Melange | Park Plaza | Restaurant Review | Marathahalli | Bangalore |

“Nothing Brings People Together, Like Good Food”- Anonymous 

I, honestly could feel the stark rays of sunlight, pierce through the sun drenched skies and settle on my sunblocked and goggle laced face. While, the driver played a popular Bollywood tune of my choice, that got my two left feet tapping, my heart was set at reaching my destination. 

Brunches are always hearty and they are best enjoyed with the people you love. I, was a part of the 59th FBAB meet up that was held at “Melange, Park Plaza”, for the relaunched menu. 

About Melange

Melange is a 24 hour dining restaurant, at Park Plaza. The menu at Melange, is a mishmash of Indian, European & Pan-Asian Cuisine. It does stand true to its name & is certainly a melange of different cuisines. 

Decor : The decor is casual contemporary. The colour palette is my favourite of neutrals & green. Orchid stems, adorn your table. The ambiance is highly relaxed, suffused with positive vibes. 

Hospitality : It goes without saying, that as this is a star property, the hospitality tends to be just short of perfection. Highly happy with the wait staff, specially the sweet lady making waffles. Courteous, well groomed and keen to serve, they made our brunch worthwhile. 

The Grub Story : We were here for their renowned “Sunday Brunch Buffet”. The buffet, is a huge assemblage of dishes ranging from the Rajasthani Laal Maas to  the Levantine Hummus with Pita bread. There were quite a few favourites of mine & due to the sheer amount of volume, I had to skip the mains. 

Here’s the gallery to my happiness: 

Drinks :

Virgin Bloody Mary : This was one drink, that I absolutely loved. The spicy kick, with tomato juice & lemon puckerings was such a welcome. A part of it, felt like a strained chill gazpacho, but then, that’s what Bloody Mary’s are all about. Highly recommended! 

Salads : The counter was filled with my favourites. Russian Salad, Caesar’s Salad, Mushroom Salad, German Potato Salad, etc. Trust me, the Salads, each one of them were just the best. Delicious, generously tossed in the dressings and fresh. 

Sushi : Who doesn’t love some heart warming Sushi? I’m a “Sushi believer”, specially in Avocado Maki Rolls. Pleasantly, surprised was I, to find 2 variations of vegetarian sushi. The sushi was just perfect, with the perfect amount of rice vinegar. Not too much heat on the palate, just subtle flavours.

Starters : I liked the mini “cheese & tomato buns”, “cheese and spinach tikkis” & ” panko crusted paneer” 

Live Pasta Counter :  The pasta counter was another delight for me. The alfredo pasta was such a great one, with the sauce being rich and creamy. Bang on! 👍🏻

Live dimsum Counter : Even the dimsums, were outstandingly delish, with the subtle hint of seasoned veggies. 

Live Chaat Counter : The beautiful sizzle of the samosas and whole process of seeing them being made into a Chaat was mesmerising. The puchkas were drool worthy as well. 

Main Course : I had, filled my heart out with salads and had to skip the main course, but I did see a great assortment of Indian cuisine & Italian cuisine. 

Desserts : Desserts are always the prettiest to look at. With their colourful layouts and mouth watering offerings, desserts are always the weak spot. 

  • Baked Cheesecake: A lush cheesecake with fruits. Such a wonderful one. 

  • Waffles : The best out of the lot. Please don’t miss out on the waffles, they are just perfect. Buttery, rich and lipsmacking! 


Verdict : My Sunday brunch was sorted, loved every bit of it. The brunch was at “Rs.1275+ taxes”(without alcohol) , which according to me is a great deal. The spread is huge, you name it & probably they have it. Also, everything on the menu is par excellence. 

Here are my 4 stars for the Brunch. 



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