Hello Panda.. Product Review. 

” I just want a Hello Panda!”, i shriek. 

I had been giving mum a hard time, whenever i would’ve had the “Hello Panda” craving. Oh!! Just incase, you’re wondering.. This was when i was 5 years old or so. I don’t do that to my mum anymore.. I do it to the hubbykins. 😁


Hello Panda has been one of my delectable & be-a-good girl treat. I would barge into “Safeway” & “Farm 9” and load them up in the cart, along with pink boxes of “Almond Roca” & white boxes of “Rafaello”. 

Fast forward that to 2015 and my son does the same thing. It’s something that I smile like a buffoon about. Hello Panda has very successfully managed to connect one generation to another. Though it’s come quite late to India, it’s a fresh start for sure. This comes with a “Kid Magnet” I presume, I mean which kid doesn’t love this stuff ?


Hello Panda is a Japanese brand, manufactured by “Meiji”. They basically are your shortbread cookies, filled with Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry cream. The cookies are shaped into blunt puffy panda heads, with pictorial depictions of the main character “Panda” on them. On some he’s fencing, on some he’s playing soccer, on some he’s swimming & henceforth. Whatever he’s doing, he’s one helluva sporty Panda for real. 

I, personally love the chocolate filling ones. Yumm.. & it’s been my favourite ever since I was a kid.


They are a very subtle combination of shortbread cookies & chocolate ganache. They are crunchy, buttery & light on the outside & give forth a flowy, silky chocolate cream filling when you bite into it. Not only do they melt in the mouth, they will very certainly melt your heart too. The taste, is nice, but is a little less richer & chocolaty than what I used to eat as a kid. Either the recipe has been re-formulated or the one that retails in India is just that way.

Brief insight on Hello Panda: 

  • Coin sized shortbread cookies, filled with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry cream.
  • Packaged in super cute hexagonal boxes, which are super attractive specially for the kids. 
  • They taste just delicious. 
  • They cost you 80 calories for 4 cookies, which is amazeballs unbelievable because, “OMG! You be so tiny cookie”. Either I embrace you or I say a good-yet-sad bye. 😢😢 
  • They are priced at Rs.70/- per box & I guess each box would have about 10- 15 cookies or so. When I was a kid, these retailed for SR.2/- & I’m pretty sure it’s still that much back in the Middleeast.
  • 3 flavours to choose from. 
  • Perfect for a kiddy treat every once in a while. 

Verdict: As long as you don’t get yourself or your kid addicted to it, go ahead & bulk buy it 😁😁 Enjoy!! 

JULIE’S OAT 25 COOKIES- A product review

Tea times for me are very sacred. It’s that portion of the day,when I just sit back and relax. I lose myself over a nice hot cuppa green tea with a constant nibbling of cookies and biscuits. I lose myself over a current favourite book or over the kindle pages. 

For me tea times are sacred. My little one has to be fast asleep or busy with some crayons or plasticine. So,I really value that little time which I promise myself everyday. During this time I’m spoiling myself with delectable treats. With Japanese teas to flavoured ones with chocolate cookies to oat ones. And as I’ve been on the clean eating spree,I try to steer away from the usual dose of guilty nibbles. 

My heart has set itself on this really amazing brand of cookies. I dunno how easily available they are in the supermarkets,but I got mine from ” STAR BAZAAR” and I’m like stupendously happy about it. 

I could find only 3 flavours of the cookies,namely:

  1. Oat 25 Ten grains
  2. Oat 25 with strawberry
  3. Oat 25 with hazelnuts and chocolate chips

I’m was in two minds to club all of them or to whether just concentrate on ” Oat 25 ten grain”. Then I thought maybe I need to give a nice detailed review and chucked the mashup thought. 

Here’s our winner: 


Just look at that neat packaging,I just love it. The big cookie looks so delectable. I could abso-blooming-lutely eat it off the packaging. 

What’s Julie’s and can I get more information about the cookies?

Julie’s is a novelty brand here, it’s still gaining momentum I guess. I really haven’t seen it anywhere else,that’s why I hoarded 10 of each flavour. 😖😖 Julie’s is made in “MALAYSIA” and is priced at a very reasonable ” Rs.159″ for 200 gms pack. 

The packaging is ever so neat and is packaged by the serving. You’ll just get to know what I mean.


