The Tao |Restaurant Review| 1 MG Mall | 

” I am not a glutton- I am an explorer of food” – Erma Bombeck

I, avidly believe in exploring. Exploration of restaurants, shacks, stalls, roadside cafes, etc. for the enrichment of my foodie soul. I’ve always had a soft little corner for Thai food, which had nestled itself into my heart, during my food prowl in “Yaowarat” aka Chinatown. 

Pleasantly happy at the exclusive invite to savour the “Songkran Thai Food Festival”, I, had to do some rewinding, to imbibe myself in the Thai love. 


Songkran is the “Celebration of the Thai New Year”. This year, it’s the year of the Rooster. In case, you thought that was my alarm, it isn’t. It’s the celebratory welcome ergo the cackle! 

About The Tao : 

The whole essence of “The Tao”, is bringing in authentic Pan-Asian cuisine to cherish. With a curated selection of the best dishes from Japan, Thailand, China, Burma, Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea. Utmost care, is given to sourcing the ingredients and heroing them up in the food. It’s an in depth experience, one that makes you smile ear to ear. This is Oriental cuisine for your gastronomic soul. 

Decor : The moment you step in, there is a zen like aura of entering into an age-old Wat. With the architecture heavily filled with influences of the Far-East, it’s quite easy to lose yourself in its decor. The dim lighting, the lone tealight candles, the Buddha statues and the water cascading down the stones in the form of a waterfall, just adds to the whole experience. Welcome, to a slice of Asia, in Bangalore. 

Hospitality : Being a premium fine dine restaurant, the hospitality that was expected was that of a superlative conduct and I’m happy to say, that it stayed true to my expectations and didn’t disappoint in the least. They could, up their game, by being better informed about the menu and the ingredients that go into it. 

The Grub Story : Being the “Songkran Festival”, we were given a sampler from the special menu. The flavours were subtle yet power packed with grace. Not one dish overwhelmed the other. Read on and savour each dish along with me.

  • Pod Pia Thod Thai Spring Rolls with Chilli-Plum sauce : These Spring Rolls were little bites of Thai heritage, veggies wrapped in the sheets and deep fried, to be savoured with the signature sauces that came along with it. 

  • Thai Sweet Corn Salsa (Rs.275/-) : This was a simple Salad, with just some sweet corn, red chillies, bell peppers and lemongrass. The secret of flavour was in the dressing. With the tang from the lemons and the sweetness from the honey, I, just couldn’t resist not going for a second helping.

  • Spicy Fruit Salad : Fresh exotic fruits in a warm sweet and spicy  dressing. Garnished with fresh mint leaves, the fruits reminded me of walking down an orchard, on a sunny day. Quite a Salad, I must say. Refreshing and ambrosial. 

  • Gang Som Pak Ruam- Thai Sweet Sour & Spicy Soup (Rs.175/-) : The plain looking orange tinted soup, had me by surprise at the first slurp. Delectable, fresh and extremely light with thinly sliced veggies relaxing around in the broth. Again a sweet & sour harmony with the warmth from the assortment of vegetables.

  • Pad Seow Gai (Rs.325/-) : Thin Ribbon Noodles and veggies, tossed in the signature sweet and sour sauce. Though, everything on the menu was a shade of a certain sweet sour, they were all different versions of each other. The ribbon noodles had that chewy yet delicate bite to it, the tang was cut through by the earthiness of bell peppers. Yes, in deep love with it. 

  • Ruam Stir Fried Vegetable with Chilli Garlic Holy Basil : A beautiful and thick brown Sauce, with slight pungency of Garlic, sweet and sour flavour profile and the tossing of veggies like Zucchini, Bok Choy, Broccoli and Bell peppers. Savoured with Jasmine Rice. 

  • Jasmine Rice (Rs.300/-) : Fragrant with the aroma of jasmine, yet neutral in flavour when it came to taste. Was a superb accompaniment with the gravies. 

Desserts :

  • Child Coconut Milk with Sweet Water Chestnut (Rs.300/-) : There are some things that just instantly remind you of your travels and give you a flashback. This was one of those things, though, I’ve had a very sweet version of it. The dessert was extremely non sweet, when you spooned the syrup and drank. Then, suddenly, once you hit the rubies (Red Water Chestnuts), the sweetness came through. The tender meat of the child coconut is blitzed and made into a beautiful coconut milk and coloured water chestnuts are added to it. 

  • Fresh Turmeric Ice Cream (Rs.300/-) : What a beauty. Period. This is one of those unique things, that are exclusive to a certain region. The flavour, is just so simple. It’s just pure Turmeric ice cream with a dash of Honey and toasted sesame. The moment you scoop in, these 3 and eat, you get to realise what you’ve been missing all along. Must have. 

  • Jasmine Tea : I’m a hard core, tea connoisseur and I loved the delicate Jasmine prevalence in the tea and it was a very apt way to end the meal.

A sneak peek into the non vegetarian side: 

Larb Gai Chicken Salad 

Kuey Teow Moo Daeng -Red Roasted Chicken Soup

Fish fry 

Gai Pad Pangali- Sliced Chicken with Thai Yellow Paste 

Khao Moo Daeng/ Stir Fried Roasted Duck with celery and star anise

Verdict : The Songkran Thai Food Festival, was a harmony of sweet, sour and spicy flavours. Like, I said earlier, each dish was magnificent on its own. It’s a surreal experience and well cherished one. 

It’s a fine dine restaurant, so it’s only natural that the pricing is on the tad bit higher end.

A heart warming 4 star for the place. 


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