Happy Belly Bakes| Frasertown| Review| 

All of us, have that one favourite boulangerie in the neighbourhood. A place, where you’re welcomed with warm aromas, smiling faces & lipsmacking fare. A place, you find yourself going to more often than not, even though you’ve vowed to explore the newer pop ups happening. 

Now, for me, that kinda place is the “Happy Belly Bakes”. Isn’t the name too kawaii? I can imagine a little paunchy panda, mimicking a tummy rub as their mascot.


 Happy Belly Bakes is a perfect little bistro, you will fall in gustatory love with. Nothing, can ease you better than some bites of baked goods. Welcome to baked heaven, in and around Frasertown! 


 Decor: The decor is, super cute with the ambience cajoling you to stay put. The chairs & tables are contemporary rustic. The quirk factor scores a good point with me. A totally great place to just hang around as a loner or with the Brady bunch!


Hospitality: As this is just a small little bistro, there isn’t a lot of staff coming & pampering you. You are welcomed with a huge heartfelt smile by “Mr.Kiran” & he helps you decide what you really should try out. It’s just like family here. 

Food: The bakes are always so fresh & delicious. They have just about everything you need, from chocolate truffles to customised cakes. 


 Something, I super love at this place are the “Chicken Quiches” & “Volcano Tarts”. I, hoard them. Like 10 pieces each or so. 

Allow me to give you an insight into my 2 most favourite things over here! 

  • Chicken Quiche (Rs.90/-) : Before, I turned vegetarian, this was the thing that got me going through a stressed day. I, fondly remember, biting into the melt in the mouth crust & being welcomed with generous amount of chicken, seasoned well. The lightness of chicken, used to favour my palate pretty well. Topped with a generous amount of cheese & olives.  The pastry was always buttery & crumbed under a bite. Something, I sorely miss, while the hubster gorges on his share 😢😢 *sniff sniff* I, hope they come up with mushroom quiches!! 


These quiches are for home, nothing for me 😢

  • Volcano Tarts(Rs.80/-): The only sweet thing, I can eat 2 portions of. The tart, is just amazing with the warm, explosive & gooey chocolate flow. The pastry again is just right, with that nice soft crunch & buttery feel to it. Thank Goodness, I haven’t turned vegan. 


Verdict: The place treats you well, feeds you well & doesn’t really burn a hole in your pocket. A must try, if you’re in the neighbourhood. Chances are, you’ll be back before you know it. 

Rating : 4/5 stars

Location: Diagonally opposite to French Loaf, Clarks Road. Frasertown.

5 Things That Change When You’re A New Mommy.

I’ve been pondering about drafting this post from the past few days. I mean, I could be all knavish and go on to say, “Oh! Jolly Jelly Beans. Motherhood is the most satisfying thing ever. I’ve just borne a best friend for life. ” 

But, no, I wouldn’t indulge in such pettifoggery and mislead you from the things that will change. Well, Forever!! 

Here are my 5 most favourite/ unfavourable things: 

1. Sleep, will be an ex who you remember with a sad smile: 

You really shouldn’t have treated it, with so much ingratitude. How, you used to decide, when you’d wanna sleep or how you would just hit the pillow & call it a day. Remember, those hibernating naps, where you would sleep for 12-13 hours straight? Good ole days😢😢 Now, your baby decides when you sleep or rather, when he wants to sleep. If you thought, you were a free spirit not bound by rules. Then, you oughta see your baby’s feeding whims. He loves surprising Mommy with 4 a.m. cries. Darling! Welcome to the real “Hunger Games “


2. You will never be blessed with peaceful, romantic & carefree dates : 

D’oh!! Who said you would ever have a romantic & a carefree date? Let’s say, you filch a few hours from your baby time & hire a babysitter or just plop your baby at the Grandma’s toasty place. You & your partner, have reservations at the restaurant of your dreams. You order your courses & just when you start feeling the vibe. The phone rings!! “Honey! The baby misses you.” & you hear that wail, like a death knell 😢😢 If, it isn’t during the meal, then it surely will be at the time, you guys decide to have a long, breezy drive. 

