Danone Bloggers Meet| Fava | Bangalore |

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”- Francois de la Rochefoucauld. 

The premise of our meet was set & we very rightfully concluded that “ A healthy, intelligent & informed decision about our day to day quick eats, plays a very important role in changing our lifestyle”. 

Danone Bloggers Meet, was conducted to spread awareness about the “benefits of healthy eating”. The most vulnerable a person is, is during the snacking hours. It’s a make or break situation. Irrespective of how healthy your 3 meals were, if you tend to wander off path during snacking hours, you really have gotten yourself in hot water.

About Danone :

Danone, is no stranger to the world of diary & has established itself in many countries, in the past few decades. They concentrate on “Dairy”, “Early Life Nutrition” & “Medical Nutrition. What makes them stand apart from all the competition, is their “Sustainability ” ethics. Staying true to its motto “One Planet. One Health”, Danone had a campaign running, called as “The Healthy Swap”, which captures the very essence of Danone’s motto. 

Danone Meet Details : 

Our meet, took place at “Fava- Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant” at UB City. We had “Ms. Shefali Sapra” Director Corporate Affairs, with her effervescent presence, enlighten and walk us through the brand and its ethics. She also, unveiled the 2 new yoghurt products, that will be hitting the market and shelves very soon. 

We were then, given an interactive session with “Dr. Madhavi Marathe” Senior Nutritionist, who went on to explain the basics of nutritional deficiencies, we face and how incorporating something as simple as yoghurt in your life, makes a difference. She emphasised about the necessity to recognise the need to eliminate “mindless snacking”’and replacing it with “mindful snacking”. 

At last, we were given a cooking demo, by none other than “Chef Abhijit Saha” himself, where he used Danone’s Greek yoghurt to make dishes that had us drooling even after we went back home. 

Here’s what we learnt at the masterclass:

  • Super Food Smoothie : This was a blend of Danone Greek Yoghurt, papaya, spirulina powder, alfalfa powder & wheatgrass powder. 

  • Beetroot Carpaccio with Beetroot Labneh : Pickled Beetroots with Labneh infused with roasted Beetroot purée. 

  • Mango Yoghurt Spherification with blueberry yoghurt & Feta caviar: Using the technique of spherification to encapsulate the yoghurt & create faux caviar. What a delight to watch. 

  • Chicken & Yoghurt Soup: A warm, sour yet flavourful chicken soup. 

  • Blueberry Panacotta with blueberry compote: The much loved Panacotta made in minutes, with some sweet and sour blueberry compote & spun sugar.

About Danone Greek Yoghurt :

Danone’s Greek Yoghurt, was the main star of the event and here are a few pointers that were given to us, by the team. 

  1. Danone’s Plain Greek Yoghurt has no added sugar. 
  2. Danone’s Greek Yoghurt, is made with the best of milk, that is sourced from local dairies. 
  3. Danone’s Greek Yoghurt, is much thicker and healthier than the normal yoghurt. 
  4. Danone Greek Yoghurt has 87% more protein than normal yoghurt.


The meet was very informative, interactive and prompted all of us to take up #thehealthyswap .

3 thoughts on “Danone Bloggers Meet| Fava | Bangalore |

  1. This merry seems to be healthy, neat, informative and nice.
    But I wouldn’t understand how many bloggers participated in the meet and was that helpful to them. From where all they had come. It would have been nice for me to know and participate. You know I am from Karnataka.
    It is overwhelming to know that was a Bloggers Meet and that too in Bangalore.
    What is Fava?
    Anyway I am delighted to read this post.
    Regards 🎶💞🌷


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