Revlon Colorburst- Shade # 120 Vivacious Exuberante. 

Tell me what colour gets you all happy & jittery? Most of us would say pink? Well,I would. To me pink is the most perfect colour ever to grace this earth. 

“What about Red?” Says head. I,promptly dismiss that thought with a smile as fake as those pearly whites on a runway model. That would be this emoji btw 😬 😬

I love reds! But Pink!!! Gosh.. It’s so versatile. So young. So demure. So good. Pink goes everywhere and anywhere. Hell,you could be delivering your baby with a pink lipstick on. A red one,would make you look.. Well, a little too obnoxious. Who would wanna go in to delivery wearing Red? Red be sexy & the delivery room is the last place to be that. 

Pssst… I wore pink 😂😂

I even had a short story done on the colour pink. Me loves it that much. 

Revlon has come up with these “Matte & Lacquer” sticks.

Today I will be reviewing this beautiful colour called “Vivacious Exuberante” from the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Collection.   

Just check this voluptuous baby out. I love chubby sticks. Period. I mean that’s the end of it. I just love them. Call em chubby sticks,crayons, jumbo pencils,whatever you wanna. I love them. 

This colour is extremely true to its name. It’s just vivacious. Bright. Neon-ish. Colour of young love. Bubblegum. Hot Pink.   

Here’s what the product description is all about: 

  • They say it’s filled with triple butters of coconut,Shea & mango. 
  • Lacquer lip balm with moisturising properties.
  • Comes in 8 colours. 
  • Price : Rs.800/-


This is a great,retractable colour coded chubby stick. The packaging is an absolute eye candy. The vibrant glossy finish with the silver cap,just makes this such a want. 

What I love about this chubby stick is the minty,cool & mentholated feel,when you give it that first swipe. It doesn’t persist all the way,but for the first 20 seconds it’s just heaven.

I’m a matte lover,like with utmost fervour,but I’ve been trying to steer into the gloss zone too. I was expecting this to be more on the light sheer end & what a surprise it is to see that this is quite pigmented. 2 swipes and you have that amazing hot pink colour.   

The longevity of the crayon is quite fine. It lasts just about 3 hours and it certainly can’t survive meals. Retouching required. That turns up as a disappointment for the price paid.



  • Love the packaging.
  • The triple butters have that exotic element to it,which makes me happy.
  • Quite pigmented and after it wears off,it leaves a stain on your lips. Which is great for me.
  • Love the mentholated kinda feel.
  • I use this more as a lip balm for chapped lips and less as a lip colour.
  • Retractable,so no sharpening.
  • Easier to carry around.


  • It would’ve been fine at Rs.500/- but Rs.800/- according to me is a tad bit unfair.
  • Poor longevity which really makes me think if I would restock this? At this price,that’s the least I expect. 
  • Not too many colours to choose from. Limited choice. 
  • Matte lovers wouldn’t be too pleased with the product. 

Verdict: I certainly love the colour but I would say that I’m not too keen on restocking the lacquer. The matte balm maybe a better choice for my taste. 

Albeit, if gloss is your preference & you don’t mind the price,then this will get you in a happy place.

I did some buffoonery the other day with the colour. Did the “Miranda Sings” lips and here is what it looked like with just 2 swipes. So smile.. 😂😂😂