And, if your baby comes along with you.. Then, oh well!! It isn’t a date, is it? Muhahhhahaha 😈😈😒😒


3. Your fancy Gucci, Dior, & MK purses are replaced by Petunia,  Storksak & BabyCargo diaper bags: 

Gosh! Even those names make me cringe. If, having a baby & his spittle on your shoulder wasn’t enough, now, you need to fashion revamp yourself. Big, floral/block, multi zippered bags filled with diapers, bottom butters, binkys, feed,etc.. is the way of life. Girl!! Your bag, is your identity. It doubles up as, a huge invisible placard that says, ” I’m a new mommy. Don’t mess with me. I’m the human version of Godzilla. I’m grumpy, irritated & exhausted. I need a Gucci more than ever now, but all I get is a diaper bag.” 


I feel you girl. Just another 5 years & then you can get your Gucci. Amen! 

4. Going to the Bathroom & having a 2 hour luxury soak with rose petals, bath bombs.. Stop!! :

Well, that’s a thingamaflip of history. It’s been 3 years since I had one. Your child, will miraculously need you the most, when you need some luxury time. When you decide, to pamper yourself with some much needed soak, your baby doesn’t think you deserve that. 10 minute showers are the trend these days. Once your baby is a toddler, rest assured that he’s gonna follow you & ask you, “What you doing inside?” atleast a 100 times in 10 minutes. 


5. Your shopping hauls will be filled with the cute A/W collection booties, diapers, toys and all that :

Remember, the last time you shopped selfishly just for yourself? Not anymore. It’s shopping haul for the baby too! More shopping goals & more financial oopsies now! 

“YOU spent $100 on stupid designer shoes for the baby, which he clearly won’t wear for more than 6 months?”, shouts the husband. 

Well, mommy! You’re learning. You’ll get the hang of it. Slowly, you’ll make wise decisions like spending $100 on toys? He won’t outgrow that in 6 months, will he?

Nope!! He’ll get over it, within a span of a week 😱

Now, I have a bonus one for you, Mommy! 

6. Your Playlist & Phones will be filled with “Wheels on the bus” kinda songs & “Baby Hazel” games: 

Yes! You heard me right! Your playlist will have annoying voices, blaring about “little boy blue, Jack Horner & London Bridge” on the damn loop. Then, your phones will start using those free MB’s to fill it with “Counting, Colouring & ABC” apps. This starts with a necessity to keep your toddler shut at the doctors, then you decide to keep him shut at the restaurant, mall, salon & every other place you take him along. 


Well, we all are ninjas on alert. We do need our inventories to be well stocked. 

Things will eventually get better and life won’t get back to normal pre baby days, but you’ll learn the art of making this a normalcy. Super proud of all the mommies. 

Welcome to motherhood mommy!! Have a great time here. 

P.S: All images have been sourced from http://www.google.com & are the sole right of the owner. These are not mine to credit. They have been used only for reference purposes. 

Cafe Mezzuna| Bangalore| Review

Fancy some Italian, Mediterranean , Spanish or French cuisine today? Maybe, you fancy something sophisticated to go with your palate? How about giving your tastebuds an assurance in the midst of chaos?

What if I told you that, you could find all of this under one roof? One roof to satiate your want of basking in the European sun, under the budding magnolias & chrysanthemums, with a table full of ambrosial delights? 


Coming from the house of “Speciality Restaurants Ltd” which gave Bangalore, Mainland China, Sigree Global Grill & Oh! Calcutta. Cafe Mezzuna comes across as no surprise, when your tastebuds burst into a billion sensory exciting tingles on the first bite. Really, that isn’t an act of over exaggeration. 


After the endorphin stimulating recommends, I decided to give this place a shot. 


