Echoes | Restaurant Review|Koramangala |

There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more” – Robert M Hensel 

Cherry blossom gardens, pristine lakes, room full of rainbows, candy in mason jars, glasses of iced tea, ramekins of creme brûlée are a few of my favourite things. But, there are 2 things that top my list and they are “a heart that is empathetic and a soul that is ethically ambitious”. 

What joy, it was to see my top favourites amalgamated with each other and being metamorphosed into something tangible.  

About Echoes :

Echoes is one of those restaurants, where your experiences are much more valuable & enriching than the food itself.  What’s so special, you ponder? The speciality lies in their “Staff”. Echoes, believes in giving an opportunity to the differently abled people, to unlock their talents in the food industry. The staff consists of hearing and speech impaired individuals, with infectious smiles.

Language is power and the language of these special people transcends all the requisites of any other language. 

Decor : I just love it. Let me get that out first. The decor, has wood paneling all across and there is this beautiful tree trunk, flaunting itself strong in the middle of the room. The little trinkets and baubles that adorn the place are just so apt. They have a cozy sit down majlis kind of a section too, for a small group of people with fairy lights and bric-a-brac. The ambiance is swaddled with positivity, vibes that relax you instantly. 

Hospitality: How you get your maitre d’s attention is another thing to mention. Your table, has its own light switch, that you use to light up, when you need something. Then, You have flash cards to tell them, what exactly you require. The wait staff are the soul of “Echoes”, it’s because of these talented individuals, do we get an ethical reminder to ourselves as well. Humbled to have dined here. 

The Grub Story : Here comes my second favourite part. Dive in.. 

  • Stuffed Shrooms Tikka (Rs.209/-) : The bulbous juiciness of the mushrooms just seeped through the warm masala. A spicy treat, well worth it! 

  • Baked Cheesy Nachos ( Rs. 189/-): Crispy Nachos that are coated with generous dollops of cheese and baked to perfection. Loved crunching on these beauties! 

  • Cream Cheese Pasta (Rs. 199/-) : Delectable sauce made out of cream and cheese, envelopes with al dente penne and veggies to add more flavour, was my favourite of the day. 

  • Raju Veg Tiffin Service (Rs. 219/-): An assortment of Rajma & Mattar Paneer with one butter roti and Rice. 

Here’s what the non vegetarians had 

  • Butter Chicken Thali (Rs.299/-) : Loved by my carnivorous buddies, said they appreciated the succulent chicken and the richness of the gravy.

  • Fiery Chick (Rs.249/-) : Literally its chicken on fire. The chicken was flambé-d with Vodka and served hot. The chicken is a mix of secret spices.

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza (Rs. 279/-) : Another yum garnering dish. American BBQ Chicken, shredded and plonked on a pizza base. 


  • Oreoffe (Rs. 179/-) : A not too sweet blend of coffee and blitzed Oreos. My favourite by far. 

  • Red Rave (Rs.179/-) : Red Velvet cake in a milkshake. Loved the reddish pink charm to it and the flavour! 

  • Cadbury Shake (Rs.159/-): Though, it is deceptively similar to the Oreoffe, its miles apart. Not my cup of happiness. The sweetness overpowered in this one. 


Verdict:  The restaurant is a perfect mix of relaxing ambiance, eclectic decor and par excellence staff. You should keep your eyes open for their Indian fare, which I found was much more delicious than the continental fare. The Indian fare has a heirloom taste to it, something like what your grandma would cook. Desi Ghee and warm aromatic Spices grace the dishes. 

The prices are on the tad higher end of the spectrum. But, the pricing is well compensated by the experience which shall enrich you. It’s a heart warming feeling, to see these people communicate with each other, in their language of love for each other. 

Well deserved 4.5 star for them


Bean Flickers | Restaurant Review | Indiranagar|

Laughter is the brightest where food is best”-Irish Proverb

On a sunny afternoon, under the non existent puffs of clouds, I found myself walking up to this little nook in the crevice of Indiranagar. I really would’ve missed it, but fortunately I knew where I was headed. Afternoons are always such a bore, there’s just so much to do. The only saving grace of an afternoon, is often the lunch. Oh! Luncheons are always something I look forward to, with friends. They always end up in bright smiles and happy hearts.

About Bean Flickers

It’s a small cafe, with a controversial nameplate, that stays closer to what it knows is the best. They have subs, burgers and beverages. A no frills cafe, with nothing much that will catch your eye in the first instance.. but wait, the moment your food arrives. The story changes. It also has had, it’s fair mention in the Deccan Herald as well.

