Farzi Cafe | Restaurant Review|U B City, Lavelle Road |Bangalore|

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”- Winnie the Pooh, A.A.Milne

And, that is how precisely, the group of us found ourselves around a table full of food. Having been proclaimed by many, to be one of the best restaurants in Bangalore. It wasn’t that hard, to grab the opportunity that came knocking on my door, in form of an invite from this place. 

While the world around me, was tinted with chartreuse green on the trees due to the summer in full bloom, I decided to put my rose coloured glasses on for the event. 

About Farzi Cafe

Being the brainchild of “Zorawar Kalra”, who is aptly regarded as “Prince of Indian Cusine”, Farzi Cafe strives to find a middle ground between gourmet and casual dining. While the food remains familiar to the Indian palate, the techniques and sometimes spices are modern & global. Molecular Gastronomy, gourmet ingredients, par excellence presentation are just a few highlights of the restaurant. This is your modern Indian bistro with a twist! 

Decor : The decor is contemporary with quite a few shabby chic accents that grace the restaurant. It’s divided into two sections- an air conditioned one & an al fresco dining that does wonders during the summers. The ambiance is a breezy, soft and relaxed. Perfect for a quiet tete a tete or a hearty conversation. 

Hospitality : It’s ” Massive Restaurants”, that we are talking about. It’s the pioneer of hospitality. The wait staff were well informed, nimble on their toes, keen to serve and impart a good experience to the customer. 

The Grub Story : Embarking on a trip of exuberance, come along with me. 

Drinks :

  • Farzi Ok : Refreshing burst of the citric orange juice with kaffir lime leaves. I, would’ve preferred a tad more body to the kaffir lime flavour in my drink, but this was just my favourite!

Amuse Bouche :

  • Mishti Doi : We were given “Mishti Doi shots”, which were almost like tiny balloons popping in your mouth. The pops were slightly sweet & not much of a flavour there, as its supposed to be a palate cleanser but the texture was commendable. 

Salads :

  • Dal Moth (Matka Chat) : Just the plain ole Dahi Bhalla in an earthen bowl. One of the best chaats, with right amount of green Chutney and Saunth Chutney to flavour the yogurt right. Recommended!

  • Dhokla and Farsan Salad : When salads are this Indian, I would love pacifying myself with salads and not feel guilty about it. Warm flavours of tadka chilli and nuts combined with sweet Dhokla and spicy Farsan. 

Tapas : 

  • Mac & Cheese Tadka bites : Mac & Cheese made into perfect rounds and crumb fried. As much as I wanted to love these, they kinda failed to strike the chord. Couldn’t find the cheesiness of M&C, just a very floury flavour.

  • Mushroom Khurchan Kulcha : Tandoori Kulchas, filled with assorted sautéed mushrooms and cheese. The beautiful blush of the tandoor was evident on the kulcha and made me grab another one. 

  • Green Curry Marinated Paneer Tikka and Sambal Mayo : The flavours were very Indian and it was nothing but Hariyali Paneer Tikka. It’s been advertised as Thai Green Curry marinated paneer, but I couldn’t find any strong Thai flavours in the dish. The Sambal Mayo, just felt like Red Chilli Mayo. The dish on the whole was excellent, but if you’re going to tell me it’s Thai inspired, I’m gonna have a hard time believing that. 

  • Tandoori Chilli Soya Patti Samosa, Sulaimani Chai Chutney : Yup. This was right! The hot quotient of the chilli soya samosa was calmed by the subtly sweet sulaimani chai chutney, with amber hues. Something you ought to try, for its novelty. 

Mains : 

  • Bisibele Bhaat Risotto : Magnificent and utterly satisfying. This was what I call, a perfect fusion of cuisines. Heart warming Karnataka spiced risotto rice with dollops of Ghee and Charred Artichokes to up it by a notch. I just couldn’t stop eating this. Must must have! 

  • Masala Paneer Burger : The light and delicately spiced paneer patty served in a bun with bell peppers and Makhani Mayo. Yet another delight to the heart. 

Desserts : 

  • Farzi Sundae : A mellow Sundae made out of pistachio, Blueberry and Saffron Kulfi. Doused with chocolate vermicelli and brownie. The combination as delicious as it sounds, was a little disappointing. The flavours failed to express themselves, could have been more pronounced but got lost in the mishmash of their dessert confreres. The highlight was the gooey and chewy chocolate brownie. 

  • Textures of India : This was Farzi’s representation of the well loved Indian desserts on one plate. Each little quenelle, was representative of that dessert. This dessert had orange kalakand, Mango pedha, Blueberry Pedha, Chenna payas, carrot cream, Besan laddoo crumble and Apple custard Rabdi. The Rabdi was incorporated with nitrogen and poured over the quenelles. A visual delight!

  • Tandoori Rasmalai with Shrikhand and Almond Nougat : Another beautiful dessert that went well with my tastebuds. Immaculate flavours not too sweet and certainly not too heavy on the tummy. Slices of strawberry adorned it. 


Verdict : Farzi Cafe has a certain aura, which is embellished more on the fact that “You dined here”, rather than the “Food is outstanding”. It’s an experience nonetheless, but on that note I would love to say this quite proudly, that there are a few dishes that can be found nowhere else, like “Mushrooms and Cheese with Walnut Dust”, “Bombay Bhel”, “Charcoal Appams with Water Chestnut Curry”, etc that are niches in themselves. 

Mushroom and Cheese With Walnut Dust

Charcoal Appams With Water Chestnut Curry

The new menu, is fair enough with average dishes and a handful of mind blowing dishes. 

It’s all about, what you order. If you’re ordering the right things, you will be pleasantly plump with joy and if not, you’re going to label it as “Overrated”. 

Here are 4 stars for the experience. 



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