 Decor: The decor is pretty interesting, with a grunge meets rustic meets industrial meets outdoorsy kinda thing going on. There is a certain symmetry, though the decor is clearly a mishmash of a few ideas. Love it!! 4.5/5 for decor. 


 Hospitality: We were greeted very warmly & were quickly ushered to our tables. Our maitrê d, was just the most primed yet happy person around. As the course progressed, the wait staff were on their feet to clear plates or tidy the mess created by the little one. That brings us to a full score of 5/5 for hospitality. 

The Fare, how our lunch progressed: 

  • Oven Roasted Mushroom Tarts: Little bite sized, tarts of joy. These had a generous filling of the soft scarmoza & that tang of the balsamic. The tart pastry leaned much on the crispy side, rather than the crumbly one. A deviation from all the “Tart” stereotypes. 



  • Pan Grilled Mushrooms: Oh! Bother. Now, I oughta fight that vision of scrumptious bulbous mushrooms. These were alluring me to just take the plunge. I, took it, without the thought of clicking a picture. The mushrooms were dressed in the most minimal & Spartan of a dressing. Just some chilli, lemon & garlic, maybe I felt a resonance of dried oregano too. These were served with croutes. 
  • Wild Mushroom Pizza: Notice a trend? Yes, I’m in love with Mushroom. The Pizza was a thin crust one, with generous amounts of cheese, wilted spinach, sundried tomato & goat Cheese. The crust, gave way to the much needed crunch, which then enveloped your sensory with the flood of flavour from the cheese & those toppings. Would’ve loved it warm & toasty when it reached me, but all I could feel was lukewarm. Nevertheless, I guess that just made the pizza more crunchier. Something i fancy.



  • Farfelle in Creamy Mushroom Sauce: Gracious!! Now, that I see it.. That’s quite an hefty amount of mushroomy love in my meal. So, I ordered the beautiful bow ties, in a creamy mushroom sauce. The sauce, I must say, was abso-blooming-lutely delicious. I, longed for some privacy, so that, I could shamelessly lick my plate clean. The earthiness of the sauce, amalgamated with the nutty pungency of warm garlic chives instantly warmed the cockles of your beating heart. What generosity..Aah!! A must for every pasta loving soul. 



  • Belgian Chocolate Crepes: Don’t be fooled. These crepes weren’t just crepes, they were a portal to sunny orange orchards. The crepe was filled with Belgian Chocolate & topped with Orange rinds & Marmalade. If, I could only describe, the true nature of that crepe. It encompassed a warm sweetness which was married to the sharp acidity of the rinds. Opposites attract, nothing could be a better example than this dessert.



  • Vanilla Bean Panacotta: Panacotta’s are just what the world needs when it’s in a dire need of pampering. This was just that & much more with the Raspberry compote to bring in the acidity to an otherwise sweet note. What a marvellous masterpiece. One of the best in town! 


 With that our course ended & we had conflicts raging within us, if we really oughta leave. The place was that amazing. Atlast, we said our farewells & promised to return again.


 Overall score: 5/5 (because my math is pretty horrid & because that’s what they deserve)

VFM: The VFM is moderate. It’s worth every penny, so, really it is a gratifying experience!

Location: St. Marks Road.

Another mention, if i, may. You really need to sample the Fig & Honey Grain Mustard. Outta the world 😋😋


Bon appetite mes amis!! 

Honey Twigs- Product Review.

Who doesn’t love honey? Aren’t we all a big or a minuscule version of “Winnie The Pooh”? We all have bottles of honey, stored in our pantries. Big, sticky & caramelly bottles, sitting on the shelf calling out to you when you make those pancakes or brew up that tea or when you just feel under the weather. 


 Apart from just being a sweet tooth pacifier, we all know the immense benefits of honey. One of my super favourite things to do with honey is making the “Green tea & Honey” mask, for intense hydration & glow. But, I’m not here to talk about all those stuffs. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna be chatting up with you today. 

When you think of honey, what’s the physical characteristic that comes to your mind first? 

