Post A Quote Challenge: Day 1

Yaayy.. I’m in for another interactive thing. Well,being a relatively new blogger,each little challenge or award gets me going on.. Pretty much like this :

Ahem!!! So apart from feeling all excited about this awesome “post a quote challenge”,I’m also super stoked about having a same location blogger friend “ “. She’s like the oodles of oomph and fun.. You really oughta check out her blog. 

So a bigggggg heartfelt thank you dear shweta… Love and hugs!!

Here are the rules :

– Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources)

– Nominate 3 bloggers to participate per post thank the person who nominated you

My quote for the day is:

  Tadaaa!! Did you like it?? Did you?? Haan?? Did you???

Honestly speaking,well… Technically,it’s honestly typing.. Oh well!! You get the drift..  I’ve always come across like a kazillion of those “more crap,less sense” kinda people.. Ohh wait!! A kazillion would have made me super famous by now..

Sorry,sorry… So, what I was telling is,I’ve come across like a lot of these kinda people,who rarely spurt something even knowledgable from their mouths,but they live in this false conception called ” dimwitedness superiority complex”,where according to them,every word they say is worth its weight in “Gold” and superimpose their ideologies on others.It’s kinda hard to talk sense into them,and not really easy to ignore them either.

Like,my husband and I had this anonymous client who came up to us and said “ I wanna file a divorce on the grounds of impotency“. We said alright,got chatting with her about how she should go into counselling first.We talked to her about how she really felt and asked her,for how long has this been going on and she curtly replied “ From the time @&₹£$ was born”  We asked her,who that was and she said” Why,that’s our son madam!!”


All I did was gulp some water down and tell her to get some rest first. Impotency and a child.. Err.. She’s clearly gonna win..  Yep!! This is a true story… Common sense RIP!!!

indexMy nominations are:

1. Soochie from

2. Veronica from

3. Blogmebutiful from

Get Going Girls!!! Loadsa love and hugss!!


The Versatile Blogger Award!!! Muahahahaha..

Guess what just happened??

Guess… guess…. C’mon you can do it. about i give you a hint?? will that do any good? NO???

Ok.. how about i tell you the first Alphabet of what happened?? NOO???

I soo believe we are coming to an apocalypse now… Does noone wanna hear me out????

Well,I’m gonna tell it anyway…

I just got my first award on wordpress… *wipes tears of happiness*😢


The beautiful doe eyed beauty Sooch nominated me for this award.😘

article-2168895-13ED8C04000005DC-578_634x365  Isn’t she a pwetty thing???? Pssst… i do know this is betty boop,but lets just keep that as a secret between you and me eh??

This is the link to her blog :

Super talented,a girl with a bigg heart and funny as ever. Her posts will get you savaging for more.She’s got me hooked onto her site from day 1.. Yes, i have to admit it,im stalking her..😈😈😈 Bwahahaha…

I would soo nominate you again sooch,but that totally defeats the purpose. 

The Rules:

1⃣Thank the person who gave you this award.
2⃣Include a link to their blog.
3⃣Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
4⃣Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things/facts about yourself.

7 facts about myself:

  • I LOVE BLACK: I am sooooo and sooooo in love with black. I kinda have this crazy obsession with it,where i have to fill up my wardrobe,my vanity,my wallpapers with something BLACK. Yet ironically,i’m shit scared of the dark. Darkness for me is claustrophobia dressed in black..That’s one kinda black i don’t like.  
    thats my ceiling wallpaper,all black.
  • I AM A HOARDER: I love… read love… hoarding stuffs.From cute empty perfume bottles to testers,from canisters to old editions of Filmfare,Femina,Vogue,etc…  
    empty perfume bottle
    mini lantern with a missing aka broken bulb
    a broken sunny

 I would like to address myself as an antique collector rather than a hoarder.. Someday,it will be worth millions 😂😂 but,even I can’t fathom how a broken sunny and a lantern without a bulb would fetch me a million 😳😒😖

