Clicktable Meet | Xu-Fashion Bar & Kitchen|  Leela Palace | Old Airport Road | Bangalore|

 My Motto is : more good times”- Jack Nicholson

Please tell Jack, somebody, that I’m echoing his sentiments. Unaware, of the fact that this evening would unfold something more than just food & professional conversations, i put on my best mascara, just so that people would see me wide awake. 

Spoiler Alert : One of the best evenings, filled with memories. 

About Clicktable: 

Clicktable, is a “Restaurant Booking” app designed to make your dine in experiences, much more easier & benefitting to you. While, we are stuck in our realms of reality, finding time for the simplest things in life becomes cumbersome. 

Clicktable, makes your life much easier, with the tap of a few buttons. You can book your table at your favourite restaurant & avail great discounts as well. So, it’s time to say goodbye to long queues & unnecessary calls to restaurants asking them to reserve a table for you. 

All you need to do is, just click. ______________________________________

Xu – Fashion Bar & Kitchen

About Xu : 

It’s a fairly new entrant, which tries to capture the essence of being a fashion bar. The restaurant, is nothing short of special because of their offerings. The cuisine is Spanish, European, Indian & Fusion. You can expect flecks of molecular gastronomy as well. 

Ambiance : 

I, really enjoy a relaxing ambiance yet mellowed down ambiance. Though Xu, has a peppy and well thought eclectic ambiance, it didn’t fail to keep me entertained. It also rates high on comfort factors. 


The staff, is highly well versed with the menu and they do give you good suggestions on what must be ordered. The service is a little slow, but there is lots of room for improvement because it’s just launched. 

The Grub Story : 

We were here for the Clicktable app meet, were we had an interactive session with the members about the inception & workings of the app. 

Here is what we sampled : 


  • Deoxidised Gazapacho (₹230/-) : A light yet hearty soup made out of Roma tomatoes, scallions & Smooth Brie. I, enjoyed the refreshing taste immensely. 
  • Creme di Bisibele bath (₹170/-) : Dal Tadka savarin with phulkas. Definitely a must try. 


  • Quenching Catalian (₹285/-): Watermelon triangles served with feta quenelles & mint raspberry coulis. I, kid you not, it was one of the best salads ever. Period. 


  • Magnificent Malai (₹260/-): Deiciius and melt in the mouth, these Labneh Kebab were my favourite. Flavoured with rose powder & cilantro oil. Very unique in composition.

  • Indian Sushi :  A beautiful fusion of cultures. Curd rice sushi, with wasabi and befitting in taste. It could do with some more wasabi, but no complaints. 

  • Nitro verduras (₹435/-): One of their signature pizza dishes, made out of sautéed veggies, jalapeños and nitro cheese foam. Extremely toothsome and filled with flavour. 

  • Bombay Bhajji Rolls (₹445/-): One of the best dishes of the day. The delish  quotient was high on this one. The Bhajji was filled with mascarpone. Oh my Gawwwwd!! This was just genius. Worth every penny! Must must must try.

Desserts : 

  • Nitrosiana tart (₹200/-): Mysore Pak Tart with Shrikhand cheesecake. I’m in love with the concept & it’s something that titillates your taste buds. 
  • Petterossian Gavaroche (₹260/-) : Hazelnut mousse, aero sponge & creme anglaise. Another lipsmacking one. 


Verdict : The Restaurant is a pleasure to dine at. The food is ambrosial and unique. Rates high on VFM meter as well. 

Well deserved 4 star 


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