  • Sticky
  • Messy or
  • Runny


Isn’t that so? What if you decide to have honey on the go or what if you decide, you want a non messy alternative for honey consumption? What do you do?

Non-messy & honey are quite irrelevant. Not anymore!! Honey can now be your messy hillbilly, who has metamorphosed into a dapper tuxedo clad bloke. 

Yes!! Honey has a new makeover😍😍 Forget those messy, stuck on the lid & dripping from the side honey jars. 

Suck it up, oh naive one. Ummm.. I meant that literally. Don’t look at me like that. Geez!!  

Honey has a new avatar called “Honey Twigs”. Honey now comes in portion sized twigs, which save you the hassles of unwanted “Mouth-robe Malfunctions”. These are on the go tube packs, which you just open & suck it up. It’s that easy.   

“HONEY TWIGS” 😋 The best part about these twigs is, you really can just throw these in your bag & just go ahead. They do inculcate, a habit of good decision making.   

What I, mean by that is…from the time I’ve had these babies, I tend to reach for them instead of a chocolate. Chocolates get messy in your bags btw. These days, I order my green tea in a café & instead of the unhealthy sugar packs that come along with it, I rip open a “Honey Twig” & enjoy my tea.

My oh my!! The luxuries of life. Hey!! Did I forget to mention that, Honey Twig is anything but a luxury product?? Man..this stuff is super affordable for all that I know.  10 twigs cost you Rs.70/- 

Now, let’s talk about the liquid gold encased in the twig.. Wondering where it’s sourced from or whether it’s just a packaging gimmick, with no surety? Rest assured, that the liquid gold inside is as natural as it gets. The honey is sourced from the Himachal & Punjab. They have 2 super awesome flavours. 

  • Multiflora Honey
  • Litchi Honey

Multi flora Honey : It’s a subtle honey, that has been sourced from a variety of flowers. The honey is antibiotic free too. 

Litchi Honey: This is a comparatively sweeter honey & has been sourced from the litchi orchards of Muzzafarpur. 

I, personally prefer the Multi Flora Honey due to its subtle sweetness. 

Now, most of you would be skeptical about the plastic tube. You must be wondering if, it’s a good idea relishing it from plastic. The good news is… The plastic packaging is completely food grade & you really shouldn’t worry about it. They have maintained a extreme standard stringency while producing the packaging.

How I use my Honey Twigs: 

  • Perfect for pancake toppings, muesli, cornflakes & toast.
  • Perfect amount of honey in each twig for my “Honey & Green tea mask.
  • For sweetening my green tea.
  • Snacking option for my little one. He loves popping these tubes along with almonds for his supper.

Verdict: This is a highly convenient product, that eliminates the physical problems faced while consuming honey. You don’t need spoons, stirrers or anything. All you gotta do is pop! 

So, this scores high on my scanner, as it’s affordable, convenient & non messy. A must have on dining tables along with our table butters. ❤️❤️

P.S: Winnie the Pooh & Honey jar images are sourced from http://www.google.com These have been used for reference only. All credit goes to the owners of the images. 

P.P.S: This is an unsponsored post. All views are my own. 

Curtain Raiser to Young Chef Olympiad 2016.

And you pondered deeply, with creased foreheads & frown lines, that you’ve seen it all. Let’s ease those creases & frowns & let me give you a yogic breathing session. 

After the deep breaths, things are gonna be pumping up. Ooh!! I’ve just received a weather forecast. 


Foodies, Bloggers & Media influencers, spot a pots & pans rattling hurricane, heading towards India with spices & produce. Expected to arrive by 26 th January 2016. Please prepare yourself with aprons & mise en place. 