  • I DID POETRY AT AGE 7:I still remember my first ever poem.. It was called ” Squirrel by the green tree“. I remember entering an impromptu poetry competition at age 9,me and my best friend. I confidently wrote an on the spot poem,which won no accolades. Funny part is,my best friend won the competition..I was pretty glad she did. We were then called into the auditorium to hear out the poem that won the ” Impromptu poetry competition.. Perplexed was i, when i heard ” Squirrel by the green tree”  been read out. How did that happen?? She tells me, ” You used to read it out aloud so many times,i just couldnt think of anything else and i wrote it down… sorry!!!” So much for luck eh??😒💸💸
  • I LOVE BEING UNDECIDED: Irrespective of the fact,that my hubs hates my trait of being undecided. I uncannily,find myself doing it again and again and again. When im waltzing outta the door,i’m gonna remember an accessory i forgot to wear and then i’m gonna go ahead and change my whole outfit to match my accessory. The hubs is gonna ask me where i wanna go?? and he will be flooded with directions,but never a name of a place. I’m pre programmed to tell him,” Honey,i think we should go left today” and after 15 minutes of directional GPS from me,i will just say.. ” Honey, i wanted to go to that Lebanese restaurant behind,but you just drove across.”

Here’s a shot of what happened the last tym I did my dysfunctional GPS thing. 

The highway
we were here and then we landed up here… 😖😐  

heck where are we??
  Save for the taunts from the hubs,I enjoyed it a lot ❤️😁 We had no inkling of an idea where we were.. But that’s just life innit?? 


imagesNot this, but this kind….

vector-illustration-of-indian_smallYou are bound to follow the rich,cultural taste of masalas. 

  (I’m such a hypocrite,I even did a GARAM MASALA POST 😳😓.. )

Anyhow,If you even say as much as a ” its too spicy”, you’re officially deadmeat. You are to be labelled as an ” outcaste”. So, under these atrocities i rebel and say ” Can you make me some Penne Alfredo please?”. I am a diehard fan of Middle Eastern,Italian and American cuisine.

  • I DID MY 3RD SEMESTER LAW EXAM WHEN I WAS 8 MONTHS PREGGY..WHAT I WANNA SAY IS, I’M SUPER AMBITIOUS: That is the most epic thing i’ve done in my life and something that i am absolutely proud of.With aches and sleepy eyes,i somehow nailed it. This just makes me tell you that,”PASSION HAS NO AGE OR SIZE” BTW… i used to look horrendous those days,with long tunics and flats. Uuuugghh!!! the thought makes me cringe. The best part was that I didn’t look even a bit preggy,I just used to look like I had extra pounds piled in the wrong places. I used to get a lot of ” ooh.. You’ve put on weight!!” And I used to starkly retort ” why yes, I’m expecting”.. But post baby.. I’ve got comments like ” Oh!! Your expecting?” And I’ve retorted ” yes,expecting to loose weight” 😐😢😢😭😭
  • I LOVE MAKEUP: Oui, i live,thrive and breathe makeup. There isnt a time when you can catch me atleast without a line of kohl in my eyes. I absolutely adore it. It just makes me feel special… ohh soo special!! The whole primer,foundation,brushes,etc etc routine is just so monotonous and therapeutic at the same time.

indexErrrrr…. no… that’s certainly not what im aiming for.

7d8b38236b9ca8e703d22e374d11a6d7Certainly not this either…. But you get the point!!

Now here comes the fun-a-licious part. I nominate thee blogs:

  1.  izza, such a sweetheart
  2. FARAZ, would love to know more about you.
  3.     Clearly,she’s a favourite to all
  4.  A dear sister who has been giving me spiritual enlightenment.
  5. A BIGG hearted lady,who I would love to know about.

Now,let’s get those facts out already… Spill the beans people..

Till then Sooch and I shall share this waffle.. Delicious isn’t it,soochie??

Delicious strawberry waffle