Notice those little green packs?? There are 8 convi packs in each box.Those little packs are made for one serving. Each serving has 3 cookies. Each serving is worth 130 calories,which I presume is a fair enough deal.The ideal packaging also retains freshness,discourages over eating and helps you control your portions.

What are these cookies made up of and how do they taste?

These babies,specially Oat 25 ten grain is made up of ten grains. Talk about being multi grained. The grains that go into each cookie are: 

  1. Oat
  2. Rye flakes
  3. Sesame
  4. Triticale flakes
  5. Cracked spelt
  6. Barley flakes
  7. Wheat flakes
  8. Millet
  9. Quinoa
  10. Brown flax

If I may,let me tell you one thing… This is the holy grail of all multigrain cookies and biscuits. When did you last see all this or at least half of this in a cookie??? Never right?


Apart from the excellent health benefits,it tastes yumm..The taste is  very buttery and oat-y and also has a hint of sweetness to it. Has the whiff of a milky flavour too. When you bite into your cookie,you can’t help but notice those flax seeds waving back at you. 

And… When I see flax seeds,I feel so motivated that I’m eating healthy. 👍🏻👍🏻


These are my new favourites and I’m soooo digging them. I could take a plunge in a big pool of these cookies, kinda like Uncle Scrooge 😁😁  

These are my gold nugget equivalents. Give it a try and tell me how well these babies fared with you. 

Till then, happy nibbling!!

P.s. 1 serving=3 cookies= 130 calories

Britannia Nutri Choice 5 Grain Digestive Biscuits- A Review.

These days I’ve resorted to healthy and wholesome eating. My focus isn’t on just losing those extra piled up pounds,but an actual daily detox for my system. Detox as in:

  • Trying to source organic supplies as much as possible
  • Trying to stick to a food time schedule 
  • Trying to avoid as much oil as I can or any fats for the matter of fact.
  • Trying to replace vegetable oil with olive oil.
  • Trying to eat smaller portions.

Well,things have been so good so far. My Achilles heel usually is the mindless snacking. It just absolutely feels so necessary.. With aisles full of alternatives,I’ve decided to give Britannia’s ” NUTRICHOICE” range a go. I,do love the ” Yoga bars” too,but that’s another story eh.. 

The “NUTRICHOICE” range showcases multigrain biscuits,digestive biscuits,healthy cookies,etc… Life is filled with paradoxes and oxymorons. My favourite paradox is” healthy cookies”. For me cookies are sinners.. They are big,bad and beautiful..They are beautiful sinners. One bite and they have you in their grip. “They are delicious but they are bad,so… Very bad for you.” * imagine me telling this with a deep French intonation* 😏

But on the contrary, Britannia’s playing cupid with our obsession with cookies and is dishing out some amazing packs of it.. And this 5 grain Digestive biscuit aka cookie is the spot on solution for your midnight or mid meal cravings.

Power packed with 5 grains, it’s just an indulgence which you wouldn’t be guilty of. Here’s what goes into that cookie:

  • Oats
  • Corn
  • Ragi( millets)
  • Wheat
  • Rice 
  • A dash of honey

Quite a powerful punch isn’t it? Yes, this is the generation of healthy cookies. Where, cookies are no longer sinners, cookies are angels. These have ” zero cholesterol and zero trans fat content ” 😱. I mean… You really have to be that good eh?? The high fibre content just makes it more appealing.

These keep you filled and honestly curb your hunger pangs. They taste healthy and it’s that kinda healthy which you are gonna feel proud about. The first cookie is gonna take a little getting used to and the second cookie will get you munching, the third cookie is gonna be enjoyable and guess what by the fourth you are gonna be filled. It’s that instant. 👍🏻

The cookies are a nice,brown oval chunk. They smell honey-ish. The first taste is that of rolled oats and honey. The cookie is sweet,but not overwhelming kinda sweet. It’s a coarse fibre-y kinda taste too.

   Your tea times are gonna be face lifted and you will not need those flimsy biscuits anymore. With a subtotal of 160 calories for 2 biscuits,it can be a little heavy on your calorie counter,but will definitely beat that serving of French fries.

I,personally love these adorable chunks. They fill me up,satiate my sweet craving,keep me from reaching those crispy wafers and chips and most of all.. They leave me guilt free. Priced at a meagre Rs.25 for 6 cookies,nothing can get better. 

If you would rather order them online, I’d suggest you try out these well trusted and apt on delivery time sites. 

Aloha! Healthy and clean eating isn’t boring anymore.. 💃🏻

Loadsa love and toodles!!