The Politician- A Restaurant Review.

Dal Makhani is what Chicken Soup is to the west. Pure comfort food for your whining soul.”- Noorain 

There are very few things that a good warm bowl of ” Dal Makhani” can’t cure. My quest for the perfect bowl has always been never ending. I always thought I struck gold,but only to be disappointed by mediocrity. 

Mediocrity is such a dangerous territory to tread on,it’s never good or never bad. So you’re never in one frame of mind. My misadventures have been many,100’s to be precise..from those misadventures,blooms a restaurant called,” THE POLITICIAN”. Yes.. It’s pretty unusual a name,what’s even more unusual is ” Uncle Sam” as their brand ambassador??? I’m like ” whoa… Holy guacamole!! What’s Uncle Sam doing in India??” His celebrated poster which ravaged USA the ” I want you to vote” one has been parodied as ” I want you to come in here”.

The restaurant is a well maintained one with comfortable seating. It’s more on the tunes of decent and basic decor. Nothing much that I can write home about. You aren’t overpowered by the decor, and are more focussed on your meal arriving soon to your table.There are a few cartoons& caricatures expressing puns and funny liners. The ambience is again nothing like ” push back and relax” it just serves its purpose of giving a good vibe.




Wow.. That was short and sweet.. Anyhow, the grub deserves a good and worthy description. I’ve been dropping by once in a few days and I can safely vouch for the consistent taste and flavour of the food. So this is based on my last visit.

We were ravenously hungry so, we decided to start with some good ole mushroom as a starter. 

  • BLACK PEPPER&SALT MUSHROOM: This is one of my favourites here, with absolutely spot on and sapid flavours. The delicately batter fried mushrooms, tossed around in fresh black pepper base are something I yearn for. What I love is the delicate Garlic flavour that’s been packed into it. It’s not oily and gives you a soft crunch while devouring it.


After cleaning our plates off the mushrooms,the hubby decided to order some chicken for his grumpy palate. So he ended up ordering their speciality.

  • Netaji’s Special Chicken: In English equivalent, this is Uncle Sam’s special. Trust me,this is by far the most light yet toothsome form of tandoori chicken. It’s grilled to charring perfection and has a beautiful pale yellow colour to it. Another delicately flavoured dish. 


Well,we were so impressed with starters,that we decided to have another. This time I was the making the decision.

  • Malai Paneer Tikka: In an Indian vegetarian’s kitchen,paneer or cottage cheese is as revered as is the meat to a carnivore. Paneer doesn’t just taste delish,but is loaded with protein. There are 101 ways to prep it up and the one which strikes a chord with almost every Indian is the ” Malai Paneer Tikka”. Bits and chunks of cottage cheese marinated in secret sauces and grilled with capsicum,onion& tomato. Again a thumbs up for the taste,but a thumbs down for the presentation. I wouldn’t like to eat something that’s so badly presented. All I could think was,how this looks dafter than my son’s make believe presentation. 😧😧 


Here comes the great part… For our main course,being filled to capacity with starters…we decided to order flat breads and some Dal.. My heart set at having the lentil.

  • Dal Makhani: I declare this Dal Makhani as the most delicious one,I’ve had in a long time. This comes close to being the best in town. The beautiful mix of lentils dunked and simmered in a rich,red&delish gravy. The lentils were soft and melt in the mouth,the gravy a class apart. The meaning of ” Makhani” is ” with butter”,yet a lot of restaurants give this up. Which makes me think ” WHATEVER”. Here at T.P they douse and drown the lentils in ghee aka clarified butter. This little extra measure makes the experience ever so memorable.  When paired with butter Naans or just plain’s a beautiful harmony. I wish I can tell you how much I love this.. But sadly I can’t.. Give it a try and you’ll see.. 


What I noticed about “POLITICIAN” is their flavour. Not one dish is overpowering,nor does it fail to excite your tastebuds. The food is piquant yet subtle. Something I want on my plate is subtlety in my food. 

The restaurant is astonishingly affordable. 


The prices do nil damage and you’re a super happy person. A nice hearty meal for two would put you back by Rs.800/- 

Works like a miracle for people on budget and the collegians. Gosh!! The Politician wasn’t there when I was in JNC.. 😢😢 But Its mostly for people who are on a lookout for a delicious meal. 

Rating : ❤️❤️❤️❤️ outta 5

Location: 126, KHB colony,opposite JNC,Koramangla. Bangalore.

100ft BBQ lounge- Koramangla . Restaurant review

One of these bright sunny days I’m gonna end up with a bulging waistline,when my good ole denims would fail to accomodate the extra love,I have been accumulating in the name of ” Reviewing”. Ergo, I shall have a thought strike me “How did I ever get so fat?” But,none shall be capable of answering that( I’m a bit cranky when people make me face the reality). 

I’m on the other hand gonna explain how I walked for an exact 10 minutes to the car park,which miraculously burned the 1000+ calories accumulated during an hour of hand and mouth yoga… Yoga.. Like picking up the plate,spoons and forks.. (Warm up) Dodging the mad buffet line,by extending my right hand( warrior pose) and then managing to get the loaded plate back to my seat, by lifting the plate at head level ( Surya Namaskar) and at last sighing deeply at the accomplishment ( Kapal bhati). 

Now wasn’t that yoga of sorts?? I hope that nod that you gave just now,was in affirmation to my statement.