Whoa!! What was that about?? Noorain, better spill those beans & make some baked bean salad 😋😋

You know, that i love food. You know, that I love socialising. You know, that I love trying out new stuffs (probably you didn’t, but imma telling you anyway). Now, let’s imagine all those 3 things on 1 ginormous platform. 1 platform that’s the everything of the Culinary World. 1 platform that’s a dream for doe eyed chefs. 1 platform that’s gonna stand testimony, to the culinary hurricane that’s gonna be engulfing India, in a few days. 
Let’s welcome the YOUNG CHEF OLYMPIAD on the 26th of January 2016, conducted by IIHM. The event is backed by Ministry of Tourism, India. 😍😍

I, was invited over by team FBAB, Chef Bibhuti is always a charm, by giving his association members the best events to witness. 

The event was conducted at I.I.H.M- Bangalore. It was hosted by our beautiful hostess Miss Shalini Charles, who gave us an insight of what was going to take place, in the course of the following days. 

The YCO is a very ambitious project, which promises to tap in raw talent present in every culinary student. It’s an interactive event, where 67 countries will be participating to unveil their talented Young Chefs. All of them will be ferociously competing for the title & a grand sum of USD 10,000/- 

The prelims will be held in 3 cities & on 29th in Bangalore. Kolkata will witness the finale.



The evening, then progressed to Chef Shaun Kenworthy, magically concocting up a beautiful fusion dessert called “A trifle Indian”. It was a merging of East & West. Ginger snaps in orange zest with Mishti doi & Spun sugar.  

What mesmerised me was the way, he spun sugar outta the caramel on a whisk in just minutes. That scene, in a very uncanny way, reminded me of that childhood fairytale called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Remember, the Emperor wants the most luxurious set of clothes for the parade & he summons spindle weavers, who spin invisible threads of Gold? 😂😂 The story altered here..


 Well, here Chef Shaun was the one with the INVISIBLE spindle & spun VISIBLE threads of Gold outta thin air. He certainly, didn’t need it to strike midnight nor did he need the privacy. Off he went, spinning magic. 


We, then had the immense pleasure of having a tête a tête-à-tête with the Infallible Chef Abhijit Saha. *water please* 

It’s always so overwhelming to meet, someone who has made India & more specifically Bangalore proud. My nerves had me cracking up, all I could so was smile like a buffoon looking at him . Yes, I’m fangirling here. He’s the mastermind behind “Caperberry & Fava”, need I say more??



Fondly called as “Bangalore’s Masterchef”, Chef Abhijit Saha was filled with humility, wisdom & eloquence. His warm personality, swayed us all. If, Chef Abhijit Saha was a dish, he’d be a nice Moroccan Mushroom Tagine that warms you up & makes you feel good.    

 The event ended with the talented students of IIHM, tickling our tummies with delicious finger foods & short eats. What a well manicured & primed lot they were. Here’s a little sneak peek of the tickle session.   


Quick bites in deepa’s plate!!
Deep blue.. a mix of pineapple juice & mango juice.. yumm!

Also, a great effort by team Nucleus for organising the event so effortlessly. Special mention to Taranjeet & Vinay for chatting up with us bloggers. 

Selfie with the beautiful student Bhuvi & my dear friend Deepa!

Another special mention to 3 IIHM students, who I could remember. Bhuvi, Manoj & Satya for making us feel so good. They even gave us cupcake goodie bags. Man!! They were delicious 😋😋

Here’s a pic of the students, Miss Shalini, Chef Abhijit Saha & Chef Shaun Kenworthy.  

For all the students, who will be participating in the YCO, here’s a big hug & best wishes from me. May the best one win!!  

Our Chef BB is always a poser, its a joy to see, what pose he strikes in each groupie!! 👍🏻

I’ll be there, inshallah to witness the prelims live in Bangalore, will you??

P.S: The group photo belongs to Chef BB & has been used only for reference purpose. 

Kerrygold Cheese- A review

Boy!! I love Irish cheese. Well, technically, any cheese for that matter. But.. The Old Country, Irish cheese, it’s something else. It isn’t a surprise that Irish Cheeses claim to be one of the best in the world. For example, the “Killeen Goat Cheeses or BlueBell Falls Goat Cheeses” These are just my top loves, from Ireland. 

