Atty’s Bakery | Boulangerie Review | Frasertown | Bangalore| 

Happiness is a warm bake, straight out of a warm hearth” – Noorain 

And just like that, I fell in love with the hamper that came across my way. A basket full of goodies, that literally warmed the cockles of my labile heart. 

About Atty’s Bakery & Confectionery :

Atty’s was conceptualised in the September of 2016, under the keen eyes of “Mr. Abdul Azeez & Mr. Mohammed Zahrin Aziz”, who themselves are the M.D & Director respectively, of the famous “Empire Group of Hotels”. The USP of Atty’s, nestles in their choice of ingredients and stringency. They refrain from using premixes and all baked goodies are made from their in house 100% from scratch flour mixes. The products here are ” Preservative free, Chemical free & Alcohol free”. 

The Grub Story : While my foible lies in seeing, something savoury come straight out of a warm oven, I really don’t mind anything that has blushed itself with sweetness as well. (Pssst… I love it)

Here’s a sneak peek, into my hamper : 

  • Focaccia Bread : A delectable savoury offering, which was light as air with the combination of rock salt, fried onions & brown sugar. A must have for your midnight cravings. 
  • Ginger Almond Cookies : The subtle punch of ginger is prevalent all across, due to the addition of Ginger powder & chopped ginger, in the cookies. The roasted almonds, give more body to the flavour.

  • Brownies : I had received two kinds of brownies. One was the Chocolate Gooey Brownie and the other was the Salted Caramel Brownie. The Chocolate Brownie had the depth of dark chocolate with roasted walnuts. But, it’s the “Salted Caramel Brownies”, that took my breath away. You’re just expecting a hint of salt in your caramel and then.. *Pow* that salt is strong, but in the most awesome way. Must, Must, Must have 👍🏻

  • Plum Cake : Dried fruit cake, made with red cherries, dates, cashews, figs, raisins and tutti frutti. Another great offering that’s delicious! 

  • Atty’s Signature Pastry : Made out of crunchy Almond base, mixed fruit jam filling, a layer of banana sponge, French cream topped with coffee cream & caramel sauce. My favourite & another must try. 

My hamper also had “Butterscotch pastry, Black Forest Pastry and Almond Praline pastry”. All of which, were immensely enjoyed. 


Verdict : I’m an official rooter for this place. Though, I live in Frasertown and we do have a bunch of boulangeries & patisseries in the neighbourhood. We have none, who are this affordable and stringent. Atty’s is focused not just at great quality of Grub, but also at affordability. Ranks high on my “VFM” meter as well. 

Highly Recommended!! 

A well deserved 4 star for you, Atty. 



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