maxx chip, jalapeños, cheese slice, Secret sauce & crumbled cheese. Now, that’s called, a super whammy special!


The hubster couldn’t get his craving to sit still, if at all a craving does behave. He said, it was just fantastic, a love story of grand portions & a must have. The flavour was just mind boggling with a surge of sweet sour & tangy. The patty was light flame grilled, therefore the juiciness retained & the BBQ sauce with all those condiments just made it more fulfilling. Coupled it with some fries & Coke to make the experience more enjoyable. The way, he enjoyed his fill, made it clear that, maybe one of these days, I’m gonna topple down from vegetarianism 😢😋

Though they had the vegetarian version, I really haven’t tried it yet. But anyhow, yes to the Burger from me! Go ahead & bite the Boss. 

Available in Chicken, Mutton & Vegetarian Versions. 

Gōngxǐ Fā Cái – Easy Delicious Chicken Wontons

Guys!! You need to check out this extremely talented friend of mine named “Anu” from Mauritius. She’s a dream, her blog is just amazing, with the most ambrosial visual treats for you. Check her latest post!! I bet her blog will get you salivating. 


Happiness and Prosperity! The Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional festival for our brothers and sisters of the Sino-Mauritian community. It has more than 4,000-year of beautiful history linked to it.All around the Island, our dearest Chinese friends are already in the festive mood to welcome the New […]


Honey Twigs- Product Review.

Who doesn’t love honey? Aren’t we all a big or a minuscule version of “Winnie The Pooh”? We all have bottles of honey, stored in our pantries. Big, sticky & caramelly bottles, sitting on the shelf calling out to you when you make those pancakes or brew up that tea or when you just feel under the weather. 


 Apart from just being a sweet tooth pacifier, we all know the immense benefits of honey. One of my super favourite things to do with honey is making the “Green tea & Honey” mask, for intense hydration & glow. But, I’m not here to talk about all those stuffs. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna be chatting up with you today. 

When you think of honey, what’s the physical characteristic that comes to your mind first? 

  • Sticky
  • Messy or
  • Runny


Isn’t that so? What if you decide to have honey on the go or what if you decide, you want a non messy alternative for honey consumption? What do you do?

Non-messy & honey are quite irrelevant. Not anymore!! Honey can now be your messy hillbilly, who has metamorphosed into a dapper tuxedo clad bloke. 

Yes!! Honey has a new makeover😍😍 Forget those messy, stuck on the lid & dripping from the side honey jars. 

Suck it up, oh naive one. Ummm.. I meant that literally. Don’t look at me like that. Geez!!  

Honey has a new avatar called “Honey Twigs”. Honey now comes in portion sized twigs, which save you the hassles of unwanted “Mouth-robe Malfunctions”. These are on the go tube packs, which you just open & suck it up. It’s that easy.   

“HONEY TWIGS” 😋 The best part about these twigs is, you really can just throw these in your bag & just go ahead. They do inculcate, a habit of good decision making.   

What I, mean by that is…from the time I’ve had these babies, I tend to reach for them instead of a chocolate. Chocolates get messy in your bags btw. These days, I order my green tea in a café & instead of the unhealthy sugar packs that come along with it, I rip open a “Honey Twig” & enjoy my tea.

My oh my!! The luxuries of life. Hey!! Did I forget to mention that, Honey Twig is anything but a luxury product?? Man..this stuff is super affordable for all that I know.  10 twigs cost you Rs.70/- 

Now, let’s talk about the liquid gold encased in the twig.. Wondering where it’s sourced from or whether it’s just a packaging gimmick, with no surety? Rest assured, that the liquid gold inside is as natural as it gets. The honey is sourced from the Himachal & Punjab. They have 2 super awesome flavours. 

  • Multiflora Honey
  • Litchi Honey

Multi flora Honey : It’s a subtle honey, that has been sourced from a variety of flowers. The honey is antibiotic free too. 

Litchi Honey: This is a comparatively sweeter honey & has been sourced from the litchi orchards of Muzzafarpur. 

I, personally prefer the Multi Flora Honey due to its subtle sweetness. 