Keeping that love pulsating through my veins, I found “Kerry Gold”, at a farmers market. What attracted me was this little figurine.   

Hahahahaa… Isn’t it Amazeballs cute?? Then, it just happened. I was naive & birdbrained. Obnoxiously yes!! All, this while, I had whisked away the thought of Irish Cheese being available in Bangalore. 

I mean, “Pffff.. No way. I’m super informed & conceited” Look at my pretty “Know it all” eyebrow dance.  

Irish Cheese has been retailing in Bangalore for the past year or so, under KerryGold. The thing I love about this brand, is the fact, that the cheese is just so creamy, rich & so milky. I mean, you eat these cheeses and you know, you have a full bodied product and not just some lean & emancipated thing called cheese.   

The cows are grass fed & there is a high level of stringency by the book. They have an awesome advertising campaign called “Grass to Gold”. How true does that ring?? 

Check out the divine Dubliner & Cheddar Fondue below:   

My favourite cheeses & recent hauls from the brand are :   

  • The renowned “Dubliner”.
  • The Mature Cheddar. 

Dubliner : Aaah!! There’s nothing, I can say, that will do justice to the feeling I get, when I have this melted between Rye bread & an excellent Alfredo for pasta & corn bakes. 


The Dubliner from KerryGold is undoubtedly, the best product in the brand, according to my palate. It’s made outta cows milk & uses a vegetarian rennet. It’s aged for a good year to develop the taste. What puts this above levels is the dual character of this cheese. It’s a hybrid. Believe me on that! Where it behaves like a sharp aged Cheddar, it also behaves like a Swiss & Parmesan hybrid with the nutty & sweet lingering of the taste. The Cheese is crumbly and I, honestly love the pasty texture. There is a distinct calcium crystal crunch in the cheese, which is really mild & is another character of this cheese. 

The secret remains, about how the Dubliner is made & who cares, as long as we feast on this baby? 

Price: Rs.565/- for 200gms


2) The Mature Cheddar: We all love some full bodied cheddar. It’s everywhere, every second cheese is a cheddar in the market. The reason you need this “Mature Cheddar”, is for the sole reason of that creamy sharpness, which comes with being aged for a year. It was the perfect thing for Mac & Cheese!! 

Gee…it was a pleasure. I have a thing for older & matured Cheeses (Though, that necessarily doesn’t apply to my personal life😁) I see an aged cheese & I have to get my hands on it. The whole bodied sharpness, which is never satiated in normal cheeses gets sorted. 👍🏻

Price: Rs.495/- for 200 gms

Each of these cheese blocks came with recipe cards, which I have to say were MINDBLOWING yum. 


Verdict: You really must indulge, if you love cheese ❤️❤️

I must, include my beautiful hostess over here, who I found promoting the brand. She’s such a wonderful person. Radha!! You go girl 😁😘


Shammi Kabobs, a ritual.

Everyone, has a certain favourite from their mommy’s kitchen, a good, delicious shammi kabob is one of them. 

I, fondly remember, mum making these kabobs atleast once a month. She loves everything fresh, from the spices to the produce. She used to make her own chilli powder, garam masala & all that, she still does. The house would be filled with warm aromas of the spices & we instantly would know that, tomorrow would be the “Shammi Kabob” day. 

The “Shammi Kabob” day would mean, takeaways & fries & Nintendo , the whole day. How super exciting 😁😁 Mum, would be slogging the day off, with the mixer going on & off, aromas in the house & huge platters of uncooked circular Shammi kabobs, getting ready to be frozen. She would make it by the kilograms, so that it could last a month. Though, I’m in the process of turning into a vegetarian, I sorely miss this one & sometimes, I do cheat & gulp one down. 😱😱

There are so many kinds of mince kabobs, but the all time favorite kabob, has to be this deliciously blended one with a mix of yellow Bengal gram and meat mince.

