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 “Life is a combination of magic and pasta” – Federico Fellini

So, primarily for this reason, I decided to venture out into the depths of my favourite cuisine- Italian. I, had to look no further than “Toscano”. After all, I decided to debunk the magic part of Fellini’s quote and prove that “Life”, is all about pasta.

Etched into the viridian hues of Italian landscape are the real essences of Italy. It’s culture, it’s celebration of food & wine and the rapture of love. 

About Toscano

It’s a trattoria styled restaurant with a bar. Toscano believes in simplicity of dishes, rather than complex flavours that confuse you. With the main aim of proffering authentic “Italian” food to the Indian palate and sensitising it, to the food culture, Toscano was conceptualised by “Jean Michael Jasserand”. 

Decor : Heavily prevalent of a roadside Trattoria, the template of fern green colour as an accessory in creating the over all look succeeds. The restaurant beautifully encases a part of Italy, in it. Neon boards flash across with “Pizzeria” written on them and I’m half expecting an Italian to wow me over now. The ambiance is relaxed and casual elegant. 

Hospitality : Right from the usher to the maitre d’, everyone made sure that we enjoyed our experience. The wait staff are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their affairs. Mr. Suprabhatt and another gentleman whose name I’ve forgotten, were a charm in handling our table. Timing, speed and execution were spot on. 

The Grub Story : Each dish was beautiful rendition to its counterpart in Italy. 

Salads : 

  • Goat Cheese, Rucola and Pear Salad (Rs.345/-): A beautiful pop of colour, with rocket, young spinach, toasted almonds, pear, baby beet and aged Parmesan shavings. The flavours were fresh and the punch of that Goat cheese was immaculate, with some balsamic dressing to bind it all together. The palate was pleased and the appetite satisfied.

  • Toscano’s Caesar Salad (Rs.325/-) : With just the bare necessities of crisp romaine, homemade garlic croutons and aged Parmesan in a herbed oil dressing, this one blew our socks off! 

  • Citric Fruits and Feta Salad (Rs.325/-): Oranges, Grapefruit, Cucumber, Apples and Carrots all tossed in an in house dressing. The acidity of the citric fruits was balanced quite well with a subtle sweet tone from the dressing and the salt factor from the Feta. 

  • Tuna Nicoise (Rs. 365/-) : Looked every bit of fop, with perfectly hard boiled eggs and bits of tuna.

Anti Pasti : 

  • Caprese Classic (Rs.385/-) : Marinated tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella served with melon, rocket leaves, olives and basil pesto. The earthiness of the flavours hits your palate and trust me, you will be more than pleased when the light saltiness of that mozzarella meets the peppery basil pesto. The tomatoes impart a distinctive sweetness as well. 

  • Spinach, potato and spaghetti croquettes (Rs.345/-) : Crumb fried Croquettes served with aioli and finger chips. This was a personal favourite with the crispy exterior meeting it’s match at the mushy interior with that spinach and potato gooeyness. 

  • Olive and Feta Bruschetta (Rs.345/-) :  The bruschetta was a magnificent piece of flavour with the Feta, mixed greens, Balsamic and Basil. They were beautifully crunchy with a soft bite. 

Mains : 

  • Homemade Spinach & Ricotta filled Ravioli (Rs.515/-) : The joy of just sinking your teeth, into something so pleasant is enough. The sauce was a stark white, chive cream one and the Ravioli was done with that distinctive firmness. The filling in the Ravioli made my heart melt. Overall, a great dish. 

  • Homemade Pumpkin & Ricotta filled Ravioli (Rs.515/-) : Another beauty with a nice pomodoro sauce. Had that tang to it and was as delicious as it’s creamy counterpart. 

  • Lasagna Verdue (Rs.515/-) : Oh Lord! The flavour, yes the rich and deep flavour. That pomodoro sauce was just the right kind of acidic with the warmth of those baked veggies and the gooeyness of mozzarella. Not to be missed. 

  • Tiger Prawns (Rs.925/-) : Looked gorgeous, but I wouldn’t be able to tell anything significant.

  • Chicken De Toscano (Rs. 545/-) : What a delight, it was seeing the chicken breast stuffed with ricotta & spinach dripping with its own gravy. Made me wanna abandon the vegetarian in me. 

Desserts : All for Rs.225/-

  • Toscano’s signature Khalua mousse: Served in an almond tuile and creme anglaise 😋

  • Mango Pannacotta : served with mint, Fruits and vanilla ice cream.

  • Affogatto al caffe : A delightful Italian favourite. Your vanilla ice cream topped with Italian coffee and amaretto biscuits.

  • Chocolate Eclair : Heart and soul warming. Looked every bit of love on a platter. My favourite! 

Verdict : What’s not to love, when you are taken on a food trip through the by lanes of Italy, stopping at every trattoria that comes your way. Relishing & diving in love with the cuisine. 

A worthy place to visit & familiarise yourself with the simplicity of Italian cuisine.

4 stars for this beauty!



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