Grapevine | Restaurant Review | HSR LAYOUT| Bangalore | 

Good Food is very often, even most often, simple food”- Anthony Bourdain. 

Yes, I hear you Anthony. You don’t need some food brouhaha for it to actually be ambrosial. Something simple, well as simple as Pizza, can be the one that gets you. 

About Grapevine : 

Situated in HSR, it seems almost like a piece of a Mediterranean noshery right here. Grapevine is an ambitious venture started by the mother daughter duo, who believe in proferring, extremely affordable and lip smacking fare to whet your appetite. 

Ambiance: The ambiance, is extremely relaxing with the teal and grey tones to calm your senses down. The little baubles strewn across, take the feel of the restaurant up by many notches. It’s a place you come by, to lose yourself. 

Hospitality: The staff are well groomed and cordial, they could definitely do better with being a tad more attentive to the customers need. 

The Grub Story : Being “The Pizza Month”, there were quite a few pizzas that we ordered. 

  • Cottage Cheese Croquettes (₹150/-) : A delicious strip of cottage cheese dipped in bread crumbs and fried. Loved the perfect crunchy exterior with the smoothness of that cheese. Must try.

  • Spanakopita (₹215/-): I was the most excited about this one, because i love the richness of the Greek pie. When im talking spanakopita, I’m thinking heavy & generous amounts of spinach and feta & crumbly filo pastry. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that, it felt more of a Spinach sambousek. But, apart from that, it was delicious ❤️

  • Penne in Mushroom and Thyme sauce (₹255/-) : Nice and lightly tossed in a delicate sauce with aromatic Thyme & creamy mushroom. 

Pizzas : 

  • Mushroom & Burnt Garlic Pizza (₹235/-) : Oh! Goodness Gracious. What a delectable Pizza, with a thin yet soft base doused generously with mushroom & burnt garlic. Must try. 

  • Gluten Free Broccoli Pizza : This was a new introduction into their menu. The base is…wait for it… made out of broccoli. I just can’t even tell you, how good this is. You really must try it to believe it. 

  • Ripieno (₹250/-) : It’s a Pizza folded in half and baked to perfection. I had the veg version, made out of spinach, feta & mozzarella. Must must must try. 

Drinks & Desserts : 

  • Brownie Shake (₹215/-) : Made out of chocolate syrup, brownie crumble and chocolate ice cream. A little more thickness would’ve taken this up by many notches, but nevertheless fair enough. 

  • Nutella Oreo Cheesecake : They are collaborating their desserts, with “Cheesecake Alley”, and the desserts are just lip smacking. 

Here are a few others that I didn’t taste, but looked delicious. 


Verdict : It’s a perfect place to unwind and relax with good food. The VFM factor is fair. The Pizza month is on, don’t forget to go indulge yourself in it. You could also win a free pizza, if your table has a secret card. 

A well deserved 4 star


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