It boasts of giving your meat a well deserved transformation. If you haven’t developed a taste for shammi kabobs, now u surely will after trying this recipe.



  • Lamb mince or chicken mince- 500 gms 
  • Yellow Bengal gram lentils a.k.a.chana dal- 250gms
  • My secret garam masala- 1 Tbsp
  • Coriander powder- 1 tsp
  • Roasted & crushed cumin (we already have cumin in the garam masala)- 1 tsp
  • A small bunch of coriander leaves and mint leaves.
  • Juice of about 1 lime.
  • Red chilli powder as per taste
  • Garlic paste- 1 Tbsp
  • Ginger paste- 1 Tbsp
  • Greek yogurt- 1 Tbsp
  • Small sliced onion-1
  • Salt.
  • Oil for frying
  • A few cloves of garlic.
  • 2 eggs


1)After having prepped for shammi kabobs, you will first need to boil the Bengal gram well enough. Make sure the Bengal gram is boiled to a stage where it’s a la dente. Overcooking the lentils, makes it oily upon frying, as overtly soft lentils tend to absorb oil.

2)Boil the mince with a few cloves of garlic, till tender.

3)Next add all dry ingredients and after a nice mix with the spatula add yogurt, ginger paste and garlic paste with 2 eggs. Later add the mix into a food processor and once it’s nice and homogenous, add coriander and mint leaves with finely sliced onions and a juice of lime.

4) With your bare hands shape them into small circles.

5)Freeze for about an hour before frying.

6)Deep fry the shammi kabobs till golden brown.




Mushrooms in oyster sauce-An Indian twist.

Mushrooms. I’ve always been fascinated by them. Every time I get mushrooms home,I’m staring in awe at their hyphae,gills & structure. It’s like one of those architectural marvels in Seoul. So sophisticated.

Apart from being super versatile, mushrooms are one of the natural occurring sources of the “Selenium”. Ok! I don’t intend to drag this into a scientific or a dietary topic. You got the whole net thing going on for that. 😁😁

I’ve always loved playing up with ingredients. And,I can probably tell this proudly..quite alot of them have found their way into the trashbin. 😦😦 breather please *so,she expects us to try her recipe?Doofus Loofus* 

Ahem.. No I’m serious. This one is just so super easy and delicious,that I couldn’t stop myself from not sharing. I fused typical South Indian elements with oriental elements and the result pleasantly surprised me y’all. 👍🏻 



  • Mushrooms – 300 gms
  • Oyster Sauce – 2 tbsp
  • Dark Soy Sauce – 4 tsp
  • Sriracha paste/Sambal paste/Red chilli paste: 2 tsp
  • Vinegar – 2 tsp 
  • Water- 200 mls
  • Sugar – 2 tsp
  • Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
  • Fried onion powder – 1 tsp (optional)
  • Curry leaves – about 25 leaves or more. 
  • Red chillies whole – 2 
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tsp 
  • Garlic cloves minced – 12
  • Ginger minced  – about a quarter a cup. 
  • Onion sliced – 1
  • Green chillies whole – 2 ( optional)
  • Salt & pepper – as per taste


  • Plunge the mushrooms in rolling boil water,for about 10 minutes. Remove them and keep aside.
  • In a mixing bowl,add all the wet ingredients with the sugar. Whisk them well. Adjust the salt level.
  • In another pan, heat the sesame oil and add mustard seeds. Wait till they splutter. 
  • Add the whole red chillies and fry till they are dark. Discard them if necessary. 
  • Add the minced garlic cloves and wait till they blush a nice golden. 
  • Add the sliced onion and let it turn translucent.
  • Add fried onion powder & stir.
  • Now add half of the curry leaves and reserve the other half for later. Keep stirring this mixture.
  • Add the whisked sauces and let it thicken up for a few minutes. 
  • Add the boiled mushrooms,stir &let them soak the sauce up. 
  • Add the pepper at the last.
  • Garnish with green chillies and curry leaves.