Kapoor’s Cafe | FBAB meetup| Restaurant Review |HSR | Bangalore 

“Dinner was made for eating, not talking”- William makepeace Thackeray

And eat we did, with no reservations on our diets. After all, that’s the most “Punjabi” thing to do. 

While Bangalore was seeing the mercury rise, i was seeing yet another FBAB meet up, pop up on my screen. Kapoor’s Cafe, had opened up a third branch in HSR, after their astounding success in the latter ones. 

About Kapoor’s Cafe :

The owner, Mr. Arpit Kapoor is a young & ambitious entrepreneur who has already set up an example of running a successful business, by striking a chord with his customers. Kapoor’s Cafe is a humble yet zealous venture, which focuses on good homely food & affordability. Their menu is from the hearty “Punjabi” household. 

Decor : The decor is simplistic, with a beautiful colour palette. Vibrant hues and fairy lights adorn the place. It’s a modernist version of a “Dhaba” (Roadside restaurants on the highway) You find Khatiya / Charpai (Cots) as your seating arrangement. The whole ambiance and decor is very peppy. What I loved, was the faux grass flooring ( not to be confused with foie gras 😂) at the open air section, of the restaurant. It almost begs you, to throw your chappal (footwear) and walk barefoot, but then sanity knocks in and you behave. 

Hospitality : “Hai!! mai vari jawaan” This literally felt like, I’ve come, not to a restaurant but, to a punjabi friend’s place. The way they pamper you with their hospitality, is such a huge factor in your return, the next time. Staff is efficient and courteous. 

The Grub Story : Relishing the affair, once again. 

Starters :

  • Cheese Pataka balls (Rs. 160/-) : Deliciously spiced melting cheese, envelopes your mouth when you take that first bite. Best eaten when hot. Spicy 🌶 much. 

  • Gobi Pakoras (Rs. 140/-) : One of the best cauliflower pakoras I’ve had. It was just, everything perfect. The batter done beautifully and the florets full of flavour. 

  • Paneer Pakoras (Rs.150/-) : Didn’t click too good with my tastebuds, because somehow the Paneer fell a little flat while trying to be flavourful. 

Main Course : 

  • Cheese Burst Paratha (Rs.150/-) : This 4 layered Cheese Burst Paratha, was such a hit among everyone. Extremely cheesy and ambrosial. This is a must have over here. One of their USP’s, I say. 
  • Maharaja Thali : A beautiful assortment of Pindi Chole, Paneer butter masala, Dal Makhani, Raita, Muttar Pulao and Missi Roti. Every subzi on the Thali was lip smacking. I have to admit, that it’s a little higher on the spice level, but it’s just something you will not be to stop devouring. 

Drinks : 

  • Dry Fruit Lassi (Rs.175/-) : Gosh!! This is where, you can judge authenticity. The Lassi, took my breath away. So rich and heavily loaded with dry fruits, this is why I will visit this place again. 

Dessert : 

  • Fruit Cream (Rs. 150/-) : This is how, fruit cream, really is supposed to be. The richness of that cream and the subtle infusion of nuts and fruits in it. The result is a dessert that completes your meal, literally. 


Verdict : Kapoor’s Cafe, is a boon for all the souls that crave authentic Punjabi food. I, was impressed with almost everything that I savoured. Yes, the spice levels are high, but having said that, the food is so delicious that it hardly deters you from taking the next bite. 

I, had my nose blushed red and runny but my appetite was satisfied. 

Wishing, the entrepreneur “Mr. Arpit Kapoor”, loads of success in his venture. 

Here’s a 4 star 


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