Well, 😊, I found myself driving in radials. Yes.. You can drive in radials too. And, I just stopped… Well, the hubby actually ☺️ and the De-oreill boutique hotel seemed like great idea. We were very late and any more travelling would make us end up in a 24 hour cafe or resort to empires and imperials( a chain of restaurants that run late into the night).

The hotel houses 2 types of cuisines. One was ” MIRAPAKAI” dedicated to Andhra food culture,(to make it better.. They had a food festival going on)and ” 100 ft BBQ LOUNGE” dedicated to.. Well, holy BBQ’s.. Basically mishmash of Indian and continental.

There wasn’t an ounce of doubt that I was gonna take myself up to the rooftop restaurant. Continental food is the chink in my armour. I always,always,always promise to try coastal cuisine minus the seafood 😁 but somehow find an alternative. I just don’t possess the heart to any meat except chicken… Yes,I chicken out all the time 😜

P.s. Andhra cuisine isn’t all coastal,but a part of it is. This festival had fish,prawns etc…I could see a lot of beautiful colours simmering in earthenware.

  There’s “MIRAPAKAI” on your extreme left. Behind the red sofa. Saying my goodbyes.
  And my glass elevator passes through the floors, the floors are quite immaculate and I’m guessing the rooms are too. This is getting very ” Roald Dahl” innit? ( reference to Charlie and the glass elevator)
  The drumroll please… 🎷🎷… Ok.. That’s the saxophone,but we oughta make use of what we have in hand.. Yes,I carry the saxophone everywhere.
The entrance of the rooftop lounge is quite classy and has fundamentally basic Woodwork all around. 

The ambience is pristine and honestly is one where you would love to slack. Low light etching on woodwork is always a recipe for relaxing ambience. Scores a chunky 4/5 for the ambience.

The service is refined. Extremely cordial and courteous staff. On their toes all the time. We faced no delays any howsoever,even though we were here on a Sunday and ” Mothers Day” to top that. The place was filled with people,yet it seemed like we were in another corner,blurred from the on going pandemonium. So another 4/5 for the service.

  That the L.O. Ready for his meal at the right.
  We were honestly famished that day. Thank Goodness, we weren’t delayed. Our meal started within minutes of our arrival. 

100ft BBQ lounge offers you a buffet. I believe,if I’m right that there is no a la carte. Anyhow, the hubby and I opted for a vegetarian buffet. Priced at Rs. 500/- + taxes, which was an extra Rs 30 or 50.. Well,it was real a deal breaker. I absolutely, couldn’t be happier.

Our meal started with a ” CLEAR MANCHOW SOUP”, which honestly was just passable. It was a bit too bland even for my liking.. This is by the way,coming from someone who prefers bland food to spicy food. Somehow, it didn’t get gulped more than a few spoonfuls. But the disappointment stopped here.  

Next came the tremendously delicious starters. ” CAJUN SPICED POTATOES”. Let me just take a moment here… * wipes tears of happiness* 

The Cajun Potatoes were marvellous. Baked jacket potatoes served with a rich Salad dressing,just made my day. My plate just shows 2 of them.. I ate 20.. The potatoes were buttery,melt in the mouth and extremely well complimented with the dressing. They had a certain smokiness to it,a faint crisp of the jacket which just made this like a dish worth the money.  

  Next arrived the ” SCHEZWAN BABYCORN”. Which was delicious,the crispy babycorns batter fried and coated with generous sauce were getting a second helping from the hubby. Apparently,he loved it more than me. 

  Then arrived our maitrê d… Asked us if he could unveil the stars of the evening. ” yes,yes,yes” blurted I.. With a smug, off he went and came back with colourful skewers in his hand. I almost thought he was gonna do the ” knife swallowing act” albeit with skewers.. Hmmm… Methinks,that isn’t such a bad idea after all.. Must inform the circus head. 


Our grill looked fantastic. Colourful and mouth watering. No,I’m not talking of this one,but the one below.

Green,yellow,orange… What a harmony I say. We were served skewers of paneer tikka( cottage cheese with spices), pesto coated button mushrooms and spiced pineapples. 

The paneer tikka was soft, juicy,and well spiced. I adored the creamy marination, extremely subtle and kept me going.

The pesto button mushrooms were class apart. Right amount of pesto covered and their juicy bulbs were just outta the world. Loved it.

Spiced pineapples are as everyone knows yumm.. The caramelised pineapples were just your normal fare,but definitely added dimension to the grill.

I was very full with the starters that I just had a taste test for the main course. Like literally just 2 spoons. 

 The noodles and rice were just mediocre. Weren’t bad,but weren’t good either. They had pulao,steamed rice,curd rice and all that. All that was just “meh”.

What I loved was vegetables in plum sauce. They had this beautiful harmony with the plum sauce, was slightly sweet and worked great with my tastebuds. 

  Tandoori Gobi too scored points, it was unlike the bad versions of Gobi that get served in buffets. It’s on the left in the above image.
The desserts were gulab jamuns,gajar ka halwa,fruit custard,shahi tukde and ice cream. All just fair to middling,except the gajar ka halwa which was the best on the dessert table and put itself a little higher than the rest. 

How atrocious of me… I completely forgot about the superb mocktail. A light purple drink with wedges of lime and sprigs of mint. I’m trying to recreate that drink…just delicious. It’s just plain old Sprite and black currant squash maybe?? 

   That does look like it can hypnotize you right?? 
Oh well, I loved the experience at 100 ft BBQ LOUNGE. Onto my favourite list. 

4/5 star rating

Address: De-oreill boutique hotel, 45,17th main,100 ft road,4th Block. Koramangla, Bangalore.