Now, most of you would be skeptical about the plastic tube. You must be wondering if, it’s a good idea relishing it from plastic. The good news is… The plastic packaging is completely food grade & you really shouldn’t worry about it. They have maintained a extreme standard stringency while producing the packaging.

How I use my Honey Twigs: 

  • Perfect for pancake toppings, muesli, cornflakes & toast.
  • Perfect amount of honey in each twig for my “Honey & Green tea mask.
  • For sweetening my green tea.
  • Snacking option for my little one. He loves popping these tubes along with almonds for his supper.

Verdict: This is a highly convenient product, that eliminates the physical problems faced while consuming honey. You don’t need spoons, stirrers or anything. All you gotta do is pop! 

So, this scores high on my scanner, as it’s affordable, convenient & non messy. A must have on dining tables along with our table butters. ❤️❤️

P.S: Winnie the Pooh & Honey jar images are sourced from http://www.google.com These have been used for reference only. All credit goes to the owners of the images. 

P.P.S: This is an unsponsored post. All views are my own. 

Majlis,Kammanhalli-A restaurant review

I’ve always been obsessed with Mediterranean fare. Lebanese, being my go to cuisine. In Bangalore, finding some heart warming Mediterranean cuisine isn’t hard at all. What’s hard is it being free from Indian or local invasions.

While, signboard exploring around Kalyan Nagar, I found this gem. The name just clicked & I had to give it a try. ” Majlis”, in colloquial Arabic terms, it means a place where you meet up. More like a place for social gathering. 

My heart paced & I got myself pushing the buttons of the elevator. It’s a rooftop restaurant, the thought of which made me super happy. I mean, who doesn’t dig some romantic rooftop dining? 


I wasn’t disappointed, when I found myself stepping in. The whole place felt like an airy castle, with sheer brown curtains blowing with the breeze & a sense of minimalism with decor. 



My first impression was, ” Oh Yeah!! Good move girl.” The cuisine ranges from Lebanese to a mix of indo-Persian.


Decor: The decor like I said earlier, is minimalistic and very influenced by ottoman sense of styling. From the curtains to the flooring, from the artefacts to the signature colorful tiles, these fill you up with the feeling of being transported to one of the restaurants in the Mediterranean. 5/5 for the decor.


Hospitality & service: The staff, they were well, amazing! You can spruce up your expectations when it comes to service. It really was a total pleasure dining here, with prompt service & the love they shower you with. 5/5 for the team.

Food: Taking a casual pause, I need to tell you, the fare is just “MINDBLOWING DELISH”. How, just how could I not, state that so blatantly to you? 

Here are my favourites: 

1) Mezzeh Platter(Rs.185/-): This is a beautiful assortment of mutabbal, fattoush, baba ghanoush, hummus & tabbouleh, which are served with complimentary pitas. They taste just amazing & are pretty filling for 2 people. 



2) Khumb Kurkure (Rs.175/-): These are mushroom fritters stuffed with cheese & herbs. This is an Indian dish, but my oh my.. It was a treat for my soul.   


3) Badami Murgh Shorba(Rs.120/-) : A creamy, almond & chicken soup, which truly warms the cockles of your foodie heart. The serving was highly generous & the almond slices were put in to spoil us big time. 

4) Dajaj Saaj( Rs.165/-): The most delish of all things on the table. It’s a chicken & cheese calzone with the most minimal flavours & an outburst of love. The stringy cheese & chicken really made us melt, melt & melt.   

5) Dahi Kebab (Rs.185/-): Melt in the mouth, yogurt stuffing enclosed in bread. The taste was just out of the world, the smooth creaminess & the tanginess of that yogurt really made this a must have. It’s best if you eat it hot, once it cools, it gets a little unpleasant. 



6) Dal Qureshi(Rs.195/- ): A spicy version of the Dal Makhani, loved every little nuance about it. The spice balance, the creamy texture & the amount of lentils in it. Another must try.   