Decor : The decor is neat, with woodwork panelling all across. It’s a cafe, that you wouldn’t spend hours in reverie, rather it’s a place where you pick up a quick bite, enjoy your food more than the decor and walk happy tummied 👍🏻

Hospitality : Courteous staff, could do better with dishing out their food a tad bit faster. Mr. Sreekanth, the mastermind behind the place, was here on the day we went and was the “Man of the day”. 

The Grub Story : We savoured quite a few items. Here to have a quick bite, let me tell you, what we nibbled at :

  • Mushroom Cheesy Melt Burger (Rs.205/-) : How does one not like, Mushroom and Cheese in one bite? This burger is a boon for all the veggies out there. I’m sure, we’re bored out of our wits with the mindless munching of Aloo Tikkis with a flimsy slice of cheese in a bun as burger. This is the real thing, that’s packed with flavour. The sautéed mushroom flavour came across with the cheese dripping all over. Served with a portion of fries, this made my day. 

  • Spicy Sriracha burger (Rs.365/-) : This one, looked just beautiful. A friend of mine, indulged in it and said it was just delicious with the spice cutting right through the bun. The meat was succulent and extremely juicy. The bun was coated with the earthiness of black sesame. Served with a portion of Oriental salad. 

  • Fiery Pan Asian Burger : This burger usually is enjoyed with seafood, chicken or Mutton party. But, my friend upgraded her burger to a vegetarian patty. The result was an eye grabbing burger with black sesame as coating. 

  • Chicken Salami Sub (Rs.170/-) : It looked quite neat, with the thin strips of salami, mayo dressing and veggies. My friend, quite liked her sub. And, she’s the one who is highly watchful of what she eats, as she’s the fitness guru of our group. 

Desserts : So, what do you expect, for dessert? A sub? Yup.. that would be a quite “Sub-stantial” dessert, I say! 

  • The Tender Hawaiian (Rs.165/-) : An innovative medley of tender coconut meat in a sub. Drizzled with condensed milk 👍🏻

  • Red berry Delight (Rs. 175/-) : The sweet taste of fresh strawberry pulp in the sub, kinda gave me a sugar rush. I, was expecting a more acerbic flavour to it, which would’ve made this great. The cheese in it, tried to impart some saltiness to the sub, but didn’t really make the cut.

  • Classic Chocolate Peel (Rs. 190/-) : The classic combination of banana and chocolate sauce drizzled all over with strips of cheese. The best part was that it faired quite well, with my tastebuds. 

Beverages :

  • Mint Lemonade (Rs.60/-) : What a beauty!! Delicious breather, for the harsh summers and non existent springs 😅

  • Mexican Chocolate (Rs.125/-) : Quite an interesting combination of flavours. Spiced chocolate, is always welcomed, but a cooler version of the spiced chocolate with cinnamon and a secret spice is a surprise that awaits to be explored.

  • Thai Iced Coffee (Rs. 140/-): My favourite. With a highly potent chilled espresso and a thick layer of condensed milk. The inclusion of Spices gave the drink more body. Stir it up well, to enjoy. 


Verdict : I’m sure this place is a happy haven for that non vegetarian soul, which loves to experience the pleasures of different kinds of meat. No other place, would have a shellfish burger or the quail egg & mushroom sub. 

But for a vegetarian, the choices are limited and the only explorations are in the dessert & beverage menu. 

3.5 star rating for this place. 


Flèchazo|Restaurant Review| Marathahalli|

“The meal is not over when I’m full. The meal is over when I hate myself” – Louis C.K.

 And, that’s exactly how I felt, when I walked out of Flechazo. With my legs faltering and my appetite stable, I dragged my two left feet out of the door. 

I’m not a huge buffet fan, but my little sister is. Having heard a lot about Flechazo, I decided to give it a try with the family anyway. I mean, what’s there to lose? 

About Flechazo :

Flechazo, in simple terms means “Love at first sight or your love interest” in Spanish. They have a mix of both Mediterranean and Asian Cuisine to offer. Hence, the name ” Mediterr-Asian” cuisine. It’s a bungee jumping experience, with so much that catches the eye, you wanna take a dip in everything. 

They also break a leg when it’s your special day and start celebrating along with you. “Oo, tera happy birthday, Oo Tera happy birthday. Aaj hogi party” 

Decor : The decor is industrial chic, with heavy emphasis on comfort as well. The upholstery is a beautiful palette of neutrals and aqua. The ambience is inevitably cheery. I could do a 100 jumping jacks in here and not get bugged. The lighting also uplifts the place by being not too harsh and not too dim as well. The sofas are layered with plush cushions and that is just great. 👌🏻

Hospitality : One of the best, I daresay. What joy it is, to dine in here. The staff are courteous and on their toes. Have a great, in-depth knowledge of the menu. Special mention to Rajat and Ankush, for hosting us with so much fervour. 

