World On A Plate- Press Conference |2 June |VR Bengaluru |

“The Heart Wants, What it Wants”-Woody Allen

Ever had that feeling, where you adamantly wanted something and just wanted it? That’s precisely how I felt, when i received an invite to be a part of the press conference, which was held at VR Bengaluru. 

World On A Plate -Season 2, had commenced again and this time, I absolutely did not want to miss the opportunity. Read on about my experience. 

About the Press Conference :

If their prodigious aura on screen, wasn’t enough, I found myself amidst these stalwarts of culinary arts, wooing me over with their physical presence at VR Bengaluru. 

We, were seated in our round tables and awaited their arrival. The event started with Mr. Kiran Soans – CEO, GoldRush Entertainment, addressing the audience about how he and his partners conceptualised the “WOAP” series. He also spoke about the challenges that they faced during WOAP-S1. Going ahead, with their passion to excel, they confronted the hiccups and marched ahead with WOAP-S2. This year, it is being held in 2 cities, Bengaluru and Mumbai. They do have plans to expand into other cities as well, for the next season. 

Gold Rush Entertainment has always been the pioneer in envisaging top notch premium events. As, we all are familiar with “World On A Plate-S1” being an astounding success, the stakes are higher this season, because expectations have bloomed. And, they delivered. Standing staunchly, with “Let’s do this” stance, Mr. Kiran Soans promised to cater to all your expectations. 

I, had the pleasure to seat myself among a small coterie of bloggers & media personnel, who were chosen to witness the “Press Conference”, which had the culinarians Gary Mehigan, Ranveer Brar, Elena Duggan, Adriano Zumbo & Janice Wong address the gathering and talk about themselves.

After the customary introductions, all of us were in for a surprise when they unveiled the plans Mr. Kiran Soans & his partner had in store for us. They were launching the WOAP ACADEMY. Yes, the WOAP ACADEMY, would be a finishing culinary school for chefs in India, who would be able to get that much needed finishing touch, before they are let out into the field. 

We were, given tasting samples of the dishes that all our “MasterChefs”, would be whipping up for their masterclass. And all that you could hear, were gasps of delight! Here’s the delicious spread 👇🏻

1)Chef Adriano Zumbo’s “Dirty Chai Spiced Honey Date Cake “

2) Chef Ranveer Brar’s ” Cured Salmon & Chilli Compressed Melon and Ice Apples” 

3) Chef Elena Duggan’s ” Crispy Skinned Snapper & Quinoa Salad with Mangoes”

4) Chef Janice Wong’s ” Chocolate H2O- Chocolate Water Mousse, salted caramel, Yuzu Sorbet and Chocolate Dust. 

We, were also given the privilege to have a private tête-à-tête with the Masterchefs, and get your fan moments done as well. All in all, a very successful meet. 

The WOAP-S2, on 3rd June, was a smashing success as well and all we heard was how, everybody is waiting for WOAP-S3 now. 

Last, but not the least, how can I forget mentioning Mr. Deepayan Roy for extending the invite and for being ever so kind. Thank you, Mr. Deepayan! 

15 thoughts on “World On A Plate- Press Conference |2 June |VR Bengaluru |

  1. This was a great experience I suppose, the food and the luxury…

    I am glued particularly by how you describe every event in your article. You actually painted a crystal clear picture of what was going down. Great read.

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