Echoes | Restaurant Review|Koramangala |

There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more” – Robert M Hensel 

Cherry blossom gardens, pristine lakes, room full of rainbows, candy in mason jars, glasses of iced tea, ramekins of creme brûlée are a few of my favourite things. But, there are 2 things that top my list and they are “a heart that is empathetic and a soul that is ethically ambitious”. 

What joy, it was to see my top favourites amalgamated with each other and being metamorphosed into something tangible.  

About Echoes :

Echoes is one of those restaurants, where your experiences are much more valuable & enriching than the food itself.  What’s so special, you ponder? The speciality lies in their “Staff”. Echoes, believes in giving an opportunity to the differently abled people, to unlock their talents in the food industry. The staff consists of hearing and speech impaired individuals, with infectious smiles.

Language is power and the language of these special people transcends all the requisites of any other language. 

Decor : I just love it. Let me get that out first. The decor, has wood paneling all across and there is this beautiful tree trunk, flaunting itself strong in the middle of the room. The little trinkets and baubles that adorn the place are just so apt. They have a cozy sit down majlis kind of a section too, for a small group of people with fairy lights and bric-a-brac. The ambiance is swaddled with positivity, vibes that relax you instantly. 

Hospitality: How you get your maitre d’s attention is another thing to mention. Your table, has its own light switch, that you use to light up, when you need something. Then, You have flash cards to tell them, what exactly you require. The wait staff are the soul of “Echoes”, it’s because of these talented individuals, do we get an ethical reminder to ourselves as well. Humbled to have dined here. 

The Grub Story : Here comes my second favourite part. Dive in.. 

  • Stuffed Shrooms Tikka (Rs.209/-) : The bulbous juiciness of the mushrooms just seeped through the warm masala. A spicy treat, well worth it! 

  • Baked Cheesy Nachos ( Rs. 189/-): Crispy Nachos that are coated with generous dollops of cheese and baked to perfection. Loved crunching on these beauties! 

  • Cream Cheese Pasta (Rs. 199/-) : Delectable sauce made out of cream and cheese, envelopes with al dente penne and veggies to add more flavour, was my favourite of the day. 

  • Raju Veg Tiffin Service (Rs. 219/-): An assortment of Rajma & Mattar Paneer with one butter roti and Rice. 

Here’s what the non vegetarians had 

  • Butter Chicken Thali (Rs.299/-) : Loved by my carnivorous buddies, said they appreciated the succulent chicken and the richness of the gravy.

  • Fiery Chick (Rs.249/-) : Literally its chicken on fire. The chicken was flambé-d with Vodka and served hot. The chicken is a mix of secret spices.

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza (Rs. 279/-) : Another yum garnering dish. American BBQ Chicken, shredded and plonked on a pizza base. 


  • Oreoffe (Rs. 179/-) : A not too sweet blend of coffee and blitzed Oreos. My favourite by far. 

  • Red Rave (Rs.179/-) : Red Velvet cake in a milkshake. Loved the reddish pink charm to it and the flavour! 

  • Cadbury Shake (Rs.159/-): Though, it is deceptively similar to the Oreoffe, its miles apart. Not my cup of happiness. The sweetness overpowered in this one. 


Verdict:  The restaurant is a perfect mix of relaxing ambiance, eclectic decor and par excellence staff. You should keep your eyes open for their Indian fare, which I found was much more delicious than the continental fare. The Indian fare has a heirloom taste to it, something like what your grandma would cook. Desi Ghee and warm aromatic Spices grace the dishes. 

The prices are on the tad higher end of the spectrum. But, the pricing is well compensated by the experience which shall enrich you. It’s a heart warming feeling, to see these people communicate with each other, in their language of love for each other. 

Well deserved 4.5 star for them



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