Prestige TTK’s “MasterChef Shazia Khan’s Food Tasting Event” 

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe- Thomas Keller

How true do these words chime, when you see the “Masterchef Runner up Chef Shazia Khan”, whip up a storm during the Prestige TTK event, with the most heart warming smile and eyes that twinkle when she’s cooking on stage. She’s enjoying the aura of food and happily looks beautiful in her natural habitat. Like Thomas Keller said, she kept blowing soul into her recipes.

March 27 2017, heralded a beautiful day at the “Oberoi Hotel” Bangalore. I, was invited over for “Prestige TTK’s Food Tasting Event By Chef Shazia Khan”. I was on the dot, in fact early by 15 minutes and to my pleasant surprise, I see the lady, herself doing the prep for the cooking demo. With containers opening and closing and Chef Shazia Khan in deep conversation with her sous chef, I understood what cooking really meant to her. Her book “What’s On The Menu”, has already won hearts and awards for being one of the best in the genre. 

The event started with, Mr. Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige saying that, “Cooking has evolved into an art form. It is important to have the right cooking tools and gadgets to recreate the perfect dish. In fact, for the home cook, a well equipped kitchen can dictate and have an impact on what he or she eats on a daily basis. Now, with the help of TTK Prestige, it is easy to re-create nouvelle cuisine from the comfort of your home.”

With this gist, we saw Chef Shazia Khan uncomplicate nouvelle cuisine. She awed us all with her unconstrained flair in making 5 delectable dishes in a matter of  90 minutes. You could say, it was a “pressure test” of sorts and the only pressure we saw, was in the Prestige Clip On Pressure Cooker. 

She curated a beautiful Michelin Star Menu, in conjunction with the cookware that had been provided by “Prestige”. Cooking is an art and you need your tools to be superior in quality while doing so. 

I also can’t emphasise any more on this, that your ingredients need to be salubrious. We all need to remember that no matter how spartan a recipe is, if your ingredients are top notch, it changes by 10 folds. Fresh and organic produce are always your safe and best bets while cooking. 

Take a look at the menu : 

  • Dukkah Encrusted Paneer with Beetroot Cream 

  • The Brinjal Affair 

  • Cuban Skewers 

  • Grilled Figs With Almond Crumble & Vanilla Mousse 

  • Grape Juice Puchka Shots 
  • Chilly Mutton Sliders 

During the preparation of the above dishes, she used a range of innovative kitchen tools and gadgets from TTK Prestige that included: Prestige Air-Fryer, Prestige Slow Juicer, Clip on pressure cooker, Schott glass gas hob top, Automatic mixer grinder, Induction cook top, Gold cookware and the Veggie cutter.

I, had the opportunity to try out the Prestige veggie cutter and trust me, it is one of the most blessed things to have in your kitchen. I’m also highly impressed with the “Clip On Pressure Cooker”, which saves you the hassles of the whole pressure cooker slot thing, all you need to do is just Clip it on. It has a unique balance of durability and functionality in  the form of release. 

We were enriched with the experience, which reiterated to us the basics of being a happy cook. Not everyone can be a chef, but everyone can be a great cook. Just stock up your artillery well and create magic! 


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