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Chocolate is the answer. Who cares, what the question is”- Anonymous 

So, the other day I found myself groggily, forcing my eyes open to what seemed like an innocent Sunday morning. Hit the snooze button and buried myself under the duvet again. Tossing about, my subconscious mind presents to me an olfactory memory of what smelled like warm melting cocoa. 

Hold on!! Wasn’t I going to “Jus Trufs”? Wasn’t i, going to savour some ambrosial happiness? “ Jolly Yes!!” 

And off flew, the duvet cover and what happened is an unforgettable page in my memory. 

About Jus’ Trufs

I am, positive that you wouldn’t need an introduction to this place, which has on its own gleaned its reputation from all aficionados & lay men alike. Yet, I will try to give you a little snippet into “Jus’Trufs” existence. 

With the advent of this millennium, Bangalore was blessed with “Jus’Trufs” in 2001. Quite a benchmark to be set, isn’t it? They focus primarily on chocolates and i, daresay are one of the best chocolatiers in the country. They source, the cocoa from the rustic villages of Karnataka and try to replace it to their Belgian counterparts. Encouraging local fair trade policies as well. It truly is another feather in Bangalore’s hat. A place, which has to be put under the scanner for tourists to enjoy. 

Miss. Chenddyna Schae, the master chocolatier and Co-Founder of Jus’Trufs swears by the extra depth of flavour our local grown Cocoa beans impart in comparison to the Belgian ones. And i, must say, she is right. That extra depth of the flavour seals the deal. 

Hospitality :  The staff were well groomed with bright smiles and were nimble on their feet. Our courses kept flowing smoothly into one another with the right time intervals. 

Ambiance: Cozy, undiluted by unnecessary bric-a-brac, quirky & imbibed with a personality, the ambiance immediately makes you comfortable. 

The Grub Story : As i enter, the unmistakable whiff of warm cocoa, sweeps me over. Before i know it, I am the little kid in the candy shop ( all puns intended ) Here’s what i savoured : 

  • 72% dark chocolate shots and classic chocolate shots (₹90/- & ₹60/- respectively)  : Being, the hardcore dark chocolate lover, i had to partake the 72% liquid elixir and trust me it was just smooth, sharp and right. The classic shot, was a light go to hot chocolate with the right notes. 

  • French Fries with Jalapeño Chocolate Sauce (₹ 140/-) : That smooth and spicy dip, just made my day. Made with white chocolate & jalapeños, nothing can get better than this. Must have. 

  • Bombay Street Wich & Tatters Wich (₹180/- & ₹140/- respectively) : The beautiful little squares of love, were just spot on, while the Bombay Street Wich was very reminiscent of true blue Indian masalas with the hari chutney, the tatters was a very sophisticated one, with dollops of mayo with potatoes. Hard to choose, but the Tatters had me. 

Mains : 

  • Cottage Cheese- Arrabiatte Sauce (₹350/-) : Firm squares of soft, well grilled cottage cheese, served with the arrabiatte sauce and doused generously with gremolata to add more texture to the dish. One word- Luscious. 

  • Linguini with sun dried tomato pesto (₹240/-) : The linguini were just so right, giving me the flashbacks of angel hair pasta, with that al dente bite and doused perfectly in an aglio olio sauce swirled with some sun dried tomato pesto & topped with black olives. I, tried to recreate it at home & failed miserably 😢 A little spicy, a little demure and a lot of delicious is what this was. 

  • The Black Eyed Wheel (₹240/-) : Yes, I’m head over heels for this one. The base, the pomodoro, the cheese, the toppings & the love joined forces to have me love this. Packed with flavour, this is what pizza oughta be like. 

  • The Chilled Chocolate Fudge Milkshake (₹210/-) : Made with artisanal dark chocolate & chocolate fudge, this baby is serious competition to the beautiful girl or the handsome guy on the other table, you can’t stop staring it. Labelled as life changing, it truly is gonna help you find true love – in a glass ❤️❤️ 

  • Jus’Trufs Baked Cheescake (₹290/-) : Disclaimer : Food is a subjective matter & im not the one to judge, nor would like to be judged. I, LOVED it. Yes, we love our cheesecakes nice & smooth, intolerant towards any tinges of acidity. And yes, we like it to go all gooey and melt in the mouth. There are a lot of versions out there. This undoubtedly had an acidic factor to it, which would  balance extremely well, with a fruit compote. Every bite acclimatises you for the last bite and then.. you want another one 👍🏻

Verdict : I, personally have been a fan of Jus’Trufs for quite sometime now, their chocolates are undoubtedly the best. A sighed relief from all the “homemade chocolates” popping up everywhere. 

They are also the pioneers in conducting chocolate tours, where they give you an intrinsic insight into the “how and what’s” of chocolate making. From displaying the cocoa pod to the final truffle, it’s all done by you. An enriching experience for sure. 

Rating : 4.5/5 


P.S : The logo has been used purely for representational purposes only. 


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  1. I’ve never been one to really take an interest in food blogs, as it’s not my forte, but I decided to read this based on suggestions and I’m actually glad I did. Your words i find to be quite interesting and without a doubt I may in fact try some of the recipes mentioned here on your blog.

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