Whooppeezz Pizza | QSR Review |Koramangala| Bangalore | 

Those pizzas I ate, were for medicinal purpose”- Amy Neftzger 

Guess what, I ate a few slices of the pizza pretty much in the same vein. From its time in Naples, to it having reached every shore in the world (well pretty much every) Pizza, has come a long way. We have 100’s of versions, but the love for Pizza binds us all. It is as universal as it gets. 

I’ve seen the Pizza revolution happen in Bangalore from the late 90’s, when we used to come back to India for our vacations and we would literally have no other option, but to go to the one place “P****H** to satiate our cravings. From then to today, when there are so many options and you’re spoiled for choice, you can’t help but think wisely about choosing which pizzeria to patronise. 

About Whooppeezz : 

Whooppeezz, this QSR believes in giving you delectable pizzas at affordable prices. They believe in generosity and that is clearly seen, in their toppings & dousing of cheese. The take extreme care, making sure that you just had a lip smacking meal. Their brand mascot “Forgetful Franco”, is just someone you instantly can connect with. 

Ambiance : 

The ambiance, is pretty quirky and the catch phrases, catch your attention as well. Done with yellow and white tones, the ambiance is very cheery as well. 

Hospitality : 

Being a QSR, you really can’t expect much but they still try to be as involved as they can be with your dine in experience.

The Grub Story : 

Here are few of the things me and the girls tried when we were here: 

Drinks : 

  • Virgin Mojito (₹79/-): Their mojito, was very refreshing and the punch of lemon & mint is pretty good. The best part is, it comes with your own takeaway bottle. ❤️ Affordable much.
  • Crunch Choco Blast (₹130/-): Yum and a mouthful. The delectable shake, was ever so rich and had all the elements of a freak shake at quarter the price. 

Appetisers : 

  • Garlic Bread With Cheese & Mushrooms (₹120/-): Quite surprisingly, this was really enjoyable. With a crunchy bruschetta, warm mushrooms & drippy cheese, I’d order this any day. 

This is with the chicken topping

  • BBQ Chicken Wings : All of the non vegetarians, loved this. It has a distinct gooey and soft texture to it. 

Pizzas : 

  • Silli Chilli (₹515/- for large) : A spicy combination of cajun Paneer, yellow & red capsicum, pickled onions & chilli flakes. The tang of pickled onions is something welcomed.

  • Veg Exotica (₹515/- for large) : If, you are vegetarian or not, this is one pizza that you shouldn’t miss for anything. The flavours of all those toppings, is just something so delicious. The thin crust, just elevated the flavours. 
  • Popeye Spinachy : Made with a multigrain base and topped with spinach and cheese. This was my favourite. Loved it, must try! 

  • Mamas pizza (₹515/- for large): Sundried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and basil, this combination gets all the points for being sinfully yum. 

The non vegetarian version

  • Whooppeezz Double Decker (₹550/- for veg): The mother of all pizzas, the monster munch and double the bliss. This pizza has a double of everything. Cajun spiced Paneer, tandoori Paneer, black & green olives, sundried tomatoes & jalapeños. 

Desserts : 

  • Whooppeezz Chocolate Pizza With Almond Flakes and Gems (₹190/-) : Omg!! This totally has to be heaven. One of the innovative desserts I’ve had this month, the chocolate pizza is crunchy in the middle and spongy & soft near the crust and oozes of gooey chocolate. Must must have. 

  • Choco Cheesecake Shot (₹60/-) : Smooth and silky, with a taste that envelopes you. It’s a highly yum shot, which the kids would love. 


Verdict : The pizzas and the offerings here are really a pleasure to devour. The pricing is good and rates high on VFM meter, there’s nothing that i didn’t like here. 

Here’s a 4 star for them. 


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