Bean Flickers | Restaurant Review | Indiranagar|

Laughter is the brightest where food is best”-Irish Proverb

On a sunny afternoon, under the non existent puffs of clouds, I found myself walking up to this little nook in the crevice of Indiranagar. I really would’ve missed it, but fortunately I knew where I was headed. Afternoons are always such a bore, there’s just so much to do. The only saving grace of an afternoon, is often the lunch. Oh! Luncheons are always something I look forward to, with friends. They always end up in bright smiles and happy hearts.

About Bean Flickers

It’s a small cafe, with a controversial nameplate, that stays closer to what it knows is the best. They have subs, burgers and beverages. A no frills cafe, with nothing much that will catch your eye in the first instance.. but wait, the moment your food arrives. The story changes. It also has had, it’s fair mention in the Deccan Herald as well.

Decor : The decor is neat, with woodwork panelling all across. It’s a cafe, that you wouldn’t spend hours in reverie, rather it’s a place where you pick up a quick bite, enjoy your food more than the decor and walk happy tummied 👍🏻

Hospitality : Courteous staff, could do better with dishing out their food a tad bit faster. Mr. Sreekanth, the mastermind behind the place, was here on the day we went and was the “Man of the day”. 

The Grub Story : We savoured quite a few items. Here to have a quick bite, let me tell you, what we nibbled at :

  • Mushroom Cheesy Melt Burger (Rs.205/-) : How does one not like, Mushroom and Cheese in one bite? This burger is a boon for all the veggies out there. I’m sure, we’re bored out of our wits with the mindless munching of Aloo Tikkis with a flimsy slice of cheese in a bun as burger. This is the real thing, that’s packed with flavour. The sautéed mushroom flavour came across with the cheese dripping all over. Served with a portion of fries, this made my day. 

  • Spicy Sriracha burger (Rs.365/-) : This one, looked just beautiful. A friend of mine, indulged in it and said it was just delicious with the spice cutting right through the bun. The meat was succulent and extremely juicy. The bun was coated with the earthiness of black sesame. Served with a portion of Oriental salad. 

  • Fiery Pan Asian Burger : This burger usually is enjoyed with seafood, chicken or Mutton party. But, my friend upgraded her burger to a vegetarian patty. The result was an eye grabbing burger with black sesame as coating. 

  • Chicken Salami Sub (Rs.170/-) : It looked quite neat, with the thin strips of salami, mayo dressing and veggies. My friend, quite liked her sub. And, she’s the one who is highly watchful of what she eats, as she’s the fitness guru of our group. 

Desserts : So, what do you expect, for dessert? A sub? Yup.. that would be a quite “Sub-stantial” dessert, I say! 

  • The Tender Hawaiian (Rs.165/-) : An innovative medley of tender coconut meat in a sub. Drizzled with condensed milk 👍🏻

  • Red berry Delight (Rs. 175/-) : The sweet taste of fresh strawberry pulp in the sub, kinda gave me a sugar rush. I, was expecting a more acerbic flavour to it, which would’ve made this great. The cheese in it, tried to impart some saltiness to the sub, but didn’t really make the cut.

  • Classic Chocolate Peel (Rs. 190/-) : The classic combination of banana and chocolate sauce drizzled all over with strips of cheese. The best part was that it faired quite well, with my tastebuds. 

Beverages :

  • Mint Lemonade (Rs.60/-) : What a beauty!! Delicious breather, for the harsh summers and non existent springs 😅

  • Mexican Chocolate (Rs.125/-) : Quite an interesting combination of flavours. Spiced chocolate, is always welcomed, but a cooler version of the spiced chocolate with cinnamon and a secret spice is a surprise that awaits to be explored.

  • Thai Iced Coffee (Rs. 140/-): My favourite. With a highly potent chilled espresso and a thick layer of condensed milk. The inclusion of Spices gave the drink more body. Stir it up well, to enjoy. 


Verdict : I’m sure this place is a happy haven for that non vegetarian soul, which loves to experience the pleasures of different kinds of meat. No other place, would have a shellfish burger or the quail egg & mushroom sub. 

But for a vegetarian, the choices are limited and the only explorations are in the dessert & beverage menu. 

3.5 star rating for this place. 



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