7) Chicken Naanza(Rs.185/-): This is the Levantine version of a pizza, filled with exotic goodness. The toppings are just heavenly great. It’s had beetroot, bell peppers, olives, etc. I super loved the pickled tang. You’d be crazy to miss this❤️❤️


8) Cheese sambousek (Rs.80/-) : Life is just complete with a samosa. Samosa is a universal thing. Almost every culture has a version. The Sambousek here was outta the world, the cheesy drip with spinach was why we ordered it 3 times in a row. It came with some creamy toum.   

9) Zar-E-Bariyan Biryani (Rs.215/-) : This biryani was loved by one and all, though I haven’t had a bite, I could clearly see that they were enjoying it. It’s a biryani with the Persian influence to it. The meat was mutton & they do have a vegetarian version of it.   


10)Malai Phirnee (Rs.150/- ) : A delicious, not too sweet, just the right kinda smoothness. It’s the perfect way to end your meal.   

11)Umm Ali (Rs.150/- ): An Arabic dessert, made outta rice meal & loaded with nuts. Man!! This was yum❤️❤️  

Disappointments : There were a few disappointments during the span of 3 visits. 

1)Murgh Kali Mirchi ka Tikka(Rs.195/-) : This isn’t on my favourite list, I did try one piece. The taste was quite mediocre, I just wish it would’ve had more of a charcoaled feel to it. 

2) Burrah Kebab ( Rs.215/-) : This was a borrowed opinion, it’s mutton ribs with a certain flavourful marinade. I believe, it was kind of a let down as the people who ate it, weren’t too pleased. 


On the whole, I loved the experience. The VFM range is amazing, almost dirt cheap affordable. 

This is a place you really shouldn’t miss, if you like Mediterranean cuisine.

Rating: 5/5 ❤️❤️❤️

Yoga Bars- Product Review

“Yoga Bars, Naam toh Suna hoga?”  (Yoga Bars, Betcha heard the name?). Well, apart from my febrile & futile effort at trying to modify that “Shahrukh Khan” monologue, I have a big soft spot for these babies. 

Let’s face it, I’m a hardcore foodie and that does put me in constant touch (all 5 senses) with food, all the time. I’m always eating out, every other day & the days I’m not, I need to make sure, I keep a check on calories, easy portions & invest as much green as I can in my meal. 

I, have the meals sorted, but the dilemmas happen at the dreaded snacking bits of time. It’s ever so easy to actually, fall prey to those delectable fries or crisps or just something illicitly not good for you. In order to curb that craving, or sometimes a meal itself, I scoured the grocery isles for an alternative. There were quite a lot of options to be honest, but what attracted me to these bars, were their claims. They just had been everything I was looking for. 


The “Yoga Bar” endeavour had started with 2 young & dynamic founders “Suhasini & Anindita Sampat Kumar” venturing into the field of ” Healthy Snacking “. I’m a sucker for all young entrepreneurship, i, super love supporting it. The talented sister duo, put the idea to the mould & viola.. We had the “Yoga Bar”. 

The packaging is par excellence. The matte feel, the great font & the smart use of colours, makes this a hit. 

The most primary thing that impressed me was, that they don’t add cornstarch or added vitamins in their products. They try to keep the bars as natural as possible. The raw & organic feel, that the bars have is commendable. The first bite, itself is a dead giveaway about the quality. 

Let’s break it down now, here are the brief insights: 

  • All natural product.
  • Devoid of preservatives, artificial flavours & additives.
  • No cornstarch or added vitamins.
  • Limited shelf life, which means it’s good for you.
  • Great combinations, delish bars & exotic taste.
  • Inexpensive, about Rs.35/- per bar.
  • Filled with fiber goodness.
  • No transfat. 
  • Has chia seeds.
  • Only best ingredients chosen, high stringency. 
  • Are aids in weightloss diets or clean eating regimes.

Phew!! Quite a list eh? My favourite bars have to be ” Chocolate Chunk Nut and Peanut butter”

While, the Peanut butter one is smooth & textured, the Chocolate Chunk Nut is nutty & chewy. Trust me, when I say this.. These babies keep you satiated for hours, which I guess is due to the fact, that they have chia seeds in them. 

