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“Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No” ( I give my love to you, you give your love to me)-Hawaiian proverb  

Made to mimic a Polynesian Tiki shack, Three dots and a dash, looked every bit of bonzer. The heat waves were quite adamant at being prominent, but little did they fathom that they would meet their match. Spiralling down the portal into Hawaii, I had my heart at my sleeve today, because of the utterly delish menu in my hand. 

About Three Dots and a Dash

Quite an eccentric name, isn’t it? Aah..the history is quite eccentric as well. 

 Three Dots And A Dash is a drink created by Don The Beachcomber. It is the morse code for the letter ‘V’ which represented victory during the World War and was his tribute to his comrades who fought beside him during the war.

Almost 70 years after that legendary drink, Paul McGee set up a tiki bar in the midst of chilling Chicago weather. The result, as we all know is pretty evident. Bangalore had been blessed with “Three dots and a dash”, last year and the overwhelming response tells us that they are doing everything right. We got a taste of Polynesia, at last! 

Decor : There are 2 levels dedicated to making you feel comfortable. The first one is relaxed & dark. The rooftop is designed quite in rustics. The bareness of it, is the USP. There is an inadvertent use of bamboo batons all around. You have bar stools and comfortable low rise chairs. They even have their own coconut tree, from which they base their coconut drinks. The ambience takes the cake for being casual yet inviting. 

Hospitality : Spot on, with their service. Attentive and polite, our servers were a charm. Enquiries were made on how many of us were there and the best table set up for us. Kept an eye at our table and kept the food scene flowing from one course to another. 

The Grub Story : Yes, before I go gung-ho let me tell you this that, this was one of those days, where I was happy to see the “Vegetarian” options actually look much dapper than the non vegetarian ones. I, was here for their new menu launch and this is what the new menu looks like: 

  • Caribbean Dream : A thick mocktail with a sweet- sour profile. Made out of strawberry crush, black currant and cranberry juice. Yum yum yum! 

  • Lemon Coriander Soup : Delighted! The soup had one of the most sublime flavours of the lemon and coriander. The comforting clear soup had cubes of carrot, fried noodles to grace & served with a slice of toasted garlic French baguette on the side, gave us a good start to the meal. 

  • Waldorf Salad : A perfect medley of apple triangles and crunchy walnuts tossed with lighter than air mayonnaise, served on a bed of cos lettuce and garnished with black olives and Parmesan. What, I would like them to do is, be a little more heavy handed with the mayonnaise. It would bring forth more flavour.

  • Herb cheese stuffed mushrooms : Did I hear mushrooms? I, Hootie patootie, right did. What a magnificent piece of happiness this was. The flavours were just so intense and light, that my mind started playing games with me. Was I over eating or eating just fine? I would never know! They have a baguette scooped and stuffed with mushrooms, herbs and Cheese. The crispy exteriors and the Cheesy interiors, had me! I’ve never seen a better interpretation of stuffed mushrooms. 

  • Vegetable Croquettes : This one, looked beautiful, but sadly didn’t make the cut for me. Though, it’s good, I’ve had better croquettes. I expected a more bland flavour profile as opposed to this one, which leaned more towards an Indian Aloo tikki. The crispy exterior was spot on, by the way. 

  • California Spud : I love Spuds, they are one of the things that keep me happy. The California Spud was nothing but your Classic Jacket potato minus the big jacket. The Spud was scooped in the middle and filled with a spicy filling & topped with cheese and cream. 

  • Vegetable Tagine with Cous Cous : Tagine’s are a thing that are close to my heart. The earthen ware has always been a part of my life. The heartiness that is there in a tagine, is usually found when it’s meat based. Having said that, I adored this vegetarian tagine a lot. The flavours were perfect, with a lot emphasis on the tomato base. The veggies were simmering with warmth. Pair that up with some couscous and it was a worthy delight. 

  • Spicy Veggie Whole Wheat Pizza : Pizzas are sinful and I like them that way. I wasn’t very excited to try the whole wheat version, but boy! Was I glad, when I did. The pizza was ever so light and didn’t give you a feel of being full. Liked it pretty much! 

Desserts :

  • Hawaiian Banana Split with Cream : More than the taste, it was the presentation that wowed me over. This was the Polynesian touch, I was looking for. Snuggled in a pineapple, the scoops of vanilla ice cream and banana slices, were perfect. 

  • Raspberry Gateau : Light and airy, with subtle raspberry tones from the coulis. Nothing jaw dropping, but fair enough. 

Here’s what my non vegetarian buddies savoured : 

  • Polynesian Baked Fish : 

  • Mazzi’s Farm Chicken 

For the non teetotaller souls : 

  • Fog cutter : 

  • Rob’s Mistake : 

  • Pineapple Diaquiri : 

  • Rum Crusta :


Verdict : I, loved the vegetarian version and was quite happy with my berry Mocktail. There is a dearth of more Polynesian dishes on the menu, it’s more like a hodgepodge of continental cuisine. I do see, a lot of Hawaii on the drink menu, but what, I would like to see is more of Polynesia on the plate as well. 

Three dots and a dash stays true to the Hawaiian Proverb, I quoted at the beginning and pampers you with all the love they can.

All in all, a great experience and something I would look forward to again. 

Here are those 4 stars. 



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