Rajdhani | Aam Festival | Indiranagar | Bangalore | 

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is” – Mark Twain

Well, I’m asking you quite literally, when “Mango” is the fruit in question. Would you? Allow me the privilege to save you from that precarious situation & pamper  you with Mangoes at the comfort of your chair or if you’re fancy shmancy then, in your Bergere. 

Remember how, each Indian childhood has a page dedicated to Mangoes? It’s either the collective scavenging with friends or the sweet aroma of mangoes wafting when your grandmother or mother peels them or just craving it immensely. Does this ring true? Read on. 

About Khandani Rajdhani :

Rajdhani, is a well seasoned name, in existence from the past 50 years. It is the flagship brand of “Mirah hospitality”. This vegetarian Thali restaurant, tries to break the stereotype of Thali restaurants being boring. With the cuisine concentrating on “Rajasthani & Gujrati”, you will be pleasantly surprised to see 72 rotating menus, to keep you entertained. 

Decor : A very polished feel to the decor having deep tones with contrasting neutral tones to balance the colour theme. The upholstery is comfortable and fair enough. The ambiance is casual as well as unhurried. An elegantly relaxed place to dine in. 

Hospitality : I, just can not employ enough words to tell you, how much they pampered us. With the aarthi being done, the tika being applied & the act of partaking a small piece of ladoo, while entering the “Rajdhani” premises, the guest feels like, there really can be no place better than this. From the usher to the maitre d’, everyone was passionate about their job. Extremely courteous staff.

The Grub Story : I, was quite eagerly anticipating the “Aam festival”. I had to put that little tick next to the food bucket list, after all. 

The Thali was a gorgeous masterpiece. Though, we started off with an empty one😜, by the time it filled up, it looked like a charm. 

We were welcomed by delicious glasses of : 

  • Aam lassi
  • Kairi Panna
  • Aam Thandai 

All of which were extremely smooth & flavourful. My favourite was the Aam lassi, for its subtlety. 

After the drinks, our Thali started getting filled with an array of Farsan or fried snacks. 

  • Shahi Aam Dhokla : A pretty looking dhokla with quad-coloured layer. The flavour of mango was very pronounced and made this an enjoyable munch.

  •  Kairi stuffed bread roll : This was an ingenious dish in which, the raw mango’s sourness was masked well with spices. The result was a bread roll with tiny hints of sour notes. 

  • Chatpata Kacha Kairi Muthiya : Worked on the same sweet-spicy  tones, with an extremely soft texture. 

  • Mango Dryfruit Ghugra : A subtle Ghugra with minimal flavours. 

Now, after the Farsan, we started with the curries & rice. A choice that spoilt us and had me tethering to my seat, even after the event was over. 

  • Arbi Mango Rasawala
  • Aam Pyaz ki Sabji
  • Kaddu kairi ka bharta 
  • Aam ki launji with Khoba Roti 
  • Mango Dal Dhokli 
  • Fajeto 
  • Mango pulao

What made me go gaga, was the “Mango Dal”. Oh my goodness!! What a burst of flavours, playing up in your mouth. Having said that, the flavours complemented each other and didn’t at any moment clash. 

Another star was the “Aam ki Launji with Khoba Roti”, which was a new experience for me. The Aam ki launji, was again a sweet-spicy dish, with the base note being spicy and hints of sweetness due to the added sugar. It had the warmth of carom seeds deep through the dish and went great with the Khoba Roti, which is an impressive flat bread. This Roti, is much thicker than the normal rotis, with a crusty exterior and a soft interior. It’s almost like a hybrid between a roti & a biscuit. Oh so yum!! 

The Mango Pulao was packed with just the most clean flavours and hint of sweet acidity from the mango. Impressive! 

At last, we were given desserts, which weren’t many, but just 2. I was, hoping there would be more, but I wasn’t disappointed.

  • Amrakhand 
  • Aam Jalebi 

Amrakhand, isn’t something that I haven’t tried, no novelty here. Faired fine with my tastebuds. 

But.. the “AAM JALEBI”, made me fall in love again. What a well thought dessert. I would’ve eaten just the jalebi for the meal and walked out happy. The Mango slice was dipped in the Jalebi batter and fried. Then generously dipped in the sugar syrup. A sweet sour harmony of notes, which makes you want for more. Served with mouth watering Rabdi on the side. 


Verdict : Being an individual, who doesn’t really fancy mangoes (yes, i’m the first in that category) I enjoyed the Thali a lot. There were staunch favourites and some average curries as well. Aam festival is Rajdhani’s take on the summery weather, where everyone wants to indulge in the “King Of Fruits”. The Thali retails at Rs.450/- lunch and Rs.499/- Dinner. The Aam festival, goes on till June. 

Rajdhani celebrates the #Aamlicious arrival of Mango, by incorporating mango in all their dishes. It’s a treat, if you’re a mango lover. Something to take you down memory lane, albeit on a different route.

Here’s a 4 star for it. 


8 thoughts on “Rajdhani | Aam Festival | Indiranagar | Bangalore | 

  1. This is insanely awesome 😀 Nice review 🙂 you made me hungry by all those pictures 🙂 I need to check out if there is any Rajdhani outlet in pune 😉 I am big time mango lover 😛 so I had to eat this 😀


  2. These dishes look temptingly delicious especially the Kiki stuffed bread roll I would not mind to tast them cause I never saw them before. As for the other ones Im also a bif fan of mangoes they are the best fruits ever


  3. Hey you have a great blog. Thanks for sharing these things. We need reviews before go somewhere. Now we can collect from here 😄😄


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