With the fitness market booming & new brands popping up with an array of products, Yoga Bar stands true to its ideals & doesn’t compromise on giving you the best “Healthy Snack” your money can buy. 

Grab your bar & chew away to health. 

P.S: This isn’t a sponsored post, the views stated are completely based on my personal choice.

Shammi Kabobs, a ritual.

Everyone, has a certain favourite from their mommy’s kitchen, a good, delicious shammi kabob is one of them. 

I, fondly remember, mum making these kabobs atleast once a month. She loves everything fresh, from the spices to the produce. She used to make her own chilli powder, garam masala & all that, she still does. The house would be filled with warm aromas of the spices & we instantly would know that, tomorrow would be the “Shammi Kabob” day. 

The “Shammi Kabob” day would mean, takeaways & fries & Nintendo , the whole day. How super exciting 😁😁 Mum, would be slogging the day off, with the mixer going on & off, aromas in the house & huge platters of uncooked circular Shammi kabobs, getting ready to be frozen. She would make it by the kilograms, so that it could last a month. Though, I’m in the process of turning into a vegetarian, I sorely miss this one & sometimes, I do cheat & gulp one down. 😱😱

There are so many kinds of mince kabobs, but the all time favorite kabob, has to be this deliciously blended one with a mix of yellow Bengal gram and meat mince.

It boasts of giving your meat a well deserved transformation. If you haven’t developed a taste for shammi kabobs, now u surely will after trying this recipe.



  • Lamb mince or chicken mince- 500 gms 
  • Yellow Bengal gram lentils a.k.a.chana dal- 250gms
  • My secret garam masala- 1 Tbsp
  • Coriander powder- 1 tsp
  • Roasted & crushed cumin (we already have cumin in the garam masala)- 1 tsp
  • A small bunch of coriander leaves and mint leaves.
  • Juice of about 1 lime.
  • Red chilli powder as per taste
  • Garlic paste- 1 Tbsp
  • Ginger paste- 1 Tbsp
  • Greek yogurt- 1 Tbsp
  • Small sliced onion-1
  • Salt.
  • Oil for frying
  • A few cloves of garlic.
  • 2 eggs


1)After having prepped for shammi kabobs, you will first need to boil the Bengal gram well enough. Make sure the Bengal gram is boiled to a stage where it’s a la dente. Overcooking the lentils, makes it oily upon frying, as overtly soft lentils tend to absorb oil.

2)Boil the mince with a few cloves of garlic, till tender.

3)Next add all dry ingredients and after a nice mix with the spatula add yogurt, ginger paste and garlic paste with 2 eggs. Later add the mix into a food processor and once it’s nice and homogenous, add coriander and mint leaves with finely sliced onions and a juice of lime.

4) With your bare hands shape them into small circles.

5)Freeze for about an hour before frying.

6)Deep fry the shammi kabobs till golden brown.




Barbeque Factory, Indiranagar- Restaurant Review.

Just when you doll & spruce yourself up for the 7th FBAB Meet at “Barbeque Factory”, the darkish grey clouds burst open to bring forth a maddening shower. I, can go on lambasting the rain spell which caused choked & congested roads, but how can i forget the beautiful evening which unfolded itself, upon arrival at the venue. 

It took us about an hour and a half to cover a span of 5 kms. The moment I reached, I had well forgotten the traffic rant I had gone on & on & on about.

These FBAB Meets are always so good with Chef Bibhuti Bhushan organising them. Though this was my first one, i could gauge that the hype wasn’t undeserved.


The decor is an industrial chic with exposed brick walls, metal pipes & kinda grunge theme in one.



 We were given a beautiful table which overlooked the road. The soft pitter patter of rain and an occasional breeze that bought in a few stray raindrops just uplifted the “relax-my-stressed-nerves” ambience. The place is just perfect for a nice evening with the girlfriends, date or just some mindless conversations with family. The light etching plays its role in unwinding you. 


The Decor and the Ambience score a generous & well deserved 4/5 stars from me.


The staff is just how I like them to be.. Groomed with pleasing smiles & on their toes. Not only were they ready to serve you, but they also were well trained to explain what you were being given. 