The Grub Story : Being a buffet restaurant, there isn’t much that I can go on in details about a dish, because there were so many.

The innovative way the restaurant is designed will also bowl you over. They have a neat pizza section, furnace et al.  You get to create your own customised pizza, with the vigilant chef by your side of course! Roll it, top it and push it into the furnace. 

A little shaved ice or gola 🍧 counter, where you get to indulge in the childhood favourite.

They also have a rotating counter for dimsums, sushi, prawn shooters and gol guppas. Conveyor belt moves around and keeps getting filled by the chef 👨‍🍳 Reminds you of the long queues at the airport, but this was one queue, I enjoyed waiting in. 

Here were a few favourites from each section. 

  • Spicy Cajun Pineapple : I love Pineapples!! I’m Patrick.. I live under one 😋😋 This baby was so well grilled and spiced, I just couldn’t stop. The characteristic sweet-sour tone prevailed. The Cajun spices were coated well, could you easily taste the black pepper and paprika. 

  • Crispy Corn and Spring Roll : One of my favourite. The crispy corn, was such a fantastic thing to mindlessly munch on. Little pearls of spicy corn nibbles just had me going. The cabbage spring rolls were dainty and fair enough.

  • Mezzeh Platter with Pita : I love the Mezzeh always. The beauty about it, is that, it always impresses me. This one was no different, with the silky Hummus that stood colossally delish. 

  • Singaporean fried Mushroom : Where were you? Yes! Red, Succulent, Deep, Spicy, Flavourful and Mushroom. ‘Nuff said, isn’t it.? The Singaporean Mushroom just was one of the best starters I’ve had in a long time. The button mushrooms were just bursting with flavour from the sauce that coated it. 

  • Paneer Pasanda Tikka : Creamy and grilled just the way, it’s supposed to be. This one, surprised me. Usually, I’m never the one, who would expect a buffet restaurant to dish out soft and juicy cubes of cottage cheese, for the mere thought of volume. But, I dunno how, these guys just presented to us, succulent well marinated and grilled cubes of Paneer. Happy? Oh yes!
  • Multani Gosht : This starter was apparently the most appreciated from the lot by the sister and the hubby. The Mutton was soft and coated well with the thick Multani sauce which usually has a mix of garam masala and ripened tomatoes.

  • Grilled Cilantro Fish : Quite a mouthful, is as they said. The simplicity of the ingredients made the fish to hero itself. 

  • Chicken Shawarma : The hubster, just loved it, had no complaints. Said, the juicy character of the chicken stayed intact and the spice levels were spot on.

  • Pizza : Mainstream Pizza, is such a passé. Handmade, thin crust and cheesy pizzas are the “IN” thing. Happy was I, to make my own beautiful margherita pizza with generous sprinklings of cheese and Basil. Loved the pizza and the experience.

  • Veg Sushi : Back in the days of my predominant Carnivore side, I never had the heart or the gut to devour Non Veg Sushi.. it’s something, i never could get around to. Tuna, Salmon or any meat in my sushi. So I’ve always been a Vegetarian FutoMaki fan. I enjoyed the Maki Roll over here. The beautiful pungency of the wasabi with the cucumber filling, wrapped in a nori. Made my day!! You’d be shelling out as much as you do on the buffet, just for 1 serving of the Makisushi in any other restaurant btw! Lucky you 😍

  • Aakha Masoor Dal : Just beautifully done, with minimal spices and no overpowering of any element. Loved it! 
  • Macarons : Oh! The light pieces of cloud, if I may. They tasted as beautiful as they looked. The crunchy Almond meal circles with sparse yet significant buttercream in the middle, just melted in my mouth.

  • Smokin’ Cold : While every buffet offers you ice cream, this one offers to take you to an instant Willy Wonka ice cream factory of sorts. You see liquids turn magically into soft scoops of ice cream. The secret? It’s the introduction of liquid nitrogen into your liquid. Molecular Gastronomy, Watson.. Molecular Gastronomy!! My favourite was the paan ice cream.

Drinks : We loved all our drinks, ordered a pina colada, Virgin Mojito & Figs and berry smoothie. The drinks were packed with the richness of flavour. 

Figs & Berry

Pina Colada

Virgin Mojito

Verdict : The presentation, the ambience and the offerings at Flechazo, do stay true to their word and make you fall in love with them. 

The restaurant scores high on VFM, for its dime store pricing. Having said that, it gives you the feel of having just dined at a fine dine restaurant as well. So, basically it’s fine dining at non fine dining prices.

To have this kind of multicultural food experience under one roof and walk out happy, is always a pleasure. 

No guesses but a well deserved 5 star