Dice N Dine |Restaurant Review |Koramangala|

“The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do”- Steve Jobs 

Nothing could be any truer, when it applies to Mr. Rangarajan, in reference to his unremitting approach in metamorphing  “Dice N Dine” , into a Cult Favourite! While, you let yourself soak in the positivity when you open the door, you cannot help but fall in love with the place, for it’s novelty. 

About Dice n Dine

“Dice n Dine”, is an ambitious venture, which aims at amalgamating pleasure for food and pleasure for games under one roof. Yes, you read that right. It’s a gaming cafe like no other, a perfect place to hang out with your bunch. Not a lot of places, cater to keeping you entertained and this tops my list for being one of the best place, to kill your time effortlessly. Don’t be alarmed by the cacophony of tumbling blocks or dominoes or with some delirium of sighs, because everyone’s having a great time. 

Decor : The decor is an absolute beauty. Great colour palette and equally great upholstery to keep you comfy. The combination of white with black and the streaks of brown due to the wood used is just perfect. Has a contemporary Industrial chic touch to the interiors. 

Hospitality : Me and my girls were lucky enough to have met the owner himself on the day we went. His hospitality was one of the best, i have to give it to him, for not getting irritated with the kids being little monsters. Superb staff, nimble on their feet. The time intervals for the food coming on the table were well placed. We came here around 1 and must have left around 6 *grins sheepishly* 

The Grub Story : I, know you must be already thinking that it’s a gaming cafe, how good can it get? For starters, don’t be prejudiced.. bad, bad, you 😁😁😂 


. Virgin Mojito (Rs.145/-) : I, am a virgin mojito fan and I love a good one. This one blew my socks off, by being sooooo good. The freshness of lime and that superb balance of Mint flavour, just did it for me. Highly recommended! 


. Stuffed Onion Rings (Rs.185/-) : Omg!! I just fainted out of happiness. It’s really hard for me to find a great plate of onion rings. Either they are too crisp or they flavour or they just flop on the whole. This one, had jalapeño flavoured cheese oozing out of it, literally. The rings were crumb fried to an optimum golden and were the star of the day, for me in the starters. 

. Mozzarella Garlic Loaf : This one, is an Instagram worthy dish. It looks beautiful, very gourmet and tasted great as well. The oozing mozzarella and the cuts between just magnified the experience. Must must have. 

. Empanadas : Deliacate pockets of joy, filled with a nice creamy filling of veggies and served ever so chic. The Spanish tapas at your service! The Empanada dough was just right, baked nice with the brown blush and melted in your mouth when you sunk your molars in. 

. Arancinni : I, need to cut down on my food and all im thinking about right now, is the Arancinni. Crumb fried to perfection and oozing out with cheese and happiness, you gotta try this. The perfect one, by far!!

. Grilled Pineapple with Cheese: The gentleman was kind enough to give our mommy gang a complimentary plate of Grilled pineapple with melting cheese for us and the kids. He spoiled us good, alright. I, super loved it! 

Mains : 

. Paneer Shashlik (Rs. 295/-) : Very subtle with good flavours prevailing. The cottage cheese was done well with the thick brown sauce, the tex mex rice was a delight to eat with a tad spicy quotient to get your appetite working. 

. Margherita Pizza (Rs.235/-) : If you love, thin crust pizzas, you will love this. A great freshly prepared base with generous amounts of cheese and herbs which happen to be my or any vegetarians favourite 😍😍 The pizza is made in an unconventional rectangular shape, because they want to save up table space while eating and gaming. 

.Citrus Burst Salad : A medley of flavours that made my heart melt! One of the best salads, ever. 

Desserts : 

.Fried Ice Cream : An extremely delectable dessert. We’ve all had, fried ice cream, somewhere but this one was gorgeous. 

. Almond & Caramel Granola : Another one of my favourite, here. 

 Verdict : All in all, a great restaurant which is a hybrid between a normal cafe & a gourmet restaurant. Dice n dine, finds a great balance between the both and is one of the restaurants you must visit in Bangalore. 

A well deserved 5 star for it.


2 thoughts on “Dice N Dine |Restaurant Review |Koramangala|

  1. You are absolutely right and I had been there last month. We (My family) had a really great time there. It’s definitely a must visit place in Bangalore.


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