 Our host & maitrê d’,  “Mr. Ajay Alexander” was such a charm, he made sure that everyone of us were being attended to. He gave us the briefing about the new menu which will be included henceforth. Asking you, for your honest opinions. I, personally.. Loved the hospitality. 

Dear team Barbeque Factory, you guys deserve nothing less than a 5/5 star rating for your service. 

Food… 😁😁😁 3 toothy smiley’s. Need I say more? Why, yes of course. 


I, opted for the vegetarian fare. Well, nothing could stop my indulgence. As opposed to people believing that, non vegetarian fares are always better, I found my humble vegetarian fare just explosive. Let’s relive it shall we? 



  • Honey Paratha with Shikampuri Kabab ( Signature Dish) :  The Paratha looked, well just like any other paratha. The Shikampuri looked well, just like any other Shikampuri. The combination tasted, well like no other thing I’ve had in a long time. 👍🏻 Now that was something. The sweet and savoury medley coupled by the 4 different sauces just made this amazing. Mr. Ajay gave us “how to eat” directions. We were supposed to squish the Kabab with the back of our spoons & spread it on the paratha, adding the sauces as per taste. It was called a Signature Dish & darn rightly behaved like one. I should’ve eaten 10 more, but I refrained. 



  • Palak Papdi: I went crazy over this, well my fellow carnivores also loved it. The taste was just so unique. It was crunchy yet soft in the middle with an aftertaste of popcorn or like how my dear friend Sayoni pointed out, ” it must be a cornflake crumble in the coating”. What a healthy, spinachy treat.



  • Dahi Kebab: I’m a Dahi Kebab fan, but B. F. surpassed a lot of restaurants when it came to the taste. I must have eaten 10.. * smug me* the sour hung curd with the beautiful sweetness was just amazing. They were melt in the mouth. 😍😍


  • Achari Paneer Tikka & Hariyali Mushroom Tikka: Aah!! The magnificence that these both held for me was just delectable. Loved loved loved it. 



  • Cajun Potatoes: Usually, I love my Cajun potatoes as whole. The Cajun Potatoes have been made into medium chips and spiced with sweet sour sauce. 


Main Course: 

  • Dal Fry: A fine & a decent version.
  • Paneer Masala: A total delicious treat for the palate. The soft cubes were such a pleasure with rotis.
  • Tawa Baingan : I love eggplant! Yes I do.. And I loved this. The smokiness of the eggplant & the dry curry that bound it was just superb. 
  • Vegetarian Biryani : I’m usually not a rice fan, gimme my rotis & im the happiest. This biryani was flavourful with those veggies & cottage cheese cubes. 



  • Apple Pie: The small miniatures, were amazingly delicious. The pastry could have been more buttery, but hey.. I’m not complaining. 
  • Brownie: The brownie was a fine one, not too sweet & hit your palate well. 
  • Chocolate pudding crumble & coffee ice cream: All of us has to agree that this was the most delicious one. 
  • Cotton Candy: which I didn’t eat, but saw the others indulge in. Had I had any space, I would’ve tucked in. 
  • Rosogulla & Chocolate mousse 



This was the vegetarian fare. But I have to admit, I snuck in a small piece of grilled chicken & boy!! Was that delicious!! 

Highlights of the Non Vegetarian fare: ( courtesy hubster )

  • Nalli Nihari: A beautiful, falling of the bone, mutton stew preparation. Everyone unanimously voted this to be the best. 


  • Golden fried Prawns: Fresh, delectable and crunchy with a batter that was seasoned well. 
  • Grilled Basa : The Basa was just a delight to it. The fresh & juicy morsels just made it better.
  • Chicken Biryani: Made ever so flavourful & again an in house speciality by Mr. Ajay. A must try for people who love experimenting with different kinds of biryanis.


Comparatively, the carnivores enjoyed their meal with a lot more starters and much heavier main courses. They had oysters too, which my hubster gladly ate for the first time with lime & Tabasco, courtesy Sayoni.. He apparently, loved it!! 😁👍🏻

I had a super great time with the the girlfriends, Rumana & Sayoni.. We were the last ones to leave after toasting to food with Virgin Mojitos.


Overall, the food gets a 4/5 star rating for the vegetarian fare & the hubster gives a 5/5 star rating for the non vegetarian fare.

The reasons are also based on pricing, for Rs.729/- both the vegetarian & non vegetarian fare. The non vegetarian fare is worth totally it, but the vegetarian fare could use some revising to a lower fare.

Verdict: 4/5 stars 


For those of us living in India, you all are positively aware of the “Maggi” calamity that rocked the nation. People went beserk, stared at those empty pans & saucepans which had housed 2 minute (but always took 5 minutes) wonders, made homage videos & posts, vowed to never see cooking in the same light & lost a very dear confidante. 

Yes! Maggi was oh so terribly thrown off shelves, called a traitor, accused of a lead poisoning & Banned. Can you believe it? Banned for good. It was like your imaginary friend, who was such an important presence in your life… Was.. DEAD!! Only, she wasn’t imaginary. She was Maggi! The one you ran to after school, college, office, heartache, stomachache, headache, on camping trips, etc.. 

During that time, a sizeable lot turned to other sources to help nurse the open wound of longing. While, I personally never had a soft corner for Maggi.. Infact, I detested it 😳😳. I was never the one who liked these noodles, I had fond memories of ” Indomie”, ” Mama Sita” etc.. Maggi was never my bowla noodle.  

But I missed it.. Because, my sister missed it… She would have these big question marks in her black eyes, as to what could she make under 5 minutes which she would savour. And I was knackered due to the lack of options. 

Ergo, she turned back to her occasional fling ” KOKA NOODLES”. What can i say, I’ve always found this brand much better than the nation’s favourite. There is just something about these oriental noodles, that certain flavour which is ” darn good” that makes the experience better. The brand has an adventurous lot, with quite an exciting range of flavours.

My new found interest was this flavour called,” Singapore Fried Noodles, Mi Goreng”.


Koka the brand: 

Alot of health freaks and junk food detourers (if such a word exists), have quite blatantly proclaimed that “Instant Noodles” are nothing but a bunch of unhealthy calories, loaded with sodium, MSG, and basically crap. So, while they kerfuffle with the ” Instant Noodle” mob, allow me to tell you something interesting.

Koka breaks the shackles of those claims and quite deliciously presents itself as a healthy indulgence.

 Koka is a Singaporean brand, which is quite focussed on making the noodles not just a delight to eat but also a guilt free treat. 

Koka is : 

  • MSG, Preservatives & Additives free. 
  • High fibre content. 
  • Steam cooked & air dried as opposed to deep fried. 
  • Also the pioneers of purple wheat noodles. 

Today, I’m gonna be talking about “Mi Goreng” flavour.


What is Mi Goreng?

From the display pictures & Imaginations of an oriental food connoisseur, we are given a picture of hot, steamy, sweet&spicy, fried, caramel coloured plate of noodles as Mi Goreng. Mi Goreng are such a staple in Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore, that it’s hard to visit these places & not taste it from the numerous street side hawkers offering it. 

Koka tries to capture the essence of Mi Goreng in it’s instant version, which does do a fine job, but if you’ve had the real thing.. It’s pretty unlikely that you will fall in love with this. 


These noodles are spicy red with chilli & very delicate give you that hint of sweetness too. It’s quite a beautiful combination & for people who wanna try what a ” Mi Goreng” is can certainly get an idea with this pack. 


It’s priced at an affordable Rs.45/- which is 4 times more than your average “Maggi”, but the flavour is certainly unique. 


They come with a beautiful red seasoning & seasoning oil. The seasoning oil just on its own does a huge uplift to the noodles. A must try. I, personally love their ” Mushroom” flavour noodles. No points for guessing though 😁😁


  • Certified as vegetarian & halal. So, for vegetarians who are skeptical, please indulge.
  • Healthier alternative to other noodles.
  • Instant noodles, costing you 5-6 minutes at max.
  • Priced at Rs. 45/-
  • Sweet & spicy flavour.
  • 3.5/5 stars

Go ahead, grab your pack!!